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Little Rock, Arkansas

Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 19:11:53 GMT

I was in Little Rock the weekend prior to Election Day, so I decided
I'd try out a couple of the agencies while there.  There are a number
of escort services listed in the phone book, but I didn't even bother
with that.  I picked up a copy of the Little Rock Free Press (your
typical alternative newspaper) outside a record store at a shopping
mall and went to the back pages.  One entire page is taken up with ads
for escort services-five or six, if I recall.  Here's some general

For the most part, all of the agencies offer what they refer to as a
"one-on-one personal date".   I tried to determine what they offered
by asking about lingerie shows, massages, etc. but that's all they'll
tell you over the phone-that and the agency fee, which varies by
agency from $75 to $100/hour.  Tips start at $100 and are discussed
with the girl once she arrives at your location.  Everything is cash
only-no checks, no credit cards.

Eminent Escorts and Allure (both agencies run by the same people).  I
called around 9 p.m. on a Saturday evening after using another service
the night before.  The woman who answered had quite a few girls
working that she described to me, but only a couple were available.
She asked me which ad I was looking at, I told her the Eminent Ad.
She told me to look at the ad for Allure (that's when she said they
had both agencies) and look for a small picture of a brunette towards
the bottom left corner of the ad.  She said that this was Dakota, she
was 5'7", 128#, 34-24-34, brown/brown.  Since I prefer tall, slender,
smaller breasted women, that sounded good to me.  The gal on the phone
said that Dakota was right there with her and that she could be at my
hotel in about 30 mins. so I said to send her over.  Over an hour
later, there's a knock at the door.  A well dressed blonde in her late
20's walks in, reeking of cigarette smoke (a definite turn-off in my
book).  She sits down and we go into the negotiations.  She wanted
$200 for oral only.  At that point I said, thanks but no thanks, I had
wanted straight sex.  She quoted $250 was her normal price for
straight, but that she was limiting herself to oral for awhile because
of the fact she'd hemorrhaged earlier in the week and was in and out
of the hospital.   I apologized, thanked her for her time and sent her
on her way.  I ended up calling An Exotic Encounter again.

An Exotic Encounter (372-1441).  Called them early Friday evening,
around 6:30.  Only two girls were working-Mackenzie (spelling??), who
was out on a call, was 5'1", 105#, 34B, blonde/blue, and Autumn, 5'3",
115#, 36C, brown/brown.  Since I would have had to wait on Mackenzie I
chose Autumn and the phone girl said she would arrive within 40
minutes but it was closer to an hour.  Nevertheless, she matched the
description given to me over the phone.  No tattoos or piercings,
shoulder length brown hair, wore a dress, pantyhose(!?), and those
clunky high heels that are so popular.  Was friendly but kind of shy.
We discussed her tip, $100 for oral only, $100 for straight sex only,
$200 for both ($300 including the agency fee of $100).  I decided to
go for the whole deal.

After we undressed (she left her bra and panties on) we sat on the bed
and chatted for a few minutes.  She wasn't aware of a.s.p. on the
'Net, so I told her a little bit about it.  When we finally got down
to it, she started giving me some decent head.  About five minutes in,
I had to ask her if I could remove her bra and panties, she said OK to
the bra but that she wanted to take off her panties, mentioning her
shyness.  (If she's so shy, why is she an escort?  Guess I should have
asked her that one!)  After that it was another five or seven minutes
worth of head.  I eventually had to stop her for fear I'd come too
soon.  She lay back on the bed and I stroked and caressed her body,
kissing and licking her nipples.  I worked my way down to her pussy
(trimmed bush) and ate her for about 15 minutes or so.  She wasn't
very vocal but she seemed to enjoy it.  We finally fucked and I
discovered she liked to really move her hips.  We started in
missionary and had to change because she had a very high pubic bone
that stuck up and out-very uncomfortable for me in that position.  We
switched to doggie and once I was inside her she started moving those
hips around again.  It was all I could do to maintain some control-I
don't think I lasted 5 minutes before I came.  One thing that bothered
me about her was there was no eye contact while we were in the
missionary position...she turned her head to the side and closed her
eyes.  Overall not a five-star experience, but certainly not bad.  A
positive recommendation but I can't rave about her.  If I chose her
again I think I'd stick to one thing, either head or straight sex, but
not value there.

