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Jakarta, Indonesia

Subject: some places I know in Indonesia Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996

North Sumatra:

Medan. Go to the Fairgrounds and look for a small restaurant called Rindu. Tell the owner you would like to go upstairs to have some fun.

South Sumatra:

Lampung. Try Princess or Select. You can't do it there so take her to Gemini, whre they rent rooms. Get the first one on the left, (forgot the number) and you can watch yourself in the mirrors on the ceiling and around the bed.


Jakarta: The Mangga Besar area and blok M, hotel Interhouse a.k.a. Intercourse among expats. Less known but super, the Pangeran Jayakarta area like in Ginza and adjoining clubs.

Bandung: Jl Saritem and some massage-parlours not far from there. When staying in hotel Selecta Permai, just go in front of the hotel at about 10.00 p.m. and you can make your choice.

Surabaya. The Dolly area.

Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996

Bali, Indonesia, has a great scene with beautiful women at all prices. Seems nowadays in all the upscale clubs north of Kuta (Double Six, Gado-Gado) the hottest chicks are for sale. YOu have to woo them a little and then negotiate 50-200. Many of my friends swear by it. I have never done it but I haave certainly seen the girls -- knockouts with class.

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996

[A] person I met lived in Singapore and told me that his favorite place to go in the region was not Thailand, not the Philippines, but was in fact Jakarta, Indonesia. He said it was very easy to meet women in the discos. That these women were for the most part of amateur status - who came out only a few times a month to earn a little extra pay. Many speak English and he has become friends with a number of them. Places to meet them are Tan Amour disco and two after hour places - Tambourin and a MacDonalds very near by. These 2 places were best visited after 3AM. A hotel that he recommended was the Marco Polo - not cheap ($50 per night), but it allows girls. Hopefully, I will make it here in the near future and I will report back.

Date: September 21, 1996

The Sydney Morning Herald had an article about the government run red light district in Jakarta today.

Officially, prostitution is illegal and the girls in the red light district are in "rehabilitation". However, everyone knows that it is in fact a magnet for working women. To work in the brothel, one has to be divorced and have worked in the sex industry before. Work conditions are safe and clean, with regular health checks.

The girls earn about 10-20 times that of an unskilled factory worker: between $1000-$2000 per month. Prices for customers start at $27.

The red light district is located in Kramat Tunggak and has existed there since 1972.

Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 Subject: Jakarta Indonesia Trip Report

Went to Jakarta the other day and wanted to file a trip report.

BATS disco at the Shangri-La Hotel is a pretty happening place. Lots of pretty Indonesian women charging around 100,000 Rp ($90USD) for an all night. Dressed very nicely and good command of English. Nice bar as well with good American band the night I was there.

Also went to Tannema (spelling?) area and visited M club and JJs. Both were loaded with low rate young Indonesian women. I went on a Thursday night and the ratio had to have been 10 women for every guy. English speaking skills varied dramatically and women were all jeans and sandals.

I have also heard good things about the Top Gun disco in Jakarta.

Happy Hunting!

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 Subject: indonesia info


The guy who had been to the BATS nightclub in Jakarta and claimed that 100.000 rupiahs equals $ 90 must either be crazy or Singaporean. The latest exchange rate is roughly 1 USD = 2.430 IDR, so 100.000 should be about USD 40. On the other hand, if he meant Singaporean dollars, it makes sense - but not to the readers...

Banker, not bonker

Subject: (ASP) Jakarta motels for having sex Date: 21 Jun 1997

As an American computer consultant, I traveled all around most asian countries, and Indonesian housewives are the most erotic fun loving creatures I have ever tasted for sex. They really know how to please and serve a man sexually. Altho they are eager to have sex with some foreigners, they will surely refuse of having sex in your hotel room, as to prevent of public exposure. You will have to look for some motels or inns. Don't worry, they are scattered all around Jakarta. For a double bed mirrored room, their rates are consider much cheaper compare to regular four stars hotels, with the same luxuries and services you can get. Rates are in the range of $20 to $30 for a 6 hours stay.

