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Kansas City, Missouri

Date: 06-11-01

I recently went to kansas city on my travels. I decided to visit an incall joint because I was on my way out of town. Well, I called a pace that I had found online. The said that they had 3-4 girls and had setup shop in an apartment for the day.

These chicks were all too friendly saying on the phone "full service is $100" which, firstly, is way too cheap and secondly, they would never say that on the phone.

I knew it was a sting operation, but decided to go and see what the hell anyway, just to fuck around. Dumb mistake.

When I entered the place there were 4-5 girls fully dressed in casual clothes -- nothing sexy. They asked which chick I wanted to be with, I choose the blonde -- she was the best at a whopping 5. We went into the bedroom and I insisted that all I wanted was a full naked back massage for $60. She insisted that she give me a handjob w/ a condom and I was like "whatever, you don't have to, I just want a back rub". Well, apparently they thought I had agreed to the bust stuff, so they arrested me. I guess I'm never going back to Missouri again!

The thing that kicked my ass about this is that I was somewhat entraped! I mean, it's like they forced me to agree to it. She pressed me for 5 minutes and I kept saying "just a massage" and then apparently my "whatever" was enough for them to arrest. Assholes.


1) If they're too up front, they're cops.

2) You are in charge, ask questions, search around the joint, walk around the entire place. . I went to the bathroom, but they were on the other side of the wall here. . didn't check there. They're just as paranoid as you if they're real workers, so doing this actually calms them.

3) MAKE THEM SHOW YOU SKIN. No cop will do this. If she's a real sex worker, she won't turn down a trick for a flash or feel. THIS IS THE GOLDEN RULE

Date: 06-11-01

Ellwest.... Gone Bazookas & the 2 adult bookstores... Gone Well one has moved to another on Main across from where Bazooka's was. Bazookas moved to Downtown KC.

The Neighborhood Gestapo finally scared off most of the action on Main street. I think most can still be found on Troost, Holmes, Paseo, & Prospect From Lindwood to 39th st. As far as Independence Ave. Not sure if things dried up there or not.

Also we are a "John TV" city now. You get busted your Picture and birthdate show up on City Channel 2. Good thing is they also show busted hookers sometimes. Check out a free newspaper called "The Pitch" but be warned the cops are starting to crack down on some of them. You can get everything from escorts to a "full body" massage.

Sex in Kansas City, Missouri is available in three modes: outcall services, massage parlors, and fantasy bookstore. I will describe each in turn, as well as I can from memory. It has been about 6 months since my last visit to Kansas City, so things might have changed somewhat. I do regret moving from Kansas City, but some things cant be helped.


There is one fantasy bookstore worth visiting. I is called Ellwest and is located on Troost Avenue. This is not a very good part of town. Parking is available either in front of the store on Troost or more anonymously behind the store. My last experience parking behind the store was not good. My car was broken into and my radio stolen. My advice is to park in front.

The Ellwest is a pretty traditional adult bookstore: magazines, videos, etc. It's distinguishing feature is live nude dancers available from about 10am to 2am (or whatever store hours are) every day/night.

The girls are locked into an area that consists of a public viewing room and private fantasy booths. Private rooms are available for your convenience at the public viewing room. Ringing the girls location are private video viewing rooms where you can watch XXX rated movies to get in the mood. You need to exchange your dollar bills for tokens to work the peep show machine in the video booths and to open the viewing windows in the public viewing area.

There are generally two, three or four girls available at any time. Most of the time they are quite attractive although there have been times when all of the girls on duty have been very unattractive.

You can go into one of the private viewing pods and deposit tokens into the machine which opens the window and a girl will come out to the dance floor and dance for you in various stages of undress. There is a slot cut into the wall where you can pass dollar bills to the dancer who will then generally flash shots of her beaver at you. When you are sufficiently aroused from this dance activity, you can decide to take in a private show. You go into the girl's booth and pick up the phone. She will answer and explain the procedures to you. At no time do you come into direct contact with any of the girls. They are separated from you by a glass partition. Generally the procedure is so:

1. For $5.00 the curtain blocking your view of the girl will move aside.

2. The girl will instruct you to put money into the slot in the wall, the more the money, the better the show.

3. You talk and masturbate.

My experience is that a $20.00 tip will encourage the girl to do just about anything and to the extent you dig voyeurism you will be quite satisfied.

ESCORT Service

Escort services work like escort services in most major American cities. You check out "Escort Services" in the phone book, call, make an appointment and usually you will see an attractive lady who will do whatever you pay her to do. Prices for outcall escort service in Kansas City usually start about $150 and go up from there.

Date: 13 Aug 1995

Try Affaire D'Mour. Had several ladies several years ago that were 8's, and 9's--full srvice too--but expensive.

Date: 22 Jan 1996 Subject: Kansas City Update

I have just returned from Kansas City and felt an update of the scene there would be appropriate. Here it is:

I spent two days, one night, in KC in January, 1996 and tried to cram as much research into my stay as possible.

The Ellwest Theatre seems to have fallen on hard (no pun intended) times. When I visited, most of the private video booths were out of order and there was only one Live Nude Model available. I dont know if this is how things are generally, but my guess is that what has happened is that several topless/nude bars and juice bars have opened in the city, featuring lap and table dances and I would imagine that the girls who used to model at Ellwest have moved on to more lucrative (and safer) jobs at the topless places.

Kansas City is trying to join the repressive mood that seems to be sweeping the nation with the emergence of the new Republican Party. I think the KC City Council members are trying to prove that they are strong supporters of "Family Values". So an ordinance has been passed that any facility that offers nude entertainment must erect a barrier between the performer and the audience. If the facility offers any contact, the performer must be "covered up." What this means is that the masseuses at the Magic Touch Massage Parlor at 13th and Main must now wear pasties and G-strings - they no longer provide a fully nude massage. (They also no longer accept credit cards.) The good news is that the massages are still as good as ever [...] While I was in KC, I made two visits to the Magic Touch and saw two different girls - Stacey and Sylvana. Both were tall, slim, beautiful blondes. Of the two, I preferred Stacey; she was a little more personable than Sylvana who gave a great massage, but checked her watch every minute or so to make sure we weren't running out of time. Massages run from $50 for 20 minutes to about $150 for an hour or so with a variety of massages and hot tub experiences to choose from. No intercourse, but [...]

I had intended to treat myself to two escort services, but lack of time prevented that. I did engage the services of a lovely lady named Ruby who works for Cover Girl (913-262-4412). Ruby was a tall, full-bodied, red-head 22 years of age. When I say full-bodied I mean nice breasts, butt and legs - not fat. Cover Girl's fee was $150 full service no tipping and it was definitely worth it.

Ruby informed me at the outset that she always uses protection, a fact I appreciated, and we jumped into the sack and spent a very pleasant time. I wont detail every thing we did, but I will say that when I came, Ruby was laying on top of me, me entering her from behind while I kissed and sucked and licked her beautiful feet. I never knew until then how wonderful feet could be.

I had wanted to schedule an appointment with a lady named Shelby who works for Foxy Look Alikes (913-362-5041) full service fee of $175 but lack of time prevented it. Shelby was described as a tall, thin brunette (36-24-33), 118 lbs., 5'8". She sounded wonderful (and I bet her feet are delicious) but I had to pass. If anyone out there has ever enjoyed Shelby, please let me know. I am looking forward to my next rip to Kansas City. I may try to do a deal with Shelby, but right now I really have Ruby on my mind.

