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Date: 07-14-2001

I recently was in Louisville KY for the second time. Both times I visited Rainbow Spa aka 5818 located at that address on Preston Hwy. Both times I had Julie an oriental girl that is quite attractive and very clean looking. I thought she was about her mid twenties or thereabout. Last time I found out she was 42. That said, she looks and acts much younger and I recommend her. Also, this place is always squeaky clean and neat.

First Visit:

We went through the usual questions the first time and then we talked for a while. Julie can be very personable but she is somewhat shy, too. No negotiations took place until after the table shower, sauna and the first part of the massage. I laid on my stomach and she gave a reasonably good and relaxing massage. As she massaged my upper legs she often lightly touched my balls. When she did that I spread my legs apart so she could get to them easier. She took the opportunity and began lightly touching and caressing them. Soon I was asked to turn over and then she started on one side massaging the shoulders and neck and down the arms then the other side. Then she started at the feet and worked up to my privates. When she got there she asked if it was ok to stroke my penis. Of course it was and I again spread my legs further apart so she had access to other parts as well. Again she took advantage of that. When I started getting hard is when she wanted to know if I wanted anything else. She would give no prices but said to lay the money on the table and she would see what we could do. I laid a $100 on the table and she picked it up and left the room.

When she came back she locked the door and undressed. She has a very nice body. Very well proportioned nothing oversized nothing too small. (I'm not big on big boobs) I didn't see that she had a condom in her hand. She stroked my tool until it got large and hard. She bent down and started licking it and then took the whole thing in her mouth. When she came up it had the condom on and I didn't even feel her put in on. A very nice touch. She continued to give me a BJ until I almost came. She noticed that and backed off for a minute till I came back down then she climbed up on the table and we did a 69 for a few minutes and again she brought me right to the edge of climaxing and stopped. This time she turned around and guided my penis right up inside and sat down on it until all 7'' was totally engulfed inside her. She just sat there squeezing it and slowly rising and lowering herself. She would squeeze as she slowly raised up and loosen up on the slow down stroke. What a thrill as it felt like there was a great suction on the up stroke. She kept this up for nearly 10 minutes and it was now making me harder and harder. Every time she felt me getting ready to come she would stop and reach down and give it a squeeze with her hand which make me back off from coming. Finally, she started picking up the pace and it was driving me wild and I finally got to the point of no return and shot my juice with such force I thought it would break the condom. She lowered herself on me and let my penis stay inside her until it was completely soft. As she took it out of her she carefully removed the condom and she felt it twitch and started giving me a hand job. Immediately my tool started getting hard again to her surprise. She looked at me and said "What's happening? He ready to come again?" It was still wet and slippery and her gentle touch got it all excited. I said if she kept that up it probably would explode again. She said she wanted to see it happen. She stroked it and finally got some baby oil and in a matter of probably 4 or 5 minutes of her working it over it did explode. She said she had never had a customer come twice is such a short period of time. Anyway, she rated a score of 12.99 overall for that session.

Second Visit:

When I went back several weeks later I asked for Julie but I don't think she really remembered me. But since I asked for her she didn't ask the usual questions and just led me to the table shower. This time when she washed the front side she spent more time washing my privates and stroking the penis. She felt it start getting hard and said "Oh OH I better quit that". She led me to the sauna and left me there for about 10 minutes. When she returned we went into the room and she locked the door. She took my towel off and her robe dropped to the floor and she and I were stark naked. We held each other for a minute or so and I felt her hand start stroking my penis again. She knelt down and started giving me head and she took it in her mouth all the way and as she pulled out she sucked hard making it feel like she was stretching. What a sensation. Once it was solidly up and stiff she jumped up on the table and spread her legs and brought her knees up and signaled for me to go down on her. I tongued and sucked her clit and finger fucked to a climax. Now she was hot and wet and reached down and guided my penis into her and put her ankles over my shoulders. I started pushing in and pulling out very very slowly and at the end of every push stroke I'd give an extra push. I was standing and she was laying across the massage table and the angle was just right that my tool was stroking her G-spot with each stroke. This drove her into a wild and very wet climax. Her body tensed up and she broke into a sweat and began pumping up and down and then she gave one hard push and held it and her juices gushed out and down my legs. It was almost like she was peeing on me except it was warm and slippery. She held that position tight against me and squeezed my penis for a long time, maybe a minute or two, until I thought my penis was going to go numb.

