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Leeds, United Kingdom

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 23:28:14 UTC

Look in the Leeds evening paper - there are lots of listings under Saunas.

Subject: An article on Leeds, UK Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 09:01:45 UTC Here is a submission about my experience last Friday night (22 March 1996). I looked through the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper and found in the sauna column an advert for Dreamsuit sauna massage. I phoned and was given the entry prices and a brief description of the girls by a woman doing her best to sound sexy. I arrived at a large detached house standing behind high walls on one of the main road between Leeds and Bradford. Full of nerves, I knocked on the door and after a moment a spy hole was opened, 'I've come for a massage' I said. The spy hole closed and the door was opend by what was obviously the madame. I was shown into a lounge and offered a drink after paying an entry fee of ukp 7 for a sauna massage, I could have opted for just a massage or a jacuzzi massage. Seated in the room were 3 girls (I was told there were 2 more who were busy). One was aged in her twenties, about 5'9" tall, blonde and fairly average build but a bit flat chested. The second again twenties (maybee 26), brunette, shoulder length hair,5'4", average build. The third similar age, brunette, a little bustier than the others and again about 5'4". I felt a bit nervous seated in a semi circle arrangement with the girls looking at me. I was politely asked who I wanted to massage me and I picked number 3. I went up to the sauna alone (up 2 floors) and was glad of a minute just to collect myself again. I was given a little zip bag for my valuable but no real place to leave my clothes. The sauna was a reasonable size with several well worn 'magazines' scattered about. I emerged from the sauna, went to the bathroom (down one flight of stairs), showered and then wearing only a towel had to walk back down stairs and into the 'lounge' again to tell the girl I was ready. She told me to go back upstairs to the first floor and into the room on the left which I did. The room was large, a little cool after a shower, and I was left waiting nearly five minutes before she arrived in suspenders and a white overall. I received the usual massage with my choice of talcom powder. The massage was non descript but the girl was carefull to brush her arms over my genitals a number of times. The massage drew to an end and it fell to me ask about additional services, I was quoted ukp 20 for hand relief, ukp 30 for a blow job, ukp 40 for sex ukp for blow and sex. I chose sex and was then asked for the money up front, so I had to get off the couch sporting a semi-erection and retrieve my money from the valuables bag. I paid the girl and she removed her overall, a push-up bra and knickers. Her body was certainly reasonable. She then told me I could touch her tits but mustn't touch her pussy and mustn't hurt her. What a turn off! Being given a set of rules to play by and I had no intention what so ever of hurting her. She laid on the couch and I got on top. The couch was too narrow and I kept feeling as though my arms and legs would slip over the edge! She had shaved part of her pussy but had let it grow back stubbly which felt uncomfortable. She laid still and didn't make any pretence of enjoyment untill after about 3 minutes she suddenly started to moan and rub my back and whisper 'cum, cum now' I am no marathon man but 3 minutes with a girl making no effort isn't my idea of heaven. She then began to ask 'won't it cum'. This just killed things for me so I got off. She obviously realised I was pissed off so she masturbated me to completion telling me 'I want you to be happy'--- fat chance of that. I showered again and went down stairs and was offered another drink, I refused and left. My thoughts... This could be a very good operation but isn't at the moment. The girls were okay looks wise, a little older than maybee I would like but not big on being friendly and intimate. The having to wander about in your towel collecting your girl is a bit of a passion killer as are the uncomfortable beds. I understand the girls have rules but it might have been nicer if she had said 'please don't touch me there' only if I had tried to touch her pussy. Being sexy and intimate and looking as though you are enjoying it will make most men come faster than telling them to hurry up. 3 minutes is not a long time for love making, but I do understand you are on the clock, so to speak. So in summary, needs to try a bit harder and could be onto a winner, think customer satisfaction if you want repeat customers.
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 02:39:00 UTC Leeds: It's some time since I've been there - I *believe* the area is the collection of streets between Roundhay Road and Chapeltown Road. Looking at my street plan, Leopold Street, Spencer Place, Harehills Avenue, Avenue Hill seem to fit my recollections - *BUT* it's a nasty, dangerous area and I really would not recommend it. In Leeds I think you are probably better off with the massage parlours that advertise in the Leeds evening newspaper.