Date: 13 Dec 1995 Subject: Kansas City Streets

Generally speaking, Kansas City is not good to find streetwalkers. The "best" area would be Independence Avenue between The Paseo and Gladstone Blvd; there are numerous motels in the vicinity of Independence and The Paseo. You might also try Main Street between Linwood Blvd. and 39th St.; Bazooka's Showgirls as well as a couple of adult bookstores are on that corridor. But as mentioned earlier, looking for streetwalkers is not recommended; the police do frequent sting operations, there are plenty of transvestites around, and the areas are not safe late at night. Moreover, if you do find a lady, chances are they will be looking for money to buy illegal drugs. Therefore, unless you are totally deseparate, it may be in your best interests not to use streetwalkers; use other means to satisfy sexual desires.

Date: 29 Dec 1995

Re. Kansas City. Only one massage parlor there and you've already listed it--Magic Touch. I live in the area now and go there ocassionally. [...] Girls range from a couple ugly ones to several average and several very attractive (Tiara and Brittany come to mind). Much of the staff has been there for a year or more, so you know you're dealing w/ an established business and women who either enjoy or, worst case, don't mind, the work. [...] when you're asked whether you have any "preferences" be sure to say you'd like the girl nude; after you sign a statement saying you got what you paid for, she'll tell you she's on her time and ask where you'd like her to massage. [...], lay back and enjoy!!

Take care. I'l be sure to keep you posted w/ any new information which may be of use/interest.

Date: 24 Mar 1996 Subject: KANSAS CITY UPDATE

Lots to report from KC:

MAGIC TOUCH was raided Friday night, March 15. On the afternoon of the 15th I had scheduled an appointment for the following day, Saturday, with one of my favorites at the Golden Touch. When I arrived on Saturday, the place was closed. Went next door to the *Goldmine*, a dark, seedy bar with mediocre dancers, ordered a beer and asked the guy behind the bar if he knew why Magic Touch was closed. Said they'd be closed for a few days. Asked if they'd gotten in trouble. Said they had been raided. Story was on the Friday night news and in the Saturday paper. He also said everyone had been released Saturday morning without being charged w/ anything.

Here's what was in the Saturday paper:

*Police raid massage parlor. Police raided a Kansas City massage parlor and arrested eight women and one man on suspicion of promoting prostitution. Detectives from the vice unit visited the Magic Touch Massage and Health Studio, 1337 Main St., Thursday on a routine license check. They announced they were with the Police Department and started to look around. Behind one door they allegedly found a scantily clad woman on the lap of a nude man. The man told police he had visited the parlor before and paid for sex acts. The detectives returned the next day with a search warrant and found six men inside, many engaged in illegal activities. None of the men was arrested. Seven women, the parlor's owner and his mother were arrested. No charges had been filed late Friday.*

I'd really be surprised if that's the way things really happened. Everytime I've been there it's been behind a closed and LOCKED door. If, *behind one door they allegedly found a scantily clad woman on the lap of a nude man,* then either the girl didn't lock the door, which I doubt, or the man or girl opened the door, let the cop(s) in, then rearranged themslves to alleged position, which I really doubt, or the cops forced the door, which they're not supposed to be doing if they're doing a *routine license check.*

It's also interesting that no one was charged with anything. This sounds like harrassment. It's really pretty sad. Magic Touch has been there and doing the same thing for over six years. But now they're getting harrassed.

Here's more information on where to find prostitutes in the KC area:

There is a local weekly news and entertainment paper called the *Pitch Weekly.* It's free and can be found in different places (bars, resturants, some stores, etc.) in KC. In the classifieds there is a section called *Adult Services*. It has listings for escorts and massage. I did quite a lot of phone calling and some visiting.

In general, the listings under *Massage* are for full body massages followed by a hand job. The listings under *Escorts* are either escort services or independent ladies. I called several numbers but only pursued it if it was an independent lady, not a service. Here's what I found:

#1 ALL-THE-WAY classy, blue-eyed, petite, thin and very busty 20 yr. old brunette. Julia. Spoke with her. Sounded young and friendly. However, was asking $170 for an in-call, which is a little more than the $150 standard price around here.

A SENSUAL WOMAN for gentleman. FANTASY EXPLORED DISCREETLY. Call Cheri LATE NIGHT COMPANION Cheri These were three different ads but all had the same phone number. Sultry sounding recording *promised* to call back but never did. Left several messages over several days but never got a reply.

ASHLEY-ONE CLASS ACT NATURAL REDHEADS FOR sensual body rubs Again, two different ads but same number. Spoke with Ashley. Sounded young and nice. Said she was 5'5, 129 lbs, 36C-24-34. Charges $150 an hour for an in-call. Problem was my schedule and hers didn't allow a meeting.

SPICEY REDHEAD, AFTERNOON special. Called her. Said her name was Sandy, 35 yrs old, 5'3, 118 lbs, 37-25-35, waist-length red hair, $150 for an in-call. Set up an appoinment with her for the next day. Followed her directions to a Denny's in her neighborhood and called at the designated time for directions to her place. Only got her answering machine. Tried several times for the next hour and just got the answering machine. Didn't try anymore after that.

AVERAGE BUT NICE looking, 5'2, 100 lbs, hazel eyes, brown hair, Sandy. In/out. No Sat/Sun.10-5pm. Called her but she sounded as if she was stoned. =20

BUSTY, PETITE EROTIC! Special rates! MAKE ME WET! Kayla Called her, sounded young and nice. For some reason I didn't write down her measurements, but they were somewhere around the usual *36-24-34.* Charged $150 for an incall, but, as her cousin from California, with a 42D chest, was visiting, they were doing a two girl special for $175. I wasn't in the mood for two girls or the price, so I passed.

FULL FIGURED, full busted OLDER AND BOLDER SISTERS, TWO NATURAL redheads Three different ads, same number. Called and spoke with *older and bolder* Rachel. Said she was 5'6, 38D-25-36, 39 years old, and a natural redhead. Charged $150 an hour. Well, I prefer older women, and love a full, voluptuous, but not fat, figure. Set up an appointment. Got there. She was UGLY!! Her natural red hair had black roots; the teeth she had were black and chipped; and she was FAT!! She was simply gross. I've been to prostitutes in Europe and the Pacific. I've been to the legal brothels in Nevada. I've been to massage parlors and used escorts in New York, Oklahoma, California, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, and North Carolina. I thought I'd seen some nasty things, but she was the worst. I know that these girls aren't models or beauty queens. I also know they need to embellish their descriptions a bit so they can attract business. But this woman ought to have been shot for lying about herself as she did. Needless to say, I didn't spend my money on her!

ROCK, CHALK, JAYHAWK. Three KU cuties looking for a study break. Not an agency. Susan, Jessica, Kim. Recording *promised* to call back but never did. Left several messages over several days but never got a reply.

#1 HOTTEST ORIENTAL IN KC!!! Incall. Called her. Lia said she was 22, 5'5, 36C-24-34, long dark hair, and half Filipino, half Spanish. Got directions to her neighborhood about 10 minutes north of downtown KC. Called her again from a payphone and got directions to her apartment. I was quite happy to find she had given an accurate description. After assuring each other we weren't cops, I gave her the requisite $150 and we moved to her bedroom. Had a very nice time with her--good head; nice, clean shaven, tasty pussy, and a solid fuck. She seemed more relaxed and experienced/mature than most younger prostitutes I've had. Wasn't rushed; was pleasant to talk with. A definite repeat. Word of advice. Don't be surprised if you call her in the evening and a guy answers the phone. She is married and works out of her home. Her husband wasn't there when I was. She said he used to be one of her Johns. (I guess he fell in love but couldn't afford to fork over $150 all the time!) It's possible that, if you call in the evening he may answer the phone.

