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Leicester, United Kingdom

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:02:17 +0100

I have always found the street scene in Leicester to be of excellent
quality. There are usually 20 girls on the street most nights and there is
a good range of types. There are a few old boilers, but also plenty of nice
girls in their mid to late teens. Prices are from 20 pounds straight sex
up, usually full strip, but sometimes they want another 10 for this. Mostly
it's in the car, although one or two have their own place to take you to.
Police prescence is light and a live and let live attitude seems to
prevail, kerb crawling fines if you are nailed seem to be around the
25pound mark apparently.

	The best way to tour the area is to turn off Humberstone Road behind the
railway station, up Kent Street, you will usually find a few of the older
women here on the corner of Graham Street, it's worth looping round this
bit as there are sometimes some nice bints in the small roads off here. Up
the top of Kent the road filters right into Murray Street and Beal St at
the top of which I often find some of the younger girls doing business. If
you go left here down Upper Charnwood St you occasionally get a girl or
two, but usually you find them in again in the doorways of Needham Street
(right at the end of Charnwood). You then hit a small roundabout which you
go straight over into Melbourne Road. This is the heart of the city's
Moslem district and you will not find girls along most of it's length,
although there are sometimes a few around the end of Twycross and Earl Howe
at the top. DO NOT approach women in this street if you are not absolutely
sure they are whores, things remain tolerant at the moment and this is the
sort of thing guaranteed to pis the locals off and bring some heat down on
a nice district!

	At the top here there is often a rather mumsy woman in her 50's and round
the corner in St. Peter's Road there is often another, low key, older woman
of  more sophisticated appearance on the left. The road becomes Sparkenhoe
St and here there are often girls on the right, and if you turn into
Seymour St, then down Hobart on the right into Lincoln where you go left, I
have often found a variety of first class teens here. If you then go right
into Conduit St, where there are sometimes girls, but less now since a
major mosque opened at the end, you end up at a mini roundabout which you
go across into Maidstone Road, where there are girls occassionally, it
leads back into Upper Charnwood where you can go down Kent St and then redo
the circuit.

	 I've had some excellent girls here, definitely some of the best street
action I've experienced in Britain. I particularly liked my most recent
girl, Louise,16 with long dark hair, she dresses unobtrusively and is
usually around about 9pm, but lots of the others have been fun too,
particularly Tia and Amy, but I haven't seen them recently. Some of the
girls may be underage, so I'd advise asking them first - you don't want the
book thrown at you for statutory rape if picked up!

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 19:12:19 EST LEICESTER After reading the existing submission, I have recently started to visit Leicester on the occasional weekend. So far I have found the previous articles still to be accurate, but to date, there seem to be more girls out and about on Sunday rather than Saturday. When following the previously described route, beware of the speed numerous bumps in Melbourne Road. They are quite lethal if not seen and are not the smooth hump variety. Additionally, as you approach Kent Street on Humberstone Road, you will find Brunswick Street on the left beforehand. Drive down the street and take the first left. Follow this and you will come back to the roundabout for Humberstone Road. It is only a short extension to the circuit, but I have found some good girls around there later in the evening. On my last visit at the end of December 1997, I was ripped off by one girl who wanted the money before we entered her house, and the next girl I went with confirmed that there was some clients being ripped off and spoiling the trade for other girls. I don't think that the problem is anywhere as bad as some places, like Kings Cross in London, but just be on your guard. On the positive side, I can also confirm that the girls are some of the best I have seen on the streets in the UK, as has been said in previous articles. I can't wait until the summer when there are bound to be even more, and dressed more scantily. Prices are from 20 GBP upwards on average, and some of the girls will do more than would normally be expected from a street lady, providing you pay a little more. Every girl I have selected so far has also had a flat or house that can be used, in contradiction to what has been said elsewhere. This is useful, as the police do seem to patrol the beat on a regular basis. There is nothing heavy, and I have not been stopped, but the risk of being caught in a back street, in the back of the car, must be reasonably high. So in summary, Leicester still seems to be a good place and the quality of the girls is better than average. I even found an old "friend" who used to work Luton, so the girls are obviously hearing about Leicester as well!!

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