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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you are in the capital Kuala Lumpur, check out the Holiday Inn City Centre. They have a relaxing health club and offer hand relief only.

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 Subject: Kuala Lumpur

Report on Kuala Lumpur.

KL (as it is usually known) has a variety of hot spots, ranging from a low-end red light district that reminds me of the Desker Road area of Singapore up to high- class pick-up joints of which the best known is the Tin Mine night club at the Hilton Hotel. Working up from the bottom, then:-

A hundred yards or so South of Jalan Chow Kit there is a road called Jalan Haji Taib; this has several side streets called Lorong Haji Taib 1 up to Lorong Haji Taib 6, which collectively constitute the red light area. (The numeral sometimes appears on street signs in Malay, which can confuse foreigners). There are many walk-in establishments here, and a number of street girls. Prices: 50 Malaysian Ringgits (about 12.50 UK Pounds or 20 US Dollars) for full sex in a short time, 40 Ringgits for a mouth job only. Condoms are worn. The accommodation is primitive.

The next stage up is the Karaoke bar (but not all such establishments). Walk in, and judge by what you find. If it is really a kind-of-brothel, this will become clear quite soon. Those in Jalan Raja Laut close to the Haji Taib area (see above) look promising.

The classy end of the market is the Tin Mine at the Hilton. It's on the left *outside* the main glass doors of the hotel. When I went to recce I was accosted by hopefuls on the approach walkway between the road and the hotel, but I didn't like what I saw there; it's much better inside. The club is much like any night club in any capital city, but who you finish up with, what you pay her and where you go with her is up to you. It's a good ambience though.

Happy hunting, Pegasus.

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Stopped here for a few days' vacationing with no specific plans. Anyway, headed into town and took a reasonable hotel (Hotel Mandarin, $35). Was really set on having a good night's sleep but just happened to be fiddling with the Yellow Pages when it fell open at the Escorts section. Previous guy in room had marked one ad with an X so, what the hell, I gave them a call. They called back and said a Filipina was $80 for an hour. I asked for something local and that was $100 for an hour. About 10 minutes later an attractive, cheerful girl of 20 was in my room. Money was exchanged, showers taken and we got down to business. Like I said she was nice, and then she asked for another $240 for the whole night. Or it could have been another $140 for a total of $240. Either way I didn't have the cash and I told her so. Bzzzzzzzzt, wrong answer. She changed her attitude and told me to hurry up. She said that an hour was really 45 minutes (did she work at the local university?) or one shot, whichever comes first. She also said she preferred small dicks. But apart from that she was having a ball (not!). Well anyway, we managed to bring it all home after about 30 minutes and then her attitude picked up. Towelling off she was welcoming me hartily to her country and giving me the whole tourist spiel and had recovered her previous cheerful dispossesion. She left smiling, and without even giving a hint of wanting a tip. I was just left standing there puzzled.

Next evening I decided to seek out the hotel's advertised sauna. I went to the floor marked 'Health Centre' where among the staff were some rather attractive young women. Guy operating the place said sauna was off but there were still massages left. Only $30. OK, one please. I go to a room with a massage table and am told to undress down to jocks. I notice an awful lot of toilet paper around. Woman of about 40 comes in and gives me an excellent oil massage including walking on my back! Then I roll over and when she's almost finished she points to you know what and says 'masturbate?'. It sounds like the longest word she can say in English. Anyway, not many people would say 'no thanks. I had one already' in the circumstances so I nod and she says it's $10 extra. She does it and it was OK. I declined the shower afterwards. I just wanted to get back to my room 'cos I honestly hadn't expected this. I tipped her $5 just the same.

KL can be a bit boring for the single traveller. So next evening I decided to try the Health Center again. Sauna was on but guy says it's free if I have a massage first. Seeing those young girls flitting around I said yes. Off to a room in the back and then a younger woman than before comes in but not one of the fine young things. She goes to work with some sort of powder but doesn't walk on my back. When it gets to the time to say the big long word I am already saying yes, so to speak. So I offer her the $15 up front. It was worth it 'cos she did a very good job. When the jackpot was hit she even looked quite proud of her handiwork. I headed to the sauna past some lockers and noticed a couple more nice young things gathering up their belongings.

