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>you time in a private room with a girl?  I'm not talking about the
>legal brothels outside of the city, but rather the "bars" that have
>the girls sitting out front.  They look like ripoff joints to me but
>I'm not sure.

I haven't seen places where girls sit out front, but if you're talking
about places like "nasty's" they're supreme rip-off joints. They lure you
with the expectation that a girl will have sex in a private room in the
club but they keep coming up with strange fees to pay and they've got big
scary looking guys hanging out to make sure you don't complain too much.

The best bet in Vegas is to cruise the hotel lobbies and bars where many
girls are looking for customers -- they expect you're in the hotel and can
take them upstairs. This usually works best if you're in the hotel. I've
seen it done a lot at the Hilton, and MGM Grand late at night.

But I've had good success with the services that advertise in those
"give-away" papers -- they call it exotic dancing but there's no dancing.
It's straight sex. Some of the girls who work for these services are the
same ones who cruise the casinos while they're waiting for a call.

I once picked up a girl on the street (Paradise Road, near the 7-11) and
it was the pits.

Date: 4 Mar 1995 10:40:29 -0500 Info on Las Vegas: There are alot of outcall services in town that you can contact. Some are even passing out fliers on the Strip. The problem is the cost, quality, etc. By the time you actually get a girl to your room, and get her to agree to more then "modeling' or "dancing", you probably are going to wind up spending 400-500 dollars, and few if any of them are worth it. Also, they average time they will stay is 30 minutes, and then the phone starts ringing. There are a number of strip clubs you can go to, and some of the girls will meet you after work, but here again cost can be a problem. Unless somebody tips you off to a particular lady that is interested in dates, you can blow alot of $$ and never get anywhere. IF you do find a girl in one of the better clubs, expect to pay her $300 and up. The best Clubs in Vegas are Cheetah's, Olympic Gardens, Crazy Horse 2, and Club Paradise. My personal favorite is Cheetah's. Finally, why not just try at your hotel???? Sitting at the bar in any of the Strip hotels after 10:00 pm or so, will almost always lead to a conversation with a willing lady. You can usually spot the hookers because they will be better dressed (and better looking) then most of the guests. You can usually get one up to your room for a quickie for about 200. Only problem is that most are only willing to go with guests who are staying at the hotel they are working, so choice can be limited. Few will go with you to another hotel, and NONE that I ever ran into will go ANYWHERE in your car. By the way, the best looking hookers I've seen seem to be at the Golden Nugget. If you want to troll for streetwalkers, try Las Vegas Blvd. in NORTH Las Vegas, Bloulder Hwy. from the Showboat on down, and Fremont St. between about 4th and 12th. Be advised, however, that like everywhere else, streetwalkers are usually pretty poor quality, normally crack heads, and are your best chance of catching something. If you need to take a hooker to a motel, the best is the Del Mar on Las Vegas Blvd., which has hourly rates. Of course you can always hit the whorehouses, but the closest is about 70 miles from Vegas, so you have to decide if the trip and the time is worth it. Expect to pay about 150 - 200 for a quick BJ and fuck. Also expect to have your dick inspected, etc., which does seem to take the romance out of the air.... Finally, there is a really great Swinger's Club in Vegas, that is the best, in terms of facilities, that I have ever been to: The Red Rooster. They allow single men and it will cost you $40 to get in. The chances of a single guy actually scoring there is well below 50%, as most of the couples are just looking for couples. They do have a swimming pool and spa that you can hang out in, and also a group sex room that SOMETIMES has some action. Unfortunately, the women who are generally taking on the house are the old, ugly ones! Advice if you go: Dress casually, but well, be clean and neat, and TRY and act like you've been a regular there for years! Best chance is if you are a goodlooking young stud who can get it on with a couple (some