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Lafayette, Indiana

Subject: Indiana Prostitution

Since the information in Indiana is weak at best, probably matches the
action, I have a bit of information to add. I'm most surprised that a long
time massage parlor in Lafayette Indiana hasn't made it onto the list. When I
was 18 we went in with crumpled up $20 bills and got a good massage and hand
job. After high school I didn't get back much until recently when I started
traveling there for work. It is located on North 9th Street, almost right
across the street from the new Jail and Sherrifs office. Like I said this
place has been in the same location for 20 years. There is no name that I
know of, just a sign in the front window that says "open". Probably the
reason they have been around for so long is that they are very careful. I
have been turned away on several occasions because I'm not a regular. After
getting service the first time they will ask you to get a poloroid picture
taken in front of the back door. This is the membership card. Once accepted
the price is reasonable and the house serves up full service. On my last
visit, I entered about 3:00PM. There were 3 girls present, ranging from ugly,
to ok to good. Ugly and good both acted like I had lice and ok was friendly
so I took her. (Attitude is important) She took me into the typical room and
related they offered a light back rub for $35. I produced 2 $20's and she
immediatly asked if the extra $5 was down on her tip. She then told me to get
undressed and she returned a few moments later. I had already laid $40 more
out on the table, which she scooped up and stuffed in her pocket. She then
took off her shirt showing off a great natural rack and asked if I enjoyed
kissing girls between the legs? When I assured her that was no problem, she
almost convinced me that she was anticipating the session.

I crawled on the table and she began to rub my back and ass. She then had me
turn over thinking I was about to be rubed more, she instead started sucking
on the head of my cock. After several minutes of this she practicaly knocked
me off the table and climbed on herself. She poured baby oil over her massive
tits and rubed my cock between and around them. She then began to masterbate
herself and couldn't wait for me to get a condom on that she produced from
somewhere. At this point I'm not sure who was hotter, but, I could hear the
other two girls listening through the door as we rocked the massage bench
with intense moition. Just before coming she pulled my cock out, removed the
rubber and had my come all over her titts and face. I couldn't believe the
enthusiasm this girl brought to her work. As I left I was sure it was the
best $80 I've ever spent. The down side is that I have returned since then
and been turned away, because I lost my picture. I will try again. This place
has no name and you won't find it in the phone book. If you know the area
just look for the typical massage parlor lay out, wooden privacy fence, park
in rear etc.

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 18:54:43 -0800 Subject: Indiana I live in Lafayette and we have an age old whore house called, The 'Livery Stable. You won't find it in the phone book. In fact, I came to this town in 1990 heard about it three times over the course of six years and only found it last year. It's located on Canal Road on the right hand side as you're leaving town. You'll be heading north and that makes it the east side of the road. On the west side will be a junk yard with an old abandoned fire truck. The best way to find it is to wait until after sundown and look for the lights. It'll be green and pink neon lights. Very garish. I can't remember the prices now, but they'll do anything. The ladies I met were over weight, and I took the older one. I think all in all I paid $140 and left feeling pretty depressed about the whole incident. She was a nice person. There used to be another place on Concorde road to the side of the building called "Computers made easy". It was a book store, and then became a whore house and then was closed up altogether. The girls that worked there were also known by the women at the 'livery stable. So I guess it's a pretty close community. My advice is to find yourself a girlfriend.

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