Just park your company car in any available empty garage, and close its rolling door. You are now isolated from the rest of the world. There will be a stairway to the bedroom directly from the garage. Once you got there, the receptionist will call you by the inhouse phone and ask you whatever foods and drinks you would like to order. They will serve you through a "ticket window" , or you can let the bellboy enter the room, but this is very unlikely for the lady, as they wanna be anonymous. You pay the bill and the room fee right away, to the bellboy, and get your receipt as Mr Anonymous or Mr. X . No questions asked. Before your 6 hours ended, the receptionist will call you back, to wake you up, and asking you whether you're going to extend for another 6 hours. But most housewives will urge home after the first 6 hours, preventing their husbands getting suspicious .

I like someone's wife better than prostitutes, or working women, as they are clean, honest, and as I said before, they really know how to please and serve a man, and they do it willingly, with all their heart. Not to mention that they are very cooperative. Best of all they are free, and doing it for their own fantasy fulfilment and fun. Just ask her for any style you wanna f*ck her, but don't be pushy. Blowjobs are very common for Indonesian housewives. One of the best blowjob I've ever experienced, was from an Indonesian housewife I met here in the internet, she did for hours, and swallowed my cum. I took some pictures of her, but haven't got her permission to show them to the public. Best regards to all !

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 Subject: Jakarta/Indonesia

Just a short note to inform all residents in / visitors to Jakarta about a place I visited last week. It is on the 6th floor of the Melawei Hotel. Massage parlour with full service. Unprotected bj plus full contact. You first sit in the bar, have a drink and watch the girls go/dance by and take your pick. It is quite dark so have to look close. Quite a number of more volouptious(?) types but also some pretty ones.About 50 are on one of the 2 shifts.Open from 10am to 12pm. Cost = ~ 120.000 to rups or US 40. Girls are pleasent, give you time for selection and are not aggresive.Politely reject one, no problem.Session lasts about an hour. Basic facilities but clean. The girl serving me was eager to please, open for request and did not push. Enough said. Recommended. Give it a try. regards.

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 Subject: Indonesia


WHAT A CITY, Not as raunchy as Bangkok a lot more discet.The girls are very friendly, easy to meet girls in the shopping cetres or even Macdonalds. they are happy to talk to you and if you are patient can give you a good time.The students all want to practice their English and are very HOT.Here's a quick tour-

BLOK M SOUTH JAKARTA Popular late night pick up area for expats.Most of the girls speak English.Ask the Taxi for The Sportsman Bar, popular meeting place pub no girls there though but across the road is TOP GUN a smoky crowded bar with beer, billiards and a large selection of girls,from 16 to 40. Very friendy, available for Rp 100,000 for the night to take to your hotel. Further up the road is OSCARS a lively pub with a band and plenty of girls, all available same as Top Gun they are friendly and want to meet you, happy to dance to come to your place someimes not asking for money but make sure you put some money in their backpocket! 50.000 to 80.000. The highlight of Blok M is the HOTEL TAMBORA which is Jakartas version of Bangkoks Thame. Does not open till very late and by one in the morning is packed. The girls always outnumber the men 10 to 1.You will find girls from 15 to 40 all keen at 60.000 to 100.000 for the night. Very safe area no hassels except for the taxis but they are OK.

NORTH JAKARTA KRAMMAT TUNGGAH Located away from the city about 30 mins by taxi near the port. A huge complex of brothels with very loud music and more than two thousand girls.It is worth a look but do not go alone go with some big friends! It is a huge collections of pubs/dangdut with very loud music. Each full of girls.You will see some of the most beatuful sweet girls, most are new to jakarta so do not soeak English. the area closes at midnight and is controled by the army. A thriveing business. The girls live there and will take you to their room. You will pay 30.000 for a short time , but beware there will be touts asking for more money. Do not pay more than an extra 10.000..

ANCOL HAI LAI DISCO check the girls in the showroom, this is the top end of the market. The girls are mainly chinese this is a popular spot for the wealthy chinese men who pay up 500.000 for the girl for the night to dance and take away. Also has Russian girls .

