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Livorno, Italy

Subject: prostitution in Leghorn

I want to give my contribute to this site, about prostitution in Leghorn.
Leghorn (Livorno in Italian) is a town in Tuscany  near Pisa and Florence
and it is an important port. You pass from "Livorno" if you want, for
example, to go to "Corsica/Corse" "Sardegna/Sardinia" etc. Many people come
to Livorno by train and take the ship to Corsica.

The first and cheapest plase you can go to get prostitutes in Livorno is
the industrial area named "Picchianti", expecially in "Via
dell'Artigianato". You can reach it by walk from central tran station, but
you need a car, because they only do it in a car. Prices for every girl is
lire 50000 that means about 30$ for a quick fuck into car. Some girls make
other services like blowjob, etc... Some girls have a camper so you can go
and fuck without your car. To reach this place, just out of central
station, walk along in the garden that is in front of station, when it
ends, turn right and you will see an overbridge. Go along this way for
about 200 m.

The second place is club named "Bar Washington" or "Los Angeles Bar" that
are in front of  port. There is low-quality girls and expensive services.
For example before getting a girl, you must offer 3 drinks (lire 60000, 35
$), after that you have to pay the girl (about 200000 lire, 100 $) and the
hotel (I don't know the price of a room, I think about 30 $), with a total
of 165 $.

The best way is to buy the local newspaper "Il Tirreno" and search for
"Personal Communications", in Italian is "comunicazioni personali". Search
for "massaggiatrice". Prices are about 100000 150000 lire (60-70 $) but the
service is good, safe and clean. But remember: never do it without condom!!!

Good Luck

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