The 'Health Center' was definitely a brothel but I don't know how you ask for one of the young things. There were many rooms but I didn't see anyone else who might have been a client. The second woman was surprised I was staying in the hotel so I guess the Health Center supplies 'Health' to anyone who knows the right thing to ask for. In this case the hotel info. omits to advertise one of their better facilities.

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 Subject: Report from Kuala Lumpur

Just wanted to share an experience that I recently had in Kuala Lumpur. I had just finished golfing with a friend and he offered that we should grab some lunch and then have a relaxing massage. I said that that sounded like a great plan.

We ended up at the Petaling Jeya Hilton Hotel, where we had lunch and then moved to the Executive Health Club. This was my first "massage parlor" experience, and I was quite excited.

My friend told the lady that was acting as the receptionist that I wanted a young chinese girl as my masseuse. I was ushered into a private room that had a massage table and a shower. I waited for about 5 minutes before a young (about 23 yrs. old) chinese woman came into the room.

She was very friendly, asking me what type of massage I wanted and helping me undress. She stated that I should remove all of my clothing and lay face down on the massage table. She brought in some tea and asked me if there were any special types of massage that I preferred and did I want powder or oil? I asked for oil, then asked if she would give me a massage in the nude. She said that it would cost me an extra RM$100 for this service (only about $40 US), so I readily agreed.

She was very nice looking and had a beautiful body with nice firm breasts and a tight little ass. She was quite tall (about 5'10") and her nice little black bush came even to my face while she was massaging me.

After about 45 minutes of excellent massage, she asked if she could "play with my willy". I eagerly agreed. She began by lathering up my cock with baby oil and slowly stoking me to full erection. She mentioned, when I was fully hard, how chinese women loved the size of American cocks. When I was fully hard, she began to stroke me faster and faster. She placed one of my hands on her breasts to play with her erect nipples and I moved my other hand from her ass to between her legs. Her pussy was quite wet and I began to stroke her erect little clit with my thumb. This made her squirm and her nipples got immediately harder.

After about 10 minutes of jacking me off, she asked if I was going to come soon. I told her that I need more stimulation. She said that for an extra RM$50, she would give me a mouth job. I agreed but told her that I had no condom. She said no problem and began to dry the oil from my cock.

After my cock was clean, she began to lick the head and run her tongue from top of cock to my ass, where she swirled her tongue around my asshole. After about 5 minutes of this licking foreplay, she began to go down on me in ernest. She began going faster and faster, occasionally stuffing my entire cock down her throat to the balls.

After a couple of minutes of this I knew I was ready to cum. She was so engrossed in the blow job (which now included sticking her finger in and out of my asshole), that she did not sense (or did not care) that I was about to cum.

When I came, it was in torrents. About half of my cum ended up in her mouth, which I think she swallowed. The other half shot up onto her tits and my hand (which was still there stoking nipples). She smiled and said 'how good I tasted'. She suggested that we get cleaned up and she got into the shower with me and gave me a verrrry thorough washing, which was almost as good as the blow-job. Afterwards, while I was getting dressed, she fetched tea.

When I was all dressed, she said that the hourly rate for the massage was RM$77 and the extra services (to be paid in cash) came to RM$150. I was so happy with the service that I gave her an extra RM$100. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon, for about a $130 US. I would definately recommend the PJ Hilton Health Club and girl #33. In fact, I'm going back soon!!

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 Subject: kuala lumpur

Hi dude... Nice site...i just like to tell you about my experience in kuala lumpur. btw i'm a local.

I was feeling extremely horny one fine saturday, i headed out to the city. I noticed that there is a massage parlor by the name of Dynasty near the Bukit Bintang area. I decided to check it out. there are 2 entrance to the place. front n back. it is actually located on the 1st flr so either entrance leads u to a stairway. i chose the rear exit. upon reaching the 1st flr i was greeted by a chinese man. there were some sofas n a cashier table of some sort. i took a seat and declined his offer for drinks. he offered me beer n stuff.

