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Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 15:26:08 UTC

It has been several years since I had occasion to be in the Liverpool
area, but with the recent Euro96 Football championship matches taking
place there, I visited the city recently.

The street scene is now more or less dead!

In Liverpool, the area around the Anglican Cathedral, just past the
Police Station in Hope Street has one or two street-walkers loitering
around. They certainly look like they have been on the streets for
years, and look quite dangerous.

Crossing the River Mersey to Birkenhead, the area around the docks
and Four Bridges also has one or two streets with some small action.
Here there were more girls (about 5), but again most looked like they
had been working their beat for many years.

One or two girls who were not too bad.  Not sure what the going rate
is, but I would guess GBP15-30 in the car (US$20-50).

Some advertisements in local and national newspapers show services
available from private appartments, but you have no way of knowing
the quality of service, or the girl, until you arrive at the
appartment - also, safety should be a concern. From making some phone
calls it seems the going rate for "full service" is GBP30 (US$50) for
about half an hour.

More specific reports from those familiar with the Liverpool scene
would be welcomed.

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:34:12 +0100 Subject: Liverpool A fabulous experience in Liverpool Liverpool is a strange place but if you happen to be on the prowl there, I can recommend an escort agency called Night Owls which advertises in the evening paper. The deal is about 100 an hour to 90 minutes, all-in but you can negotiate a longer time, which is thoroughly worthwhile. You call them, give your preferences and select from their menu. When I called they offered girls from 18-40. I took the young side, because I know how these agencies can "put years" on their staff if you know what I mean. The girl, Tara, rang me back at the hotel almost immediately. She sought to find out any predilictions but I guess the call was just to confirm that I was where I said I was. Do you kiss and cuddle, I asked. Yes, she said. And she did. She arrived at the hotel, dressed neatly to get past any concierge. After the normal "business" transaction, she peeled off to exhibit a figure which, by any standards, was excellent. She could well have been 18, the age claimed. She was tall, about 5ft 8in, with firm breasts and trim and slim. Nice bum, too. The only thing she didn't like, she said, was anal sex. But, on questioning, she did say she had never tried it... The kiss and cuddle was brilliant. It is my experience that call girls seldom offer french kissing (only six out of 36 so far and four of them were dogs!). Tara offered it with a will and was so sexy, it's not true. She graduate from that to oral and that was condom-less, another rarity in Britain. Full sex (with condom), as many times as you can manage in the time was also standard. She was so good I called her back at midnight and for another 200 had three and a half more hours of ecstasy. This is the business. I'm going back to Liverpool just as soon as I can get another business trip under whatever pretence. You must try Night Owls.
Subject: Liverpool UK Date: Tue, 30 Sep 97 14:07:58 PDT Girls are brilliant [UKP20 all in, minority hassle or rip-off merchants ] but contact dicey owing to the fact that most attempt to attract car customers in residential areas on outskirts of city centre' eg. round old cathedral or back of Liverpool hospital! Pissed off residents have enlisted support of dilligent local Police who take great pride in nicking kerb crawlers! Best bet is talk to a girl [ without your car ! ] and arrange a meet or exchange phone numbers. Excellent variety mature and other !

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