of the husbands just want to watch the old lady get fucked, but most participate), and if you are bi it will also make it easier for you to score. The crowd is a mixed bag, and the busiest nights are Friday and Saturday, BUT my experience has been that it is easier to score on a weeknight when it is not as busy. Mondays can sometimes be good. Call them at 451-6661 for info and directions (it's hard to find if you have never been there before). They open at 9 pm. It's BYOB, but they provide the setups. FINALLY, there is a lady who has posted here, and in that I can personally vouch for. She is well worth the cost! Her name is Risa, she's oriental, and if her post drops off before this one does, I can tell you how to contact her. Papa
Date: 9 Mar 1995 00:04:02 -0500 On the Strip, the best chances of finding a Hotel hooker are at the best hotels. Those would include Mirage, Bally's, MGM, Treasure Island, and a couple of others. The situation in Vegas is different than in most places, as the Hotels are aggressive about keeping hookers OUT (they distract from the gambling) so it is very unlikely that you will find a bimbo in any of them. The hookers tend to be regulars, very well dressed, good spenders at the bar, and good tippers. They are tolerated as long as they are inconspicuous, and don't cause a problem. Approaching one is something of an art, as she wont act like one, or dress like one. Look for a woman who is well-dressed, try to make eye contact, and if you get a smile in return, strike up a conversation. By the way, don't waste your time by asking the bartender to steer one your way. They won't. Everybody seems to play this little game that hookers aren't really hookers, and even if they were the hotel employees would never know it. Be advised that the better looking the woman the higher the price, and that can be VERY high in Las Vegas. If you are used to getting laid for $100 dollars or so back home, you are in for a surprise. In Vegas, a quickie with an older woman will run you $200, and can run ALOT higher as the age goes down and the quality goes up. Las Vegas is a money town, so if you got it you will have a ball. If you don't....Well, it's amazing how quickly people forget your name!
Date: 27 Apr 1995 21:33:33 -0400 My experience in Vegas (twice) is that it costs $150 to get the girl to your room for an hour for "nude dancing". It cost me another $150 each time for full service. Contrary to what the other gentleman said, I don't think you're stuck with the first girl that shows up. The two I got (on different occasions<G>) were both knockouts. The phone did ring halfway through both times. The first girl answered it (briefly) and got back to work on me without missing a beat. The second girl didn't answer it. I think Vegas is cool, but it does seem a good bit more expensive than elsewhere. If you want to play, you can probably do it in your own backyard, or even in your own house!
Date: 24 Apr 1995 19:41:53 -0400 There are no streetwalkers on the Strip...You can find some on Fremont St. between 4th and 12th sts, but they are pretty low quality, and the area after dark can be dangerous. Also some on Boulder Hwy. in the area of the Stardust, but not many. Papa
Date: 4 Jun 1995 13:53:34 -0400 If you are looking for streetwalkers, which it sounds like, you are wasting your time. There aren't any in the Strip area. If that is what you REALLY want (remember! you get what you pay for!!), try the area around the Western Casino on Fremont St. (about Fremont and 9th, I THINK), but keep in mind that the area is NOT SAFE after dark. If you are looking for girls, you can usually find them in most hotels. Also, the Club Rio at the Rio has alot of girls, but they are high-end, and usually only go to the rooms with guys who are staying at Rio.
Subject: Re: Las Vegas Girls/Agencies Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 02:33:26 UTC >most of the angecies are rip off's. they charge $125 for the girl to come >to ur room. no action unless u tip the girl. some will have sex with u for >$100 but most want at least $200 before u get anything more than a hand >job or blowjob. I've always paid the $125 fee (which goes to the agency) and then usually tip the girl $400 for everything. It always seemed like a fair shake to me and I always enjoyed myself. As in most other things, you get what you pay for. I don't "shop" the street corners, so....