Finally she relaxed and tried to catch her breath. She was breathing so hard she could say more that a word between breaths. As she pulled away and took my penis out of her she said "you didn't come?" I said "I couldn't you squeezed too hard." She said I'll take care of you don't you worry. I'll make you enjoy it as much as I did. She got a towel and wiped herself and me off and told me to get up on the table. She spread my legs apart and climbed between them and slipped off the condom and proceeded to give me the BJ of my life. Like the first time she would bring me to the edge and back me off she did this 20 or 30 time at least. It was building up and building up. Finally, Julie very slowly and carefully got me built up to the point I was going over the edge. Then I realized that she was squeezing the base of my penis so when I came nothing would come out. Then suddenly she let go and I shot my first shot juice so hard it went right past my head and hit the wall at the end of the massage table. She kept on stroking it and kept it hard for a long time. Then she again took in her mouth and bobbed up and down sucking hard on each up stroke and brought me to another almost immediate climax. I was now totally drained and felt like a limp rag.

She proceeded to clean me up and we both got dressed. But not before we hugged each other and felt our warm bodies together again. She said I didn't owe her anything since I gave her such a good time. She said nobody, customer or friend, had ever brought her to such a huge climax. I gave her $100 and she tried to give it back she kept saying thank you, you did for me what I was suppose to do for you. I made her keep it anyway as she was better than excellent and I was not only satisfied but completely drained of all strength. Today she gets score of 20 out of 10

Do I need to say it? I'll be back again soon.

I found you site very interesting. I have tried to use a few of the services here in Louisville, Ky and have found out the expensive way that most are a rip off. The only places you can trust are the Asian massage parlors.

Subject: Review of Lexington, KY Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 23:24:59 UTC

You do not have any reviews of Lexington, KY. I thought I would add to it. I was there on a business trip about 2 months ago. Looking at your service noticed no listings. When I looked in the phone book, I only found 2 massage parlors and about 2 dozen escort services. This ratio did seem a bit odd. Went to one called (I think) Sun Spa on New Circle Road.

When I went to the door, I was greeted by an older asian lady. About 35-40. she said $60 for the full hour. Paid my money and went in. After the table shower, which was very good and should be done, we went back to the room. She gave me a very decent massage for about 30 minutes. It was very good. By the way, she was not the best looking woman, but was very accomodating. After, the massage, she asked the standard would I like anything else. I said how about a straight lay. she said $40 and I said OK. She was not that great but I go off anyway. She did help me get dressed and asked if I would come back. I said yes then walked out the door. As I was leaving, I saw a different lady there dressed in black and much better built. About 30 but very firm.

I went back the next night and got this one. (Sorry, no names). She took the same fee ($60) and gave me a much better table shower. Washed everything and gave me a light hand job on the table, thought not to completion. We went into the room and she gave me a great massage. A little hard but very relaxing. When we got to the end, with me very relaxed, she asked if I wanted anything else. I said half & half and she said $100. I said I was there yesterday and and only paid $40. She said she remembered me and dropped her price to $60. I paid and she left for about 1 minute.

When she returned, she told me to close my eyes. She took off her clothes and just left on a pair of white thong panties. When she told me to open my eyes, she asked what I thought. Very nice. She had a nice butt and small but perky tits. She proceeded to storke my cock until nice and hard. Then placed a condom on. She started with a good blow-job with her ass in my face. This girl knew how to suck cock. I wanted to come in her mouth but also wanted my money worth. She stopped in about 5 minutes and proceeded to get on the table. I put my cock in her and proceeded to start a slow fuck. This proceeded for about 10 minutes when she started to nibble on ny chest and breathe in my ear. I started to pound hard and got off soon there after.

Afterwards she cleaned me up and left so I could dress. She came back in wearing high heels and teased me about wanting to go again. She asked me to come back when I was in town again. I definitely will!!!

I would recommend this place. The women are older but they really take care of you. For $100-$120 for full service, it can't be beat.

Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 05:50:22 UTC Subject: Louisville scene

I am from Louisville, Ky. I have lived there most of my life. Most of. the massage parlors that have been around for a long time are very. cautious. The ones that are not get put out of business pretty quick. The most I have ever received from a massage parlor in Louisville. was a hand job or a blow job and I have also noticed that the places that I have received these easily have been shut down. As far as the street walkers are concerned, the only place I've ever picked some up was on 18th street about half a mile off Broadway. In nice weather they will come out usually after 1:00 AM. They are mostly black but every once in a while you will see a white one. You will be lucky to find a really good looking one but it has happened before.

