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Indonesia FAQ #2

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 12:42:33 UTC

If by chance half way through the massage you think she's saying "suck it",
"suck it", check again. She is probably saying, "sakit", "sakit" ... "ouch,
that hurts". These are petite women, very delicate ... deliciously so!! On
that note, another piece of linguistic advice: if her English is limited and
before you enter the cubicle she says "do it", "do it" .... steady on,
contain that hot headed ardor, what she is saying is "duit". "duit" ....
"money first, please!!"

Jakarta has its official unofficial red-light districts. Two of these are
Kramat and Pejompongan Indah. Every now and again the police bust them, but
they continue on. Very cheap but not recommended for the tourist: the girls
may or not be okay, certainly the premises will be sleazy, grimy and a hang
out for the local mafioso types. Even worse, they serve warm beer!! If cheap
and local, however, is your cultural preference, then read on and try the
"panti pijat" - lower end.

Plenty of street girls operate. Often these are "banci's" or "bencong's" ...
gender benders with straight bananas!! Girls operating the streets around
the major hotels are probably safe in terms of skullduggery and criminality
etc. Safe in terms of AIDS, who knows. But you know what you should be
doing. Suffice to say AIDS exists in Indonesia and, although intravenous
drug use isn't big as yet, the disease is being passed around - primarily
through sex. Beware. Indonesian women as yet rarely insist on a condom. You
should educate them on this.

Indonesia has the ubiquitous "panti pijat" ... the massage parlor. They
range from a couple of grotty rooms at the back of a house through to swish,
well-appointed parlors in major shopping centers and hotels, where they will
probably be called anything but "panti pijat".

In Jakarta, and most every where else, the panti pijat will show you the
numbered, soft-focus portraits of beautiful Indonesian women ready to
massage away the grit and grime of  the smoky city. Just as books should not
be judged by their covers, the same is true of massage girls and their
photos. Other establishments offering massage services, and where the
emphasis is more obviously on the latter, you will find the traditional
Asian fishbowl. Numbered girls sitting bug eyed and blowing vacuously behind
one way glass. You choose the number and quantity you want.

At the bottom end of the panti-pijat scale you are likely to get a low-lying
bed in a narrow room made of plywood walls that never reach the ceiling. The
entrance to the room is a light piece of  cloth. Don't grunt to loud,  you
might blow the door away. If your turn on is the risk of getting caught in
the act is, this is your Nirvana. A hot shower afterwards involves an
ignominious walk to a room down the hall. Depending on how low scale you go,
it may involve a walk to open air cubicle with a bucket of cold water.

Once you pay the $3 or $4 massage fee and  are given your towel and taken
behind the curtain, you strip to your jockeys, or all the way if you wish.
Within a few minutes the "young, glowing woman" of your photo arrives. She's
in fact an "ibu" (mother or old woman) well into her 40's, dressed in
traditional batik sarong and "kebaya" top. She will give you a truly superb
massage. Those hands will seek out knots at a subterranean level in your
muscles. Those same hands will find nerves and muscles in your buttocks
(just the buttocks) that  you never knew you had. Exquisite torture! Those
same hands will knead closer and closer to the edge of your jockeys ....
just testing the water for future reference. The ibu will tweak every
knuckle in every joint of every finger and every toe. Then she'll jump on
your back and pole-vault down your spine.
Crack attack !!

If you were surprised at the sensitivity of your buttocks, wait till she
buries her thumbs two joints deep into the soles of your feet. Eeeeiyow that
was .... nice !! Now it's time to turn over. Yes, time to go belly-up. By
now your body is tingling and numb. You feel like a play-dough doll with an
itch. And she will get to that itch by accidentally flicking the edge of
your jockey shorts. Or if you are without those and just have the towel
draped across you, the towel will almost certainly be accidentally knocked
aside and your "itch" be accidentally scratched. The moment of truth has
arrived. Without a word of English she will offer you a hand job or the
hidden mysteries screened behind her batik sarong. What she won't do --
quite possibly -- is offer you a head job. You will point to her mouth and
she'll probably say "saya sudah makan" ... I've already eaten, thanks.

Remember, this 40 -ish old ibu is a muslim who never heard of the sexual
revolution and never read Cleo in her life.

Price? Bargain? You can negotiate before hand. Some men do, some don't. At
this level of panti-pijat, either way it's going to be cheap. No more than
$15. Look on it as a cultural rather than sexual experience. The massage is
worth it.

Where do you find these places? The ones in the phone book are the up market
whore houses. The hotel's panti-pijat may well be a legitimate massage
place. The bottom end panti-pijats don't even have the phone connected. Just
tell your taxi driver "panti-pijat". He'll know.

