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Laredo, Mexico

Date: 1 Jul 1997 00:10:00 GMT

We left DFW at about 6 PM, much later than I wanted but work prevented
earlier departure.  It took  6.5 hours to reach Laredo, not bad time.
It took more than an hour to cross the border.  No trouble or hassle,
just a long, slow line across the bridge.  Unlike what I had heard, most
US insurance is good in the first 25 miles of Mexico.  However, be very
cautious in your driving.  It is 30 km/hr (25 mph) in most areas.  Most
drive slow, but some will zip up your ass and pass on any side before
you even know they are there.  After crossing the border, you find
yourself in the central business district (El Zona Centre).  This is
marked with informational signage and helps you navigate in Nuevo Laredo
(NL).  We enquired of where "Boys Town" was and were told proceed
straight (south I believe) for 25 lights, then right for 6-8 blocks.  We
did this and then saw a enclosed compound that had some spires with
neon.  Stuck out like a sore thumb in the distinct lack of neon in the
rest of this town.

We entered the main gate and immediately saw the police station on the
right.  Somewhat unnerving when comparing US experience.  Immediately to
the right is an entrance to Casino del Papagayo, The Parrot Casino.  It
is a good and convenient spot to park.  In fact Texas plates are quite
numerous in the lot!  Then enter the "casino".  By this time it is 2 AM
and the place is jumping.  I would say over 60 girls, most of which are
of the 4-7 range.  There were a few 8's and many were quite pleasant.
The place is crowded with Anglo and Hispanic men.  However, there were
never less than 30-40 girls available to chat or more.  It is one of
only two bars that seemed to be home to Anglos.  None of the girls I saw
on the entire evening were white or black, only hispanic.  I expected at
least a few non-latinos, but oh well.  We found the girls very friendly,
not pushy, the beer cold and the waiters excellent.  The beer was $2
each, could not be beat.  Also met up with a couple hispanic males who
briefed us on the in's and outs of the place.  I ended up spending some
time with a dishwater blonde named Carolyn for $60.  She was very cute,
well built and clean.  Not as aggressive as some in the states, but
professional and eager to please.  She did a half and half and seemed
somewhat demure.  My buddy also selected someone to spend some time with
and indicated that he was pleased.  We then decided to venture out and
see what else the town offered.

Straight down the street from the main entrance was another bar named
Marabel.  This is another bar with  "motel" type rooms for the girls
surrounding it.  The place was somewhat dead, no more than 10 girls ever
present in the half hour we were there.  A more laid back type of place
than Papagayo's, but nice.  A couple girls were dancing with guys, but
no girls unspoken for the entire time we were there.  Spoke with some
guys and they said it was better earlier in the evening.  Did see a
couple attractive girls there and will check it out on my next visit.

Checked out many of the other bars in the roughly four block area. Two
dollar beers were the standard, although most were not as cold as the
first two places.  I did not try any of the food, and would not
recommend it.  Refrigeration seemed quite substandard everywhere I saw.

A couple of the other bars we tried were passable, but the girls were
not as good looking and they were downright aggressive in a couple.  In
one a girl grabbed my crotch hard and would not let go until the doorman
intervened.  I would say that most of the bars outside of the two
mentioned earlier were a waste.  The street scene with the girls
standing in the doors of their rooms also provided for a quite enjoyable
stroll.  Many were not worth looking at, but some were quite nice.  The
price for these girls was never more than $20, and most would come down
to $10 immediately.  That was for full service.  We each checked out a
couple of the one's we found more attractive and felt while it was
nothing fantastic, it was definitly worth more than $10.  Actually at
$10 a pop, you could spend quite a bit of time doing this.

It was now getting to be dawn.  The place was starting to slow down
somewhat, but there was still a good selection.  The place goes 24 hours
and I bet it never is really dead.  We than headed back for the US.

My bottom line is:

A very good time if you like hispanic women.  Some speak marginal
English, but brush up on your espanol.
Papagayo's is the standard setter, although I am told Marabel is also
The police keep things very calm.  I saw no trouble while I was there
and there was a DEFINITE police presence.  It was quite reassuring
honestly, since outside of Marabel's and Papgayo's, you will a definite
minority as an Anglo or Black.
Keep your sobriety, as I doubt you wish to find out what the DWI laws
are in Mexico.  I hear that traffic mishaps are a criminal, not civil

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