Concerning the escort services, my recommendation is to stay away. Most of the services in the phone book are actually the same service. They are the biggest rippoff I've ever seen. In fact, I used to work for this service taking the girls to and from the clients. I know how these girls ripped guys off. They will ask for a very large tip and then you will only be allowed to jack off in front of them. No sex! They will lead you on and take your money.

There are several good strip joints in town. The best looking women are at Trixies. But if you want alcohol, you will have to go the other side of the bar away from the Gold Room. Another decent place is the Godfather 2. This bar serves alcohol in the dance room. Both of these places are on Preston Highway.

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 07:21:24 UTC Subject: Louisville KY report

Report on Louisville, KY. Current as of June 1996.

Street Action - generally concentrated in the "Old Louisville" area, roughly bounded by Preston on the East, Seventh Street on the West, Breckinridge on the North, and Hill Street on the South. Hottest area is First Street between Breckinridge and Kentucky (Kelly, a tall blonde, will French kiss, doggie and straight, and Sissy, shorter heavier, will doggie and straight, and another lady with streaky hair will do most anything). Brook Street between Ormsby and St. Catherine, is good sometimes, (Sandy works this area). (First is one-way South and Brook is one-way North). Other areas in Old Louisville are Ormsby between Second and Preston, and Preston between Oak and Woodbine. Areas once hot but cooled off in the past couple years are corner of Second and Magnolia, and First from Oak to Magnolia. (Janice used to work here but now can be found at Ormsby and Preston - she has let herself get run down and beat up). Other hot areas periodically are Seventh from Hill Street South to Oleanda Avenue, (Dalena is young and cute, and a little crazy), and Fourth Street from Winkler South to Central Avenue (look for Kathy). Two cautions: Carry your own condoms, and watch out for sting operations. Police undercover sting operations are conducted periodically, usually on First and Second Streets. They use sexy women carrying walkie-talkies and other surveilance devices as decoys to lure prospective "Johns". This is very infrequent. These women stand out like a sore thumb. Some are just too nice looking to be prostitutes, some don't even have enough sense to conceal their radios, and they operate too closely to their backups. I have spotted their backup cars (unmarked police cars) sitting with men in them, parking lights on, multi-antennas, etc. When they are active, the usual street ladies are nowhere to be seen.

Escort Services - many of these are operating in Louisville, but most of them are "tease" services only. Some of the women are very attractive. Some will strip for you and encourage you to masturbate, but have a "no-touch" rule. These are ripoffs. Some make you sign a no-touch contract up front. Send them on their way. Some have a male driver bring them, and collect the money. Don't deal with them. There are three services that provide what you want, but results vary with the girl. The most reliable is called "A Compatible Companion". (502) 459-9382. No longer listed by this name in the phone book, but the phone number has been the same for at least ten years. A guy named Mark answers the phone with "May I help you?" He only does business with you if you give him your real name and address, phone, etc, and give him a day or two to check you out. It is worth the trouble. He has had problems keeping good women in the past few years, but almost always has somebody available. He charges a flat rate $160 for one hour, no add-ons. Only problem now is he has a second location in Evansville, IN, and spends most of his time there. Most of his girls will do it any way you like, missionary, doggie, oral, 69. Not into B&D, Greek, etc, so don't know about that. (Sydney is nice, Lea is real thin but tries to please). Another service was called "Discreet Diamonds". They had two girls that were good, Karen, a large blonde, who claimed to run the business, and Sherri, a petite brunette, who was really good. They have gone out of business or have changed their name (common in this business). I have lost touch. A relative newcomer, Christina, advertises in the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) as a masseuse. She ran an ad for a short time that stated "...disappointed with other services? Total satisfaction for $150 flat fee." She has changed her ad to "...massage, $75 for one-half hour". She uses a voice mail system to get her calls, then refers to her personal phone number which has an answering machine (and automatic number identification equipment) on it. Saw the ANI next to the answering machine, on a table next to the living room couch. She is a student at Jefferson Community College, and lives in a high rent apartment across from the downtown campus. She is very stuck on herself, and not worth the $150. She is very neat and clean, and used a condom to to give head, but would not accept oral. There are many other services advertised in LEO, but have not tried them. The Yellow Pages is full of them, several full pages, but most are teasers. One additional service that provides sex, is called Jessica's Massage. I thought it would be like Christina, a one-girl operation, but I was wrong. A woman answered, said I bet you want a massage from your head to the tip of your toes. I said yes, and told her I was checking into a motel. She said she had a girl available, but I should call her after I checked in, and did I have $100 cash? I said I did, and would call her back. I called and gave my room number, and she said she would send someone over in the next half hour. It was closer to an hour, but a girl showed up. She saw the XXX movies playying on the TV, and said she needed the fee. She also said she accepted tips. She repeated that several times. She called the service and told them she was all set after she got the $100. Then she started asking for a tip. I said how much, and what do I get? She said another hundred and we could do it all. I fumbled for my wallet, offered $50, she said no, that wasn't enough. I offered $75, she said make it $80. I gave it to her. She undressed, and I undressed. She said lay on the bed, and then she went for my dick. No masage. Just a blow job, then she put on the condom and rode me. She was kinda fast, in a hurry. She had small tits, and when I would try to play with them, she said they were sore, getting ready for surgery. Breast implants, I assume. Her name was Karen, too skinny, had bleached out blonde ratted hair, and had a lot of tatoos. I would definitely ask for someone else if I call Jessica's again. Their number is listed as 449-4739, but I bet they have several names/numbers. Karen told me she could be reached at another service also, but I forgot which one.

