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	I live in Des Moines, IA.  There aren't really any gay
streetwalkers here, but try down by W. River Road (just N. of
downtown) after about 9pm, and especially near when the bars close.
Guys cruise in their cars or walk, but sometimes they charge.
Charging is cheap: I've seen cute (but rather dirtball) young guys
charge $2 for a blowjob.  Often, they just want a warm place to spend
the night.

	The Blazing Saddle Bar sometimes (albeit rarely) gets young
guys in there, who likewise want a place to stay.

Subject: Field Report from Iowa Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 01:46:26 UTC I've had to travel to Des Moines several times in the last few months, and decided to partake of the local services. I want to tell everyone right away that I made attempts to find satisfactory service three times, and came up empty each time. The first attempt was with a newspaper ad, "Young Thighs". I was given directions to an address from a phone booth, and when I arrived at the place, I was greeted at the door by a 220 lb blonde....slightly different than the medium build described to me on the phone. I politely left the premises as soon as possible and didn't even discuss money. The second attempt was about 6 weeks later with a service listed in the phone book. Once again, a very unattractive person showed up at my location with booze breath and a bad attitude. I paid her the $30 agency fee to get rid of her and complained to the service. Last and final attempt was with another agency in the phone book. Again, an overweight, but reasonably friendly person arrived. I talked with her for a while, but just couldn't make myself pay good money for an obvious bust.....she wanted $300 for full service. She was reluctant anyway, and as I said, not even a little attractive. That's it for Des Moines. Might as well go see a good movie if you blow into town, unless someone knows more about the place than I do.
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 18:54:02 -0500 (EST) Subject: Field report from Des Moines, IA I just was reading from the reports on Des Moines and thought I'd ad a few ideas for those who travel the miswest and get there on occasion. I've been traveling to Des Moines about once a month for the past year and there are a few thing worth reporting. There is at least one escort service called Exotica that I used once recently, because I was given a card by a girl at another incall place. I've only had one girl from here but she's not too bad. Her name is Lexus and the first time I had her I just had a blow job. Not bad since the pickings were pretty slim in Des Moines but she told me that she preferred to come to a man's hotel room which was when she gave me her card. The next time I had a chance, I called and asked for her and later that night she came and met me in my hotel room. She quoted me a price of $140 for half and half the first time I met her but told me that usually that amount got one or the other when she arrived that night. I'm sure she was just trying to get more money out of me. I wasn't paying her any more so she said we could "work something out", which turned out to be a short BJ and a fuck for the $140 I offered. The only thing that annoyed me was she made me feel kind of rushed during the fuck asking me to "do me a favor, could you cum for me". For $140, I felt that I should not have been rushed that way. Overall though, not too bad and look wise Lexus is about a 6 or 7. A little on the chubby side but pretty face and eyes. She mentioned that Exotica had other girls available who are "young and thin" but I haven't tried again since. Exotica can be found under escort agencies in the local paper and the yellow pages. I also know of a place located downtown (1310 Keo Way) that used to be called Club Kelly's. You need to just go there and knock on the back door, because the phone number in the yellow pages has been disconnected. I guess this place has changed owners a couple of times in the last six months. This is where I first met Lexus. The women there are usually heavy but attractive and it is terribly overpriced! They charge $40 - 50 for a room plus the tip for the girl of your choice. Normally they only have a couple of girls working, and if they are both busy, you can spend some time outside the back door knocking. It's better to go very early or very late. The tip required is normally around $80 to $100 for a BJ or fuck and they give you up to 1/2 hour. Not a great deal in my book. The last time I was there they charged what they called an "attendant fee"( I think about $50) but the room was $25. Since the girls are not that attractive, I don't think I'll be back here. One last thing to check out in Des Moines is a strip joint called Big Earl's Goldmine. This is a juice bar and I'd bet most girls aren't into "dating" customers but the last time I was in there I had an experience that will take me back there looking for one particular girl. One of the dancers (a very pretty tall, slim, black woman with short cropped hair) asked if I'd like a private dance after grabbing my crotch during a basic dollar dance. I tried and found the private dances to be pretty hot. She grabbed and rubbed my cock through my pants during dances and even let me rub and insert fingers in her pussy (usually a definate no-no at this place)! On the first of my last two dances, I opened my fly to see how she would react, and when she saw my open pants, she didn't act suprised and immediately grabbed my cock! I paid for one more dance and asked if she ever saw anyone outside the club and she said sure, how much? We never came to a firm price but I left my hotel name and room number but unfortunately never heard from her. There was a terrible snow storm that night and the place closes at 2:00am so I hope she just couldn't make it because of the weather. I would guess that she is unique to this place but she's the only one I ever asked to meet me after hours. You'd need to be careful, but this place might be a Goldmine in more ways than the name! Happy hunting.
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 15:56:52 -0700 Subject: Iowa Have lived in the sate, so can recommend a few spots . In Des moines, try Terri's Modeling but call before 6 PM. She has the nicest girls, and I have never been disappointed. 277-8664. As to other services, I have to say bewate. One, Jane's is an older biker type, but the money is reasonable. $60 gets you off, so if that is your goal, go there. Incall only. Used to be an independent named Brandi. She disappeared a few years ago. In Iowa City, check a Touch of Mink. Two locations. The day girls have been there for awhile. 110$ to 150$ will usually get you happy. Cedar rapids. The girl that I saw there has left the business. Stay away from a place advertized as a health spa. I don't remember the name but the place is a RIPOFF. The girl that I saw there wanted to charge me $5 for the condom.

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