MANGGA BESAR This is the centre of the local nightlife in the heart of the old Kota area.For most of the girls you will be the first foreigner they have met. The road is packed with discos, kareoke and massage. For massage check HALLOW MAS nice girls, clean rooms, full service for 50.000 for the girl and 20.000 for the room. Late at night many street walkers. LOKASARI PLAZZA, a shopping plaza half way along Mannga Besar.On the first floor through the car park is a super country western bar which is open from midday onwards. TODAY COUNTRY { now changed to a new name but known by the old name}Packed with girls after school looking to make some extra money to buy fashion clothes. Has rooms available for 20.000 and the girl will charge 100.000. There are also many girls waiting outside to be taken away. Infront of Lokasari Plazza is ATLANTA DISCO good looking girls . Good clean rooms upstairs at 130.000 for the girl and room. Many chinese girls here. Round the corner check this pub called MINTANG MARA next to neptune disco. This pub is another themae, it is packed with girls from midday till midnight. Very friendly, no hassels the Mamasan will find you the girl you like or just have a drink and take your time, you will find a large selection. They are always coming and going. Once again there are rooms upstairs for 20.000 and the will want 100.000. There are some good looking young chinese girls here.

PANGERAN JAYAKATRA nearby to Mangga Besar, near the hotel Mecure is an area called PECAKULIT a collection of pubs , Dangdut [ indonesian Live Music]. Plenty of nice girls and cheapper then Mangga Besar, average rooms for 15.000 and 50.000 for the girl.

HAYAM WURUK Near ther corner with Mangga Besar there is an area full of massage parlours and discos, once agein hundreds of girls ,caters to the locals. Some of the massage parlour have a showroom at others you pick the girl from a collection of photos, just check that the girl looks the same.Rooms at 20.000 and 80.000 for the girl for one hour. some will give you a bath others straight to it. JAYAKARTA HOTEL,In the surrrounding roads you will find many Discos where you watch the girls dance and take your pick. Just beware the lights are very dim, so have a good look. Some are very sweet and stunning. There are usually rooms upstairs. RThe girls will expect the standard 100.000 plus the cost of the room for an hour.

TANAMORE DISCO, well known disco, huge very busy, popular with friegners, most of the girls here speak English.Of course the best ones are always the new ones. At the back of the disco are many girls waiting to be chatted up. There are so many you will find your taste be it from very young to the well experianced. They will expect 100.000 to 150.000 for the night. Next door id JJs bar another meeting place.

JALAN THAMARIN, MACDONALDS, yes macdonals just have a burger and wait to be chatted up. Late at night around 3 in the morning many girls from the Kareoke bars looking for a guy for the night.

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 Subject: Indonesia

BALI SANUR a popular tourist resort beach with many expensive hotels, quieter than Kuta but a lot more sexy. There is an area of many brothels not far from the expensive hotels but catering to the locals. Quiet streets and laid back, ask a taxi for 27 X most of the brothels are identified by a number followed by an X. This is local style, some are very basic, some of the girls look a bit rough but if you walk around you can find one or 2 beautiful girls. You pay 30.000 for the girl and perhaps 5.000 for the room. At the other end of Sanur is a large disco I forget the name like Jangles, plenty of girls waiting just inside to be picked up at 1000.000 for the night. Some are students making extra money others are from Surabaya, the Balinese girls are not involved in the sex trade.

YOGJARKARTA A wonderful laid back city in central jawa famous for temples. Also has a brothel area oposite the railway station

SOLO A small quiet laidback town, just out of town you will find a whole Village of Brothels, I do not know the name but it is selfcontained with shops and food stalls. A criss cross of walkways with a selection of hundreds of girls most fresh froma village. The rooms are basic and the girls shy, good value at 20.000 To get there you can take a peddalpowered rickshaw. You will be peddeled there in 15 minutes. What a pleasure, a bit more peaceful than Jakarta.

SEMERANG Oposite the hotel ciputra is a shopping centre. on the top floor is a cafe/ bar with live music. Late at night you will meet many girls there.