Massage Parlors - used to be several caucasian operated parlors but these were all closed down several years ago. There are several Oriental operated parlors. Best one is Tokyo Sun, on Preston Highway south of I-264. Several young girls with enhanced breasts will do most anything for $100 tip. Takes about $50 to get the massage to start with. As with most Orientals, they are very clean. Another one on Fern Valley Road between I-65 and Preston, called Asian Spa, provides similar services. Another one downtown on East Broadway, called Okinawa Health Spa, is OK, but the women aren't real pretty. Don't waste your time at the two on Bardstown Road, in Beuchel, they won't even give a hand job. Another one on Poplar Level Road south of the Watterson Expressway, called Spa Health Spa, just opened. The right lady will do what you want, take your own condom. There are others but no personal knowledge.

Stag Bars - Several stag bars have provided sex over the years, notably the one at Seventh and Central, known as Tinsley's, now called t the current name. Buy a girl a drink, talk for a while, then most will take you into a dark corner and sit on you and let you do it doggie style for an additional $75 drink. They charge you an extra fifty cents for the condom. Another place that used to do it is Classie Lady, on Seventh near Arcade. Same arrangement. Silver Slipper on Seventh near Berry also used to do this, as did the Green Light, same area. I don't go in those places any more, so report is a few years out of date for stag bars. Anyway, management changes very often at these places. Best ones to just view nude dancers are De Ja Vu and Trixies. End of report.

Subject: Louisville, KY - Update Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 05:38:59 UTC

Over the past few months, there has been something of a "crackdown" on Escort Agencies among the powers that be, to the point that legislation has been passed to introduce a huge fee for an escort agency license. As a result, most of the Escort agencies in Louisville have been effectively shut down.

A great victory in the fight against prostitution? Hardly - the escort agencies have all moved across the river, and are operating with impunity out of Indiana. Nothing has changed except the names and the telephone numbers.

Subject: Re: Louisville Ky Date: 1 Sep 1996 15:07:49 -0400

In Louisville. Try "A Compatible Companion." The number is 459-5382 (I think). Good girls, good service. Expect $160 per hour full-service.

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 03:01:34 -0500 (EST)

I just spent a weekend in Lexington, KY, and thought I would post a very good experience with a service in the yellow pages. The service was Toy Box.

They offer a fixed price of $150 for a fantasy session, and full service.

The fantasy session is what ever you want it to be, as long as the young lady will meet your request. The girl which I saw was very accommodating, and was not in a rush of any kind. She was about a 7 or 8 in looks, and at least an 8 on experience. She really appeared to enjoy herself, and made the session one which I will repeat. If you get a chance to try this out, I would like to hear someone elses experiences.