Date: Apr 1996 Subject: A Kansas City Tale

First, a little history. About 7 months ago, I was in the mood to seek some companionship and started calling some numbers from the Pitch. One of the ads was for a "Pro Cheerleader". I was intrigued, so I called the number. I talked to a guy named Bob and I told him I was interested in incall services since I have roommates. He told me about three girls that were working: Jenny who had long blonde hair, Jennifer was working until 1:00 am, and Pamela, who worked only until 8:00 pm. Bob, using a conspiratorial tone, told me that Pamela was head and shoulders above the rest as far as looks were concerned. He also assured me that she was indeed a professional cheerleader. Although some of the pro cheerleaders I've met in person are overly made-up and kind of trashy looking, I decided to see Pamela. The rate was $200 an hour (as it was for any of the women) and we began an elaborate procedure to get together. Bob told me to go to the Quik-Trip on Southwest Boulevard, maybe 1 mile north of 7th Street.

When I arrived there, I was to call him on his cellular phone. I called and then went into Q-T to get a soda. He arrived in a pickup truck about 5 minutes later and appeared to be somewhat nervous. He approached me and verified my identity. He had a young girl, very young, in the truck with him, maybe his daughter. She went in Q-T to get something or other and we chatted for a couple of minutes. He told me that he hadn't been in this business very long and that his main business was real estate in the nearby warehouse area. After the girl came out, he told me to get in my vehicle and follow him. We arrived shortly (3 minutes) at a warehouse building and parked in the back. He knocked on the side door and a very pretty woman let us in (not Pamela). He took me to the room where Pamela was and left. I knocked on the door.

Wow. Pamela was almost a dead-ringer for Pamela Lee! She told me to come in and have a seat. She told me she was tired due to traveling from Las Vegas that morning. She was indeed a pro football cheerleader for the CFL's Las Vegas entry. She said that she did this for extra money and enjoyed it. She didn't think that she'd be doing it for much longer, a year tops. She took the money, excused herself and told me to get comfortable.

Although the room was in a warehouse, it looked very much like a young woman's bedroom. There was some modest decoration with a nice queen-sized bed. A very atractive place to spend some time.

Pamela came back and proceeded to get undressed. She had an incredible ass and nice real breasts (a little droopy). Her skin was golden-colored and smooth. This woman really took care of herself. As I have a tendency to early release if I'm not careful, especially in the presence of such beauty, I proceeded to kiss and caress her. Unlike most professional women, she returned the favor, kissing me open-mouthed with tongue and running her hands on my body. Oh, man, this is what I look for in these situations and so rarely find! Someone with imagination and enthusiasm! I was in heaven.

I moved behind her and caressed her front while I nestled my penis in her ass crack. She leaned into me with her eyes closed. If she was acting, I was convinced! I ran my hands lightly across her marvelous hips and softly kissed her neck. Turning her back around, I placed my hands on her ass and gave her a long, deep kiss. Taking her hand we went to the bed and lay down facing each other.

We made out further on the bed and I worked my way down and tasted her nipples. After a very short time (I'm an ass man, meself), I lightly kissed and licked her flat firm stomach and ran my mouth on the tops of her thighs. Sliding further down, was close-up to a beautiful golden triangle. She had kept it very neatly-trimmed, due to her work in Vegas. I placed my mouth on her mound and began to lightly kiss and suck on her clitoris. At this time she mildly objected, saying she was so tired she might fall asleep if she came. I told her that was fine with me, this is what I wanted to do. She smiled and lay back down and I went back to it.

She made some little noises and began to get wet as I lightly moved my tongue back and forth on her clitoris. She began to grind her mons into my face and I tried to keep the pressure and contact constant, no easy task. My ministrations began to hit paydirt as she started moaning and moving more pelvis more rhythmically. She grabbed two handfuls of my hair (well, there's not that much, but she grabbed what she could) and headed down the road to release. She spasmed and her orgasm caused her to tremble slightly. I kissed her clitoris and this time she stopped me, more emphatically. That was enough, she said. I slithered back to a face-to-face position and kissed her, my face covered in her juices.

She told me it was time to give me something and proceeded to lick my penis sans condom. As delightful as it felt, I knew I wouldn't make it to intercourse if I didn't stop her soon. I gently lifted her face from there and I told her that I couldn't take any more. She smiled and reached over to the night table and grabbed a condom. She placed it on me with no trouble and mounted me with her feet directly under her shoulders. She moved straight up and down slowly, with a piston-like motion and the sight if this vision moving on my member moved me more closely to my own release. I reached up and grabbed her hips as I moaned and released. She fell back onto my chest and gave me a delicious french kiss. It's hard to describe how utterly satisfied I felt at this moment. Here was this satyr's dream lying on my chest, kissing me passionately with the exquisite feel of her body on mine. She rolled off after a little bit and nestled into my left side. We cuddled and talked for about ten minutes when a knock came on her door. A woman's voice said, "Pam, five minutes."

We both got up and dressed, continuing the conversation. She gave me another warm kiss and asked if I would come see her again and I told her I would. I left the room and met Bob almost at the building exit. He asked me what I thought and I assured him that it was one of the best times I had ever had. He said that if I wanted to visit again, I could come straight to the building after making phone arrangements. I thanked him and left, fully intending to repeat this experience. But it would not be so. When I next called him, Pamela was no longer there and Bob's girls didn't work out of the warehouse building any more.

However, I did see another one of Bob's girls again (a new one). I'll tell you about this one tomorrow or Monday. Talk to you soon.

Four months later (or about three months ago), I called Bob to inquire about seeing Pamela again. Bob said that Pamela was no longer in town and his business had changed drastically due to police pressure. He was no longer working out of the warehouse that I had previously been to. There was also a heavy dose of paranoia in my dealing with Bob this time. He was unable to remember me, even though I recounted portions of our conversations to him. I went through a fairly complicated give-and-take with him with me attempting to prove that I wasn't a law enforcement officer over the telephone. Not an easy task, by the way. But by the third call, he was convinced enough to schedule me something with another girl, whose name escapes me.

I once again explained my preference for incall. He said that I should obtain an inexpensive hotel/motel room for the "date". Following his suggestion, I got a room at the American Inn at I-70 and Noland Road. It was hardly inexpensive! Although they advertise rooms for $24.95, I had to spend $40. Shortly after I obtained the room, Bob and the new girl arrived right at the agreed time. She was a very attractive brunette, about 5'6" and maybe 110 lbs. Although she wasn't as pretty as Pamela, she had a nice face and a very attractive body. After Bob left, we got down to business.

The fee was once again $200. I paid and she went into the bathroom to undress. I wish that I had voiced my preference for her disrobing in front of me, as I always find that very arousing. She came back into the room topless with a pair of bikini panties on. I noticed that she was tan all over and there was only slight tan lines. She must've had many opportunities to tan in her birthday suit. She had an awesome body, marred only by the fact that her breasts had been surgically enhanced. But like Pamela, she possessed a 9-10 lower body: flat stomach, nice round hips, shapely legs and a smooth golden skin that begged to licked and kissed.

She was a very friendly and outgoing woman. She asked me questions about myself and talked about her plans. She told me that she planned to start a nude housecleaning service (no more sex for money, though) and said that she would have the capital in 3 months to start. She already had business cards printed up and gave me one (I can't find it). Anyway we lay down on the bed and proceeded to it.

