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Lisbon, Portugal

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 10:42:24 UTC

Legal situation is unknown, but prostitution is widely accepted
and has a long tradition. If you do speak portuguese or spanish
it is helpful, but anyway you will go along easier in Portugal
then in Spain if you only talk english.

Lisbon is a wonderful town, people are friendly, sex available
24 hours a day. Crime rate is low and with an exception for
cab drivers the risk of being cheated can be ignored.

At two discoteques in Lisbon you will be able to find the most
wonderful looking girls. One is called Hipopotamo, the other
Elefante Branco. They are both open from 8pm, but action starts
around 9,30pm. For 60-80 dollars you pick up a wonderful girl
for the night. She might ask you for more but it is always
negotiable. Credit cards and personal cheques are normally
accepted, especially if you are a regular customer.

Any taxidriver will take you to any of these places.

At Avenida Duque de Loule there are two other bars you may want to
check out. One is called Club Confidential, the other Night and
Day. Both these bars have very friendly staff, and some of the ladies
are like a dream. Normally there is never a rush, the girls like to
become your friends. Many but not all are happy with 3-some.

Avoid the read light district near Cais do Sodré, it's dirty and both
customers and girls look unhealthy. From afternoon and during all the
night street hookers, homosexuals and transvestites are at the Avenida
da Liberade. Avoid it. You make a much better and safer deal at any
of the bars/discoteques mentioned above.

I wish you all a swell time in Lisbon!

Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 18:07:01 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Lisbon, Portugal I have read all the information about Lisbon, which I disagree, almost, in all its contents. The true facts are the name of the clubs, which I can add one more. "Night & Day", it's located on Av. Duque de Loule about 2 blocks from The other big club called: "Elefante Branco". Elefante Branco has the better looking girls (a lot of them are Brasilian), but is also more expensive. The average price is $150, which it wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for the fact that the girls will leave as soon as you cum, whether it's in 5 or 50 minutes. They will ask for outrageous prices for an allnighter ( minumum of $350) definitely not worth the price. They will treat like gold until they got you suckered in, then proceed to get rid of you as soon as they possibly can. They will become annoyed if you don't come within a few minutes. My advice is to stay away from the Portuguese ones, the best bets are the Brasilians. They are sweetter and more inclined to please you. I have traveled extensively through Portugal and Spain and Spain is much better bet, both in prices and in quality. In Spain, you will run in to alot of Colombians, which I always had very good experiences with. Definitely stay away from the traditional Portuguese prostitute, they tend to be very cold and unemotional, they do not seem to enjoy the line of work they're in. All of them have pimps which drives all their prices up, since they have to give them at least half of the money. Brasilians and Colombians usually don't have pimps. Try Southern Spain, especially the cities of Huelva, Sevilla and Alicante. Excelent clubs, prices and more specifically girls. Have fun and keep up the excellent work.
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 16:11:16 +0100 besides that you can also find phone numbers of prostitutes on daily newspapers

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