I asked him what do u have and he told me he has both the traditional and non-traditional massage. the former was RM63(US$25) for an hour while the latter was RM130(US$52) for one hour or if u cum whichever is sooner. i chose the first as i wanted to test the water first coz he said that the former is really traditional meaning nothing sexual about it at all. he asked for my choice of woman. I opt chinese over indian. don't ask me why. in a minute a woman of about forty came and escorted me to a room nearby. there was an air-conditioner, a raised platform with a mediocre mattress(suppose to be a bed), a stool and a bath tub. she asked me to strip and lay on the mattress. she is fully clothed mind u(decently). she massaged my whole body except the head front and back with Johnson&Johnson baby oil while intermittenly asking me questions like where do u work, where r u from etc. i just answered politely. i then asked if she offers anything sexual n she said flatly no. the she said that she don't do those things but would give me a handjob for a tip. i agreed. she then proceeded to give me a mediocre handjob. i came nevertheless. she did allow me to feel her over thru her clothes though although it wasn't much at all. then i was told to get in the bathtub for a washup. oh, i wasn't expecting this though. it was quite a thorough washup considering that she managed to do it without getting herself wet in the process. she put on some sort of an apron. like the massage, she scrubbed me from top to bottom including the penis (my head was dry though). it took about an hour and i then tipped her RM30 coz she said that's how much people always tip her for the extra service. overall it was an ok experience.

I paid the RM63 by mastercard and then sat down at the sofa just to unwind. another guy approached me and asked whether i wanted a girl(the other kind). i said i wanted a chinese but she said none was available except for an indian lady. she wasn't a looker and btw i wanted a chinese. he then told me that their chineses girls are booked and he offered me girls from outside the establishment for RM230(US$92). it was steep for me and furthermore u wouldn't be sure how she would look to u. i declined and just sat there for a while. after about 15 minutes a slim and attractive chinese girl with short hair walks in. i chose her in a jiffy. her name was rosalyn and she spoke some english although broken at times. we went to a room on the 2nd flr. this room was better looking with some pictures hanging on the wall, a bathtub, a japanese style bed and a japanese stlye door. we both stripped nude. her skin was smooth and fair but her butt was a letdown. she was kinda buttless. her tits were small but perky. i told her i was not looking for an intercourse (she was a bit surprised who wouldn't) but i was just looking for some oral stuff. she asked me whether i could do it again after such short notice(i dunno how she knew i got it earlier) and i nodded. i asked whether it was possible to have me cum twice instead of cum n done. she said it could be arranged. btw after we stripped i handed her RM30 as tip to ensure good service. she was surprised by it but delighted. she then gave me a blowjob minus rubbers which was okay. she was trying hard to do her best but somehow it wasn't the best one i had. i managed to cum again thi time in a woman's mouth! i forgot to warn her that i was cumming and apologized for it. she didn't get mad but she didn't swallow my cum. she sorta spit it out at a tissue paper. she said that it was the first time she didi it. i think she was referring to someone cumming in her mouth. she thot that cum would taste and smell bad but she said that i surprised her. meaning mine was harmless i guess. she then gave me a rubdown which was not as good as the first lady. she did say that massage is not her specialty. it was okay. after that i asked for another blowjob, she was skeptical as to my ability to cum for the 3rd time in 2 hours...she obliged anyway. to get myself excited i motioned her to get into the 69 position. she was shaven nicely and she tasted neutral(?). after about 10 minutes of blowing...she said that she don't think i can cum again so soon. i had to agree with her as i was also feeling tired. we call it the day and gave her another RM15 tip which surprised her again. i also paid the RM130 by card at the front desk and then left the place.

I went there at about 4 pm in the evening to avoid harrassment by the enforcement to weed out these extra services and illegal immigrants. if u go at night please beware of this fact after all prostitution is illegal in m'sia. although it is hard to get sex in msia u can find it provided u know where to go and stuff.

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 Subject: Where to find the heaven of KL

First, lem me tell you that I am a local here, and have the same desires as most of you. Malaysia is a multi racial country, and therefore you'ld find women of all races available. ( I do find many of the women with mixed blood, especially beautiful. I.e. Malay/chineese, Chineese/Indian, Indian/ European, etc.)

Sometime in mid January, I was feeling the desire to have good fuck one night, and was told to visit the Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang. At about 9pm I set off for this place and was astonished at what I found.....