When I attempted to kiss her on the mouth, she let me know very subtly that she didn't want to kiss open-mouthed. I was only mildly disappointed, since most working girls won't do that anyway. She was not shy about distributing kisses on my body however. Electricity shot through me as she kissed my nipples and peppered my abdomen with with a soft whispery oral touch. I had to strain to avoid breaking into a giggling fit when she licked my stomach just above the waist. Before she could start any oral action on my penis, I changed positions and put it back to face-to-face. I caressed her beautiful ass, sweeping my palms up and down her hips and cupping my hand under her cheeks. She pressed against me and my penis was warm against her abdomen. I made a maneuver that I hoped would be smooth, but was a little artificial. I got behind her on the bed and began kissing her neck and shoulders, moving down to the small of her back. I reached her buttocks and began to kiss and lightly bite them. This seemed to please her, so I placed a hand on either cheek and put my tongue in her butt crack. As I licked her anus, she moaned and rolled over completely onto her stomach. She parted her thighs a little wider for me and I went to it in earnest. She giggled and said something to the effect that I was a very oral guy, which is very true. I enjoy delivering oral attention more than receiving it and only slightly less than intercourse. After a while (maybe five minutes), I lifter her left leg and turned her to get to her pussy. It was very neatly kept and smelled marvelous. I kissed her outer lips, then ran my tongue over her inner lips. She obliged by rolling onto her back. I probed under her fleshy hood and found her clitoris. I pressed both lips to it and gave it a gentle suck. This didn't get much of reaction: sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I began to lightly lick her clit and she raised her knees up about 6 inches off the bed. I took the opportunity to place my hands under her ass and knead her cheeks while I continued my oral ministrations. She was very quiet and I was beginning to wonder if I'd lost my touch. I pulled slightly away, then reattacked her love button, this time a little more firmly. Although most women like it light and fast, she reacted to the harder touch. She began to move, ever so slightly at first, but with more intensity very soon. Within minutes she was literally thrashing on the bed and it was all I could do to hold on. At first I thought it might be too rough and that she was trying to get away. But then she'd groan and place a hand on the back of my head and drive her hips up toward my face. She now began to make a louder sound and grabbed for the headboard. The wet spot under her was growing in diameter and wetness, partly my saliva, mostly her fluids. Suddenly she put both hands on the back of my hand and pressed down. Her legs became rigid and her heels dug into the bed. I felt the skin on her abdomen began to quiver and she let out a higher-pitched moan. She convulsed and breathed out raggedly. I went back to a lighter touch and began tonguing as rapidly as my weary mouth could. She clamped both thighs on either side of my head and I could feel the rest of her relax into a more normal (read non-orgasmic) state. She praised me for my oral work and I crawled back to lie side by side.

She told me that she felt guilty about getting an orgasm before I had. I didn't take time to explain that I knew that once I had my orgasm our time together would be over for all intents and purposes. She gave me a smile and for a moment I thought I was going to get some oral attention sans condom, but it was not to be. She sat back up and grabbed the condom and placed it on my penis. She then leaned into my left thigh and starting sucking and licking my dick. I soon had to stop her, for reasons all too obvious since I mentioned them before. She asked me how I wanted to proceed and I told her that like to enter her from behind with her on her hands and knees. I stood up and walked to the rear of the bed while she got up on her hands and knees and backed up. Oh, what a marvelous sight her beautiful golden ass was presenting itself to me! She didn't back up far enough for me to keep both feet on the ground, so I placed my right knee on the bed and placed my penis on her slit. She had already begun to reach back and grabbed my dick at the bottom of the shaft and pressed me into her. She let out a little grunt and began to rock back and forth. I was upright with my hands firmly grabbed her hips and pulling and pushing her onto and off of me. After a couple of minutes of leisurely action, she got serious. She lowered her head and begin to rapidly fuck me. I grimaced and let out a moan knowing I couldn't take it and I moved to meet her thrusts. As I felt my semen pur forth, I re-opened my eyes (I was making a fuck-face!) and once again appreciated the physcial beauty of this woman. As my orgasm subsided, I leaned forward and placed a light kiss on her back and stopped moving. She seemed to be a little surprised that I had come so fast (unfortunately I wasn't). I reached down to grab the base of the condom, as my erection was subsiding and pulled out of her.

After we both cleaned up, we still had about 10 minutes before Bob would be back to pick her up. We both lay on the bed naked, with her nestled into my chest and talked about various things. I found her to be a very good conversationalist, with an excellent sense of humor and a liberal dose of intelligence. This was the kind of woman I'd like to spend a lot of time with, her physical attractions notwithstanding. Bob came and asked me if I had enjoyed myself and I assured him I had. After she had left the room, Bob asked me to call him in a couple of days to talk about it(?). It was kind of a strange request, so I basically blew it off.

Date: 01 Jul 1996 Subject: In Kansas City

This is just my friendly little notice to all you out there in cyber-land about the situation here in KC.

Actually, it's not so bad. I've tried 3 different services and each has provided me with decent women. Affair D'Amore probably screwed me the worst. One of their girls rode me pretty well for about 25min and then she put her and down (to fondle my balls, she later claimed) and ooops, oh my gosh, suddenly the rubber slips off and she doesn't have another one. So I got her to jerk me and then she used my bathroom and ripped off a bunch of my girlfriend's expensive makeup. That pissed me off.

Another time they told me that the girl would be 27years old and she was in her upper 30's. Her husband dropped her off and then she told me that he'd join us for an extra $50. NOT going there, thank you very much. But she was a pretty good lay. Very energetic.

But the best girl I've gotten came from a no-name service that only charges $125 an hour. And you get your full hour's worth. There's a girl named Taylor there (a little on the heavy side, not much) who is really into her job and she'll even do anal for little or no extra charge. (the 1st time she charged me $25, but after that it was not extra). AND, whether you believe it or not, we even met outside the service and went to a swing party together. This is true. It would have worked out real nicely, but there were 3 girls and 7 guys and one of the other girls was passed out. This didn't stop most of the guys from banging her, but I like to at least hear them mumble. I suggested this to her after about our 3rd time together and she readily agreed and gave me her direct pager #.

If anyone's interested, post a request to this newsgroup and I'll hunt the number up. I don't use them anymore cuz I got married.

Date: 29 May 1996 Subject: Bad News From Kansas City

Magic Touch re-opened about a month ago. Paid them a visit last week. A lot has changed and it's not for the better:

Small (app. 4" x 4") windows in the doors and no locks/bolts. I.E., no real privacy.

Not only are the girls not allowed to get nude, but if you go for one of the options that includes the hot tub/bath, you have to wear shorts in the tub.

No hand job at the end of the massage.

Bottom line: you pay the same amount of money and you get a lot less--a massage from a girl in a bikini.

The girl(s) I used to see weren't available, and so I had one I hadn't seen before, Tammy. Maybe there was no handjob at the end because I was new to her. Even if that's the case, that is still a major change from the way Magic Touch used to be.

Has anyone else been there recently and had a similar experience?

Date: 5 May 1996

It was Friday after work, and I had planned on topping off my arduous week, with a gift to myself by going to an incall place I have frequented 3 times previously, and have enjoyed myself on 3 occasions.

Everytime I go there, they only have one girl available, but each time the girl has been to my liking, (I am pretty forgiving, but I do have my limits!).

Anyway, friday evening, the girl presented to me was about a 5..She did have kinda a nice body, no fat, and not thin,,,but she was a bit on the "weary, and a little worse for wear and tear side".... (Rolling Stones, Girl with Far Away Eyes....from Some Girls Album...but I digress)....

I was about to call off the deal, but she seemed eager to meet me,,so I said what the hell,,and gave my $150 for 1 hour..... Once naked, the face didn't matter much,,,and she had one of the wettest cunts I ever imagined and let me get all 4 fingers up her cunt as far as possible (I couldn't get the thumb in there, I guess I am just a rookie...grin)

She also let me use a vibrator on her, some women don't like this, I don't know why?

So all in all even with a 5'ver I had a great time. Much better than watching the tumble weeds roll down my street....grin

Although, I still had a complaint about the time, I paid for one hour and the 5 minute till end buzzer came off at about 40 minutes after we got going... I thought this was real WEAK.....

Date: Jul 1996 Subject: Magic Touch

F.Y.I. - The Magic Touch massage parlor (K.C.) must be feeling the effects of the recent bust. You may, or may not, find the satisfaction you found in visits of the past.