Subject: A visit in Leeds (UK) Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 13:19:59 UTC Tuesday 16 July 1996 I looked in the sauna section of the local paper and phoned the number for Moniques, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. I asked what the girls were like and I was told, 'We have two girls tonight, Natalie, 20 years, blonde with a 34 bust or Jo, 21 years a leggy blonde also with a 34 bust' Moniques is open 24 hours and charges 5 ukp for a massage and shower. The price is slightly higher for a sauna, massage and shower. On arrival I went as instructed to the rear door. Externally Moniques doesn't look great but I continued anyway and went to the door which was locked against me and rang the bell. I heard the bolt being drawn back and the 'madam' let me in. I told her I had come for a massage and she asked me in. She told me that there were normally more than two girls working and there was a bit of a wait if I didn't mind. I said I didn't mind and I was shown into a lounge and offered a coffee. Inside is better than out. The lounge has seveal comfy chairs and settees and a TV to watch. A little while later the girls came in and I would describe them as 1. Natalie maybe 23 years, 5'5" blonde shoulder lenth curly hair, proportionate figure with a 34 bust 2. Jo maybee 26 years, pretty, 5'7", with collar length blonde hair cut in a bob, slim figure and a 34 bust. I picked Jo and was asked straight away for 5 ukp , I paid this and was directed upstairs to a massage room. The massage room was large, with a massgae couch and a bed. I began to undress and Jo entered with a clean towel for me. She politely introduced herself and invited me to lay on the couch. I laid on my stomach and she began to massage me with a light powder. Massage parlour massages are normally very poor but Jo was great. There was something very pleasurable about the way she ran her hands around the back of my neck. Jo was a class act, she chatted, made jokes, massaged well and constantly subtly complemented me. I rolled onto my back for more gentle massage and I ran my hands over Jo's legs and bottom, she was very slender and firm. 'What shall we do today' asked Jo and I told her I wanted sex. Jo gently told me that would be 30 (ukp) and asked me to move over to the bed. She stripped off what was akin to a green coloured nurse's uniform. Underneath Jo had a bra, G-string and stockings. Her breasts were a lovely shape, rounded and smooth. Her legs long and shapely. Jo put a condom on me whilst I stood in front of her and I gently kissed her neck. She laid me down and sat beside me and took me in her mouth for an expert blowie. At my request she then mounted me from above and we later had a position change with me taking the top. Afterwards I showered and left. In conclusion then, I have avoided massage parlours of late after some second rate service but this and the nice Jo have worked wonders. Moniques seemed switched onto customer care and there is a notice on the wall asking any customers who have any complaints to not hesitate to speak to the management. 30 ukp is a VERY good price and it wasn't second rate girls or service, in fact quite the reverse. I would certainly visit again and it will be a long time before I take the chance elsewhere. Travelling Man.
Subject: Report from Leeds Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 16:19:10 -0400 I have visited three massage places in Leeds all listed under the Sauna section of the YEP most nights. ---------------------------------- Tropicana also known as studio 12A ---------------------------------- This is is located on the Otley Rd in the centre of Headingley. Access is via the fire escape at the rear of the building at first floor level. You are first escorted into the front room where there is a TV and coffee. You pay for your massage #6.00 and when thegirl is free you are given a towel (when I have visited there has been no choice of girl) and told to shower. Once showered you wait in the massage room. The first time on a high massage table the second time on a low level bed. On my first visit the girl was Sabrina who was dark haired and pretty enough. The massage was with oil and I was then asked if I wanted any extras. She didn't give me any choices so I asked for a blow-job. She asked me to get my own cock hard before slipping on a condom and sucking me hard and fast. It was fairly pleasurable but she didn't take her own clothes off. I came fairly soon paid her 30ukp and left. The second time I saw a black/ mixed race girl called Gill. She was about 5' 7'' tall with a trim figure firm tits with good looking nipples and terrific legs. Gill was very welcoming almost never stopped talking which helped me relax and feel that paying for sex was the most normal thing in the world. After the shower she massaged me giving my balls a nice grope as she did. she then offered me a menu #15 for topless hand relief, #25 for oral and #35 for sex. I opted for the wank. She stripped off her top revealing those tits and invited me to feel them up while she pulled on my cock and massaged my balls. I had been drinking so took a while to cum. She pouted and posed and gave me the encouragement of a bit of dirty talk. When I did cum my spunk nearly hit the ceiling!! Since my visit the place closed for a while and Gill went to executive see below. It is back open now but I have not been back (mainly cos it shuts at 8 pm) --------- Executive --------- is in the Chapel Allerton area next to the Shoulder of Mutton pub. It has a street level shop front which screams that bloke is entering a knocking shop!!! When I visited Gill wasn't there, I was let in by an older blonde women who was frankly ugly. I was massaged unenthusiastically by Joanne who was fairly tall pale skinned with reasonable tits and a closely cropped pussy Here it was #6 to get in #20 for a handjob and #30 for oral or sex. I really don't reacon much to Executive & won't go back ---------- Alley Cats ---------- This is located at Meanwood near the Becketts Arm pub. The austere mill building hides a cosy waiting area with TV and coffee. It was certainly popular 3 guys there whist I was waiting. There was a standard admission of #5 or #7 for the executive room. I opted for this which included a four poster bed. mirrors and a video showing porno films. There were two girls both young and pretty, I got the idea that two girls together was on offer for about #60. I chose 'Petra' a dark haired girl who looked really good in the traditional 'little black number'. After my shower Petra joined me on the four poster and teased me before offering a menu of hand relief #20 sex or oral #35 both for #40. I opted for both and she got me to stand in front of a mirror whist she got on her knees to suck my cock. It was very sexy both the feeling and watching in the mirror. She then got on her hands and knees across the bed and invited me to fuck her doggy style. We changed position twice giving me a chance to grope her tits as we fucked. She was VERY VERY sexy. and even engaged in a bit of dirty talking to get me to come. Alley cats is classy I have been back once at 9pm and it was closed so turn up early Enjoy:-))