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997


MANGGA BESAR in the heart of kota head to LOKASARI PLAZZA on the second floor in the car park is TODAY COUNTRY but now with an Indonesian name but still known by its old name. Head there mid / late afternoon. packed with high school girls, looking for fun and pocket money. The room cost 35.000 RP and the girls expect 100.000 and it is wise to give the Mamasan 10.000 which means next time she will look after you. Round the corner oposite what used to be the NEPTUNE but is now closed is another bar with some very inocent girls! 150.000 for the room and girl. Or next to the Neptune is a pub packed with all types of girls. many chinese with rooms upstairs open from midday till midnight.Have fun. One tip the girls in Indonesia have no experience of AIDS so are suprised if you show them a Condom. They also really enjoy sex. You will most likely be the first westerner they will have been with. And they also all want to give you their phone number. HAVE FUN.

Subject: Jakarta Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997

Just thought I would send you some info on Jakarta.

Early eveining.

Hard Rock Cafe. Good bar with happy hour from 17.00 to 20.00. Live music from around 22.00. Lots of hookers / good time girls who may need some schmoozing (though some do not). A good place to go early on as most bars do not get going till late. Busiy most nights of the week, but more so on weekends. Girls may ask for approx USD 100 for the night, but this is excessive unless you are obviously in town for a short time. With the devaluation of the Rupiah you should get away with USD 30 to 70.

Middle Evening

BATS (Bar at the Shangri La). 5 star hotel with prices to match. Crowded with good music, and a fair number of hookers around the bar, most of which are very tasty. They are looing for the hotle business crowd and will charge prices to match. Worth it for a special occasion.

O'Rilley's. (Hyatt Hotel). Similar to above, though smaller.

Blok M

Blok M is an area with numerous bars. Any taxi driver will know it. If he claims not to, take another taxi. Fairly close to the centre of town.

The Sportsman's Bar and Grill actually has no hookers, but good sports coverage if there is a match you want to catch.

Pentagon. Disco with a few expats. Some tasty young girls, especially after 1 am when some of the Karaoke bars where they work as hostesses close. Pay USD 30 - 50 for the night.

Oscars. Popular with expats and their local lady friends. Approx 90% hookers of varying shapes & sizes. Loud and very bad band. Prices same as Pentagon.

Tambora. The grandmother of all discos. Hookers make up 100% of the clientelle, from 15 to 55 years old. After 2 pm the other bars in the area close and Tambora fills up. Similar prices with room available upstairs. Beware of taking a taxi directly outside as you may be ripped off, or very very occasionally robbed. Better to turn left and walk 200 m to the main road. No entry charge, open to about 5 pm.

Late Night

JJs and Tanamour are oocated centrally but don't bother going before 12 midnight as you will be on your own.

Tanamour. Very famous disco. Entry charge of Rp. 15.000 / 20.000 gets you a drink. Loud house music and very crowded, but some of the tastiest hookers (about 80% of women present) in Jakarta, all of whom will speak good english. Beware trans sexuals (unless you are into that).The upstairs is almost exclusively gay. Maybe more expensive the Blok M currently about USD 50 average, but this will go up due to the USD dollar's appreciation against the Rupiah. Excellent quality.

JJ's. MOre laid back version of Tanamour, more of a bar with a small dance floor and outside sitting area. Fewer hookers, about 50%, but you should soon se who they are. After Tanamour closes (2pm, 3pm on weekends) the residual hookers will come into JJ's. Open till 5.30 am, but you would be advised to score early.

Others. Actually Jakarta is full of hookers and bars, but those noted above are the most popular for expats. In the others the girls are unlikely to speak english.

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 Subject: Comments about Jakarta, Indonesia

The falling rupiah has made Jakarta a real bargain as of Jan. 1998, with rates leveling at 8,000 or so per dollar at one point. Where it'll go from here is anyone's guess, but it has made massages (panti pijats) a real bargain.

Other messages have covered a lot of the basics, so I won't repeat all that. A good place to go looking is Jalan Mangga Besar in the Kota area. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to Loksari Plaza on Jalan Mangga Besar and get out at the McDonald's and walk around. (I don't like tipping taxi drivers off that I'm looking for a massage because then, often, they get excited and won't let loose of you until they've taken you to a favored place that pays them commission (and charges you much more.))