Date: 18 Aug 1996 Subject: Street Girl Experience (Kansas City)

Yesterday was a rainy day here, so I went to an adult video store and previewed a pretty good movie. Afterwards I sought some relief. I cruised a few places and after a while found a skinny older woman (late 30's or 40's) with short blonde hair, kinda cute, and wearing no shoes. This was on Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.

I pulled over, it was raining a bit, and we went off to a sucluded side street. I gave her $20 and pulled down my pants, she pulled hers down as well and she got busy sucking me. To my amazement she slowly went down on my balls and gave them the slowest sucking I think I have ever had. I told her I liked to be licked and she granted me a very nice tongue licking session. Very slow, which I needed cause I had been in the video booth for over an hour previously!....<g>

I asked how she wanted me to cum and she said in her mouth was OK. As she was licking and sucking me, I reached over and fingered her snatch pretty good. She got quite wet and excited. I was thinking how this might be much better in a motel room than a car, but I was under a time contraint, so couldn't offer the room. Anyway, I came pretty good in her waiting mouth, and she took all my cum and played with my cock a bit after I came, without drooling cum down on me. I unlocked the car door and she spit the cum out, and we went on our way.... Nice value for a street girl. I asked where I could find her, but she is transient, so I just have to look here and there for here...

Subject: Re: Kansas City Sex Date: 1996/09/14

I will be in Kansas City for a couple days soon. Can anyone recommend a massage parlor where I'm certain to "get lucky"?

There is only one massage parlor in KC now and it is housed with corn fed midwest farmers daughters..... Lots of 7's and 7+, but you won't get any action, not any hand action. Plus you will have to wear underwear while getting a massage. Sort of an unsatisfying experience!

Date: 13 Jan 1997 Subject: A Kansas City North Tale

After having Christmas and county taxes all taken care of, I had a little extra money and was ready for some fun. I looked in the current edition of the Pitch Weekly and perused the Escorts ads.

There was one that I'd seen before, but had been unsuccessful in connecting with. She only worked during the daytime and if you couldn't see her by 6, you were out of luck. Today I decided to exit work a little early to see if I could have an appointment with her. I called her (it's a 452-xxxx number, in the Pitch on a weekly basis, something like "Best Oriental In Town!") and I got an answering machine that had me call a cellular phone number. I called the cell phone number and she answered. She did incall at her place and would see me at 5 if her 4:30 appointment didn't show. She told me that it would be $150 and to call her back at 4:45.

I called her from my cell phone at 4:45 and no one answered the phone. I called again at 4:55 and still no answer. I tried at 5:05, 5:15, 5:25, and 5:35 with the same result. I couldn't even leave a message as her cell phone service said that her voice mailbox was full. I gave up and made an appointment at a local place in Independence called TLC (which I've written about before in "A visit to an Independence, MO incall"). I was headed there (her place was north of the river near N. Oak and Vivion) when I decided to try her one more time, it now being 5:45. This time she answered. She told me that her 4:30 had shown up and was now gone, but she'd see me if I could be there at 6:00. I told her I would, called TLC and cancelled my appointment and headed back toward N. Oak and Vivion.

I got there a little early, so I killed some time in Tippin's and bought a nice pie to boot. I reached the area she had told me to drive to and I called her for further instructions. She told me the specific location and I arrived there. I knocked on the door and she answered and asked me in. It was a very nice place with nice furnishings, very modern. We spoke for a little bit (she was having problems with a nosy neighbor peeking in her windows) and she asked for my ID.

I should mention at this point that she was a very attractive Asian girl, but was not purely Asian. She seemed to be half causcasian and half asian and spoke with a thick European accent of some kind. I'm usually very good at identifying things like that, but I couldn't place this one. It was Germanic in nature, but could have been Hungarian or Slavic for all I know. She had dark hair, stood about 5'6" and appeared to weigh maybe 110 lbs.

After transacting business, we went back into the bedroom where she told me to get comfortable (a euphemism for "get naked") and she disrobed down to a bra and panties (this may have been because I left my underwear on). Without her clothes on, I could see that she weighed even less than I thought before. This woman was lucky if she tipped the scales at 100! She was almost too thin, which is a turn-off for me.

She came over and lay down on the bed and I laid down next to her. I reached over and began kissing her neck, which didn't seem to affect her too much. Oh well, I got a jaded one. I ran my hands down her side and I could really feel the boniness of her. When I touched her pussy, she touched my dick. To this point, she really hadn't responded to anything and was willing to let me dictate the action. I fooled around in this position for a while longer before heading down to give her some head.

I didn't think she really deserved it, but I wanted to get my money's worth, so I headed south and began to eat her out. She did respond to this, whether real or not. It seemed real to me, because certain physiological reactions are hard, if not impossible to fake. You can yell, "Oh, baby, oh, baby" all you want, but that little shudder and/or spasm is hard to imitate. Anyway, this woman seemed to come in record time. After only about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes of cunnilingus, she spasmed very hard and moaned out a short, "Oh!". I stopped at her insistence and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, but went back to it after 2 or 3 minutes. She protested mildly, but soon got back into it and came just as fast as before! I stopped again for a couple of minutes, dove back in and she came again! I was going to try for a fourth (I'd never done this too a woman before without at least taking 10 to 15 minutes for the first time!) when she insisted that I stop. Well, who am I to ignore a woman's request? I stopped and went back to lying next to her. After the orgasms (if they were), she still wasn't very aggressive sexually. A little tenderness, a little affection would have made it so good, but alas, it was not to be. She asked me if I was ready for a condom and I said okay. After she placed the condom on me, she lay on her back. She wasn't even going to give me head! Oh, well.

I was ready to go ahead and end it anyway. I positioned myself over the top of her, resting my weight on my left forearm, and guided myself in with my right hand. At least she was tight! I moved my right arm up to distribute my weight equally on both forearms and pressed myself all the way into her. She let out a little grunt when my penis was completely submerged. I began with a circular stroke, moving counter-clockwise. I slipped out once, causing a brief break in the action for re-insertion. I resumed the circular stroke until I felt my orgasm building, then switched to a harder in-and-out stroke. She lifted her legs up, pressing her ankles into the backs of my thighs and I pumped harder. With each stroke, we each let out a little grunt, with mine rising slightly in pitch each time. As I hit my climax, I closed my eyes and leaned down with my face buried in her neck. I felt her left hand give my right buttock a squeeze and I moaned. The semen issued forth into the prophylactic and my legs locked. I was still supporting myself on my arms, since I'm a pretty big guy.

She asked if I was okay and I said, "Yeah". I grabbed my dick and raised up to extract myself, then rolled back over on my back to her right. She got up and went into the bathroom. When she came out, I went in there. I asked her if it was alright to throw the used condom into the trashcan and she asked me to flush it. I warned her that it wasn't good for the plumbing, but she insisted. I soaked a washcloth in hot water and washed my face, followed by a good going over on my member. I came out, got dressed and left.

All in all, it wasn't my best experience, but far from my worst. She was very pretty, although uninterested going beyond providing a body for sex.

Subject: Report on Kansas City Date: 1 Feb 1997 00:47:48 GMT

I just got back from a trip to KC and thought I would give a report. It's been several years since I was there and things have changed quite a bit. There used to be some bars in KC Kansas, where I actually fucked and got blow jobs in the bar. Those days are over. I tried an incall place called TLC in Independence. I got the number from the Pitchweekly. It's available pretty much anywhere. I got there and they had two girls. One was not available ,so I went with a cute little blond named Dawn. She was about a 7. Her only real flaw was a little bit of a belly left over from a recent baby. I went for the $100 1/2 Hr. session. $150 for a full hour. The sex was pretty damn good. She gave me excellent head, sans baggy, until little Leon was about to blow a gasket. I, then, gave her pussy and asshole a good tongue job, which she really enjoyed. We then strapped on a condom, and I fucked her from behind. The harder I fucked her, the better she liked it. I finally blew my goo all over her ass. Over all, not the best I've had, but pretty damn good. I'll go back.

