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Knoxville, Tennessee

Tennessee (Knoxville)

Street action - Knoxville had THE redlight district in the Southeast
until the 1920s, when bible belt closed it down.  Still very active
downtown area until 92-93, when monthly busts really curtailed the
action.  Best place to find hookers is just north of The Old City on
Magnolia Ave between Gay St. (yes that's it's name but not it's rep) and
Cherry St., especially near the Greyhound Station at the corner of
Magnolia and Central.  They can also be found in the bus station and
across the street in a bar called the Circle Inn, which seems to be shut
down more often than not due to beer board violations.  I have also been
approached by women driving their own vehicles looking for the guys who
are trolling.

Be VERY CAREFUL. as KPD has been staging monthly busts for the last
two months or so.  Their sting operations are almost always on Central
Ave. between Magnolia and Depot.  They like to use a long
blonde-haired white decoy.  She WILL NOT get into the car with you.
Her key sign to cops is one hand in hair for not dangerous john, both
hands in hair for possibly dangerous.  (Knoxville News-Sentinel loves
to publish this stuff.  They published a map similar to the
Northridge,CA map about 6 years ago).

Hookers will be more scared than you are, as a rule.  They had a guy
called "Zoo Man" running around Knoxville 1-2 years ago.  He killed 4 or
so prostitutes and dumped their bodies at the zoo a few miles away.

Prices are pretty uniform (as of '93), don't suspect they've changed much:

BJ in car - $20
straight in car - $30
half-n-half in car - $40

I was never ripped off by a streetworker, but 2 prostitutes murdered a
Catholic priest about 5 years ago when he was trolling for hookers (yes,
they found him with a cock ring).  Just be careful and by goodness use a
rubber.  Bring your own.


KPD has a habit of busting these places once a year or so, so they're not
many.  All that you can get full service are out in Knox County or in
Alcoa/Maryville, near the Knoxville Airport.  The Acupuncture Center in
Knox County on Oak Ridge highway was busted for full service a year ago,
but I have never been able to get full service there.

Massage parlors near the airport are all Asian, all charge the same rate
(40/half-hour, 60/hour), and all will give at least a hand job for the
price of admission.  Executive Spa on Alcoa Highway was always pretty


Here is where Knoxville shines as compared to any other city I've ever
visited.  There is an abundant number of firms.  All seem to charge the
same price ($100/hour to your hotel room), and that INCLUDES full
service.  Tips are always appreciated but I was only asked for one once
and got full service anyway without one.  Pick any one out of the yellow
pages.  Girls range from 4-9 that I've had.  No hurries.   The only
problem is reliability.  Just because one says she's coming doesn't
always mean it.  They bring their own latex.  I've never gotten BJ
without one, but have gotten titfuck without one.

Date: Sun, 04 May 97 08:42:12 -0400 Subject: Entry for Knoxville, TN outdated Sorry I can't give you an authoritative update on Knoxville, TN, as I haven't been real active in these local circles for a little while, but I can tell you that your entry is very outdated, so you might want to solicit new info from knowledgable people. The Circle Inn that is referred to has been demolished by the City Fathers, and a couple of the massage places are also out of business or have changed names. I'd like to know where the City Fathers go nowadays, but I guess I'd have to ask them, huh? ...or the City Mothers. Anyway, I would like to know what is available in Knoxville these days, and your page doesn't tell me much current info. I've heard that Michael's is the place to go to pick up or get picked up on a non-cash basis, if you can stand the subsequent whining, guilt, and possibility of a husband coming home to find you with his wayward wife. Any recent updates on Knoxville?
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 00:52:17 -0400 Subject: Knoxville, TN update The street scene in Knoxville is centered mainly around Magnolia and Dameron near the veterans' cemetary. Most of the street *ladies* are either heavily into drugs or are ripoffs. Typical prices are $20 for BJ in vehicle, $30 for straight, $40 for half and half. There are some rooms/houses catering to the ladies for around another $10 per pop. Knoxville police frequently sets up sting operations. If she looks good enough to be interested in and looks to be in decent physical shape, she is probably a cop. One way to check is to invite her to take a ride, KPD ladies WILL NOT enter your vehicle. So far, they play pretty much by the rules, if you don't mention sex or money, they don't take you down. They will tell you how much they need to make some money and that they are willing to do anything *YOU* suggest to get it. Also, look around for an old white van with a dented right front fender. This last part is not fool proof since KPD can drive anything in their impound lot. The Asian massage parlors are rather expensive, but they offer a degree of safety. Most are very cautious and will not make a move unless you entirely disrobe and make the first move. I know of no police stings set up here, but there is always that possiblitiy. The best policy is to make a suttle move, check the response, and play it from there. The truck stops in the area have an assortment of *services* available, but you almost always need to be driving an 18 wheeler to make any progress. Still, a cb radio tuned to either channel 19 ro 14 may help you connect. Hope this helps someone. Remember, the street ladies are mostly needle jockeys. Magnolia is about as far as you can sink and still be breathing.
Subject: [ASP] Knoxville sightings, experiences, and REQ Date: 1998/01/15 I've had some measure of success in Knoxville, but it is a difficult town streetwalker wise. Four or five years ago, I read in the local paper of a Catholic priest who was found murdered. The police alleged he had picked up a prostitute who had gotten carried away robbing him. (Noticed this story in the World Sex Guide later, Attila doesn't miss anything.) Having the name of the street where his body was found, and having more horniness than sense, I bought a city street map and patrolled the area. A couple of hours later, I found Mary Beth. Mary Beth is white, about 20, 5'8 or so, and has a deceptively fine figure. Very cute with black hair, she lives in a Knoxville project off of Baxter Avenue, near I-275 I think it is. Mary Beth was strolling in a t-shirt and shorts, and as soon as I saw her legs, I hailed her to my car. She was real timid and shy, and didn't speak much. She didn't have to, looking like she did. She wanted to do her work in her apartment. I don't normally agree to this type of arrangement, but I agreed to look it over. She assured me she lived alone, and indeed she did. Mary Beth had a spotless apartment, small but impeccable. This was a project mind you. She agreed to $40 for half and half, and proceeded to blow bareback. She's not the greatest at head, but she's so damn cute she could have bitten my dick off and I wouldn't have known it. Grabbing a condom, we finished off in a couple of different positions. I've visited Mary Beth when in Knoxville several times since in the past few years, and will continue to do so. While I told her about ASP and she ok'd my posting her phone number, I've had second thoughts about doing so. She is a crack smoker, and is constantly trying to overcome her addiction. Very backward and shy, she almost stressed out at our initial meeting. For now, I'm just leaving the information above about the area where I found her. Aside from this area, Magnolia Ave. is the storied place to meet independants in Knoxville. I've met a few here, but none of real note. While you do see strollers on Magnolia, I've found even more on side streets and streets that run along Magnolia. The area between Cherry and the Fairgrounds is particularly fruitful. The last couple of times in Knoxville, I've found a few girls strolling along the street that intersects with Magnolia at the bus station. Not at that intersection, mind you, but about a mile in the direction away from the "Old City". I've yet to interact with any I've spotted here, they always seem to get picked up or disappear before I can approach them on my second pass. Some appeared to be at least a 7 or 8 from a distance. All to often, 7's or 8's from a distance turn out to be 2's or 3's upclose, so I'd like to hear details from anyone else who may have had experience with the ladies in this area.

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