The holiday Villa is a beautiful hotel not too far from the airport which has a health centre called the Blue Apple!!! The blue apple is located in the basement car park, and has an excess of it's own. Soon as I parked my car about 20 meters from the entrance, I was shocked to see so many beautiful young girls walking in and out of the place. Gorgeous women of all races and age groups,...dressed to kill!!!! (this alone brought my man hood to a rock hard pole)

As soon as I walked in, there were about 1/2 a dozen men (dressed in a white long sleeves shirt and tie) eager to attend to me. The place was relatively packed with men who seemed to have come here from work to have their hormones controlled after a long day's work. The young men with the tie walked up to me and asked me if I wanted a message. I quickly agreed, knowing very well that in most occasions, I would end up fucking the message girl anyway. Since most of the women there were young and attractive, I didn't bother about selection.

Off I went to one of the little rooms,...waiting for the women to follow. Soon after, a young lady in her mid 20's walked in. She helped me undress (completely) and led me to the bed. Once on the bed, she gave me the usuall message from head to toe, and played with my willy like a little girl would with her toys!!!After about 30 mins, she asked me if I wanted anything special, (i.e. US 60 for a fuck, Us35 for a blow Job without a condom, and Us10 for a Hand job)In the mood that I was, I quickly agreed on the fuck. She undressed herself, proceeded to lay on her back with her legs spread.She had a beautifully pussy, and a lovely body. The next 30 mins I proceedee to fuck her in 4 different possitions. I loved the doggy on her coz she had a good ass that said fuck me from behind. Just I came, I could feel her inner thighs wet as ever. It was a good fuck, but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more......

She gave me a bath and dried me up well. Then Igot dressed, and went out to the waiting area where I was to pay my bill. US25 for the message, and Us60 for the fuck.

Just as I was about to pay my bill, my eye caught a very Young Malay girl walk through the entrance. I asked the guy at the counter who she was, and he said, "She's not a message girl. Only PACKAGE"!!!! PACKAGE...!??!?! I wondered what he ment by that. I asked a second guy who explained to me that a package is basically a screw only. Excited by the whole idea, I decide to go fotr it again coz it is normally very difficult to get laid by a Malay. What more a beautiful one!!!

I told the attendednt that I wanted that girl for a package!!! He handed me a Hotel room key, and showed me the special lift for this purpose. I took the room key, and proceeded to my room on the 6th floor. within mins I heard the door bell ring and my young Malay lady before me. What happened in the next 60mins was magnificent sex!!!

After undressing, she played with me a little till I was hard. Then,....she gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. After that, she put on the condom and I fucked her to glory!!! It was fantastic and wort every little penny. I highly recomend it to anyone who is coming here.TRy the package at this place.

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia The street scene here is nothing to get involved with.

Escort services in the Yellow Pages (I used Butterfly) are very open about their services. "she come to room and give you sex one time for RM 250" said the mama san. True to her word, that was is what I got. The choices were Malay, Chinese or Filipino, and received wisdom is that you get a flip no matter what you say.

Both times I ended up with a young 19-21 thin young lady who did the works and stopped only at the suggestion of anal. Both tried to get me to go all-night for another RM 500.

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I highly recommend the "health club" on the second floor of the hotel where the Hard Rock Cafe is located. The girls are so uniformly beautiful that it is hard to choose. The rooms are very classy. Mine had a Japanese decor with bamboo and lanterns. And the girls give great full service with lots of attention and professionalism. And it cost less than $90, which you can even put on a credit card. This was definitely one of my best experiences in Asia.

By the way, I tried the "Tin Mine" and couldn't recommend it. There were a bunch of guys (hotel guests?) standing around while a few younger girls, many with their boy friends, danced on the dance floor. The music was blasting and I didn't see any interaction going on at all. Maybe it gets better later (I was there around 10:00).

Subject: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Report Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 14:14:28 PDT

A correction on Kuala Lumpur - there is no Capital Hotel near the Hard Rock. The hotel next to the Hard Rock is the Concorde. I didn't check to see if there is a spa in the hotel.

Bar girls are readily available at the KL Hard Rock. They are patrolling the dance floor. Just be sociable and they will find you. Asking price is RM250-400 ($85-150 US). Some are real cuties.

At random out of the phone book, tried LadyBird Escorts. Price is RM250 (about $85 US) with no tipping required. A pretty cute 22 y.o. Malay was in my room within 20 minutes. Next time had a 23 y.o. Chinese, also very cute and very petite, but spoke no English at all. Both gave bareback bj followed by fairly passive sex with condom.

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 Subject: Update on Kuala Lumpur

My experience...

