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Ixtapa, Mexico

Date: 06-28-2001

Zihuatanejo's best place is still Taurus. The last year several places closed and some new opened, just to close a couple of months later. During high season (xX-mas, new years and Easter) places are packed - with customers and girls. Anyway, there are two places that stand out: Taurus and D'Kch (pronounced "decachay"). Taurus is situated downtown in Zihua, close to the road to Ixtapa. You pay a 50 pesos ($5) cover charge and pay around 20 pesos ($2) per beer. Girls range from 5's to 9's. On a packed night, as many as 15-20 girls might be working. A slow night, maybe just 4 or 5. A lapdance sets you back around 120-150 pesos and is more frustrating than anything else. The girls drag you to a dark corner of the place, take their clothes off and move themselves on you while you touch them. The place is pretty filthy and you don't want to have Montezuma's Revenge in their toilets! :-)

D'Kch is situated on the road to the airport, in a residential area. All cab drivers know about this place. You can get away with not paying any cover charge by gettint the guard outside cigarettes, etc. Regulars never pay the cover charge. This place is much nicer than Taurus, although a bit smaller. Two dance stages, where the girls dance/strip. A row of tables by the dance floor, and a mezzanine overlooking the dance floor. Although - in my opinion - better than Taurus, D'Kch is quite uneven. Some nights it might be completely closed, some nights it only has 2 or 3 girls working and some nights it has 10 girls working. It rarely ever gets crowded, so if you're lucky enough to go there a night when many girls are working, you're in for a treat. Drinks cost around as much as other places and girls range from 4's to 10's. Sometimes they bring over girls from Acapulco, normally really hot babes, but it's hard to know when they do that, so it's almost like playing the lottery. This place is much cleaner than Taurus and they also have small bedrooms where you can, for around $100-$150, go with a girl. On the patio of the house, they have a jukebox and if you're lucky, you'll be invited to the patio when the place closes down - with all the working girls. Dancing, drinking and XXX until the sun rises. One of the problems with D'Kch is that no or few waiters/girls speak English, but let your charm talk. :-)

There are some other places, for instance Tejano Bar, Dollar Bar, etc. These places cater mainly to locals, thus the girls there are less attractive (cheaper) and these places tend to be closed down by police every now and then.

If you're going to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and want some updated information about the scene, mail me at I don't promote any escort services or do introductions, just a happy amateur wanting you guys to enjoy your stay in my country.

Date: None   Subject: Life in Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo

Just returned from a great week in Ixtapa - Zihuatenajo. Just wanted contribute some scouting reports in case anyone cruises to the area.

All of the action is in Zihuatenajo. Ixtapa is a master planned resort community. However, there is a lot of discos and restaurants where you can pick up girls on vacation. But, sticking to the theme of this usenet group here is what I found.

First, there are a lot of hotels in the Zihuatenajo area that range from $10 a night to over $300. Of course, you *will* have trouble getting a woman into some of the high end hotels. I was staying at the Westin Ixtapa during the first part of the week, and while I did bring a girl there one night they did mention something to me about bringing unregistered guests to the hotel at night.

Most of the bars in Zihuatenajo are located in close proximity to each other, so if you don't like one you can walk to the next. Like TJ, spanish is not necessary, however, the all of the girls speak no or *very* little spanish.

I arrived there are 9:00pm, was checked into my hotel by 9:30, caught a taxi (normally $20 pesos) and was in town by 10:00. Taxi drivers are my fountain of information when I go to someplace new in Mexico. He gave me the scoop and I paid him $100 pesos to give me a tour of the all the establishments in Zihuatenajo (about 5km to the Westin Ixtapa). So, the first night was an exploratory mission with a little adventure. Here is the run down:

First, there is Taurus. This place has the best looking women of all the bars. They have a continuous strip show and the girls are not afraid of taking off their clothes. They even have a little changing area that is elevated near the door for everyone to see. While there were 10-15 women working there at any one time, there were not as many guys there.

