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Jackson, Michigan

Date: Tuesday, 03 December, 1996 14:10

This is my first report.  I really like the [ASP] at the beginning of
legitimate posts.  I only read posts that begin [ASP].

Jackson Michigan RIPP OFFFF

I often drive past Jackson Michigan on I-94, going between Chicago and
Detroit, and I always see the billboard signs that advertise Spas or
Massage Parlors.  They are Island Spa, Sun Spa, and Oriental Spa.
Finally the advertising got the best of me, and I stopped.

Clue number 1.  Advertising on billboards by the highway is not a way
to sell full service sex.

I visited each of the three spas to see the layout and the women.   At
the Oriental, on the far east end of town, I was met at the door by an
older women in working girl attire.  I mean about 60 years old - and
she was still a working girl.  WOW.  She's Korean, and I like Korean
women, but not this old.  Asian ladies do not show their age, and when
they look old, they are very old.  Also, the place was dirty, so I left.

I next stopped at Island Spa, an old large victorian house on the south
side of Business 94, also east of downtown, but in the downtown area.
The woman who opened the door was knock down gorgeous. Unbelievably young
and beautiful.  I asked if there was a choice of attendants, and another,
equally beautiful person showed up.  I just couldn't get over the beauty,
but alas, they were young, and in my experience, young girls just go
through the motions.  They don't know how to show a man a good time, so I
left.  I was quivering at the thought of these beautiful women.

Last stop, Sun Spa, a little farther east than Island, but very close by,
on the north side of Business 94.  Here I was met by an average
looking Korean woman, 30 to 35 years old, but very sexy.  Only
drawback was the silicone, but I'm getting more used to that.
Whatever happened to God's given breasts?  This woman gave the
same prices as the others, which are pretty standard for Asian massage
parlors in the midwest. $60.00 one hour (includes shower table) or
$40.00 for half hour.  I always take the hour because I like the shower
table, I smell better after a bath, and it allows me to make small talk
with the attendant.

Clue number 2.  The table shower was so-so.  She didn't wash my privates.
There was no effort to get me excited.  The conversation was OK, but no

Clue number 3.  I had to dry myself off.  She gave me a towel,
sent me into the sauna, and told me to come out when I was dry.
I started to feel I was in trouble - no sex would be in the offering.

We went to the massage room, a very nice room, clean, large,
well appointed, and I started to feel better about the place.  I
laid on my stomach, as usual, and she very softly rubbed my back
and inner thighs.  Things were turning my way.  I reached down
and put my hand between her legs, and started to massage her inner
thighs.  At this clue from me, she asked me to turn over and asked
if I wanted anything else.  GOOD sign.

I said "Yes."

"That will cost more." she replied.  "How much did you have in mind,
and what do you want?"

I replied I was ready to spend "$100.00 for everything," also the
going rate at Asian Spas in the midwest, and she jumped back.  "I
don't do that.  This is not a cheap place.  If you want sex, you'll have
to try the place across the street [Island Spa].  Maybe they do that."
During this reply, she acted incredulous, raised her voice, was
lecturing me, and let me know she didn't want my business.  As soon
as she was done lecturing me, she returned to the massage table, began
to run her hand over my stomach and inner thighs in a very suggestive
manner, and said that for $100.00 she said "I will take off my dress
and make you very happy."  I asked her what she meant, and she
said she'd get me off with her hand for $100.00.  If I wanted her to
stay dressed while she got me off, she'd only charge me $80.00.
I told her $80.00 was too much for a hand job - would she take less?
Again, she jumped back and told me that her place is not a cheap
place.  Remember, this is an average looking woman.  Maybe she
wanted me to pay for the silicone - I'm not sure.  By now, I was
tired of the lecturing, and I was very turned off.  After her attitude,
it would take a lot for me to get turned on.

She immediately stopped the massage, told me that she'd done all
she could to make me happy, and that I should leave.  She continued
to lecture me about the dangers of sex, about how this was not a
cheap place (maybe the billboards cost a lot of money), and she went
on and on.

Well, I lost $60.00, but I know that in Jackson Michigan, all you'll
get is ripped off.  All the signs were there (puns about billboards
intended), and I should have known. When the advertising is this
public, the local law enforcement is not dumb.  I'm sure the horny
guys in Jackson go someplace else, and the travelers, caught by
the billboards, pay the bills for the local spas.  I know I contributed
to the local economy.  Anyone in Jackson, if I'm wrong, let me

BTW, I was there for only one half hour.  That's how fast it went.

Next I'll report on some excellent spots in Toledo.

Subject: World Sex Guide, Jackson, MI "Jackson Rippp-Off" Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:20:39 -0500 I would like to respond to the Jackson, MI review of the massage spas. I have been to several places around the country and the best one I have ever been to was Island Spa located on E. Michigan Ave. in Jackson, MI. The Review of Island Spa was not complete as the poor guy left after he found all the women to be "knock-down gorgeous". Well I have been there, they are all young and gorgeous, they treat you very good and are wilder than most places. Full Service is given (with the right tip-$100) that will leave you begging for more. They have the usual services-sauna, whirlpool, table shower plus if they like you, they may ask mama-san to cook Korean food for you. They want your return business so they go out of their way to pamper you. I recommend Micki (9.5 with must be a 36-23-35 figure) who has a good attitude and and gives great full service. My personal favorite is Kay, who is in her upper 30's, a 9.5, 36c-25-36 who can really give it to you. If you are adventurous, she will do something called "x-rated video" which is she does a two men at a time, putting on a show for each. Of course, the tips are double for anything beyond normal one-on-one. I personally haven't tried the "show", but, if anybody has, please reply. I will go into some of my experiences sometime in the future.

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