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Jackson, Tennessee

Date:         1997/12/19

This place just opened up about two months ago.  I decided to give myself a
little early Xmas present so went there yesterday morning about 10 am (they
open at 9).  Inside the small lobby I was greeted at the business window by
an attractive (8) lady, mid to late 20's named Kelly.  Door prices were $40
for either a body shampoo or hot lotion rub, or $60 for both.  I chose the
hot lotion rub and was escorted inside.

Being somewhat apprehensive about STDs these days, I went in wanting to get
a hand job from a attractive naked woman who I could feel up a little.  I'd
recently been to Dawn's in Nashville, and for a door fee of $70 you can get
a hand job or blow, $110 for a longer session can get you fucked and sucked
to your heart's content - no tipping.  Other places I've been, you can get
a hand job for relatively little cost.  Not at Oasis!

After being escorted into the room, Kelly indicated that they worked for
tips, stated that tips were given up front and started around the range of
the door fee, and suggested I go higher.  She told me to set the tip on the
table while she went to get some things.  I laid out $60 thinking that,
based on area prices, that would be more than sufficient for a hand job.  I
probably should have negotiated with her before she left on what was
included in a tip - live and learn, I guess.

She came back and took off all her clothes, but then put on a different set
of panties and a black push-up bra.  After a perfunctory back rubdown with
lotion, she had me turn over and said "do you want lotion down there? I'll
do everywhere else" pointing to my dick.  I asked her "can't you give hand
jobs?" and she said icily "honey I won't, you didn't even tip me enough to
get my clothes off!"  So I grudgingly had to jack myself off while she
started rubbing against me.  I could feel her tits through the bra but she
moved my hands every time they roamed towards her panty-covered pussy.  I
asked her again for a hand job and she said "no, and don't ask me again or
I'm walking out the door".  Before I came she asked if I gushed or squirted
far and when I told her I squirted she looked shocked and said "well don't
get any on me!"

After I came and she cleaned me up, she was all smiles and asked "are you
glad you came in?" and after I mumbled something she said "well, bring in
more money next time and we can have more fun."  Now, I respect the fact
that they're trying to make a living and that we're paying them for their
time and bodies, but for $100 in this area I expected a bare minimum more
than jacking myself off next to a woman who was still clothed--especially
since for the same fee in Nashville (2 hours away) you can get fucked,
sucked, can suck tits and finger pussy to your heart's content by women
with a much better attitude than Kelly.  From her comments I gathered that
full service is indeed available, but judging from what I paid, you'd
probably run $200-250 total to get laid here.  Save your money and drive
over to Nashville - you'll have a much better time for half the price!

This place just opened this past week.  It is on a busy business street
with a big "Grand Opening" sign on the front.  Parking in front is VERY
public, which is why I chose Oasis instead.  In retrospect, I probably
should have gone here instead.  According to the mama-san on the phone, 1/2
hour was $40 and 1 hour was $70.  I don't have any information besides
that, although almost every Asian place I've been to will at least jack you
off and let you feel them up.

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