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Kingsland, Georgia

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 19:14:58 PDT

Recently had the pleasure to experience my first massage.  Toy is her
name and she has a wonderfully shaped body with beautiful firm breasts.
She stands a mere 5 feet or so, but is cute to see and touch.

Gina's Health Spa, located in Kingsland, Ga, provides a good massage
with sauna, shower, massage and occassional extra services.  Unpleasant
or foul mouthed men will not be tollerated.  "Gentlemen" will get
additional services for a charge.  The services are somewhat expensive
compared to others listed in the WSG.  The standard fee is $80.  Save
yourself $10 by getting the coupon from the paper of a nearby FL city.
HJ-$40-50  BJ$60-80  Full $80-100

Will not labor the discription of services, but the massage lacked.  The
view and other services helped make up for the loss.


Subject: [ASP] Kingsland/St. Mary's GA (N. of Jacksonville) Spas Date: 1998/02/14 Last week on my way to Jacksonville I stopped in Kingsland GA just before the state line (exit 2 on I-95). There are now two Asian spas there. Gina's Health Spa is about 1/4 mile east of the interstate on the right in a shopping center with a Winn Dixie. I spoke with "Lee" (early 30's?) who was very friendly and outgoing. She held my hand up to her boobs while she was giving me the tour. The other establishment is simply called The Health Spa, and is a few more miles down the road on the left side, after the Ford dealership. The second place had a younger (early 20's), smaller girl who was very reserved. Both places charge $60 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes (no credit cards at either place; Gina's used to accept them). There is a $10 coupon in the Florida (or Georgia, depending what city you buy it in) Times Union, which is the Jacksonville paper. The local paper does not have the coupon. It was my impression that the coupon probably does not matter, since the requested tip is adjusted accordingly! $50 for a handjob, $80 for BJ, and $130 for full service. I chose the latter and was not able to negotiate a lower price. I had a very long steam bath (they snuck a 30 minute customer in ahead of me), a shower in a stall, and a mediocre massage. I noticed bars on the ceiling used for support if the girl walks on your back, but I was not given this treatment. Lee promised that we would go very slow on the full service plan, and that there would be no time limit. But when she got the money, she jumped on at the first sign of a hard-on, and tried to hurry things along with some phony moaning. She did not permit any digital or oral probing. She was attractive and friendly, but I did not enjoy her technique. I have had better sessions, and at $200 total it was a bit more than I like to spend. But it definately was full service for the price.

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