After my bad experience with Eminent on Saturday, I called back
(around 10:30 p.m.) to An Exotic Encounter to see who was available.
Again, only two girls.  Paige, 5'3", 115#, 34C, auburn/blue and Shea,
5'8", 127, 36C, black hair.  I chose Paige since she sounded like
someone who could keep up her end of a conversation (she had the phone
girl laughing like crazy when I called in).  Paige was at my door in
20 minutes...that's got to be a record for any escort I've used.
Again, she matched the description given.  She arrived very casually
dressed-blue jeans, boots and a sweater.  No piercings and only one
tattoo on her right shoulder blade.  She wanted $150 for straight sex.
We stripped and hopped onto the bed.  I noticed she was really tan
(she enjoys her trips to the electric beach).  She stretched out on
her tummy and while we chatted I gave her a massage, which she seemed
to enjoy.  I had her turn over and I went to work on her boobs (really
small aureole and great nipples!), sucking, licking and biting the
nips.  Worked my way down to her pussy and licked and sucked and
fingered her for nearly 20 minutes (I could see the clock radio on the
nightstand from where we were on the bed).  She complimented me
afterwards on my oral technique...I don't know if she was being honest
or giving me a line, but I took it at face value and thanked her.  She
had a tight body and a great ass, so I wanted to do her doggie style.
She constantly varied her position, moving her hips and ass so my
angle of thrust seemed different everytime.  I lasted a little longer
inside Paige than I did with Autumn the night before.  She made the
entire experience pleasurable however.  I would definitely see her
again when I was in town.  Paige was also the first married (with
children!) escort I've encountered...she had quite a diamond wedding
band on her left hand.

I can only provide basic info on two other agencies.  Bare Essentials
(758-7000) asks for a $100 agency fee, tips start at $100 and
Victoria's (562-1462), which wasn't listed in the Little Rock Free
Press, but on the Internet at (type in "escort" and
the city and state and see what you find for your area).  Their agency
fee is only $75 and a minimum tip amount was not listed.