Date:10 Mar 1997 Subject: KC Review-"Dillon"

At the request of Dillon I offer the following review. Please note that this is not a solicitation on her's or my part and is intended purely as entertainment.

Upon my arrival in KC I called 816-507-XXX6 and set a 7 pm dinner date with Dillon in my hotel room. She arrived 10 minutes early ( what a switch) and I was pleased to see that her phone description was most accurate. She truly was a 33 year old, 36D-24-36, hard-bodied, beauty with a very attractive tan. Her normal rate is $200 per hour for an erotic massage that can include a FREE complementary suck and fuck if you know how to treat a lady.

After dinner and an introduction to the internet ( she was most interested and could probably use some help in getting set-up) , focusing on {ASP}, we settled into a very relaxing mutual massage that resulted in both of us becoming very aroused. She just happened to have a condom that she slipped on prior to her oral massage of my very tense muscle. As I began to massage her I dicovered the meaning of the slang term for pussy of "snapper". This lady had the must incredible pussy that I've ever cum across. Her vaginal muscles actually convulsed to the point of near pain as we began a mutual coital massage that had to be performed in several positions to achieve the state of deep relaxation that we both sought.

All in all well worth the money. A classy sexy lady that knows how to please. She is a body builder and obviously takes very good care of herself. There is cheaper available in KC for those of you so inclined but for my money Dillon gets two thumbs up!!

Subject: [ASP] Dazed & Confused in Kansas City Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 15:15:15 GMT

I had a strange experience. I decided to do something for myself and called Hiawatha's Happy Hunting Lodge. I was looking for Gina, a girl I had "dated" a few times before. She got a breast enhancement job many months ago, and I wanted to see how they were cummming along, also she is extremely sensuous and loves to have her ass eaten, but no anal penetration of the cock, and the finger only to the first knuckle.

She was not in, so I asked about the other girls. Hiawatha had 3 in, Dawn who I've done before and is a real firecracker, but what intrigued me was a girl, described on the phone by Hiawatha, 5'9", brunette, 135 lbs., her name was Susan, and I have never really been with a tall girl. I am 6'1" myself and I think the tallest I've ever been with was 5'5" maybe 5'7"....

I got to the hunting lodge, Dawn greeted me, big smile, she remembered me. I was among her first customers after she returned after having her baby. I felt a little bad about not picking her. (I would really be stressed in a situation like that, you are one of 3 girls, and guys who you have dated before, pick someone else, or no one picks you....sigh)

Anyway, Susan led me to the bedroom. I gave her the money, and since, she was somewhat new, I asked for the entire hour. They have a habit of ringing the room, after 45 minutes, the girls then rush to a close. One of the previous girls told me to request the hour, and they will give you the full hour. Aaaahhhhh customer service, where has it gone in this country?

We sat down on the bed, and I was immediately attracted to Susan. She had long brown hair, a tinge of red lipstick, was wearing a loose sweater, and some casual long walking shorts. The girls at Hiawatha's never dress like "hookers"...<g> just sorta casual...

I asked Susan if she had any limits, she stretched a bit, saying she was kinky from watching TV on the couch. I asked her if she had any "kink" to spare...<g> and she smiled and said yes. She got closer to me and told me that in answer to my question, she loved sex, and had no limitations. She then asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was pre-celebrating my birthday, and I wanted her to surprise me, she just smiled and our lips locked.

After my tongue had explored the majority of her exposed skin, she reached down to take off one of her shoes. I looked and they were sorta a shoe-boot type affair, I thought of having her wear her shoe-boots when we fucked, but I have an extreme weakness for toes, so the shoes had to come off, I slowly untied them, and pulled them from her feet nicely, making sure to massage her feet afterwards. She seemed to like this. For the time I left her pinkish heavy socks on.

I got brave, I stood her up, and she came very close to my height. I reached down to her butt and thighs and pulled her up on my body. Still clothed she seemed to like this. She reached up and took off her sweater, revealing a blue body suit. I again sucked on more exposed skin, finding her breasts, under the suit, and sucked on them. I slowly dropped her on the bed, reached down, undid the button on her shorts, grabbed the zipper with my teeth, and pulled it down, revealing more of the body suit. I pull off the shorts. and there she was... blue body suit, I could see one of her pussy lips exposed, and then she moved her legs for me. I told her that she was a DANCER. She smiled and nodded yes. She was pretty "limber" and had the ass, hips, and thighs of a dancer.

Then I "complained" about me still being dressed, and we got myself down to my boxers. Then with her lying on her back, me kneeling before her, I took her legs, rested them on my shoulder and started licking from her ankle up her leg, up her thigh, tonguing the flesh adjacent to her body suit, then running my nose firmly up her still covered slit. I then worked back to her ankle and there, I slowly pulled down her sock, sucking the skin of her foot as I worked the sock from her foot. Once her toes were exposed, I looked her in the eye, she approved, and I feasted on her little piggies. i don't think she has had her toes sucked much!

As I sucked on her toes, she began to play with her covered pussy. She then undid the velcro closure, some where in her crotch, that held the body suit together. She raised the material above her pussy, and as I sucked hard on her toes, her pussy became exposed. Very nice, at first I thought she had a "skinny" pussy. But she spread her outer lips which exposed her sweet inner folded lips, and they were glistening. She then pulled the hood of her clit back, and she had a nice little meaty clit, lickable and vulnerable to a savage like me!

So there I was standing on my knees, sucking on the toes of her feet, she was gingerly fingering the inner folds of her pussy, touching her clit, making eye contact with me, and looking like she was definitely enjoying herself. I couldn't help myself, I heavily wet the toes of both of her feet, by now my cock had pushed nicely out of the opening of my boxers, and was eagerly looking for a taste of nookie! I guided her feet to my erect uncut cock, and she instinctively started to massage my cock with her feet and toes....Very, very, nice.... I thought for a bit of asking her to jack me off in this manner. But not knowing her "rules", I could have been out of luck for any further fancy, since with some girls, once you cumm in the hour thats it, with other girls, they say its ok, to cumm as many times possible in the allotted time. Not wanting to negotiate at a time like this, I just froze the image of this in my mind. Her wonderful dancer legs raised up, bent, and her feet stroking slowly my uncut cock, her fingers, slowly frigging her pussy for me, and her eyes making soulful contact with mine.

After a bit of this, I raised one of her feet to my mouth, and slowly ran my tongue up her ankle, under her knee, this brought a low moan from her, up her thigh, then I circled her shaved snatch. She had just a little mound of pubes above her clit. Also what I noticed there was a fair indention of skin above and surrounding her clit and hood. Very nice, Oh what trouble I would get myself into if I were an OB-GYN doctor...xxxtreme grin!

I ran my tongue over her blue body suit, up to her breasts and tried to suck her breasts into my mouth thru her body suit. She seemed to like this. My tongue then danced to her neck, as I layed now on her body, sorta dry humping her, my hard cock finding a resting place somewhere on her wet snatch. We frenched for a while as we slowly humped, then I ran my tongue to her ear, and whispered..."Time for me to be lazy!"

She smiled and I rolled over onto my back, I propped two pillows under my head and gazed up at her. Susan was on her hands and knees, looking panther like, with her well formed dancer ass, thighs and legs waiting to pounce on me. She leaned down towards me and asked me what I wanted. I told her to surprise me. I noticed a pendant she was wearing and I asked her what it was. She said it was a pentangle? (I probably have this screwed up..<g>) and that she practiced "Wicka"...I said, "Oh, then you are a witch", she nodded her head, I then smiled and whispered, "Now, are you like the wicked witch of the west, or the good witch of the east"...(Wizard of Oz reference, hey I live in Kansas...<g>) She looked at me, smiled and said, I would just have to find out.... Hmmmmm, fantasy was humming along nicely!