Subject: Massage in Louisville, Kentucky Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 22:14:24 -0800

Hey, don't post my email addy! Mickis on 5th street downtown will give you full service, but only if you've been there several times, and nothing has happened, and they get comfortable with you. Ask for Glenda. She's an older gal, but knows her business very well. Her daughter works there from time to time.

On preston highway, out in Okolona, try Silk Essence. Chelsea will do anything, although she ain't cheap. I used to live with a girl that worked there, she went by Sissy, real name Deborah. I dunno where she went to, the oriental girl that runs the place(they offer oriental and american girls) claims she ripped her off. But I don't know. If anyone knows where Sissy went, please post it. She always did me free, for old times sake :)

Cold go to be!

Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Louisville, KY Date: 11 Mar 1997 23:35:23 GMT

Ahhhhh, Lousiville,KY....The looky no touchy capitol of the Ohio Valley Region. As I live in Kentucky, I have had the opportunity to sample the escort services in Louisville and have been utterly disappointed. In one weekend about 2 years ago, I spoke with six, yes six, different escort services. After talking to each one and having them send a girl over, the results were basically the same. $100-$150 agency fee, $100-$200 tip and this covers them taking their clothes off and dancing a little bit. During every negotiation, it was made very clear that no touching of the woman's body was permitted and she would not touch me anywhere either. So, needless to say, prior to dishing out any money, each escort was politely asked to leave and given cab fare. After this enlightening weekend, I spoke with some friends in Lexington who visit Louisville often and was told that the escort services are being busted left and right, in fact, I think Louisville is now down to two services, with multiple listings in the phone book. All of the girls acted very paranoid about getting busted by the police, some even had drivers and cards for the client to sign stating there would be no physical interaction. Bottom Line - STAY AWAY FROM THE LOUISVILLE ESCORT SERVICES. Street action can be good in the summer, especially when there are festivals or conventions going on. Try these streets (they are all parallel to each other) downtown Jefferson, Market, Muhammed Ali and Broadway. By the way, I here the escort scene in Lexington is starting to improve. If anyone has any good info about Louisville escorts, I would be interested in receiving it.

Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 22:13:15 -0400 (EDT)

Louisville, Ky

As has been written here before, the scene in Louisville is total rip off. Stay away from ALL the escort services?I have yet to try one (sort of an annual thing to remind myself why I don't use them) that was full service or the girl wanted several hundred you time and money and rent an XXX movie?

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 16:30:58 -0400 (EDT)

I get to Louisville Kentucky a lot and have to echo that all the massage parlors are rip offs. Stay clear. The street action also sucks, unless your into fat and smelly. You best bet there is to go into one of the bars, drop $50 in drinks and you can have the daughter of about any Louisville daddy you want.

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 18:24:54 -0400 (EDT) Subject: updates in Lexington,Ky

Well I stayed in Lexington the 18th of July. First the Sun Spa on New Circle Rd. is not open any more so no sense in making the trip there. I then called the Toy Box the ## number in book is not right but it will state the new number when you call the one in the phone book. I requested a rehead and they said that one was availible but when the lady showed up she was older than stated, but she was nice looking. The fee is 150 an hour plus tip. The lady's name wasTiffany and really got into her job. She said that there is another girl by the name of Gena that also does full service but I have no info on her, maybe next time. The other services mainly offer fanasty sessions. But the Toy Box will send what you want if you do your wording right when you call. Good Luck and Happy Hunting

Subject: Louisville KY Escort Service Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 06:57:24 PDT

I just got back from Louisville, KY and had the worst experience with an escort service named River City Escorts, 458-9008. The girl they sent was tatto queen and she stated she would do certain things so I paid her then she wouldnot even take off her bra or underwear. What a joke. I paid for 90 minutes and after about twenty minutes she said she was tired and wanted to just watch tv with me. I told her to get out. What a rip-off and please alert others to this service.

Subject: [ASP] LouKY update Date: 1998/04/13

Update for article written in 1996.

Lou KY has changed somewhat. Full service available at all Asian run massage parlors, has been for a couple years. Expect to tip $100 over the hourly charge. Street scene spotty, "Old Lou" area cleaned up some, try Brook & College, afternoons, or Preston & Oak, Preston & Ormsby. Shelby & Ormsby and surrounding couple blocks has been interesting lately. Hill street near Seventh will have a working girl once in a while. Used to find them along Seventh from Hill out to Arcade, but this has dried up. These areas are patrolled regularly by B&W police cars.

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