Kuala Lumpur : Holiday Inn City Center, Health Center at Basement Around RM 70.00 Massage + RM 150.00 Blowjob+Fuck Selection of Malay, Chinese or Indian chicks (early 20's) ... went there twice

Kuala Lumpur : Call this pimp 012-2XXXX34 or 0193XXXX53 and make your appointment....where & when... & Type (Thai,Burmese, Chinese, Malay, or Russians) and he'll bring selections around 4 to 5 chicks of your Type... RM250 Fuck&anything ... tried Thai once, and Russians several times... Well, Russians girls (16 to 20... beautiful model looks, clean, very friendly and great fuckers too... had many, long, joyous time with them... treat you like their boyf and fuck you as if havent got any for years!!) ... I go to the Russian's 'heaven' monthly...

Subang Jaya (KL outskirt near Airport) : Holiday Villa, Health Club RM 78.00 Massage + RM 150-170.00 Blowjob+Fuck If you just wanna fuck ask for 'Package' RM 170.00 only Selection of Malay and Chinese chicks (early 20's) Recommendation... Carrie #2 ... went there several times

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 Subject: Kuala Lumpur, Maylaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Prior to going to KL I did a lookup on Paranoia to get a feel for the hotspots. On the first night I noticed that we were 1/2 block from the Hard Rock and the health club in the hotel next store. Based on that I went to the Relaxation Salon at the Concourse Hotel. The first girl I had was Grace/35. I asked for the 1 hour massage for 71 ringits or about $25. Halfway through Grace started getting pretty sensual and I was waiting for the pitch for. She said that she would give me a nude massage for another 40 ringits or $13. I said OK and I spent the next 20 minutes in bliss. The seond time, I wanted a little more action and got girl #11. The charge for full service was 210 Ringits and they took credit cards. She was a bit younger that Grace 35 and in the first 5 minutes I knew that she didn't do massages. She did give a good blowjob and could put a condom on me with little or no hands which was quite a trick. We then proceeded to go at it for a while. She kept trying to rush things by moaning and squeezing my balls. We finally ended up doggie style which is what I like best.

The 3rd time I went back I ask for Grace again. They tried to charge me 71 ringits but I said I wanted full service for 210. When I got in, Grace was surprised that I had ask for full service she said that I should have gotten the 1 hour massage and then negotiated directly with her. I said that if she did a good job I would tip her appropriately. She gave me a good massage but when we got down to business she rushed things and insisted on calling the position and depth of penetration. Needless to say her second performance was rushed and disappointing. She expected a tip and I end up giving her 20 ringits as a mercy tip.

Overall I was pleased with the place but it was apparent that they had girls who only did massage and girls that fucked. Next time I will pay attention to the coordinators in the lobby and ask a few more questions.

Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 Subject: Kuala Lumpur

The most accessible sex in KL is found in the massage parlours. All hotels have them, they are all pretty similar. The attendant is usually a Chinese lady 25-35 yrs, do not expect a beauty. She may or may not be able to speak English but communication concerning sex is no problem. You will be asked to undress completely, lay face down and she will start off with a conventional massage. This is frequently very pleasant and sometimes sensual. Depending on how quickly (and if) you get aroused, she will ask you if you want extra services, from hand job to full service. In my experience the hand job is best. Some of these women have truly wonderful techniques, what they can do to a mans private parts must be experienced. You may get her to undress, open her legs, show you her private parts, touch, insert a finger etc. Intercourse with these women is nothing much, expect her to get undressed, lay down on her back and want you to do all the work from there. One idea is to agree on a hand treatment first, let her work on you until you feel ready and then change to full service. This is no problem. Pices are from RM50-80 (US$12-20) for the massage parlour and from RM50 to RM200 (US$12-50) for extra services. You may have to negotiate a bit. The nicer hotels usually have the massage parlour attached to a gym. Work out and finish with a massage!

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998

Posting for Kuala Lumpur

1. Have never had to leave the hotel. Just call for the massage service, and negotiate from there. Short time (45) min without massage about RM 150. At the PJ Hilton, ask for J.J. she is very good at her work, and appears to have a good time as well.

Subject: Some updates for WSG on Malaysia! Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998

Hi and I would like to contribute my experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here goes :

Hi guys... I'm a local and I would like to update all you pleasure seekers about my experience in Kuala Lumpur. Some information I found at WSG seems to be too extreme especially the prices. Here are the price range that is offered in most places:

*US1 Dollar = 4.50 Ringgit Malaysia (RM) as at 20/1/1998*

All prices below are quoted in RM.