Subject: Re: Vegas Services? Date: 4 Mar 1996 04:38:46 GMT I have only used one of the outcall Escort services there once serveral years ago. However, I have seen my impressions of that one experice echoed by others here. 1. It's is probably more expensive that what you are used to at home. I paid $300 for a half and half. Although I did not feel hurried, it was not the type of "can I rub your back for a while" lingering escort encounter that I have had on occasion. 2. The escorts are generally much better than what you have been used to at home. My girl was early 20's, very attractive, buxom in a pleasant, but not too large way, very polite, and quite good at the most essential details of her chosen profession. I don't remember the name of the place that I used, but I remember that I found it in the phone book under "Entertainers." All in all I would have to say that it was a pleasant, although a bit expensive, service. This was one instance that it really was true that "you get what your pay for." I know that some others have had a less than satisfactory experience with similar places in Las Vegas, but I recall more positive experiences being posted than negative ones. As always, if you have not already done so you should check out the Paranoia WWW Prostitution site. The last time I looked they had a very large section on Las Vegas, and, if I am not mistaken, a page devoted to prostituion in Vegas proper, rather than in the legal brothels that are aboutone hour outside the city. [True, and your message made it it! --Atta] A highly recommended reference, as always.
Subject: Vegas experience- long and rambling Date: Tuesday, 26 November, 1996 05:26 Just got back from Vegas yesterday-- had a great time. I went there mainly to get laid and hopefully make some money at the mini-bacarrat tables. Mind you, I'm not the best looking guy around so I usually have to resort to trips like these to get my fill. I'm also uncomfortable talking to women but this is a whole different story. I stayed at the Stardust, since they send me offers for free rooms every month. It's good too because for the rooms out back, in the Motor Inn section. If you stay in the main towers there are security people at the elavators so it can get a little awkward bringing a hooker up to your room. One time when I was staying at Caesars I had to actually come down and escort the girl up because the security guy wouldn't let her up; boy was my face red. Anyway on my first night (thursday) I hung out at the Stardust Casino bar, hoping to pick up a prostitute. No luck. I don't think they were any that night. Decided to just play a little blackjack (lost $200) and went to sleep. On friday night I passed by the bar again and couldn't find any also. I decided to maybe try another hotel so I ended up down the street at the Mirage. After about 1 hour of cruising the casino I did spot what I thought was a couple of prostitutes at the one of the bars so I sat down. I tried to make eye contact and one of them finally did come and sit next to me-- we got to talking. And to make a long story short she only "works" in that hotel, and wasn't interested in leaving. Bummer. By now it was close to midnight and I decide to just go back to my room and call one of the escort services. This is usually a last resort for me since it does usually cost more and you can't see what you're getting. I ended up calling one that I found in the phonebook (not one of the leaflets passed out on the street) that said "College Girls". Don't know if this was the name of the service though, as they don't say anything when you pick up the phone except "hello". Anyway, the girl on the phone asked me if I was alone, if I had $150 and then asked me if I had any preference; I said I would prefer a brunette. She said "fine, I'll send you a beautiful girl in about 30 minutes". The girl that came was very pretty and very nice. She wasn't really pushy and I ended up paying $300+ the $150 for full service sex. She first told me to get naked, I guess in part to prove that I wasn't a cop. Then I lied on the bed while she started to massage me. After I got hard she put on the condom and then asked me what I wanted first. After she sucked on my cock for about three minutes she asked if I wanted her to stop and try something else or keep going. I don't really care for a blowjob with a rubber on so I asked her to get on top of me. After a few minutes of her grinding me on top I asked to get on her side which is my favorite position. I was suprised she was so accommodating. She did every position that I asked for and didn't seem like she was rushing me. Usually, because I'm nervous I guess, I can't come with a rubber on and tonight was no different. After a while I asked her if she could just take the rubber off and give me a handjob. She took it off and went to the bathroom and put some soap in her hand for lubricant and jerked me off until I came. When it was time to leave she gave me a hug and thanked me. Very polite and courteous. On Saturday night I went to the bar and again had no luck! Are there any prostitutes at the Stardust? I figured since this is one of the bigger hotels on the strip I could find a lot of action here but had no luck. I ended up calling the same company again-- this time the girl I had the previous night wasn't to start work for two hours, so I asked to just send another brunette. I was happy with this girl they sent me also; very pleasant, young and pretty. I was just in the mood for a good handjob (sex makes me feel uncomfortable and nervous) and ended paying $150 (fee)+$150(tip). It was worth it. She let me suck on her tits while she was jerking me. I think the only way I would be comfortable having sex is if the girl would wear a blindfold so she couldn't see me. I know this is weird but I am very self conscious. I can't find the courage to ask them to wear a blindfold because I know it would freak them out and they probably wouldn't do it anyway. Anyway that's pretty much it. I ended up losing about $800 on tables-- would've been more had I not spent it on the women. That's one of the reasons why I figure it's a good deal; at least I got some action. I probably would have otherwise just lost the money on the tables. If there's other people out there who do this kind of stuff in Vegas could you write me and tell me your experiences? I'll be going back maybe sometime in February. Jay
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 04:59:59 -0500 (EST) Subject: Stardust I stayed at the Stardust for two weeks , through Christmas and the first week of the New Year. Everynight there were hookers in the Terrace Bar. Usually more then a few. Some were only six or sevens', but a couple were higher. Asking price was aorund $250 and up. They'll take 250 if the going is slow, but wont be too happy about it. To make a long story short, I had three different girls up to my room while on vacation and got what I paid for each night. They ALL use condoms, don't even ask for anything without wont get it. The bartenders appear to know all the girls, although of course, if asked, would probably deny any such knowledge of the "working girls."
