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Kingston, Canada


	Kingston is a quiet little city of 150,000 half way between
Montreal and Toronto (about 2+ hours to both) located directly on
the 401 (you HAVE to pass through Kingston to travel in Eastern
Ontario - it's the only main road). And there is prostitution in
Kingston but it's very hard to find.

i) Street Walkers

	There are street walkers, but for some reason they don't walk
the streets! Street hookers can be found around/in the Plaza Hotel
at the corner of Montreal and Queen St. in the downtown core. This
is Kingston's only strip club and it's also where the hookers hang
out (they seem to do their business in the clubs rather than on the
street). If you do see one on the street (rare), instead of standing
on a corner passively they will "pretend" to be hitching a ride.
However, this is rare as I state. The Plaza itself is where
everything shitty Kingston occurs ie. where all the drugs are sold,
where anything hot is sold etc. - so WATCH YOUR BACK - it's the
only "dangerous" area in Kingston, and you always hear of people
get the crap kicked out of them at the Plaza etc.. In the Plaza,
the selection varies but usually it's on the "old worn out" side
(35+). Unfortunatly, I prefer younger women, and any of the ones
that are there are the druggy-type so I have never picked up there.
But usually what happens is that they approach you at your table/seat
and ask if you want company. If so, you should buy them a
drink (around $5-9 CDN - the prices are overinflated at the place)
and then start negoitating. There are one-hour rooms above the club
that they use for the business. Prices are $150-200 CDN/hr all
inclusive (suck/fuck) + room. However, as I've said I've never
seen anything that I'd want to shell out the $$ on - I'd rather
choose from the good selection in Toronto (2 hours east) if I want
something from the street.

ii) Escorts
	There are a few escorts in Kingston, but they change very
regularly (whether this is due to the cops busting them or that the
market isn't there I don't know). Look in the Kingston Whig Standard's
classifieds under "Business Personals" - there's usually 3-4 escort
agencies listed (but the names/ads change from week to week so...).
I've only had one experience with an escort agency about a year ago
when I couldn't make Toronto. The name of the agency escapes me now
(Forbidden Desires or something). I called them and when through
the usual game. Eventually I got a list of girls and choose
Dennise who was promised as "an 18 year old red firedstorm"). Well
she was red but I'd say more like 23 (although she did have a nice
body w/ nice small tits which I liked). She came to my apartment in
a black mini and white blouse w/ her minder/driver and I chose $150 for
all inclusive hour. While it was all inclusive (suck/one fuck) it was
also pretty emotionless on her part (you know - the strong silent type).
It was OK but I've had better and I'd certainly not have her again (I
prefer a little emotion even it's faked) - 5/10. However, as I said
I think the agency is history so....

iii) Summary
If you really *have* to have some action in Kingston it does exist.
But you'd be better holding off for Toronto or Montreal where the
competition is higher and the prices are lower....

Subject: Kingston Ontario update Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 18:34:13 -0400 The bozo (probably fat, ugly and drunk) who wrote the report in Jan 97 doesn't know shit from wallpaper; either that or deperate for some attention. Yes, the Plaza is the only strip joint, yes, there may be some drugs and yes, on occasion, when the bouncers aren't there to run them off some hags arrive near the front door, but not inside, to TRY their luck. The Plaza has cheap beer, good pool, and sometimes great strippers, normally average. But only strip game in town. Hookers, Drugs forget it. There are several massage parlours (look in the paper) and take your pick. They'll sell you the drugs after you fuck of course. Price - BJ $60.00(CDN, fuck included with BJ $100.00). Nothing to crow about if you've been to South America or Asia.
Subject: Kingston Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 10:31:07 -0500 You are a little off in your description of Kingston(Ontario,Can). The stuff about the plaza is close, but there is a very hot escort business going on right now. In today's paper alone there are 14 ads for escorts. This is one hot whore town. And one other thing. Kingston is not the sleepy little town it used to be. You can find yourself in trouble very easily if you are not careful.

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