Subject: [ASP] Review Little Rock, AR Date: 1998/02/07 This is a review of two experiences with escort services in Little Rock. I hope this makes it into the faq. I arrived in Little Rock for a 4 day business trip. The first night in town, I decided to check out the local sex services scene. I was looking for either a massage parlor or escort service. The Little Rock Yellow Pages has a modest listing of escort services (10 or 12) and a singular outcall massage/modelling service. Going rates for the escort services are $100 agency fee plus $100 tip for straight or oral. The massage service quoted $125 fee plus tip to be negotiated. I got the distinct impression that the massage service would be very expensive - for anything approaching the service available through an escort agency. Fully half the listings in the current Yellow Pages had been disconnected, indicating a small demand for escort services in Little Rock or lack of tolerance by local law enforcement. ARKANSA'S FINEST - I contacted this service and was suprised to find a good variety of girls available. I chose a young (19), petite, asian girl named DEJA. I was told she would be at the hotel in 45 minutes. The fee was quoted at $100 and the phone girl told me the tip range would be between $50 to $100. Two hours later (as well as several phone calls) Deja showed up. I was pretty upset at the delay and beginning to get tired. At first, I thought about cancelling the date. I had the service on the phone and expressed my intentions. The matron immediately demanded a $25 cancellation fee. I argued that the cancellation was due only to Deja's tardiness and that I didn't feel responsible for the cancellation. Things began to get heated - with threats made at notifiying hotel security. I called the bluff and told the matron that *I* would notify security if she wanted me to. She asked to speak to Deja over the phone. During Deja's conversation, I noticed that if not exactly attractive, Deja was erotic looking - I interrupted their conversation and told her that I'd changed my mind and would go ahead with the date. Deja hung up, took the angency fee and carried it out to her driver - it only occurs to me now that she could have taken off with it. She returned and we began negotiating the tip. I offered $100 for full service and was declined. She wanted $200. I almost backed out again but figured I'd rather spend $300 and get what I wanted than to spend $100 and get nothing. Her exotic appearance faded when she disrobed - in fact, I distinctly remember that the bottoms of her feet were filthy - like those of a street urchin. The rest of the date was ho-hum and very unremarkable. Her youth and lack of experience were a real negative. Overall, I would qualify ARKANSA'S FINEST as a moderately sleazy operation and not at all interested in providing quality of service. BARE ESSENTIALS - Three days into my stay in Little Rock, I decided to try another escort service. After weeding through most of the defunct services I found myself in a pleasant conversation with Theresa of BARE ESSENTIALS. I explained that I was unsatisfied with my experiences to date in L.R. but wanted to give it another shot. She asked some questions about my experiences and expressed an interest in proving to me that her operation was a class act. The agency fee was $100. She guaranteed that for an additional $50 tip that I would be totally satisfied with the date. I need to make sure to explain to you all that this was a "special offer" aimed at gaining me as a repeat customer (I'm scheduled to return to L.R. often). The normal tip for full service is usually $100. I agreed and asked if the girl would be interested in having a few drinks at a nearby restaraunt. Theresa said it would be no problem and that the normal one hour of service was fairly flexible - depending on the activity. I went to the restaraunt, got a table for two, and waited for my date to arrive. After only half an hour a beautiful woman approached my table. She was blonde, about 5'8", long legs, and introduced herself as Theresa. This was the first time in all my experiences with escort services where the person on the other end of the phone actually made an outcall. I immediately felt comfortable with her - although she was gorgeous enough to have made my head spin. We had drinks and chatted for a while but agreed we'd be more comfortable back at my hotel. Theresa was the most charming, professional, and downright fun escort that I've had the privildedge to spend time with. Everything about her was sincere, honest, and exciting. She wasn't hurried - in fact we played on the Internet a bit together and I demonstrated how the web cam worked. She was willing to pose for me and anyone else that cared to peek in from the net and was genuinely excited to show off her splendid body. The experience was unforgettable. I paid the full $200 and would have given more if I'd had it on me. From now on, if I'm in Little Rock, I'm going to give BARE ESSENTIALS a call. If you're going to be in town, I highly recommend you do the same.