Massage with clothes on : RM60 to RM90 Massage with clothes off : extra RM30 to RM50 Full service including condomless blow job : RM100 to RM150 Hand Job with her clothes on : RM30 to RM50 Hand Job with her clothes off : RM50 to RM80 Whole night : RM500 to RM800

Tipping is not necessary unless if you're too generous. These are the rates I pay. It may be different if you're a foreigner but if you pay anything more than what I have quoted above, it's a rip off!!! The higher end of the price are at some 4 star and almost all 5 star hotels which has a health centre. The lower end of the price are at 3 star hotels and other massage parlours. The girls in these lower end hotels are as good or even better than the high class hotels. I recommend you to go to these places even if you're staying at a 5 star hotel.

There are a few places that I can recommend. The health centre at Mirama Hotel which is located on the 1st floor. It's at Jalan Loke Yew. They have some very attractive girls. Another excellent place is the health centre at Kowloon Hotel which is located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is one of the major roads in Kuala Lumpur and you can't miss it. They have a variety of girls from all over Malaysia. They did not have Malays at the time I patronised the place. If you're looking for Malays girls, go to the health centre at Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang Jaya. It is located the basement car park.

Well, that's all for my updates and keep up with the good work at WSG. Happy fucking!!!

Subject: Kuala Lumpur Report Date: 1998/03/02

I recently visited KL and decided to pursue several of the posted recommendations from ASP and the WSG. I would like to discuss my experiences at those places along with some minor observations on other options available.

My first night, I took a taxi to the area near the Shangri-La. I wanted to see if there were any drivers available, as reported in the ASP post by Mr. Artie on 1997/12/18.

As I was walked up to the Shangri-La, two women, seated on a concrete barrier containing plants and trees, struck-up a conversation with me. One of the women asked me about my intended destination and plans for the evening. I told them that I was out for a walk and I had no solid plans. She said if I was looking for women, I could take the both of them back to my hotel for RM200 each and that the both of them would show me a fun time. However, the closer I looked at them, the older they looked. I try not to jump at the first option.

I continued my search for "helpful" drivers. However, in the vicinity of the Shangri-La I only found transvestites who approached me and aggressively offered their services. That's not my preference, so I kept searching. Eventually, I gave up and starting looking elsewhere.

Near the front of the Concorde Hotel, I noticed several taxi drivers standing around and waiting for customers. One of them asked if I needed a ride and I responded that I was looking for a place to meet attractive women. He said his name is Bobby and that he could help. I got into his car and he launched his sales pitch. As we drove around, Bobby provided price and category information: RM240 short-time for Chinese or Filipina; RM360 short-time for a Malay; additional charges for all night stays. He also said the girls would thoroughly scrub and wash me during shower time, and provide a nice sensuous massage followed by full service.

Bobby's first two choices were not available (a Chinese girl and a Filipina), so he contacted a Malay girl (Yani). We picked her up, I liked what I saw and agreed to take her with me. I paid Bobby RM360 for the girl, plus about RM40 in return for driving and information provided. Bobby dropped me off at my hotel.

Once we got into my room, Yani became increasingly shy. We had a nice shower together, but I had to take the initiative in soaping-up each other. I enjoyed running my soapy hands all over her nice, petite body. She had sparse pubic hair, most of which seemed to be shaved, which I really like. Yani did not provide a warm-up massage as promised by Bobby. She gave decent head and the sex afterward was okay, not spectacular. In fairness to Yani, I'm sure that she has not met many foreign men and the language barrier also made the situation awkward. Yani seemed to be a very sweet, attractive girl.

The following afternoon, I traveled back to the Concorde Hotel to try the health spa on the First Floor (one floor up from the Ground Floor). The shop is called Relaxasalon and I think this is a great place. The Chinese girl assigned to me was fun and attractive. I would like to stress that this girl was assigned to me, I was not allowed to view the girls on duty as suggested by previous posts. Still, she had long black hair, full sensuous lips, nice full breasts, great legs and a cute face. She looked very sexy in her mini skirt and she had a bright and sweet personality.