Next door, there is a place called Capricornio. This is more like a local drinking place that has some working women. If you speak spanish and you don't mind a women that have some ugly in them, go there. I can't really tell you that much more abou this place other than the first night that I was there the local authorities shut that place down for have some underaged (<18) women working there. There were open an hour later after paying a 6,000 peso fine.

Next to this establishment is another place called, El Tejano. This is a nice little bar with good lighting to see the women. Again, there were only 10-15 women working on any given night. If you don't speak any spanish the doorman, Tony, speaks excellent english having lived in the US for a couple of years. Really cool guy and he can help you out.

There is another place on the way outside of town (1km from Taurus) called, El Rodeo. This is a pretty good place also, very similar to El Tejano and the women are pretty good looking.

There are other bars that I not mentioning, nor do they deserve mention. However, there is one other form of finding a woman, but I will talk about that later.

Again, each of these places only has about 10-15 girls working at anyone time. If the bar is still open you have to pay the house a "salida" to take the women from the bar and each girl has their own negotiable price. Usually this depends on how late and how good looking the girl is.

First night: After cruising to all of the places that I mentioned I went back to the Taurus. As soon as I walked in there was a Krystal. 5'3" with black hair that was slicked and pulled back. She had a very fair complexion with firm small tits. She was wearing a very classy short dress that could be worn in any of the discos in Ixtapa. Seeing that the time was already approaching 2:00am I decided to just grab something for the night. I paid the $N 150 "salida" (she carried a little higher exit fee from the normal $N 100) and we grabbed a taxi back to Ixtapa. Built on the hill in a bay the Westin Ixtapa has some pretty tight security. I told the guard she was my girlfriend and slipped him $N 50.

We went to my room and she immediately started kissing me and rubbing my hard on. She took off her dress and walked to my balcony in her high heels and g-string. *MOST MEMORABLE* The room I happened to be staying in had its own pool, which after taking her remaining items, climed in. By this time I was already stripped down and started for the pool. Sitting on the edge she proceeded to give an *excellent* bj. I had to slow her down a couple of times to keep from exploding. After a while she moved to the edge of the pool and spread her legs. Her pussy was nice and trimmed and she had such a beautiful looking pussy that I could not resist temptation. I ate her for about 20 minutes after which I could feels her legs spasming from her orgasm. We rested in the pool for a little bit and them went into the room. After sucking on my tool for a little while longer she slapped on Mr. Trojan (which I brought) and proceeded to pump from the female superior position. Switched to several positions, but I had to burning desire to cum from behind. After turning her around I got a couple of minutes in before I could not hold it any longer. She knew I was going to cum and she ripped off the condom and sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She drained every ounce of energy from me and I collapsed on the bed. We had sex a couple more times that night and ended up naked on the hammock on the balcony watching night turn to day. I bought her a bathing suit from the shop in the hotel and we spent the rest of the day under the cabanas on the beach. Total cost for her services was $800 pesos (about $108 US). Seeing that she was such a good looking girl and that I spent so much time with her it was very cheap. She wanted to come over the next night, but I told her that I had to meet up with some friends (but I really wanted to check out other action).

It was funny but I met a couple on the beach the next night from the states. They were in the hotel room above me. The hotel is constructed on a hill and the side facing the ocean looks like a pyramid, so you can see a portion of the balconies below you. Most people will sleep with their sliding door open and listen to the ocean at night. He said that his wife woke him up when they heard us and they went to investigate and could see us going at it. He thanked us for putting them in the *mood*. I actually along with some other people that I meet had some enjoyable time with these people.

Second night: I could not head back to Taurus because I did not want to run into Krystal. So I instead when to El Tejano. Tony recognized me from the other night and asked me if I was american. I told him I was and he started rattling of in english. Tony gave me a tour of the inside and made all the women come by and introduce themselves. I finally settled on Patti. She was 5'8", 115, beautiful tan skin, wavey long brown hair, small frame, medium bulbous tits, and a killer ass. Paid her "salida" $100 pesos and headed back to Ixtapa. We settled on a price of $500 pesos ($65 US) until the morning. After we took a shower, we climed into bed. Patti said that she did not like giving head, but her technique said otherwise. I told her to bring it down a couple of notches to enjoy it for a longer period of time. Sex was ok, but nothing to write home about. All in all a very enjoyable evening. I sent her home before breakfeast.

