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Date: 16 Feb 1995 01:18:31 GMT

: Don't have any first-hand experience.  However, I did see several ads for
: escort agencies in those free city magazines available in hotels and
: tourist bureaus.

There was a tabloid-type TV show a while back during "sweeps weeks" and it
showed Israel escort services but the "kicker" to the story was that almost
all the women were foreign -- I think Russian.

Subject: Prostitution in Israel From: Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 01:49:29 UTC Shalom! Well, there is lots more to be said (and written) about this subject. 1. Ads in the newspaper. First of all, forget the one English-language paper ("Jerusalem Post") -- it hasn't got any. Of the two major Hebrew-language papers, only one ("Maariv") has any quantity of ads, and then the best day is Friday. They have large ads (graphics, but no photos), and small 1- or 2-liners; graphics are mostly for escort services, while the smaller ones are by individuals. 2. Going rates. In Tel-Aviv, it runs from 100NIS (3NIS=$1) NIS=New Israeli Shekels, but it's not new anymore) for 1/2-hour to 250NIS or more for an hour. Blow-jobs on a side-street go for 50NIS. Jerusalem prices are similar. 3. What's available. BJs (but forget about deepthroat), straight fucking, anal (but at a premium), and sado (for the customer, NOT the girl/woman). Everything with a condom. Most are young (19-25), many recently out of the Army. Not at all professional. Decidedly uptight. A startling lack of 30+ year-old women. Lots of massage parlors/health clubs. Do cabbies know who/where to go? I dunno. Lots of young Russian girls/women. A recent article in one of the Friday papers mentioned that the Tel-Aviv municipality is thinking about creating a (gasp!) red-light district, with legal prostitution. On the whole, after living here for 15 years, I find Israel a very straightlaced, uptight place. The best bet is going to Eilat (on the Southern tip of Israel, on the Red Sea) and picking-up on a European/Scandinavian tourist/volunteer-kibbutz-worker. Your mileage may vary.
Subject: Re: Prostitution in Israel From: Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 20:22:55 UTC Shalom, Atta! > thanks a lot for your Israel report! I'll put it on the web during the > next update. Great! We get lots of tourists/"trekkers", and, well, fun is fun :) > I still have two questions: > > * do you know anything about the legal situation? Yes, a little bit. "Prostitution" is illegal; "escort services" are legal, so are "massage parlors". > * If you call someone from the Maariv, do they understand English? Probably -- English is a compulsory subject in Israeli schools, beginning in the 4th grade, all the way through the 12th grade. OH! You mean calling someone who ADVERTISES in the newspaper! <laugh> I thought you meant someone at the newspaper, itself :-)) OK, right; well, they would probably understand (it has been my experience that the important words are known, although some [surprisingly] are not, like "deepthroat" -- go figure it). In fact, whenever I mention the Hebrew version of "deepthroat", the majority of women "in the trade" get offended, curse at me (in Hebrew), and slam the phone down! Again, go figure it. It is not at all like in Europe (as an aside, I was stationed in Mannheim in the USArmy [Infantry] during 1975-76, and I remember that the street on which the whores worked, from rooms/windows, was officially known [on street-signs and on maps] as the "Penis-strasse") (as another aside, the major streetwalker area in Tel-Aviv is in the vicinity of the old Central Bus Station, and one of the major streets it that area is "Pin Street" ["pin" meaning `penis', in Hebrew])
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 1995 23:37:08 UTC I have a correction on the legal situation of prostitution in Israel. Prostitution is very much legal. What is illegal is a second party making money off of it. Pimping is therefore illegal. Renting an apartment to a working girl is illegal because the rent is money made off of prostitution. Massage and Escort services are very much illegal but for the most part not busted. This contradicts the present information in the FAQ.
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 12:03:55 UTC The Russians have definitely cornered the's a well known fact. It's all tied to the Russian mob.
Date: 17 December 1996 Scripps Howard News Service had an article about prostitution in Israel today. Women are imported from Eastern Europe, often under false promises, by the mafia which is composed of Russian and Georgian immigrants mostly. Prices are $100 per hour, 10 percent goes to the girl. Tel Aviv is described as the pleasure capital of the Mediterranean basin. The Jordanians and Plaestinians are said to be the best clients. Israelis also like the services but are not as generous as the Arabs.
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 20:31:45 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Israel. The situation of prostitution in Israel is that it is legal to be a prostitute, but it is illegal to do it in an organized manner like in a brothel or escort agancy. The age of concent is 17. Most of the prostitutes in Israel in Brothels are from the former Soviet Union , these women are brought to Israel illegally and are in danger of deportation if discovered by the police. The people who "import" these girls are rarely arrested, but if a girl is caught she can spend up to one year in prison waiting for her deportation.
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 22:48:01 -0500 (EST) Subject: israel prostitution Just returned from a trip to Israel- dont bother looking for whorehouses in Jeruslaem, there arent any. They shut down the one on Hauman Street two months ago. Tel Aviv is still the active city. There is only one place in Eilat, but they have tons of incall companies. The place in Eilat is in an industrial section, and just ask the cabbie for it
Subject: Small rectifications Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 01:26:59 -0500 A surprising detail: Most Israeli, Egyptian, Lebanese and Palestinian prostitutes are natural blond! Explanation: Most are Russian/Ukrainian expatriates. Some are badly exploited and even get killed by pimps, but some make very good money and come home to open their business (usually unrelated to sex or whoredom). Israel has recently started a "witch hunt" (or should I say "bitch hunt"?) against illegal sex-immigrants. If caught, a girl gets kicked out of the country. The state prefers to buy them ticket to Moscow rather than to drive them to Jordan, because from Jordan they somehow come back despite the barbed wire and the mine fields! Punishment for pimp "business" is severe and usually enforced. Jordan: very long jail term; or a death penalty if a girl is Moslem. Egypt: jail. Israel: jail, up to 30 years in prison. Lebanon: the anti-pimp law is not enforced, but active pimps can be killed by Islamic activists, if they hire Moslem girls.

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