Subject: [ASP] Info on Little Rock, AR. and the Show Me Girls escort service. Date: 1998/02/13 This is my first review so bear with me. After calling all the services in the yellow pages, I had a choice of a 29 yr old blonde who weighed about 135 and who was 35 or a 19 yr old chick who was a natural red and weighed about 128 (they said). Both were from Show Me Girls. I was actually staying in Benton, AR and the travel fee was $25. That was in addition to a tip of $100 or greater and an agency fee of $100. Two hours later, Shay (the red head) knocked on my door. She weighed a lot less than 128 and she had small breasts (which I love). She looked pretty hot. She told me who she was and outlined the fees that I would be paying. I agreed somewhat nervously and handed over $225. She then asked me to strip to prove that I wasn't a cop. Again, I nervously agreed to do so. When I was in the buff, she nodded and asked what I wanted. ( I thought it was pretty stupid to ask as well]. I said full service straight and she said she was on her period. Imagine my reaction... I said that was cool and since it was a hotel, we could put a towel down. It's not like I was taking her home to meet mom or anything. Besides, what's a little blood. [I never notice any after we finished and the towel I put down remained a pristine Days Inn white.] She started taking off her clothes and I helped. We hopped on the bed, rubbing and touching, and getting comfortable. I had wanted to talk a bit before getting into it but the fact that I had to strip to prove that I wasn't a cop prevented that. When Jim Bob, jr. was in the open, no talking was allowed. [She would have chatted but little Jim wouldn't have any of that]. She smelled good and clean, which was more than I had hoped, and she wasn't shy about making eye contact. Due to her monthly friend I didn't attempt to munch or anything and she didn't offer to blow. I didn't want to pay for that anyway since i can get it at home for free. The sex was straight and she did some moaning and moved her hips a little but it wasn't fantastic. In fact, there was nothing really remarkable about the entire encounter. As we got dressed, we talked about the exorbitant agency fee and she gave me her private number to remedy that in the future. (I intend to be careful here since she also mentioned that her driver was her boyfriend as well) She called the agency and in about five minutes, her driver/boyfriend was on the parking lot. In that five minutes, I discovered that she was slightly racist, slightly unintelligent, and very likely the product of a brother-sister union. Her home number will probably be found by a homeless person since I tossed it as soon as I pulled off the parking lot. The wait sucked, the sex was passable but not great, and she couldn't figure out how to operate the telephone so I had to dial the number so she could call her agency. I give the encounter a 2 on a scale of 1-10. I'll post more reviews when I save up more money.
Subject: ASP: Review Little Rock, AR Date: 1998/03/01 I'm reviewing Gentleman's Choice [224-4207]/ Hot & Spicy Escorts [565-2110]- both are run by the same referral service. They charge a flat fee [$180-200 depending on the time of day] per hour. I called just after noon on Sunday and asked for an escort at 2:00. The receptionist said that she would call me back in 10 minutes. An hour later, I called again and she said that she had several pages out and needed just a few more minutes. At 2:00, I called again and got a different recetptionist and she said that she'd find out what was going on. At 3:00, I finally got a call and she said that she had found someone. The woman [Carly] who showed up [at 3:45PM] was nice and fairly attractive, but was not at all like the escort that I originally requested. I invited her in anyway since it was so late. She was blond and voluptuos and just under 6 ft tall. She's said she had been donig this for a couple of years [she said she was 21, but I'd place her around 25 or so] and her fiance was in Saudi Arabia. She said that she usually got the first time customers and was much prettier than most of the other escorts that worked there. She didn't kiss and didn't do anal or oral sex, but was pretty good. I don't think that I'll use this service again, but it wasn't bad.
Subject: [ASP] Review of Little Rock, AR Date: 1998/03/04 In Little Rock: Abbey's Playmates (501)988-1302 and Absolutely Fine Escort and Absolutely The Finest (501( 985-1454 and Arkansas Finest Playmates (501) 988-0116 are all run by the same Referral service and the service promised a call back within three minutes but I never had a call returned in over three hours of waiting. I have also recently discovered that all of the escort agencies listed in the Little Rock yellowpages with a 490 prefix are run by the same "referral" service. Basically this means that the girls at each service mostly work for all the services so be careful and don't get the same girl who uses different names. The ladies who run the place are Renee and Paula. Watch them because they are a tricky pair and will promise you almost anything you want until you turn over the agency fee. Now for the reviews: Flights of Fantasy: It's a 490-2646 number and therefore run by Paula and Renee. I called around 10 pm on a Sunday night to set something up in advance. They had told me previously that they were open 24/7 but I had been unable to get in touch with them before noon on other days. Sunday night, Paula gave me a call-back five minutes later and described the girls. Kasey: 21, short brown hair, 34D, 125lbs 5'6" Leah: 20, blonde with