She then surprised me! She got up on her knees and positioned herself next to my erect cock. Remember, she was still wearing her body suit, but it was opened at the crotch. She took the material in her hands which had been covering her snatch, and started to slap it against my unsuspecting cock! She looked down at me in a very domm manner and asked, "Why should I suck your cock"? She slapped the material again and again. Of course it didn't hurt or anything, but the situation was very nice! I told her she should suck my cock, cause I complimented her on the size and nature of her clit. This brought a laugh from her!

She reached into the adjoining night stand, and pulled out a condom and put it on my cock. She then leaned over me, started to slowly stroke my cock, while we kissed. She ran her mouth to my nipples and started to suck on them, then she tasted cock. (I absolutely love to be licked on my entire body, but I have a hairy body and most women don't like "dental flossing" when they are having sex...sigh...<g>) She gave me a marvelous blowjob, as I watched "an artist at work"! She paid attention to the underside of the head of my cock, went down deep on me a few times, and sucked on my balls and my inner thighs as well.

I played gingerly with her long brown hair, and massaged her neck and head as she sucked me. I commented on her body and her lovely dancer legs, and I told her, "I bet you have a wicked pair of over-the-knee-boots"! She stopped sucking me, looked me in the eye, smiled, and said, "Yes, I do, next time give me notice and I will wear them for you"! She also asked me if I was into "leather" and I told her I was into enough things to keep me perpetually in "trouble"!....she seemed to like that answer...<g>

She raised up looking for a position change. She moved like she was going to mount me, cowgirl style, but I grabbed a hold of her ass, she straddled me, and I pulled her ass up to my mouth. There I was, pussy inches from my mouth, she looked down upon me, raised her arms and pulled off her blue body suit, exposed a lovely pair of 34 or 36 B cup tits. The kind I can suck deeply into my mouth. I parked that idea for later. I pulled her pussy to my mouth, and started to lick the outer folds of her snatch, I looked up at her and as she braced her hands on the wall, I sunk my tongue deep into her wet pussy, tasting her juices. The taste was not unusual, but her juices were real thick, almost the consistency of male cumm???

I then inched my lips and tongue up to her clit. She back off a bit, and did me a favor by pulling the hood back, exposing her morsel. I eyed my prize, blew on it, then started to lightly tongue it. I could tell that she appreciated oral sex. I am a very oral person, and love to please, and I like to see the results of my efforts.... I worked her snatch and puss pretty good. I began to finger her inner canal, while licking at her clit. This really got her going, then I made it a point to have her watch me suck the juices of her cunt off my finger. I was due for a position change, so I started to rimmm the area around her asshole. This got her moving pretty good, and I got the green light for phase two of my oral delight.

I pulled myself down between her spread legs. Instinctively, she knew what I had in mind. As she lowered her upper body, and got into the doggy position. Her legs spread, exposing a beautiful dancer ass, and puckered wet asshole. I started to kiss her ass, and thought about going right for her hole. But I decided to tease her a bit. I started at the crack of her ass, and ran my tongue slowly up her spine. I find that many women have fine hairs in the small of their back, some running up their spine. Light tongue action can raise these hairs. I find it very erotic feeling these fine hairs raise as my tongue travels over them. From the moans I hear, I can only believe that the effort is "appreciated". I sucked on her back, shoulders, and body sides for a while, always working down to her ass cheeks.

Finally, I ran my tongue down her spine, and instead of stopping at the crack of her ass, I ran it wetly down her crack and rimmed her butthole good. I could tell she liked this, I tried to penetrate her with my tongue and she liked the effort. I raised up, her ass crack was very wet by now, and I fingered her asshole then slowly dove my finger into her Hersey Highway. No negative response from her. At this point, many women say,,,no- no, which I respect, but Susan appreciated the fingering. I began to finger fuck her ass. I got two fingers in her ass....Thinking of possibly dilating her, so I could get uncut gem to cruise in her Hersey Highway. Two fingers were tight, I removed one, then with my other hand, I put two or maybe three fingers up her wet snatch. There I was, her body doggy style in front of me, one finger up her ass, two or three fingers up her snatch. I was fingering pretty good, touching my fingers between the tissues of her snatch and ass. I feel self-conscious about asking women when or whether they cumm during sex, I don't know if some of their answers are true or not. I would say that Susan was multi-orgasmic. In reference to Dawn, who I referred to earlier. Every time she would cumm, she would tell you and thank you....<g>

Time for a position change, I rolled her over onto her back and started to suck on her breasts. Again, 34 or 36B cups, very suckable into the back of my mouth, and her nipples got long and hard as I sucked. Position change again, I got on my back. I asked her what she wanted to do. Fuck me, or if she wanted me to eat her pussy some more. She said, "I want you to eat me"! For an oral person like myself, this was an answer from heaven.

I told her I wanted to 69, she swung her body into position ontop of mine (my favorite position), those dancer thighs around my shoulders, she pressed her snatch to my face, and we got busy. I pulled on her labia, stuck my nose up her snatch, licked and fingered her ass. She inhaled my condom-clad cock, sucked on my balls, and tongued around my ass. I could feel a finger probe my ass, but she evidently backed off, when she found.........

Anyway, she raised up, reached over into the drawer of the nightstand, and pulled out a nice, soft 8 inch long, 2 inch or more diameter dildo and handed it to me. In the 69 position still, with her sucking wildly on my cock, I rubbed the dildo up her snatch, slapped her clit with it, then sunk it deep into her snatch. I started to pump it in and out. She raised herself, smiled, took control of the dildo with her hand, turned her body so she could she what she was doing, and started to pump the dildo within her. I went for her clit and tongued and mouthed her clit and labia as she pumped away. This was quite a sight for me, she was pumping only inches from my "glazed eyes"!

She took the dildo out, and I could see a nice milky white substance pulled from the depths of her snatch, resting on her lips. I sucked this "cumm" and went deep into her snatch for more. She was very, very juicy.....

Just then, the time buzzer in the room went off. Signaling it was time to "wrap things up". Knowing that to screw her, the way I wanted to, would take more time, and I didn't have the money, for another hour on me, I told her to take the condom off and jack me off. She reached over to the night stand for some lotion. (I saw the dildo there, and thought for a moment about both of us "cleaning it off") She lubed me up and started to gently jack me off, I jokingly whispered that this would take about 30 minutes, and she gave me a naughty smile back, and said, "no-no", and proceeded to get busy with her hand. I thought again of rolling her body around, and jacking myself off on her luscious ass, or breasts, or better yet, her red toes,,,then licking my cummm off her flesh....

But I was content where I was, and she had me to the brink, I told her to back off her pumping a bit, and I came. She had my cock pointed towards my face, and I shot, and got a good load of spew into my eye and forehead. I smiled in shock and approval! She pumped some more, but she was concerned about my eye and profusely said how sorry she was. "Hey", I told her, "It was my fault...<g>"! I also told her what a girl in a massage parlor told me many years ago, "that like a painter, you don't do a good job, unless you get the "work" all over yourself"!

I lay in ecstasy, she gave me some Kleenex to clean my eye and forehead. She asked me if it burned, cause cummm burns her eyes....(hmmmm, maybe she would take a facial from me next time I thought?).... She hurriedly got dressed, to go out and get me a warm wet wash cloth to clean myself. I cleaned myself with tissues, and while she was gone, opened the "magic drawer" to the nightstand to see what other toys were in there. Just a plain jane dildo, some batteries, and some condoms.