We had a great and stimulating shower together, which she followed with an expert, hard massage. She started the "fun" part of the session by taking charge. She turned me over onto my bark and started giving my body a rousing tongue bath. She licked and kissed me up and down my body; she is a very skilled licker.

Next, she slipped a condom onto me and provided very pleasing-yet-forceful and skillful head. She was very good at licking, sucking and teasing - head with style. She repeatedly tried to fit most of my dick into her mouth. When I finally slipped it into her, she had some good moves and could really squeeze tight with her legs and pussy. She was so good, I went back for more the next night.

When I returned to Relaxasalon the second time and chose the same girl, she seemed happy to see me. During that second visit, my girl was more cuddly and affectionate than during our first session. We also spent more time screwing, which she seemed to enjoy. I know I'll visit this place again when I return to KL. One suggestion: request a room in the "new wing" where the air conditioning system works much better.

In between my two visits to Relaxasalon, I dropped by the Dynasty massage parlor near the Bukit Bintang area for an evening visit. The girl assigned to me was okay looking. She provided an acceptable massage, tongue bath and BJ. The sex was okay because she had a tight pussy. In general, I don't think this place merits a return visit. The facilities are a bit run-down and my girl seemed burned-out. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but there seem to be better places in KL to spend one's money.

On my last night in KL, prior to dropping by Relaxasalon, I visited the Hard Rock Cafe to see what might be available. The place was crowded with numerous people socializing, but I did not meet any pros. I am a firm believer that this type of option is tailored for the visitor who has a lot of time available and does not have to wake up early the next morning to attend meetings or be at the airport on time.

I stayed for at the Hard Rock for two beers, which I sipped in a leisurely manner. Half-way through my second beer, I spotted two familiar faces walk in the front door - the two older women that I met outside the Shangri-La on my first night in town. They did not look any younger, although I only had 1 1/2 beers in me at the time, so I did not approach them. I considered that an omen, finished my beer and departed.

In any event, I will provide updates after future visits to KL. There seem to be some fun options available. This first visit was definitely more fun and productive because I traveled to KL with posts from the WSG and ASP on floppy disk.

Keep up the good work comrades! Keep posting!

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 Subject: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March '98 Report

Here is some updated infor for Kuala Lumpur as of my March, 1998 visit. Streetwalkers are available in the city center. Any taxi driver can take you there. Another sure spot to find women is the local Hard Rock Cafe. Went there two nights and got approached each night. The first night two Chinese/Malay girls working together wanted to go to my hotel for R$200. These girls were about a 7 on a 10 scale. The next night I got approached by two Indonesian girls one was an 8 and the other a 10. I would have gone with them but I don't like taking two "street women" to my room in a strange city. I did visit a massage parlor which are often called Health Centres in KL. I went to the Relaxasalon Relaxation Centre one floor up from the lobby at the Concorde Hotel right next door to the Hard Rock. Beautiful clean rooms in a safe setting. Paid R$71 entrance fee then negotiated a R$ 250 fee with the girl ( a 7) for body massage and sex. The girl's performance was good but as I was leaving I noticed one of the other girls there and she was at least a 9 and problably a 10. The host did not allow me to pick out my girl when I first arrived. If you go try to insist on choosing your girl and you'll like this place more than I did. All in all the KL sex scene is limited and expensive by Asian standards. I also went to the Seasons Towers, an apartment building/hotel and had a very good looking girl for R$300. This experience was ok but a little hurried. The Tropicana Health Centre was located in this building and judging by the girls coming and going the Tropicana might be worth a look.

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 Subject: Prostitution in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

I am a local resident, and a regular visitors to massage palours here in KL. I have tried most of the massage parlours in town and I fully recommend the one in Plaza Hotel in Jalan Raja Laut.

The massage parlour is on the first floor. Even though they have quite a number of nice young girls, if you want a good time ask for either Joanne or Susan. Both aren't great in the looks department, but they have great bodies and screwing them is a real experience. Most of the other girls are just interested in your money, so the sex is normally quick. These two girls really enjoy sex. I have become good friends with both of them especially Joanne. You want great blowjobs, they are the ones to look for, but you must know how to treat them nicely. Give their pussies good licking and sucking, and you'll have the time of your life.

Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 Subject: KLFun

Definitely try the Concorde Hotel's health spa next to the HardRock. I hear the Melia Hotel is good, too. Almost every hotel has a compliant health spa.

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