a tan, 36D, 130lbs 5'7" Desiree: 28, blonde, 130lbs, 5'7" I chose Kasey with full service for 9am on Monday, Paula beeped her to confirm and called me back to say everything was set up. I was instructed to call a 8 am and Kasey would show up around 9 am. I called at 8, 9, and finally at 9:30 I talked to Paula. She said Kasey was unavailable and I changed to Leah. She called back in five minutes and said Kasey would be there after all. At 10:30, Kasey showed up. She was about 25 lbs heavy and her breasts were a good 36D. She looked good but wasn't petite as described. I was tired of waiting and Kasey collected the $100 Agency fee. We then discussed terms for a tip: A nude massage ($100), and nude masturbation scene with me watching ($100), a nude/nude mutual massage ($100) where she promised to "help me get off", or lingerie modeling ($100). At this point, I assumed she was talking around the issue and since it was getting late, I was amenable to a discussion. I relayed to Kasey that I had explicitely specified "Full Service" and Paula had agreed. Kasey elaborated on the massage but stated in concrete terms: "As far as ANY type of penetration, I don't do that or I'd charge more than a couple of hundred bucks." Maybe she thought I was a cop? I expressed dissatisfaction with the entire set-up, her being late and Paula promising services not rendered and the fact that I had handed over $100. I saw Kasey arrive (I was anxiously waiting at the window) and she didn't have a driver but I'm not one for being physical with the ladies. That's not what I pay them for. Anyway, Kasey said there would be a $50 dollar cancellation fee and since I had already decided not to kick her ass, I accepted the $50 bucks back and called Paula. She wasn't there so I talked to Renee. Renee related that her referral service didn't force any of the girls to do anything and that all the girls provided different services. She said that since I had alread paid $50, I could waive that amount of the agency fee on another girl. I agreed and Renee said she would beep Desiree (she intimated that she would provide full service). I then got tired of her agency. I posted another bad experience three weeks ago about their agency Show Me Girls and Shay. I called her back and cancelled, then called Tracy at Ultimate Desires whom I had talked to the night before as a contingency. Ultimate Desires: (501) 315-0424 - Definitely not affiliated with the 490 numbers. Tracy runs the place and I talked to her several times. She seems real nice and seemed like she was on the up & up. There are three girls: Tracy, Darla, and Shelby. I requested Shelby (blonde, 5'2", 125 lbs, 23 yrs old) because I wanted a petite lady. They had a $55 agency fee and the tips ranged from $100 to $150 not to exceed $205 total. She arrived in twenty minutes (I'm serious, must be a record for Little Rock) and was more like 28-30 but she was very nice and friendly, asking me what I liked and what I wanted from her. On the phone to Tracy, I mentioned that the ice machine was out at my hotel and that the cooler on the Coke machine was out (I ranted to Tracy after my encounter with Paula and Renee). Shelby showed up with an ice cold Sprite and a smile! She's a college student and has another job and just does the escort thing when she can. She had on a short skirt jumper thing that was appropriate and not at all hooker-like but extremely sexy. I gave her the $205 after another five minutes of chat and we got undressed. She started woth a condom blow job and then I did oral on her, we went missionary-doggy-missionary but she wouldn't do anal. The negatives: Though she had skinny arms and legs, her body was out of proportion and definitely not as described (petite), she was closer to 5'6" than 5'2", and her breasts were very large. I like smaller breasts. The main negative was that several times, she asked me to cum. She whispered she was getting sore and ten minutes later, she started whimper/groaning about how good it felt and that I really should cum. Finally, she said "it's time to cum." and did her best physically to increase my speed to orgasm. She wasn't rude and worked it into the sex with finesse but I don't like getting rushed. Before leaving, Shelby said I should give them a call and when I said that I can afford only one outing a month, she replied that I could call just to say "hi" and she seemed sincere. I said I would post a good review in the NG. I probably wouldn't use Shelby again but I would definitely use the service because Tracy and Shelby were friendly and they seemed to want to make the customer happy. Maybe someone else could try one of the Little Rock agencies with a 490-**** number. Maybe if I had opted for the nude/nude full body massage with Kasey, I could have gotten full service but I decided not to risk it when she stated, "Hey, I've got two kids and even with a condom I don't know what you've got and you don't know what I've got." I read Renee (of Flights of Fantasy, Show Me Girls, and the other 490-**** numbers) a couple of bad reviews of their competitors posted by Traveller (I think) and by Travis. If anyone gives them a call, please share this post with them. I got extremely curt and unprofessional service and I want Renee and Paula to realize that word gets around.

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