Next level up is the bar-amusement-center- karaoke-massage-parlour, or some
similar combination thereof. At this level there is much greater variety in
the way the panti-pijat is run and the how its services are presented. Look,
however, for one that clearly has "panti-pijat" or "massage-parlor" in their
neon sign. Other bars have free-lance girls but not the cubicles. Here the
girls are younger and not necessarily confined to a room behind one-way
glass photos or to photos on a wall. Here she may well sit you with you and
she will speak some English. Buy her a drink. Very few scams go on, you're
not likely to get ripped off. Give her a couple of thousand rupiah ($1 - $2
only). Tell her it's for her cigarettes or taxi home ("uang rokok"   -
cigarette money - or "uang taxi", national euphemisms for any kind of small
gratuity). If she's not to your taste, you can say you'd like to talk to
someone else. Pay for your massage fee and/or room hire fee and away you go.
The cubicle is bigger here and the hot water's attached. But that scungy
curtain is still likely to be there.

Unlike Thailand, there is no bar fee (unless its included in the cost of the
massage/room). But this may be because you don't need to take the girl away.
If you want to do that, better you make a date for later, after her shift.

You can find these places in the night-life areas of the major cities. In
Jakarta they are mostly around Chinatown, known as Kota or Glodok, down at
Jalan Mangga Besar. Prices, a guestimate: room $5, massage $5, sex $20 to
$30 for about an hour.

Next up the panti pijat scale are the dedicated health spa and massage
parlors. These are much more upmarket and not a lot needs to be said. They
are cleaner, the women are in their prime, the cubicles are rooms and the
curtains are doors. Try the Copa Cobana at Ancol, visit Blora in Jakarta's
business district or try the many Japanese places in Blok M. There are many
mentioned in the yellow pages. Beware, some may be legitimate massage and
health centers. Prices here

Of course, free sex, the best kind. It's available. But, as you know,
freedom is a pricey commodity! Where? Jakarta has hundreds of bars all over
the city. These range from live music discos of 5 star quality to smoky
dives with a tape deck that's too loud and too old belting you around the
head. Obviously, the more upmarket the locale, the more upmarket the women.
By that is meant the women on the game are going to be pretty cute and
pretty pricey and there won't be so many of them. But there will be plenty
of modern get ahead girls from the secretarial and management  classes  out
on the town for a bit of fun. Whether this fun includes sex may well depend
on your powers of persuasion. The scene here is probably just as it is
anywhere. Some girls do, some girls don't. It is possible, however, that for
a number of reasons, the white foreigner ("bule") has a slight advantage
over his male Indonesian counterpart. A liaison with a bule is less likely
to a way of getting back to the ears of colleagues, friends and family.
There's a greater likelihood the bule is richer. The bule is more exotic
(but that notion is rapidly and rightfully disappearing ... there are a lot
of foreigners with their arseholes on display here).  The bule husband has
certain attractions for the young, educated woman who sees a future of
fairly limited opportunities despite her middle-class station.

Then there is free sex with the "cewek" set. These are the girls who can be
best described as part-time prostitutes, though they'd be insulted at the
suggestion. Often they are separated from their husbands and have a child.
But not always. Quite a few have never married. A lot of them have day jobs
of  an unskilled nature. But there are also quite a few young women who are
professionally employed. Perhaps the common thread is that, for whatever
reason, they have been able to or have been forced to cast of the shackles
of an intensively protective patriarchal system (and replaced it with a
western one?). They're at just about all of the mid-range bars. That is, the
dedicated pubs and small live music bars, not necessarily the bars attached
to major hotels. You never really know if she is on the game or just out for
a bit of fun. Locals perceive them as being strictly after a rich foreigner
for marriage. This may or may not be true. Whatever the case, if you show
your willing, she will stick with you for as long as you wish. But this is
where the issue of prostitution becomes blurred. She will expect you to buy
her some nice clothes, eat at good restaurants, visit the cinemas, take her
to Bali etc, etc. And she will borrow some small amounts of money. Is this
prostitution? Probably, but they would deny it. After all, she will say, she
doesn't sleep with just anyone. And that is probably very true. Ironically,
she often hangs out at the same places where the masseuses work their
cubicles or where the pros sit down at your table. That's why it's such a
blurred distinction. Anyway, have fun and spend a bit of money on her. God
knows she  needs it, especially if she has a kid to send to school.

A one night stand back at your hotel room with these women is often the
best. And, really, it's a lot easier just to assume to yourself she is on
the game and offer her Rp. 60,000 taxi money the next morning (that's about
$28 dollars for a nights fun). If she is offended, an apology along with a
quick trip to the local dress shop should suffice.

Some places where you may get lucky and pay nothing: visit Jalan Palatehan I
in Blok M. There are several bars here devoted to the local expatriate
crowd. Lots of whores, lots of freebies, depends on a range of imponderable
factors (easier to pay in my opinion). Blok M has a range of bars and the
girls vary from place to place. Try Oscars, the Club, Sportsmans, Top Gun.
Further away is Hotmans Bar at the Hotel Sofyan, which may or may not still
be popular. In the CBD is the Jaya Pub and, next door, 2 or 3 slightly
upmarket places with good live music. Green Pub across the road is perhaps
worth a visit.

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