Subject: Re: (ASP) Req. Info on Las Vegas Date: 10 Mar 1997 02:52:31 GMT > What is the scene there - sex shows; massage parlors, orientals, outcall > services; Also will be there in April for a bachelor party - looking for > hot slut willing to entertain 18 young (30s) men. > Sex Shows? Vegas isn't Bangkok. If you mean strip joints, there are plenty, where you will pay $20 for a one song lap dance. The 2 best are Crazy Horse Too on Industrial Rd at Sahara (not to be confused with The Crazy Horse on Paradise Road--real dive) and the Olympic Garden on Las Vegas Blvd near the Stratosphere Tower. Massage Parlors-- With the legal houses of prostitution in the next county there is no need for massage parlors (at least the kind I think you want) in Las Vegas. There is one on Spring Mountain Road called Chin Sauna staffed by mid 30 ish Korean women. For $100 you get an hour divided up into sauna, hand bath, massage and hand job (you may have to ask, $20 tip expected). Outcall Services-- You will find advertisements for several outcall services in newpaper racks up and down Las Vegas Blvd. I've never used them myself, but have heard this. You will pay a fee just for the girl to show up not sure how much but it will be more than $100. All that pays is the agency, you will still have to negotiate whatever deal you want with the girl. And the girl that shows up won't be the girl in the picture. About an hour drive from Vegas are the legal houses of prostitution in Nye County. You may want to try these. You select a girl then go back to her room and negotiate. Bargain a little. She may ask you if you're a tourist or from Vegas. Tell her you're from Vegas and that you are a regular customer, price will go down (they try and encourage repeat business). She will start high like $300 dollars for an hour, tell her all you have is $150.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ - X-otic room service, Las Vegas Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 08:54:54 -0500 > > Does anyone have any experience with X-otic room service in Las Vegas? > They have some fine looking women on their web-site. I've tried them on one occasion. I probably won't again. The lady that showed up was probably the one in the ad, but didn't look nearly as good. She wanted $125 for the visit plus a negotiated fee for "additional services". I told her I was interested in full service and she advised that she usually gets $750 for that. I replied that I wasn't looking for her to spend the weekend. She also had fairly strict limits on what she would allow. Condoms were required (that was OK) but no oral on her and touching only allowed on her breasts and the outside of her pussy. By the time we had discussed all this, I told her that maybe we'd better just forget it. She tried to bargain down, but the mood was gone. I think if I do it again, I'll stick with the independents that advertise in the local handouts.
