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Lawton, Oklahoma

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 01:01:31 -0500 (EST)

  Just had a chance to return to my old stomping grounds this past month.
Actually, I've been very surprised that the WSG is totally devoid of
information on Lawton.  Although it's not a large city, population app.
90,000, not counting neighboring Fort Sill, it had a pretty booming massage
business.  When I left several years ago, it had no less than 11 massage
parlors, 10 of which offered full service.  Since then, having found the
WSG and, I've been anxious to make a return visit and
  Business isn't booming quite as it used to.  Best as I could tell, there
are "only" six establishments (Golden Touch, Sunset Spa, Body Works,
Aquarius II, D's, and Kelsay's) still in operation (the strip clubs have
come to a similar demise).  I was able to visit one while I was there.
  D's, (on the south side of Cache Road, east of Sheridan Road) used to be
my favorite.  Had the standard rate(s)  app. $30 for 1/2 hour and $40 for
an hour.  A tip of $100 would get you full service.  What I really liked
about it was you got a good massage and your full time.  Good service, no
rush.  They generally had a good selection, but I usually chose, if she was
available, the owner, "D".  A bit older and bit full figured, but gave
great massage, was great to talk with, and gave excellent service.
  Time goes by and things change.  Stopped by and was told the current
owner is "Rene`", who wasn't there.  Chose another, Casey, nothing special,
about a 6.  Paid for an hour, $40.  Tipped $100 for full service.  Took a
shower, got a decent massage, good head, ate a nice clean-shaven pussy,
  After I came, time was up.
  One very nice thing afterwards, she got in the shower with me :)
  Overall, not bad, but it used to be better.  What I experienced here is
about the same as what you used to find at any of the other places in

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:07:29 -0700 Subject: note from a friend Finding a hooker in Lawton, Oklahoma: It's been several years since I lived in Lawton and I suppose the situation may have changed some since I was there. The Lawtonian Hotel in downtown Lawton used to be a commom place for the higher class girls. These girls would notice who came into the hotel and they would meet you in the elevator to negotiate the price and services they would provide. The prices I was aware of are not current. Along Ft. Sill Blvd. north of Cache Road where many of the topless clubs were was another good place to pick up streetwalkers that bar hopped between clubs. The area around the Past Time Bowling Lanes was often crowded with girls looking for a date. If action there is slow, walk about a block up the street to the Snack Shack, many prostitutes hang out there after 7 P.M. and one of them was a terriffic fuck. She gave full service, including a nice hand job, followed by a nice long fuck and she wasn't in a hurry either. She said she was 18. Later, I learned she was only 17 and she was doing it to support her habbit. Another area you may check is along Cache Road between Ft. Sill Blvd. and Sheridan Blvd. Don't be in a hurry. Often, I would walk along Cache Road just west of Ft. Sill Blvd. where several motels are next to the clubs. There was a club on the south west corner of Cache Rd. and Ft. Sill Blvd. with a house next to it. Across the street from this club (I've forgotten its name) was a motel with a parking lot in the shape of a large U. Every night I walked across the street from this motel a girl would call to me, asking me if I were in a hurry. "No, honey I'm not in a hurry", I'd reply. Then she would nod her head and motion to me to come over. After I'd cross Cache Road, she'd ask if I brought any money and if I were a cop. Once we got that issue settled and she learned I wasn't a cop, we'd negotiate a price. She was very reasonable. Not a bad looking gal either. Half way thru our date, her pimp would knock and she would reply that she had a customer. He'd leave to check on his other girls and we'd continue fucking, and she even loaned me her clothes on several occaisions. Once, she even dressed me as a girl from head to foot. Another time she gave me a new brassiere she bought for me because I was one of her nicer dates and I was a regular. Another place to pick up a prostitute in Lawton was next to the Grayhound Bus Station. Many of these girls are African-American. I knew of ten trick houses either across the street from the bus station, behind the African Breeze or in the next block behind Commercial Distributing Company. But, beware! I also knew of a man who was murdered behind the African Breeze. He was a salesman. A girl picked him up on the strip (Ft. Sill Blvd. north of Cache Road and persuaded him to accompany her to Long John Silvers ( a club next to the African Breeze ). I don't know what happened next, except that he was carrying six thousand dollars on him in cash. He must have flashed it or something like that because in the morning the police found him with nineteen stab wounds behind the African Breeze. Also, don't park your car near the bus station. While you are buisy with the girl, someone else will break into your car.., using force if necessary to see if you have hidden any extra cash in your car. I found it best to walk in this area, but; be alert and never, never, never offend any of these girls. Their pimps are watching and if you are not careful you will get hurt. This may have changed since I lived in Lawton. One of the girls made a mistake by jumping into the front seat of a city councilman's car when the city councilman had his wife with him. As a show of force, the Lawton Police Dept. wanted to slow the action down. The Grayhound Bus Station is on 1st. & B streets. I never had any trouble with these girls. If you don't find a girl beside the bust station, go behind Long John Silvers to a house on the north side of the alley. Enter the porch and knock on the door. A lady in lingerie will meet you. She is the madam and she will fuck. Often, she would let me fondle her tits, cunt and ass for free while we talked. My favorite was another girl the madam knew. So, she would call my favorite girl on the phone and in a few minutes my favorite would always be there. Many mornings, mid days and evenings, I'd spend with these girls. They all knew I wanted to be one of them. They all knew that if I had a choice, I'd be a woman just like they were because I would often mention how much I wanted to be a woman. Later, I became so involved in this that I had two choices: either go full time and get in so deep I could not get out or get out now while I still could.., so: I left.

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