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Johannesburg, South Africa

Subject: Scene in South Africa
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 21:43:06 UTC

The prostitution scene is very active here. It appears that the police
don't have the resources to combat it. Johannesburg newspapers like
the Star or Citizen have about a full page of adverts for Massage,
Escorts and Personal services.

Many of these are girls working from a flat or home. Some are in
fairly high income areas. Most of these girls work with 1 to 3
companions.  Prices range from SAR150 to SAR 350 ($1 US = SAR
3.65). Full-house is BJ + sex. Anal sex is called Greek here, so look
for adverts that say "A Greek lady..." etc.

There are at least 4 Brothels that I know of. Entrance varies from SAR50 to
At places that cost more than SAR100, expect free drinks and snacks - one
place even has buffet lunch all day. Most of these places have 5 - 25
Prices range from SAR300 to SAR500, depending on what you want. Threesomes
can be had for SAR500. All screwing is with condom, most BJ's are with
condom. Some of these establishments also offer one-man shows by ladies with
toys, also lesbian shows.

DON'T pick up street-walkers in Hillbrow or Joubert Park. Unreleased, but
official stats put HIV infection at about 25%. If you are white, stay out of
these areas, even in the day, or go in force (a group of about 6 should be
all right).

If you need any more info, please contact me.

Almost forgot. There are all nationalities available Thai, Russian,
Bulgarian, British, South African (English, Afrikaans, and Black).

Subject: Quirinale Hotel, Johannesburg Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 12:11:16 GMT Whatever happened to the Quirinale Hotel, in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa? I visited it in 1990, and it was a most interesting place.
JOHANNESBURG The scene here seems to be getting hotter all the time, but the quality of most services is very high. Again, both daily newspapers carry a full list of services. Keep well away from down-town area, especially at night, when it is not safe to drive around. Keep your car doors locked at all times, especially when you are approaching or stopping at "robots". The better areas around Sandton and Rosebank, where most of the new office centres and hotels are situated, is your best, and safest bet. Many "outcall" services are available, and for about SAR 300 ($70), a girl of your choice will come to your hotel for about two hours. In that time, you can have one, or if you're lucky, two "full houses" included in the price. There are three "houses" worth a particular mention:- ORIENTAL PALACE Engen Garage 12th Avenue at Rivonia Road Tel: 011 807 1114-5 This is a Thai Restaurant downstairs, and serves excellent Thai food at very reasonable prices. There is no entrance charge, and you need only go for a nice dinner if that is all you wish. However, the advantage over most other Thai restaurants is that all the waitresses are available to take to the massage parlour upstairs for an hour or two!! During your meal, you can watch and talk to the waitresses, and if you wish ask one to join you for a drink or something to eat. You can spend as long as you like with the girls during dinner, and there is no hassle to do anything more. Should you wish, after dinner you can select your waitress and take her upstairs for an excellen massage, full house, fun conversation, and whatever else you like .... for an all-inclusive fee of SAR300 ($70). The girls are all, without exception, stunning young Thais, who speak excellent English, and know how to give great massage. Should you wish to dispense with dinner and drinks, you can enter immediately the upstairs massage parlour and select your girl from about 15 or 20 bikini-clad girls, all Thais aging from 18 to 28. Enjoy! MASSAGE CITY Corlett City Louis Botha Avenue and Corlett Drive Tel: 001-885 1117 - 8 A respectable and safe massage parlour, with about six different "fantasy rooms" ... a mirror room, a doctor's examination room, a bondage room, etc ..... Eight to ten girls, some exceptionally beautiful, aged 20 - 30. Try to get a Bulgarian girl, they are very good at their job, and really seem to enjoy spending time with the clients. One hour, all inclusive, will cost you SAR360 ($80). Finally, there is a new "Gentleman's Club" recently opened on the corner of 11th Avenue and Oxford Road, close to the Hyatt Hotel. There you can pay SAR100 entrance and watch a strip show, whilst enjoying a complimentary buffet and drinks. About 10 - 15 girls are available to sit and talk to, at no extra charge. If you wish, you can take a girl to one of the very nicely decorated bedrooms, for SAR350 ($80) for an hour. They have a special "first timers" offer, for those really horny guys: for SAR 1,000 ($230) you can spend all evening there, and select up to six different girls, for 20 minutes each, .... so long as you don't have to be up early next day. Enjoy South Africa.
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 11:00:17 -0800 Subject: South African Site There is a large South Africa site dedicated to a subject close to heart. It contains on Home Pages of a selection of Johannesburg area "clubs" (prostitution being illegal in South Africa brothels are referred to as "Entertainment Clubs") and Home Pages of a number of "Working Girls". Most of the access is free. It seems that under the new and confused legislature and lack of enforcement of any kind South Africa is currently enjoying a period of "free for all" activity. As in all cases service ranges from abominable to superb. Prices, mainly due to competion, are very reasonable (especially to the well off elite who certainly keep our establishments busy). Prices range from R 250.00 ($55.00) line up option to R600.00 ($133.00) for up to 2 hours of multiple full house encounters. The prices mentioned are at a very reputable "Club" - "The Blue Orchid". Many Johannesburg clubs employ oriental girls, so if that is your thing the choice is here. There are also many East European girls so if you shop around you can end up with a young girl that looks like Tanya from Private video movies. In collusion - visitors to South Africa - enjoy!
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 00:37:21 -0400 Johannesburg The Rand is in the toilet (about 4.65 to the US $) and bargains abound. The Star newspaper contains ads that offer full service for arounf R180 and even two ladies for R250. I decided to move upmarket a little and went to the Ranch in Rivonia. Previous posters have detailed the place, so I will update prices and such. Any taxi driver will take you there, and the advantages over the independents etc. detailed in the Star are safety and selection. It will cost you R200 -250 just to get in the door. That gets you a free bar (no fancy 'name' brands, local gin/vodka/beer only) a buffet featuring the finest(?) South African food and big screen TV's. You can stay as long as you like, as long as you don't get nasty on the 'free' booze. I went on a Friday afternoon, and there were about 20 young ladies present. Age ranged from 18-30 and rated 6-10's. There are two flat rates 350 and 450 and the ladies will gravitate you towards the 450 offering. For this you get a shower, jacuzzi and massage (mine was great) and a very acceptable fuck and suck combo. All in all about an hour. Total out of pocket was therefore R650 or about $140 US. Yes, you can get fucked for a lot less in Jo'burg, but you can also get fucked over. This place is everything a 90's whorehouse should be. A lot of the girls are Russian/Ukranian/Bulgarian, with a sprinkling of Thais and black south Africans. Note that a lot of the photos from the Ranch (and other places) at the site are out of date, neither of the ladies I was with was on the site, and I couldn't find one from the site that was still there. Personal recommendations: Natasha and Natalia.

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