Subject: [ASP] Las Vegas Information Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:09:57 GMT Quite a few people browsing my webpage, The Las Vegas Strip Club Review (, and over at have asked me questions regarding prostitution in Las Vegas, so I figured I might as well answer some of them in the right forum and on the right newsgroup. Prostitution is not legal in Clark County. That includes the city of Las Vegas, Henderson, Stateline, et al. You will have to drive about an 45 minutes north from Las Vegas on the 160 to find the legal brothels. All of this is also outlined in the World Prostitution Guide at, and more importantly, at Bashful's page Visiting these ranches are, of course, the safest and only legal way to get what you want while visiting Sin City. But that doesn't usually answer the questions I get from most people. Everybody wants to live on the edge. Yes, of course prostitution still runs rampant within Las Vegas. It's obvious at the major bars at the major hotel/casinos. Just look for the well dressed women who hang out by themselves. If you watch the casinos enough, you'll notice the same ladies hanging out with different men throughout the night. Now to answer some specific questions. Strip Clubs. You're not going to find a lot of takers here, however, of course there are exceptions. A lot of the gals will be wary because vice hits the clubs a lot. Easy targets I suppose. The clubs you'll want to try are the clubs where the girls have a easier time leaving which narrows it down to the alcohol/topless clubs. Only Olympic Gardens has a leave-anytime policy. The pluses about trying to find women at these clubs is that you can already see what you're going to get, but chances are costs will be high and there aren't any guarantees for sex. Streetwalkers. Forget it! Of course you'll see a few on North Las Vegas Blvd and some other run down sections of the city, but these gals are normally drugged out, run down, and it's obvious. There has also been quite a few sting operations within the last few months. If you're looking to pick up, stick to the casino/hotels. As always, it's a lot easier when you're in your own because you can head straight upstairs. Escort Services. Yes, there are about 90+ pages of them in the Yellow pages in Las Vegas, and yes, most of them are what you think they are. There are also quite a few "outcall" magazines like AfterDark and a few others which you can find either in free racks at the adult books stores or strip clubs. Keeping in mind that prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, you'll be playing a cat and mouse game with these agencies. A lot of the women they'll be sending are the ones you see hanging out at the hotel/casinos. Normal rules apply, follow the directions and safety precautions in the FAQ before you solicit anything from these places. The Nightclubs. Yes, they hang out there too. Of course their cell phone or pager will be tucked away somewhere in their purse, but they often fit in much better at clubs where being dressed to kill allows them to actually blend in. Hot spots? Club Rio will garner the highest ratio of working women. Why? It's a dressy place. They fit in. Other clubs to check are The Beach and The Drink. But definitely be careful when approaching ladies at the clubs. You might get slapped if you happen to solicit a non-working gal. Massage Parlors. There are a lot in Las Vegas, but more are legit than otherwise. Most likely because there are so many other services available in such close proximity. But as always, I'm sure normal odds apply. If massage parlors are your thing, I'm sure you'll be able to find one with a mama-san that'll give you what you want. Check down towards Chinatown on west Spring Mountain. WARNING: There's a new clip joint by the name of Thee place. A fella posted about it here awhile back, but it's located off of Commercial and Sahara. No sex, lots of lost money. You're better off watching the playboy channel. I hope this answers some of the questions people have been asking. Like I mentioned earlier, Bashful's FAQ is a great resource. Have fun in Sin City!
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:19:38 -0700 Subject: Street Hookers in Las Vegas I recently went to a Las Vegas Business trip. In the after hours, I happened to meet a nice looking girl in a short skirt - not vulgar, not obviously an professional. After exchanging a promising smile, we talked a bit and she was telling she was waiting for a female friend for dinner. We felt comfortable with each other and I asked, if I could join for dinner with them. Her friend arrived a little later and it seemed to be a nice evening at a restaurant. After leaving the restaurant, we discussed some further plans and that girl was asking me, if I want to "party" with her and her friend. Well - since I did not have anything better to do at the moment, other then wasting money in the slot machines, I agreed to invite them for my hotel room. After a drink the girl and her friend were asking for a "modeling fee" of anywhere between $300-500 for each girl. Since I am used to get a lot more for less in LA, I tried to negotiate a bit. I noticed that the girls, were beginning to loose a little patience, but still seemed to be willing to have a pleasant evening with me. We agreed on half and half for an hour for $350 and the 2 girls. Once they had their pocket in their money, they changed the tone and started to get bossy, telling me what to do. One just sat and watched while the other was starting to suck my dick, refusing to take her cloth off. I asserted that we had agreed on the half and half,which makes nudity a necessity. All she showed was her tits. She kept bitching back and got ruder over the next 20minutes. My dick obviously disagreed with the services as well and did not show any responses in a hostile almost full cloth sucking environment. After I went for a break to the bath room, the girls just took off. What's to learn from this. I guess, if you can agree on a fee without much resistance in the very first 2-3minutes, your chances for your services will be a lot better. My negotiations took around 10minutes. Look for any kind a pushy attitude from the girl. Make sure she is at ease, when she agrees to the services requested. If there is some doubt, she is going to burn you and your money. I'll be back in the more civilized establishment of a massage parlor.
