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MH traveling in BELLA ITALIA

Well, my best experiences I had in MILANO. In FIRENZE I was not very sucessfull. Only 3 (pretty and young) girls near the statione Sta. Maria Novella. But they only do it in a car. Many tranvestites. No success in SIENA and PISA.

In GENOVA there also are many Trans-People. I saw a few nice girls, but as there was a lot of police around, they disappeared too quickly. Well, I'm sure there are many girls in this town, but where?

In MILANO it is very good. There are no brothels and sauna clubs as in germany, but you find girls on the road.

I found many of them around the area of Piazzale Loreto (not far from the main station MILANO CENTRALE). But also here you need a car, to have sex in it or to go to a hotel at distance.

Well, I did not have a car. So I had no chance with the very beautiful young spanish woman in Via Vallazze. There are many litte hotels to live (not to have sex) in this area, not expensive. But you need some luck. If there is a congress or so in Milano, you'll not find rooms even in luxury hotels! A hotel manager told me: 'there are many girls in Milano, but not enough beds!'

Well there are two hotels at the Via B. Marcello to go with a girl. It is a marked place at least on saturdays. After about 20 o'clock there are several ladies on the roads all around the area. Young, sexy, beautiful, nice. They come from Italy, Greece, Albania, Argentina... usually they do NOT speak english but some italian language.

The usual price (autumn 1996) is 100000 Lire for the woman and 30000 Lire for the hotel. Usual European prices. It is clean, usually it is french (fellatio), no french kissing, tenderness and intercourse. All with condome. The women I met were very nice and friendly. You should learn some Italian language! (The best way to learn a foreign language is to do it in bed with a girl!)

The best was L., standing in V. Stradivari, dark brown hair, italiana, sat and son after about 21 o'clock, french without on both sides till the men's very action (!), a very beautiful, young, charming lady! Lovable! Also leads you to one of the hotels at Via B. Marcello.

Well, I found at least 30 very attractive women and I took a considerable choice out of them....

W E L L ....

otherwise ist's not easy to get a girl in Italy, SO: everybody having experiences ought to send them to WSG!

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