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Istanbul, Turkey


Area called Taksim. Very close to the Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hilton. Along
main road are several topless bars. These places are rip-offs. First beer
costs US $ 50, next US $ 30; you get jack shit for this except looking
at a bored Russian girl dancing with a g-string. Avoid hakers on this
street trying to get you in, promising everything.

Best bet in Istanbul is calling your concierge or front desk manager
at your hotel. Most will arrange for a selection. Some of the girls are
quite nice (you will pay US $ 150 to 200 for full night). If they are
arranged by the hotel, you will not be ripped-off. You would be amazed how
many five-star hotels do this (Hilton, Hyatt, Intercon, SwissHotel).

Nightlife in Istanbul is quite good. However, if you are not there with a girl
you are not going to leave there with one.

Watch out for personal security in cheaper (Taksim area)
establishments, bouncers have a problem with white people from

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 97 13:52:34 CDT Subject: Info on Sex/Prostitution in Istanbul Some Info about Sex/Prostitution in Istanbul: I agree that most establishments around Taksim that advertize themselves as "topless" or "oriental dancer" etc. are mostly rip-off places. DO NOT go to these places, for, you will not get much of any tity action, but quite a large bill. Check out the Laleli/Aksaray area instead. Thanks to the current dynamics of our globalizing world, Istanbul is swarmed with young chicks from Eastern Europe and Russia. The center of activity is the Laleli-Aksaray axis. These chicks do a lot of luggage trade, and one way to raise their capital is by doing a little (or, more than a little) prostitution on the side. You can find them stolling the streets; and they are easy to identify: blond and pale (usually), dressed in clashing colors and somewhat cheap dresses. Also, obviously they speak Rumanian, Russian or something like that. You won't confuse them with local women, I'll tell you that. But you may confuse an "innocent tourist" from Rumania for a hooker. In that case, apologize. There are also bars and discos in the Aksaray/Laleli district which specialize in this trade. One bar is "Bacardi Disco" in Aksaray, but it occasionally gets busted by the cops. But have no fear, even if you get busted, they will usually not prosecute the customer. They will take you to the police station, get a statement and let you go. The girls, they send them to the hospital and if they have a problem with their visas (which frequently they do) they will be departed. When you pick up a girl, you can use almost any hotel in the area; almost all regard this a part of ordinary bussiness activity. Prices vary, of course; but it is possible to get a good looking girl for $100-$200. Well, it also depends on how well you bargin (and if you are good looking, for some of the girls at least!). One word of caution; these are not (mostly) professional girls; they do it part time and they are not very heath conscious. DO PROTECT YOURSELF with a condom (at least). Now, that out of the way; Istanbul has a very lively night life. Instead of looking for a hooker, you maybe better off if you dress nice, adopt an easy-going attitude, go to one of the good bars and have a little patience. I can almost guarantee you that you will have luck in just one or two days. The younger generation of Turkish women are surprisingly open to sex; but they do not (usually) like guys who rush things. Easy does it. You look relaxed, they will fall for it. Some good bars with decent prices and live bands (Blues, rock etc.) include Hayal Kahvesi in Taksim Kemanci in Taksim Roxy in Taksim Fly-Inn in Etiler North Shield in Etiler Sis in Ortakoy Lal in Kadikoy Kika in Kantarci good luck, and do a shot of tequila for me in Istanbul!
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 07:11:27 -0600 In Istanbul, the most popular place to find an illegal prostitute is Laleli District. Prostitutes in this area regularly visit pubs and sit there and wait for patrons (like Tijuana MX). These ladies are mostly Romanian and Russians. I recommend you to wear two condom at once because almost half of them are infected with VD's. The third group of prostitutes are call-girls. Almost all of them are equipped with cellular phones. If you cannot find one by yourself receptionist in your hotel will be pleased to help you. But do not expect them to be cheap (approx $150-200 per night).
Subject: Turkey A tiny correction to someone's post on the General House: The spelling is GENELEV I was in the Istanbul genelev in about 1990. Fairly dire. Didn't see any American stewardesses. This was before the influx of Romanians and Russians. In a hotel bar I did see a fabulous Turkish courtesan - come to think of it, so OTT fabulous she might have been a TV ;-) - but was warned that she was a gangster's moll. Many perils!
Subject: Turkey by night!!!! Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:14:07 +0100 Hi After following your reports around the world, i have come to the conclusion that this is an invaluble service you provide. keep up the good work for the male race. After recently visiting ISTAMBAL i decided to pay a visist to a club called Bacardi with some friends, upon arival we were told by the waiter to sit down and not to go looking around. then he came back with a tray of slice oranges & apple this turned out to cost $20, then he came with 2 ukraineian girls my friend liked one of them, followed by 2 bottles of champane $100 not ordered, i asked for a glass of water $35 i called for the manager he put the cost to $15 the girls cost $ 150 plus they tried to get a bar fine. this place is a RIP OFF $ 5 to take a piss. there was one good place out by the airport not far from the holiday inn, its a small motell + nightclub sorry forgot the name? here you will find around 30 to 40 girls mostly from morocco very nice cost is between $100 to 150. take care......
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 19:06:04 -0700 Subject: Istanbul info Atta: Please put the following in Istanbul. I was just in Istanbul for 10 days, from April 27th 6th May, 1998. I stayed at Swisshotel and at the Ciragan Palace hotel. Although I had engagement in few other top hotels in Taksim area. On my first night I was ripped off real badly. I met this guy from a club adjacent to this movie theaters street. His club copacabana was closed, he said it won't open till 3a.m. So, he decided to take me to another club, saying that it's just a club and I don't have to stay there if I don't want to. I went there, we had two beers, the bill came to 10 mil lira..I didn't figure it out i put it on my credit card... We decided to go to another place prompted by his advice. he tell me that he wants take me to a club where his girlfriend works. He also says that things will be better there as he knows the managers of the club. We went there and the people were friendly and I see these two girls came to us and sat with us. both of them are Ukranian. we ordered two beers for us. we didn't know anything else, I saw these girls are drinking Champage and bottle after bottle...i had no clue that i was being billed...When I asked for a bill...I was given a bill for $827.00... i first thought that it was a joke, then I realized that they are pretty darn serious...and brings me a bill for that. Well I couldn't do anything, as they asked to see my wallet and I had around $300+ dollars and they took all of 'em. I was stunt and speechless for a while....What a rip off. But on the other hand I got lucky just like that with some local girls on two occassions. Please be careful where you go. Anybody and everybody takes you to any shops or restaurants or clubs gets paid.

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