Subject: Report on Leeds UK Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:21:21 PST I recently visited Harrogate,Yorkshire, which is a beautiful place to stay but somewhat lacking in "night time creature comforts". Having established that there was not even a "pale orange light district" in Harrogate (if anyone knows different then please post a report)I set off for Leeds about 12 miles away armed with a copy of the local paper and my print out from the WSG. Here is what I found. Firstly an update on a previous entry - I spent about three quarters of an hour looking for the much acclaimed Alley Kats, although I located the pub mentioned I could find no trace of the much praised sauna - dissapointing initially but it probably did me a favour. From the Yorkshire Evening Post I found a semi-display advert for Winston's City Centre Sauna. Having parked my car in the City Centre I walked for about 25 minutes from the railway station only to find a large pay and display car park opposite the establishment! My fault for not ringing for directions, but I think the description "city centre" is a little misleading. However that and the fact that the receptionist could not seem to master the controls on their video recorder, is my only adverse comment. The premises are well signed and can be found almost opposite the large TGI Fridays restaurant (this is a more useful address than "Harcourt Place off West Street" which even a local postman failed to identify for me!) There is a 10 ukp admission charge but this includes full use of a Sauna, Jacuzzi, large comfortable television lounge, a bar with free beverages/soft drinks (Beer available at 1.50 ukp), an adult video room showing hardcore and a halfhour massage with the girl of your choice! The staff are all very helpful and show you around,if like me it is your first visit. You have a locker (which works) and a valuables bag to carry around your loose change. I arrived just at shift change so had to wait for about 20 minutes or so but it is a comfortable place to wait, even if it takes 19 of those twenty minutes to get the adult video working! The girls started arriving and they were all young, friendly and attractive. I spotted Kelly who is a petite blonde aged 23- "going on 18", and made a beeline for her (I could have chosen from at least six other attractive young ladies- but when I see what I like!!). I think that Kelly is "drop dead gorgious" She has a very petite frame, short blond hair and to go with it, a bubbly personality of the "girl next door variety". She reminded me of a younger Sally Webster from Coronation Street (a UK TV Soap). Her massage was unsophisticated but extremely sensual and the extras ranged from 30 ukp for hand relief to 50 ukp for sex and oral. I opted for oral which cost me 45 ukp which given the added bonus of a shaved pussy I was quite happy to pay. She made bright and intelligent conversation and deserved to be treated with respect (which in my case she was) She didn't try to rush me (I managed that myself!) And very little was taboo except that I could not perform oral sex on her (which I would loved to have done) - She has a couple of "party tricks" that she does for clients who treat her nicely - but I wont spoil the surprise. The nicest part of the sauna was the friendly atmosphere. Clients mingle with the girls in the lounge. (see the VIP suites below if you are anti-social and crave privacy) Usually after the massage I usually leave but here I had a beer and was even more delighted when Kelly came down to the lounge and sat and chatted to me for a while, it made the whole evening seem more like a date than a quick screw for cash that I have got used to. Do I sound as if I like this place - well I do, if it wasn't 300 odd miles from where I live I think I would negotiate a season ticket. According to a sign on the wall they even cater for private parties. You may think that 55 ukp is not cheap, well in my book you get what you pay for - and it is worth every penny. They also have Penthouse Suites with private Jacuzzi,Porno video and a proper double bed. This costs about 85 ukp but includes EVERYTHING if you are rich and want to spoil yourself. Lastly PLEASE treat Kelly (and the other girls well), they give a terrific service and do not deserve to get aggro or hassle.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:18:43 +0100 Leeds The Spencer Place area is still going strong, what people may not realise is that there is a SMALL afternoon shift from about 12noon to 3pm, and that the evening action starts quite early, 5pm ish, when it is light in the summer, the area does not feel as dangerous at these times. Police have periodic sweeps, look for a Burgandy Ford Mondeo or a Silver Vauxhall parked with two of Leeds finest sat watching! Also regular patrols of marked cars and vans. One tip, unmarked police cars never seem to have a suppliers garage on either the front or rear number plate just under the number. Do not conduct "in car" buisness in any of the "quiet" places in the immediate vacinty, or behind Roundhay Park Golf course, the police know them and patrol them regularly and you will feature in the papers! Much better to offer the girl an extra #5 to go somewhere a bit further away. In the evening another area to try is Call Lane in the town centre close to the station, there are usaully a few girls working most evenings from 7-30ish till 12 midnight or may be later.

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