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Lima, Peru

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 96 11:54:46 EST

I visited your web site the other day and I was really impressed.
Perhaps you would like to add the following information about Peru to
the site.  I have been to the Lima, Peru area 4 times during the past
18 months, my most recent visit being in October of 1996.

I believe that there are very few "clubs" in the Lima area (including
San Isidro, San Borja and Miraflores).  I have visited one in San
Isidro named "Emmanuel" and it was HOT.

Cover charge is approximately 50 Soles ($22 USD).  The "strip show" is
there mainly for the "entertainment value" since virtually no one goes
to Emmanuel to just watch the show !  Not much happens until after
11:00 pm although the club opens earlier (I think).

Although I have only been there on weekdays, there have always been 15
- 40 girls in the place.  All are reasonably attractive and quite a
few speak at least some English.  However, your enjoyment will be
higher if you speak some Spanish.

Beer is about $3.00 USD per bottle (the local "Cristal" brand is quite
good by the way).  As in most Latin American countries, beware of
ordering hard liquor since it will be pricey.

Also, since "blondes" are as rare here as in any Latin American
country, most of the "blondes" will be spoken for by the time you get
there.  But don't despair, there are quite a few very attractive Latina
types "in residence".

If you want to take a girl out with you, you'll have to pay an "exit
fee" of approximately $35 USD (which includes a cheap bottle of wine).
When you get to your hotel, she will expect a tip of $100 USD and cab
fare ($5 USD) to get back to the club.

Every girl I've had has been quite enthusiastic and well worth it.

Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 10:27:42 -0500 (EST) qSubject: The Suites of Barranco/Lima, Peru A visit to that nation's capitol would not be complete without stopping for an evening at the Suites of Barranco, a lovely little sex club in the heart of the city. Once granted entry behind mechanical garage doors (ensuring privacy from prying eyes streetside--your cabbie will know what to do) you join dozens of this city's most influential businessmen and politicians around a couple of stages. There, women who will join you afterwards if you wish, dance in various stages of undress. Select the woman (or women!) of your choice and you can either rent a room or pay the club to have them go to your hotel. The services contained therein are not cheap. Entry to the club is roughly $20. Drinks are $5 and the women will become your personal sex machines for about $125/hr. The room (hot tub/jacuzzi and X-rated films) are $100 for the night. But there are bottles of champagne to be had (what else is new) and I defy anyone to spend only one hour with these women in such an environment. The only cheap thing on the menu is the cocaine, which can be bought for $10/gram. But I warn any who read this that the coke is pure and unless you are an 18-year old with raging hormones the drug has a depressing tendency on the very organ you wish to please.
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 22:56:26 -0600 Subject: Peru The best place to pick up girls is also the best watched be the local police: Avenida Arequipa. Beware that on the downtown side of Javier Prado, the girls aren't really girls. Best whores are to be found on Av. Arequipa on the Miraflores side. Maritza, with long black curly hair is the best. All in all, you'll pay $10-30 for a quickie.
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 12:13:11 -0500 Subject: lima peru 29-11-97 lima peru if you're looking for a quickie fuck in lima. dont fret . no need to pay 100 bucks for an hour. go to the Trocadero for a fifteen min. fuck it will cost you a whopping 15sole or 5 bucks THATS right 5 american bucks as of 29-11-97 WARNING the place is not a class act you get what you pay for .. its smelly and be aware inside as you can get mugged go with someone or pay the taxi x-tra to wait and go in with you its helpful to know spanish there are three entrances to this wharehouse whorehouse and is 10 sole to get in. the ladies are standing in front of theire opened door waiting for you to fuck them some are aweful But some are Hot. like 6 or a 6.5 it beats paying 100 or 200 bucks where do you think the locals go. they arent rich they make 200 per month the place is opened from 4pm to 10pm i would go early when its still light out dont be afraid just take some precautions dont bring alot of cash you wont need it

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