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Lake Worth, Florida

Try the Peek-a-boo in Lake worth.  Fully nude lap dances, and there is
an affordable champagne room with full service.

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 13:20:14 -0400 (EDT) Subject: WSG-Florida-Lake Worth I tried the champagne room at PeekaBoo recently. I had gone to the club before for couch dances, some of which had been excellent. I had discounted the proffer of "anything you want" for $175 as hype. My experience was disappointing. Definitely not full service; although a lots of body on body contact. I like masturbating the girl I'm with and this dancer -- a 5'1" or so blond spinner, pretty cute, shied away. I don't know if this was an atypic.
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 09:50:39 -0500 Subject: from Lakeworth Florida I recently stopped at Karlees Body Heat on Lake Worth Road just west of Congress Ave. Nice place that offers a body rub for $50. (i think) and a whirl pool session that costs $100. I naturally went for the whirl pool session. I was told that, depending on how well I tip, the model will make herself appropriately comfortable. I also found out that the tip is usually at least equal to the cost of the house fee. Savannah was about 5-6 and maybe 115 lbs. with long blond hair and a nice smile. I played shy and innocent, but acted like i was hopefully looking for more than a bath. She had me get undressed and lie on the massage table while the whirl pool filled up. she gave me a simple basic back rub for longer than i wanted due to the cool room temperature and water based gel. (not good for massages, it dries out quickly) Finally the water was warm and full. She had me get in and asked if I'd like her to get in as well. I said sure. She took off her short dress, leaving her tiny bikini bottoms on, and climbed in. She rubbed my back some more and finally she hinted around, asking if I wanted anything else. (I'm still rather new at this) I asked, what do other guys usually ask for? She said she couldn't tell me incase i was a cop. I've never been forward at all about this and it was difficult now. after playing this circle for a while, i finally sat next to her, relaxed deeper in the water and closed my eyes, letting my hand slowly wander up her leg. After massaging her clit for a while she reached for me and we maintained a rhythm for a while. I said I'd really like to eat her. (one of my favorite things). She agreed, but said it would cost more of a tip. I said okay. She got out and laid on the massage table spreading her legs. She was shaved nicely. I ate her for the remaining 15 minutes out of the hour which ended with a knock at the door from the other girl. Time was up. She said I could eat her anytime. I'm not sure how much more is available. Still saving money to try further. I would recommend it, waiting for more write ins.

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