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Kitchener, Canada

Date: 06-30-2001 Subject: Kitchener, Canada

First, you'll find a historical discussion of what's available in Kitchener at , as well as good coverage of most of the rest of Canada. Also check for mostly Toronto-centric information.

As for Kitchener today ... the plethora of street-level providers from a couple of years ago is mostly gone. The "track" bounded by Frederick, Weber, Stirling and King is mostly barren. I didn't say "empty". It's very hit and miss, but you if your timing is perfect at any given time of day or night, you might still be favoured by a sweet young thing looking for help to pay the rent. More likely, you'll wind up with a worn toothless crack whore. If there is a supply, then rest assured there will be 3 police cruisers per walker and they'll be more interested in you if you persist than in the walker. You can certainly tell if there are any out, because the local law will know before you do unless you get very luck these days. Try the donut place on King East at I think it's Cedar - buy a coffee and make arrangements to meet them somewhere else if you want your only worry to be the quality and health of who you want to pick up. That stated, it is possible to time your hunting just right, but don't expect it to be that every night. Cost? Usually $20 to $40 BBBJ; add $20 for fs. She better be wonderful if you would pay more. If you get really lucky and pick the right gem, it is possible to have an allnighter for that, it has happened. Be kind if it does, but be reasonable too. Time of day? Morning, afternoon, evening, late at night, you can never tell.

According to last nights newspaper, there are between 15 and 25 druggies working the streets regularily and due to the extreme crackdown last year they've spread out all over KW when they're working. There is some truth to that, just keep your eyes open and just the right amount of cash with you. If you find one, for goodness sake, take them somewhere safe and do NOT go where they want you to. Especially do NOT take them for some short stop at a strange apartment or house, because the only reason for that is to buy drugs, and you definately do NOT want that in your car. It's one thing to get your car ripped apart and then let go and another to get nabbed for someone else's drugs. You just don't need sex THAT badly.

Oh, and I have no doubt that the report that some of them are HIV positive is true. Don't verify that for yourself the hard way. You might get away with BBBJ but even that's stretching it with some of what you might find downtown, if you are that brave.

There are numerous escort agencies in Kitchener. Try them. They come and go, as do the girls. Full service will set you back around $125 for an hour. Worthwhile if you get lucky and get the right girl.

Check the independents advertising in the KW Record. Never tried one, but there sure is a healthy block of ads.

Haven't been on any in two years, but the local dating lines have providers on the, at least they did then. That's where my regular provider came from. $50 and she is loath to quit before I'm drained. Occasionally she also sets me up with other girls she knows, and then it's $80. Guess why the markup! I'm not saying that others may not very well pay a lot more, but that's what my deal is.

Then there's the local massage parlors. Again, check the newspaper and canbest for latest info. Never tried any of them, but I'm given to understand that you're looking at $40-60, plus "tip". Match up the proper tip with the right girl. Rumor has it that it may take a few visits to get it right.

The last place, and I only have this from my regular provider, is that the downtown nightclubs are a good place to get picked up. A place called "Sammy's Garage" I'm told, though I've never been there so treat it as unsubstantiated rumour. Sometimes for pay, sometimes for free. Free often winds up costing more and Kitchener is not a place you want to drink and drive anyway. You decide whether you want to go through all that.

Happy hunting, but remember that while sex is legal here, looking for it ain't and the politicians have told the cops to have no sense of humor. Often it's not safe to even drive downtown just to look, so be careful and mostly scarce.

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