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Subject: DECRIMINALIZE PROSTITUTION (repost 7/20/95)
Date: 21 Jul 1995 02:22:20 GMT

The following is reposted for the benefit of those who might have
previously missed it. If you have read it before, simply move on.
            M A N I F E S T O   O F   S E X U A L   F R E E D O M

BELIEVING that LIBERTY was to have been the sweetest fruit of INDEPENDENCE;

DESPONDENT because adults are daily being arrested, fined, and jailed by
reason of engaging in commercial sex with other consenting adults, or
facilitating such behavior;

ASSERTING that commercial sex is demeaning only when an intolerant and
puritanical society defines it to be so, and makes it a crime;

REJOICING that homosexuality, which was once considered a *perversion*
and a *crime*, today is generally viewed with tolerance and respect;
and that those who, in the past, oppressed homosexuals are now remembered
with  *scorn*; and those who today oppress them are considered *malevolent*;

UNDERSTANDING that there is a legitimate state interest in reducing the
prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, and that this can be better
accomplished by the *regulation* of commercial sex than by its *proscription*;

EMBOLDENED by the belief that the toleration of prostitution is the
cause of LIBERTY, that it is the cause of HAPPINESS, and that it is a cause

BE IT RESOLVED therefore that June 9, 1996, and every June 9th thereafter,
is declared to be, and henceforth shall be observed as, END SEXUAL

CONSEQUENTLY, those who understand this to be so, and are in accord with
this sentiment, shall petition their local government by promenading at
their City Hall at lunch time on 6/9/96, and on every June 9th
thereafter, carrying a sign with the demand:

                       "END SEXUAL OPPRESSION"

written thereon, until sex between consenting adults is nowhere a crime
in the United States of America.


                      COMMENTS ON A MANIFESTO

Men and women of the Internet--would you be free from police oppression and
harassment of your sexuality?

If we, sexually oppressed citizens of the United States, ever wish to be
free we must *seize* our destiny by demonstrating political power.

We can do this with the power of the Internet, and a commitment to liberty.

Liberty, Happiness, and Sex Appeal--no politician can go far wrong who builds
his platform with these planks. Such a cause is ultimately invincible.

What should you do if you agree with this cause?

FIRST.  Publicize this manifesto.  Forward it to friends.  Don't assume
they will receive it from someone else, or that they read newsgroups.

SECOND:  Lobby your local and state political leaders.  SPEAK UP.
Argue for the advantages of decriminalization.  Decriminalization

 1.  End expensive and useless police efforts.
 2.  Provide safe sensual pleasure.
 3.  End an unnecessary source of human misery.
 4.  Provide protection and safety for sex workers and clients.
 5.  Provide an opportunity to reduce the incidence of STDs.
 6.  Reduce the flow of money to organized crime.
 7.  Provide a source of LEGAL employment to those who would do sex work.

THIRD: Come out of the closet.  There is nothing intrinsically shameful in
commercial sex.  The rich and the famous patronize prostitutes.  It is a
*normal* human trait to pay for sex or to be paid (one way or another)
for it.

FOURTH: Demonstrate.  On Sunday, June 9, 1996, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM,
I will promenade outside City Hall in Manhattan, NY, carrying a sign with
the words "END SEXUAL OPPRESSION" written on it.

If *I* demonstrate alone, so be it. *I* will be shown to be a buffoon. That
would be no great loss.  However, if *we* march together *we* will be free.
That would be a blessing.  My course of action is clear.

This mission would be quixotic, if it were not for the fact that men and
women are being arrested daily.  It would be quixotic if it were not for the
fact that promoting prostitution is a felony punishable by *years* of
imprisonment in NY and other states.  It would be quixotic, if it were not
for the fact that Miss Heidi Fleiss has been sentenced to 3 years in prison
in California for pandering (Oscar Wilde's *infamous* sentence was 2 years).
This would be quixotic, were it not for the fact that people are losing their
reputations, their cars, their jobs, their tranquillity, and their freedom.

This would be quixotic, were it not tragic.

Who am I?--It really doesn't matter, for if this succeeds it will be because of *us* not *me*. However, for the curious: Hugh Gene Loebner BA '63 The Johns Hopkins University, Liberal Arts MA '65 New York University, Sociology Ph.D '72 University of Massachusetts, Demography President, Crown Industries, East Orange NJ- Mfg of Restaurant Equip. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donor, The Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence (see) WIRED "What's it Like to be Human?" April 1995 Vol 3, No 4 pp 132-137 NY Times "So Who's Talking: Human or Machine?" Tues. Nov 5, 1991 p C1 NY Times "Can Machines Think? Humans Match Wits" Sat. Nov 9, 1991 p A1 Note: The Loebner Prize is the Turing Test for Computer Artificial Intelligence. (Rules and info are available on or e-mail requests to me at Alan Turing was a British Mathematician whose work in code breaking during WW II helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers. Turing did basic work in the theory of computers. Alan Turing was arrested for the crime of homosexuality and in 1954 *committed suicide*. It is the knowledge of his martyrdom that drives me in this endeavor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unrepentant john (see) NY Newsday "A Regular John-And Proud Of It," Thurs., Aug. 25, 1994 P. A6 ADAM "Talk of the $troll - New York Johns Take a Stand," Tracy Quan, July 95, V.39, N.7 p. 34 ------sig of the month--------------------------------------------------------- Voice Mail 1-500-EGO-TRIP Hugh Gene Loebner e-mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My reaction to intelligence is the same as my reaction to pornography, I can't define it, but I like it when I see it.
From: loebner@ACM.ORG (Hugh Loebner) Subject: Escort Services: 10 yr prison sentences Date: 5 Mar 1996 15:08:45 GMT Starr Johnson (Robin Marie Head) in Texas is currently serving a *ten year* prison sentence for running an escort service. Robert Robinette in Florida is currently serving a *ten year* sentence for running an escort service. Lena Richardson just finished serving *eight years* in California for running an escort service. Heidi Fleiss has been sentenced to *36 months* in prison in California for running an escort service. -------- Are you outraged at this? Do you think that these sentences are travesties of justice? Do *you* want to be free to express *your* sexuality with other *consenting adults* without fear of arrest and prosecution? Can you spare one hour on a Sunday afternoon in June to fight the evils of these oppressions, and to be free? If so, DEMONSTRATE Sunday June 9, 1996 (6/9/96) for one hour at noon outside your local city hall. Bashful folks:If you want to demonstrate, but are bashful, consider the following options. 1. Write "End Sexual Oppression" (or *your* favorite slogan) on a handkerchief. Put the handkerchief in your pocket. Go to your City Hall at noon on 6/9/96 with the hanky hidden in your pocket. If there are a multitude of other sympathetic "lurkers" apparently waiting to come out of the closet, you can all *proudly* display your handkerchief/signs. If you are alone, simply sigh and slink away. 2. Appear, but wear a disguise. Have fun. Be outrageous. Manifesto of Sexual Freedom at <> ------ The preceding information regarding *infamous, draconian. and outrageous* prison sentences for prostitution related offenses was provided by Norma Jean Almadovar, author of "From Cop to Call Girl," who herself spent *18 months* in prison. ------sig of the month--------------------------------------------------------- Voice Mail 1-500-EGO-TRIP Hugh Gene Loebner e-mail ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Celibacy--been there, done that, rather be dead.

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