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Ljubljana, Solvenia

I noticed you don't have an entry for Slovenia, formerly Yugoslavia, so here's
my experience.

A great incall named "Super Li" resides in a neighborhood outside of
Ljubljana.  You can get a cab from Downtown Ljubljana. Apparently, all
the cabbies know where this is. This is probably a good tip for finding
ladies of the night in any part of the world. Ask the cab
drivers. Although I can't vouch for it, the driver also recommended a
place called "Cleopatra's"

Well, the outside of Super Li is very non-descript. I guess it's
illegal! There were no lights at the entrance, and the proprietor, Mr
Joze, used his lighter to illuminate the doorway. I was a little
nervous at this point, but for no reason. Mr Joze was just trying not
to draw attention to his business.

The interior was a bar and stage with maybe a dozen or so cocktail
tables and chairs; kind of like an American strip bar. There were
several privat rooms off the main bar room. Mr Joze had two girls in
his stable. The first was extremely attractive, with a tight little
body, long brown hair, beautiful face, and small breasts. The second,
Irena, was also a knockout. Long blackish red hair, 34C,24,34, not an
ounce of fat. Great tits! I choose her since I like a nice handful!

The only problem I had with Super Li is I think Mr Joze tried to rip
me off. The total price for 1 hour was 300 DM. This included a bottle
of champagne for Irena and I, and an hour of whatever I wanted to do
with Irena. Well, anyway, I charged some of it and he tried to move
the decimal point on me, which is an easy thing to do to some one who
doesn't have a feel for how many Slovenia Tollars to the DM.

Back to the fun. Irena had two condoms with her, which were put to
good use. She gave a great BJ, although I did feel a light touch of
tooth now and then. Her snatch was wet, and I was so turned on that it
only took a few pumps before I couldn't help but coming. We smoked a
cigarette together, and finished the champagne.

The second time was just as good, as I lasted longer. Again some good
head, followed by missionary, and doggie style. She carefully directed
my rear entry, so I got the feeling that anal was out of the question!
Finally, we finished up with the hot Ukranian on top, with those
gorgeous melons in my hands and mouth.  WHat a memory!

I highly reccomend it

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