The side roads to Jalan Mangga Besar around the Loksari area seem especially rich in places -- look for panti pijat in the sign. I tried Pijat Patra on one of these (across from Pijat Libra; both have big, lighted signs).

This seemed to be toward the lower end of the price scale. In this type of place the house charges only for the room (rp. 12,000 an hour) and you pick the girl from the pictures at the desk. Amazing what those portrait studios can do to make the girls look good -- sometimes you'll wonder if what you get is what you picked (at this place, at least, it was). You can send her back if you want, but often the best performers aren't the top lookers.

The room, like many, is really just a small cube with high walls and an adjoining shower. Massage skills of the girl really vary.

One problem, though, is the girls don't speak much English, somtimes none. They don't see that many foreigners. A few words of Bahasa would help, or, if money needs to be negotiated, writing down with pen and paper is one option. Or the girl will just go ahead with the special services and expect to be paid a reasonable amount. The one I got at Pijat Patra did this -- a very good half n' half with condom.

(Best to bring your own rubber -- the ones they use are sized for Asians, which is uncomfortably small if your member is above average or even average-sized. Getting American condoms in Jakarta or other Asian capitals is difficult at best, sometimes impossible.)

The room cost rp. 12,000 for the hour and I paid the girl rp. 80,000, which she seemed well satisfied with. I probably paid too much, but it worked out to only about US $11 total at the depressed exchange rate of the time.

Other houses will want you to pay everything upfront, girl's share included. Because there's a variety of classes of rooms (cubes) and looks/skills with the girls, it's best to have a complete look around first. Lower-end places are more or less glorified fronts for short-time brothels, though you may well get a good massage out of it as well. Higher-end places have nicer rooms, younger girls and higher prices, but the bottom line's the same.

Closing hours seem to be pretty early, though -- I saw lights going out all around at 10 p.m. on a weeknight. Overall it can be good value for the money, but quality among the places varies. And it's not set up to cater to foreigners like Bangkok, so expect to do a little work on the communicating if you speak little or no Bahasa.

On another front, Tanamur disco is still going, business as usual. They were charging rp. 15,000 cover on a weeknight (more on weekends, I'm sure), which includes a drink (normally priced at rp. 14,000-21,000 or so). Not terribly cheap, but you still come out ahead at $2 or $3 a drink thanks to the exchange rates (before the rupiah tumbled out of sight, prices could be double that).

Plenty of girls there on the make, with crowds building between 10:30 and midnight or so. Maybe two or three girls per guy on this night. Some were really shapely and cute, but all looked a bit too dolled and professional for me. All the smoking was a turn-off as well. If the girl's English is good, it's a clue she's no amateur, but I noticed that some groups of girls would bring a friend (mamasan?) along who could speak English and do the talking -- as in, "You want woman tonight?" Guys there were mostly expats, on business or otherwise.

Taxis in and out of the disco areas like Tanamur can be a real hassle after 10:30 or so. They won't want to use their meter and will really get greedy if you have a girl in tow.

Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 Subject: Jakarta, Indonesia

I just returned from a trip to Jakarta Indonesia and was able to find some truly wonderful girls there. They are extremely attractive, are very willing, plentiful and cheap.

My activities centered around the Grand Hyatt Hotel and a strip of bars down the street on a road called Jalan Blora. I would walk down to Jalan Blora around 9 pm each night and visit the bars there. The bars there don't open until 6 pm or so, so I don't think there is much daytime activity. They stay open until 1am on weekdays and 2pm on Friday and Saturday. There are loads of freelancers, both in the bars and out on the street and a few pimps hanging around. The pimps and mamasans always ask for a tip (usually Rp 50,000) but I managed to avoid this tip on 2 of the 3 times I fucked girls.

When you buy a girl in Jakarta its for as long as you want her. You can fuck her as many times as you want and just send her home when you're tired. None of the girls require condoms.

One guy offered me a girl for Rp 150,000 (about US$20 a the time). I went in a taxi and he drove me to a residential area nearby. I went to two location where they had girls. I picked this one girl, paid her pimp the Rp 150,000, and went back to my hotel. We fucked twice over the next couple of hours and was very friendly. There were no restrictions to the type or amount of sex you could have with her. She sucked me off, I ate her pussy and we fucked. and she never asked for anything extra.