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:07:21 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Sex on the Road Las Vegas Well I definitely started at the top. While in Vegas, I decided to try one of the many escort services located in the Yellow Pages. I made an appointment with Pleasure Girls which had the picture of a drop dead gorgeous blonde in its ad. The dispatcher asked me what kind of a girl I wanted, and I said a blonde. She asked if I wanted the girl pictured in the ad and I said you bet. Well after awhile she phoned from the lobby of the hotel to let me know she was there since I had to escort up to my room. When I saw her I nearly died. She was much more beautiful then even her picture portrayed. I was more than a little nervous since this was my first time to use an escort. But this blonde goddess was great. I couldn't believe that such a woman was riding my tool! It was a dream. I had the usual half and half. Her body was perfect, no tan lines or tatoos. She could have easily had been a Victoria's Secret model. I was so horny I made another date with the next night. This time she was dressed in black, one of my great turn ons is a blonde in black. The problem is the amount. The session ran for about 45 minutes at a cost of some $625. I doubt I will ever do that again, but it was a worthy introduction to this wonderful world of professional angels.
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 07:03:39 EST Las Vegas....there was plenty of activity in the Stardust and Riveara after 10...the prices went from $150 to $300 but if you are lucky you can talk them to $50.
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 20:26:52 -0500 I went to Vegas. Prices for escorts during a busy convention out of the phone book are $200 for her to show up plus tips for service. I tried the girls from the flyers passed out on the strip and they are dirty... I sent away the two who came to my room... I would not do em for free. The phone book seems alright but you dont know what you'll get. they don't send what you ask for. I strongly reccommend the hotels. I ordered a skinny blonde and got a full figured brunette with a slight gut. I paid 200 plus 225 for anal and a hand job. High prices..I dont like buying sight unseen.
Subject: las vegas call girls Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 20:32:23 -0500 convention prices from phone book escorts 200 plus tip for service avoid flyers as these girls work more and seem dirty, drugged up they dont always send what you ask for, so be prepared to send away the first girl you get. For anal and a hand job I paid 200 + 225 after strong negotiation. Bars and lobbies seem better. Try RIO.
Subject: [ASP] Las Vegas Report - AIE Date: 1998/04/28 During my recent visit to Las Vegas, I decided to call the Association of Independent Escorts ("AIE", ). Having viewed the photos and biographical information on the web pages prior to my visit, I had narrowed my choices down to Mia and Shana. Shana was out of town, and so I made a date with Mia. The price had recently gone up $20 ($195 before 10 pm and $225 10 pm to 10 am), but no big deal. The service was exactly as advertised, and Mia looked exactly like her picture on the web. She is a co-ed in her early twenties. She is an attractive brunette (actually hispanic, though the page implies polynesian). At 5'6", and taller in heels, she is not petite, nor is she extremely thin, but I found her figure very sexy. She spent the entire hour with me. We chatted for 20-30 minutes getting to know each other before we got down to business. She performed a very good half and half (condom required), and she gave very satisfactory oral, and allowed me to take her doggie style. She got into the act by pumping backwards in time with my thrusts. She was not very vocal during sex, but I can't complain. :-) She did not rush out when we were finished and even brought me a warm wash cloth to clean up with. Looks: 8 nice face Body: 8 full hips; large, natural breasts; nicely trimmed Attitude: 9 very good (no kissing and condom required) Overall: 9 great service, as advertised I would highly recommend Mia of AIE in Las Vegas. She recommended Shana, but I didn't get a chance to try Shana on this trip. I will definitely try again next time. Jimbo

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