Third night: Krystal gave me her phone number from the previous night and I called her up. I told her to come down to the hotel to kick it on the beach and to bring some clothes for the evening. When she arrived around 10:00am we, and the couple above us (they thought she was my wife) went back to Zihua and took a boat ride to Los Gatos beach that is really only accessible by boat. We spent a great afternoon there and found out about a restaurant in a hotel called Puerto Mio that was in Zihua. After returning to Ixtapa, showering, changing, we all met up again (this time with 2 other couples) and headed back to Zihua. Now I know this is not the travel and lesuire group, but if you ever have a chance to stay at Puerto Mio, by all means do so. I've stayed at many nice hotels throughout Mexico and the food and view at the restaurant, to the view of the rooms (I changed after the third night, so did the couple above me at the Westin) there is nothing better. AWESOME!!! Although it was a little pricier (jr suite $160/$200 on/off season; sr suite $280/$350). Bedroom and bathroom views are amazing.

Sex that night was great again. Multiple positions, multiple orgasms..yada, yada, yada. Fourth and Fifth night: I hung out with some girls from the states that I met at beach.

Sixth and seventh night: Back with Krystal. Yeah, I know...there are other women. But, Krystal is a gem. Very classy, professional business look to her outside work, and very energetic in bed.

Eighth (last night): As I mentioned, there are other ways of finding women. However, usually this takes some luck and more times than not spanish is required. Jose-Luis, my taxi driver of the first night, told me about a couple of places (homes) that run brothels. There are no women working the street, except for the he-shes that are out there. There is no drinking or dancing at these places and you need to know of someone to get you there and admitted.

Jose took me to one place. It was a nice looking house with a driveway that led to a courtyard. The owners name was Armando. Big, friendly guy who smokes cigars, as I do. I gave him a Monte #2 (cuban) that I bought that night dinner and he immediately promised me the best of the house. Unfortunately, it was early and she was not there yet. I told him I was going to go grab a bite (lied) and would be back later. Jose and I took off to another location that was very similar. There were about 5 girls there and none of them were as appealing as what Armando had described he had. So, Jose and I went to a club called Rocka Rock. It was pretty full with a lot of local people. A lot of women and for a fee you could dance, buy them drinks (they earned commission), and take them home should you like. I decided to hold off and just had a couple of beers.

Jose then drove me back to Armandos. Again, he greeted us as we got out of the car and called out for Sylvia. Sylvia said she was 19, although her face looked younger. She had short straight brown hair, like Krystal, it was pulled back into a small pony tail. Very fair skinned, hazel eyes, 5'2", Bcup, nice young firm body. She dressed in a nice summer dress with heals. I decided that we would go back into Ixtapa and hit Senor Frogs for some pre-sex fun. We were having fun dancing when someone tapped my on the shoulder. It was the couple that I met at the Westin and later changed to Puerto Mio. They were a little surprised in that they thought Krystal was my wife. I came clean, well almost, and told them that these were just some girls that I met here. After a few hours of dancing we headed back to the hotel...I had checked into another hotel just to avoid potential problems with Krystal.

Sylvia was just as Armando described. A girl that was not hardened by the work of the clubs. She was fun, affectionate, and appreciative of a guy treating her like a woman. Armando's fee was $150 pesos and she asked for $500 pesos. I gave her another $500 pesos for the entire night of dancing and pleasure. She was gave bareback blow jobs and was a work horse in bed. We were done when I waived the white flag.

Summary: Compared to TJ the selection is quite limited. However, Ixtapa/Zihuatenajo is gorgeous and very safe when compared to TJ. The women are warmer and do not have that cold professional feeling of many women in TJ. As a vacation spot, I would rate this as one of the top vaction spots in Mexico.

I'll be heading down to Guadalajara/Zamora/Uruapan/Morelia on the 21st of this month. I've been there before and know the locations for tang. I'll give an updated report when I get back.

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