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Jessup, Maryland

Subject: Rainbow Spa in Jessup, MD

In the summer of 1997, I visited Rainbow Spa 4 times.  It is located just
off the intersection of Rt32 and Rt1 in Jessup, MD.  My experience all
four times was the same.  I would highly recommend the place.

Call first, otherwise you might have to wait.  When you get there, an old
woman greets you at the door.  It is $40 for half hour and $60 for an
hour.  I always paid for the hour.  The old woman takes you into a room
and tells you to undress and put on a towel.  Unless you specifically
request someone when you call, you do not get to pick the girl.  All the
girls there are Korean.  They are generally in their late 20s to early 30s
and are on the whole attractive.  The girl comes in and tells you to leave
your stuff and leads to a table shower.  There she gives you a body
shampoo.  The first time I was there, I knew I had found a good place when
the girl soaped up my cock and asshole and really cleaned that area.

After the body shampoo, the girl asks if you would like to dry off in the
sauna.  Otherwise, she towel dries you.  The girl takes you back to the
room where you left your stuff.  The girl proceeds to give you a massage.
Sometimes, they really get into it and crack your joints and stuff and
give you a really hard massage.  I don't really like that.

But what comes next is the good part.  The girl asks if you would like
anything else.  A $100 tip will usually get you full service.  The girl
takes off her clothes, asks you to lay down on your stomach and proceeds
to rub her tits on your back and butt.  Then the girl will lick your
asshole and start jacking you off.  After this, the girl will give you a
blowjob without a condom.  If you haven't blown your wad by then, the girl
will put on a condom and fuck you any way you like.

Usually all this lasts about an hour and a half.  The girls are friendly
and don't rush you thru.  The girls on the whole are only decent but the
service at Rainbow Spa is what I would recommend.

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