In addition to the girls on Jalan Blora, there are a number of Mama sans hanging around the Grand Hyatt and Oriental Mandarin hotels. One mama san set me up with a nice young 17 year old and we went to a fuck hotel which cost me another Rp 50,000. She didn't speak any English and she barely had hair on her pussy and was pretty reserved. She had really nice firm tits and a nice small ass and tight pussy. For the most part, she wouldn't take any initiative like the other girl. She'd pretty much let you do what you want but you had to make the moves. Mostly, I just fucked her and ate her pussy. She didn't offer head and I felt it would have been too much work to get her to do it. I paid through the nose for here ($100) but I think I could of had her for $50 if I negotiated more.

The third girl I had on my visit I got through a different mamasan outside the Grand Hyatt. She took me to a house in the Glodok area of Jakarta. They had about 15 girls there to pick from. I picked out a nice 19 year old and we went to a local fuck hotel. Again, the girl would let you do your thing and would not ever try to rush you or prevent you from doing whatever you wanted. It cost me Rp 200,000 for this girl and another Rp 30,000 for the room at the hotel.

I'm going back to Jakarta in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to those Indonesian girls.

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 Subject: Indonesia - Jakarta

Dear Atta,

I recently visited Jakarta. Reading through your entry on Jakarta I decided to try out the Hotel Malawi - next to the Malawi Shopping Centre (any taxi knows it). On the 6th floor is one hell of a paradise. With the economic problems in Asia, the cost of a fuck, suck most things go is between US$15 -20. It is quite possible to get two or more girls. Nothing is hurried and it is very relaxed. I took one girl- fucked her once and she sucked me until I came after about 35 minutes. No extra charge. The room costs about $ 2. The mamasan is also available and likes some attention - even if you aren't going to fuck her. She is good at selecting girls if you tell her what you are looking for - they are all on display, but the room is quite dark and it is sometimes difficult to make the little angels out !! The girls are quite young 17 - 25 in all shapes and sizes, almost all are good looking. It is an excellent place to fuck and comes with my highest recomendation.

On the subject of the Malawi Hotel - it is quite a convenient place to stay - a kind of onsite knocking shop !! The cost of a single / double room is less than US $ 20 with the present currency advantage.

Street girls are also good in Jakarta, and many are quite young.

I cant wait to get back to Jakarta.

Happy fucking !

Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 Subject: Massage Parlours in Jakarta, Indonesia

The downturn in the economic situation in Indonesia has curiously seen a mushrooming growth of massage parlours across Jakarta within the past one year. While all these parlours offer "traditional massage" some of them go a little further. Here are two that are worth a visit:

1. Mitra Sehat, Pondok Indah Plaza, Jakarta. The place is clean, and has three floors of massage cubicles, each separated by curtains. The girls are generally young (20-25), speak only a little English, but are very friendly. You take off all your clothes and lie on your belly and they give you a fairly professional, and sensuous massage, allowing their bodies to touch yours. Most of them don't mind if you carress their thighs and legs, but some might even offer to do a hand job. The fees are reasonable: Rp. 30,000 (US$ 3.00) for one hour and tip is upto you. The hand job might cost upto Rp. 100,000. The place is very clean and safe.

2. Komi (Just behind Golden Truly supermarket in Fatmawati): More organised and adventurous than Mitra Sehat. You get a locker key and a gown, so you leave your valuables and clothes safely downstairs before going up to the first floor for regular room or 2nd floor for VIP rooms. The difference between the roooms is only marginal. She first gives you a professional massage, and might resist attempts to touch her in the first hour. But the next half hour, possiblities open up. They let you feel them up, kiss, suck their tits, and are willing to give you a hand job. Probably some might even go the full extent, but I have not yet found one. Girls are generally young and speak only a little English. Price for the room is Rp. 35,000 for the standard room and Rp. 45,000 per hour for the VIP room. Tips upto Rp30,000 are OK for upto a hand job.

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