She returned, handed me the wet cloth and I began to finish my "cleaning". I asked her if she was still dancing, "No", where she had danced, and why she quit, "to take a break from it". She then did something that was unusual. She said she was going to leave the room and I could say good-bye now. I found this very strange. Almost all the girls talk to you while you are getting dressed. They tidy up the room, for the next "guest", etc. I really do like this small talk, I learn a lot about the girls, and I ask them certain things about what we may have done, etc. Sometimes offer to meet them outside of the happy confines of "Hiawatha's Hunting Ground". But no, Susan said she was leaving. I don't remember what I said to her, but her response was, "Do you want cheese with your wine"! This thru me, I admit I am a little "thick" at times, and asked her again, what she meant, she repeated it, then saw that I didn't get it, then told me, nicely I admit, that, "I was whining"......sigh She left the room.

Like I said I do like the casual intimate conversation with the girls while getting dressed. And as you know, most women love to talk, not like most of us guys!...<g> So, I sorta had my feelings hurt with her departure. It was like a light switch was turned off with her feelings toward me. Granted, I seek out "professional women" with the knowledge that I will not be "exactly sweeping them off their feet"! But with Susan, I thought she really did enjoy our brief, but heated encounter. I wanted to ask her about her over-the-knee-boots, her leather items, whether she could meet me outside of Hiawatha's, etc, etc., but it was not to be......

I got dressed, then discovered something else which bummed me out. Looking at my watch, I didn't get the full hour I requested. But they had rang the buzzer at 45 minutes, this peeved me a bit as well. I figure if I pay for an hour, I should get an hour not 45 minutes, and "clean up time". Oh well, if Susan would have taken the time to speak with me afterwards like all the other girls do, I wouldn't have minded about the time, since I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It felt strange leaving the bedroom unescorted. I went into the living room where Susan and another girl were watching a movie on the big screen TV Hiawatha has. I glanced over at Susan she didn't even look back at me, the other girl smiled at me, and said good-bye. I said good-bye back, I don't even know if Susan said anything... I walked to the back door, in the past the girl would always escort you there, tell you good-bye, squeeze you and maybe give you a good-bye kiss, but today, nothing.....I noticed the back bedroom door was shut, and that Dawn was probably in there. How I would love to "watch that"....but as I left I was still bummed about Susan's "tude".

.......dazed and confused...........

Date:27 May 1997 Subject: An old story set in Kansas City, KS

I was thinking the other day about an incident that took place about ten (or fifteen) years ago when Bachelors III was still open in Kansas City, Kansas in the bottom of an office building (or maybe it was a hotel?). Some people I've told this story to don't believe me, but I assure you it's true.

On a Thursday evening, I didn't have anything to do, so I went to B3 to blow some bucks. I was also looking for a dancer who used to work there who looked like Dana Delaney. She had asked me if I'd like to go out with her and had given me a phone number. When I'd called it a man answered and I hung up. I was definitely trying to hook back up with her.

I got there sometime around 10 pm and it was semi busy. I took a seat at a table in front of the stage. The topless nightclubs in those days were known for their lap dances, which where heavy on contact and with most girls, you could run your hands all over their exposed flesh.

I was watching the girl on stage when I heard a disturbance to my left. Two tables away, shapely brunette in a one-piece bathing suit with knee-high boots was shouting at the the two patrons, young men in their early 20's. She left their table with an angry look on her face and as she went by my table, I asked her what was the matter? She replied that the two guys had asked for a lap dance and had only come up with a buck. She asked me if she could dance for me and I said, sure.

The going rate at that time was $5 for a lap dance. I mumbled something and she replied that he'd even tried to touch her pussy and she said that wasn't even included for $5. Semi-jokingly, I asked her how much that was, trying to lighten up the situation. She smiled at me and said it was $10. I returned the smile and boldly questioned what $20 would get me? She said that she'd come back after she finished this dance and let me know. This was intriguiing. I'd stumbled into something quite by accident.

About 20 minutes later she came back. She told me to change tables and go to the a table near the southwest corner of the club (my words, not hers). I finished my drink and found a table against the west wall. A little bit about the layout of the club: When you came in the sole entrance which was on the south side, there was a covered tunnel before you got to the door. When you entered the door, you could see the stage, but not the area to your immediate left. It was elevated and the jukebox was in your way. From up there, you could effectively monitor the door without anyone at the door immediately seeing you.

I received a drink from my new waitress. After 10 more minutes had passed, she came and found me at my new table. She told me that she had planned to ask me to get a room nearby where she'd fuck me, but she couldn't get out of her after-work plans (I believe she had to get home to her kid). I asked her if she could get away for a bit and she said no. She really looked desperate (I know I was!) and thought about it for a minute. She said for $40, I could do her there. I was incredulous! How? She said to wait 5 minutes and go into the bathroom, purchase a condom and put it on. I should then return to my seat and give her the high sign to indicate my readiness. Then she come back to my table, turn around, move the bottom her bathing suit over and do me while appearing to lap dance. I was more than a little nervous about this. People would be watching! She said they'd probably never take their eyes off the stage or their own lap dancers. I was more horny than scared, so I agreed.

I went into the bathroom, purchased a rubber from the machine and went into a stall (I sure as hell wasn't going to do this in the open!). My nervousness was making it difficult to install the condom, but I finally managed, zipped up and returned to my table. Within two minutes, she strolled by and I gave her the sign. She came up to the table and whispered in my ear to zip down when she turned around and put my hand on her thigh when I was ready. She turned and I quickly looked to see if anyone was watching. Thank God! I removed m now-hard member from my briefs, but the condom had rolled nearly off. As I rolled it back down, she whispered, "Hurry!" and I finally had things ready. I grabbed the side of her right thigh and she started to sit on my lap and reached to pull her bathing suit aside. She told me to guide it in and I complied. I felt the et warmth of her pussy as my penis was fully inserted. She began a back-and-forth rocking motion, which wasn't ideal, but anything else might've been too obvious. I reached around and massaged her breasts while she was moving. I tried to move with her, but she said to let her handle the motions. I started to close my eyes, then realized that might not be such a good idea. The song was over and she asked me if I was done yet. I replied no and she said something along the line of "Please hurry". I reached down and ran my palms across the top of her bare thighs and kissed her freckled back. I felt my balls begin to tingle in preparation for my climax. I moved my hands to her hips and felt the waves of pleasure wash over me as I spewed my goo into the condom. I whispered to her that I'd cum and she slowly disengaged. My right hand went to my crotch to re-harness myself and zip up. I noticed that her slit had worked up a nice gleam from her own wetness. I knew she'd have to go cleanup as I would, before things became noticeable on her clothing. I paid her discreetly and left to go clean up shortly after she did.

I returned to B3 a week later, but I was told she no longer worked there. i was hoping to make some kind of arrangement to see her outside the club, but it was not meant to be. This was the first time I had a sexual experience with a topless dancer, but it was not to be the last (I even had two in-the-club experiences)! Unfortunately, many of those clubs are closed and the rest are wary of losing their licenses, so this kind of activity is probably no longer possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did recalling and relating it! Happy hunting!

Date: 10 Sep 1997 Subject: Kansas City, MO

I recently had the following experience through the Pitch (local free newspaper) want ads that were instructive to me. This is Late summer 1979.

There are a number of agencies that take $175 off the top, split with the girl probably 50/50, and you get basic service, which is a rub down. These were ads under the "full-service" escort class but the full-service goes up to an additional "tip" for however full you want. Not the greatest of arrangements. The girl I was with was late teens, pretty chaste, and hard working for a hand job.

The other adds seem to be for independents which have worked out much better. $200 brings the whole package, incall, full service, everything. The women seem much more professional and willing to spend the time for the money. I felt greatly appreciated.

Point is, discernment needs to be exercised to get the best "bang for the buck", so to speak... And there seems to be some great people out there. My question is, how long does it usually take to arrange these things??? Its not like dropping by the lounge! First a phone call to a pager, then the call back, then a second call to confirm, etc., etc.

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