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Inkster, Michigan

Date: 28 May 1995 19:05:20 -0400

Well, I just tried the Far East Suana in Inkster, Mi. and thought I'd let
people know how it was... it was horrible!  $40 for the 30 minutes and
$100 tip got me a so-so massage, a few feels of the breast, and some
nipple sucking.  Once she accidently (honestly) touched my balls and
said, "Whoops!  Not supposed to get that close." Thinking this was a hint
I asked how much closer we could not get for a little more money.  She
just laughed and finished the massage.  I should have been tipped off
when a "far east"ern establishment didn't employ any asians that
something was wrong.  Oh well, live and learn.

Date: 13 Jun 1995 19:40:07 -0400 (BEWARE! LONG REPORT WITHOUT A WHOLE LOTTA SEX!) Recently had an odd massage experience at the Far East Sauna in Inkster, a west suburb of Detroit. I had known of this place by name only, and always assumed - rightly, you would think - that it was Korean. Detroit is a two-hours-plus drive for me from western Michigan, and there are enough Korean places to keep me happy much closer to home. I am willing to make the trip, however, to check out a more rare "All-American" (their term) massage parlor or to visit Detroit's many fine strip clubs. Then a few weeks ago, I read a report in this newsgroup from somebody who felt "ripped-off" for getting nothing at Far East, despite a $100 tip and "hints" that he'd get big-time service. Then, he wrote something like, "I should have been suspicious about a Caucasian girl working at a place called 'Far East.'" I was intrigued for two reasons. First, it's unheard of around here for non-Asians to work at Asian spas; and second, because my experience with Caucasian massage has been that you may not get what you ask for, but unless you ask, you may get nothing, regardless of tip. So, I wanted to find out whether Far East had just one or two Caucasian girls on an otherwise Korean staff or, for some strange reason, chose a decidedly Asian-sounding name for an AA ("All-American") establishment. And I wanted to learn whether the reported ripoff was just due to the customer's failure to ask for specific services. If so, it would by no means be the first time I had been led to believe a place offered little, only to find that, by simply asking for it, you could get much more. So I phoned and asked about the essentials. The woman answering was quick to point out that Far East was indeed AA . Choice of girls? Yes. (Typical of AA, not Asian, spas.) Fully private rooms? Yes. What do they wear? Lingerie, topless or nude, it's up to the girls. They work strictly for tips, which are negotiable between you and the girl. BINGO!!! She combined the two words that, as far as I know, are about the best indication you can get over the phone that full service might be available: "tips" and "negotiable." If you ask, sure, most massage parlors will say that tips are negotiable. (Some respond, "Negotiable? No, tipping is discretionary!" - not a good sign.) But especially when they volunteer it, these are the magic words. It simply means that you tell the girl what you want and what you'll tip, and she says if she'll do it, then you negotiate. All full-service massage parlors work this way, which, of course, isn't to say that all such places are always full-service. But you can usually find a girl there who'll fuck the right man for the right price. So, the first following Saturday, Inkster-ward I went, arriving around 6PM. Far East is on a section of Michigan Avenue dominated by adult book stores. A good sign, I thought. Far East itself appears pretty prosperous, not at all seedy. Inside, it looks like a typical, well-appointed Asian spa. I was hoping to be greeted by three or four girls in lingerie, each in turn stepping forward to introduce herself. Didn't happen. Instead, I met Raven, a fairly pretty brunette in her late twenties, a tad hefty, but still sexy in black lingerie. She gave me the tour - showers, lockers, whirlpool, steambath, lounge area. She described the session options - massage only, mutual massage or whirlpool together followed by massage - all a half hour and all $40 plus tip. I asked about the choice of girls. Raven said the other two were busy, that I could wait ten minutes or choose after showering. I said no need, I'd take her. After my shower, she led me to the room and the moment of truth. Raven gave me her rundown on tips - basically, $30 topless, $60 nude. So, I offered my usual opening line: "Well, Raven, I was hoping we could have sex." Here's where I pause slightly and, if her look says, "So far so good." I'll add, "Anal sex, if that's possible." Raven spared me the second part. "No, we don't do that here," she said calmly, not showing any offense taken. She began to describe some other option that was $100, but I shook my head, "Sorry, for $100 I'm used to at least having sex." Raven said they didn't even do handjobs - that most customers "relieved themselves" (peed?) towards the end to the session. So much for negotiating. (Guess I'll have to re-assess my "Magic Words" theory.) In reality, they simply had a price list that determined how much she did or didn't wear. Later, I even noticed it on a permanent wall sign: "Topless - $30, Nude - $60" So, I counted out $30, and lay on the table. I should add that, despite the results, all of this "negotiating" was very friendly on both sides. Raven's work was pretty arousing for a non-sexual massage. Actually it was sort of sexual. She brushed her tits all over me, and encouraged me to suck them. Although she was principled to a fault about not touching my private parts for even a second, she spent a lot of time teasingly close. Towards the end, Raven took a stroke-by-stroke interest in my jacking off, even riding her hand on mine at my suggestion. Plus, we spent the entire time talking about nothing but massage and sex. Okay, so it was quite sexual after all. Some of the things we talked about were rather revealing. Raven said a lot of customers asked for sex, but not many at the tipping stage. More common were odd hand signals or implied requests for handjobs in the middle of the session. As far as she knew, Far East Sauna has never had an Asian staff. I guess the concept is girl-next-door types with all the ambiance of the Far East - a new one on me. She said at least handjobs and pussy eating (?!) were offered years ago, before her time - straight sex, too, I'd bet. But, when I told her about having intercourse at massage parlors, she was astonished to hear that any AA places did this. She thought it was exclusive to Asian spas (and that every session at every Asian spa was just fucking). The thing she kept repeating was how silly it was that she couldn't give handjobs. "I'd like to be able to. My customers want it. I just don't see what the problem is." I didn't argue. It was only the second time I've received anything less than a handjob at a massage parlor. Not the kind of session I'll be seeking to repeat, but definitely more satisfying than many handjobs I've received. Not to disparage the guy who wrote earlier (after all, I benefited from his report), but by asking for everything up front, I saved $70 and was able to make the best of a limited session. (He had said that the girl's work was very uninspired.) With my desire for sex expressed and out of the way, I'm convinced she was put more at ease and willing to help get me off in other ways, which alone can be pretty sexy. CMG

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