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Krakow, Poland

Subject: Info about Krakow, Poland

From a visit to this beautiful city in July 1997.

Opposite the railwaystation runs Pavia Street, if you follow that
to the left and pass the underground passage, you will come
straight into the street of Westerplatte. In no 2, and 12 there are
massageparlours, price is 120 slotty for one hour, that is about
40$. Instead of using the underground passage you can turn right
into Basztova Street. On the left side of the street there is a park,
marking the entering of the Old Town of Krakow. Here on the corner
of Basztova and Westerplatte, you may find prostitutes, price is
about 50 slotty. 15 -20$. They are not as good looking as in the
parlours. I got my info from a guy who runs a sex-shop on Worcella
Street 9. Worcella Street also houses  'Kontakt'  a Polish paper with
sex and marriage advertisements.   Their  webside is  ....but I guess it's in Polish.
Good Luck you hungry travelers, you may meet a young attractive
ukrainien girl, or who all depends on your erotic karma.

All the best.

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 05:16:25 +0800 One for your Poland section, specifically Kracow is to stay at the Orbis hotel in the centre of town....There is a small bar at the hotel with beautiful women. The best ploy is however to get friendly with the waiters in the restaurant at meal times and knock back a few polish vodkas (Zubrowka) they normally ask you if you want a girl. The girls at the hotel are stunners....the waiters will also get girls down town for you which are cheaper but generally lower quality.

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