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Indianapolis, Indiana

Subject: Indianapolis rip-off joint

I would like to deliver a warning to the readers of a.s.s who might
visit Indianapolis, IN.

The Top to Bottom Massage is located at 9667 W. Washington,
out by the airport (approx. 4 miles west). After dropping
the room-rate and a $65 tip the woman refused to deliver
_anything_, and I mean _anything_. The massage was poor and the women
uniformly overweight (grossly!) and unattractive. The most she did was take
off her top (nude was also a possibility but I didn't want to see
the rest of it). The place itself was dingy. The woman I dealt with
was also rather smirking in her refusal, leading me to believe that
she knew full-well what I had expected and was amused that she
now had my money (they insisted that the tip be given up-front with
no discussion allowed of value for dollar), saying "Oh, I couldn't
do _that_." Yes, I brought it up so she couldn't have been
worried about entrapment.

The Ranch Massage is right next door at 9707 W. Washington
and my guess would be that they are owned by the same people.

My advice: keep away. There must be someplace better in Indy,
but I wouldn't know what that would be.

Date: 29 Apr 1995 13:00:13 -0400 The following is a brief summary of my extra-curricular activities during a recent visit to Indianapolis. Some of the sites visited and experiences garnered are a direct result of suggestions from members of this news group. Me?....42 years old...6ft tall....180 pounds...good physical condition....have all my teeth and hair(grin)...well employed....neat, clean,....wear Polo, J. Crew, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger etc.....just to give you some background. I am courteous and respectful to the ladies I meet. I am kind but not weak. (Ex-Marine -Viet Vet) Arrived in Indy on a Monday afternoon. Went to Club Rio on 38th street. Two stages with 8 dancers. Very safe location. Mixed clientele with slight majority of white collar. There seemed to be several single guys in there that probably should have been at work or calling on customers. (Grin). Rio's has a great draft beer mug that holds 32oz for $6.75. If you don't have any existing elbow problems and you like beer I recommend it. Dancers range from sweet to nasty. 3 sets go from fully dressed to topless and g-string. For a buck the g-string gets pulled to the south revealing the grand canyon in exquisite detail. No pressure for table dances. A raised, semi-private area is available for table or couch dances and the girls take you there by the hand. On this Monday afternoon they were $10 bucks but one of the lasses said they charge what the market will bear (or bare??). She warned me that May is inflation month in Indy due to all of the time trials and race activities bringing goofy race fans to town. Monday night I went to Genesis Massage in Claremont. It is a bit of a ride from the I-465 bypass that goes around the west side of Indy. It is on a country road. I was just about to turn back when I saw the discrete sign advertising the entrance to their parking lot. It is an old farm house that has been renovated. Nothing fancy but it has spacious, private, secure parking and a handicap ramp at the front door. Inside there were 6 ladies ranging from cute to butt ugly (all Asians...never had em never will per one of the ladies). They were in a living room setting watching television. (I got there at 1:00 am) I stopped at a convenience store on the way to Genesis and picked up a six pack of Dr. Pepper and a six pack of Diet Pepsi along with a bag of pretzels and two different packs of Pringles. I presented these to the waiting maidens with my usual suave banter and was immediately recognized for the international bon vivant that I am (grin). ( It sounds corny but I always take snack food to a brothel late at night and I am received as though I were Donald Trump). I selected a gal who was in her late 20's named Kim. Kim is about 5ft 4in, about 110 pounds, dark curly hair to her shoulders, very fair skin and very good natured. Smiles, quick to laugh and she can carry a conversation. She was not the best looking but she was very satisfying. I paid $50 up front for a 1 hour massage. After a 20 minute gentle massage with relaxed conversation where we got to know each other a little bit I asked Kim to remove her top (it was a satin vest like garment with buttons in the front). She readily complied and my hand drifted up to her well formed, firm breast (34C Maybe??). After a few more minutes I said I would like to have sex and I normally tip a girl as attractive as Kim $50 for the privilege. Kim said she does not have sex with a customer unless it is really a special occasion and she has always been tipped more than $50 dollars when she does. I could have had for $75 (IMHO) but she was sweet and I wanted good service so I said I would gladly tip her $100. Business over, she resumed her massage and laid her head on my stomach while she rubbed the top of my legs and worked her way to my rod. After manipulating it to the full upright position she encapsulated it in latex and gave me a great blow job. She jacked and sucked in a perfect rhythm and brushed her hair over my stomach and upper legs in a very seductive manner. I played with her slit all the while. She asked me twice if I was ready to move on (very considerate...) before getting on top of me and riding my cock. She got me off while riding my dick and warmly kissed my neck and chest while I recovered. I gave her $120 while we were dressing and thanked her for a good time. Tuesday night I called a few out call services before selecting Angie from the Hard Bodies or Hot Bodies service ( I don't recall which). They advertise in a local adult newspaper called SHOWTIME that is available in the adult bookstores and topless joints. I asked for a girl in her mid thirties (my personal preference for well though out each his own). Angie was described as 35, 5'2", 110 pounds, auburn hair and very athletic (aren't they all?). The agency fee is $85 (pretty uniform it seems for Indy). I lined up Angie with the agency and within 15 minutes she called me. She asked a few general question but none that I found objectionable. I was staying at the Hyatt and she asked if I wanted to meet her in the bar or have her come to my room. I had her come to my room eventhough it is fun to meet in a bar sometimes. She arrived about 30 minutes later and took the agency fee instantly. She was at least 40 years old and probably 42 or 43. She was about 5'2" and hit the scales at about 125. She was very acceptable to me though. She did look good and had an attractive figure with nice tits. She was wearing a skirt and blouse from Express (I saw the label before the night ended (grin)) that was tasteful yet slightly provocative. I thought she bore a slight resemblance to Bonnie Rait, especially with her southern Indiana twang accent. We talked for a while and when we were both convinced that there were no cops in our party I gave her $100 for a dance lesson (she insisted??? Weird!!) and lovemaking (her word not mine). After taking the $100 she called the agency on a her cell phone. After the call she asked if I wanted to get comfortable before she danced and I said yes. To my surprise she then asked me to follow her into the bathroom. In the bathroom she removed my shirt and trousers then my shorts and washed my Johnson and surrounding counties. She did it in a rough but sensual way and made sure that she made careful eye contact with my one-eye to evaluate my dick's state of health. We returned to the bedroom where she turned on the radio and seductively stripped off her duds in the dance that she promised. She danced her way onto the bed and after playing with me for about 10 minutes asked me to get behind her and fuck her hard to get her in the mood. I OBEYED. To make a long story short...we fucked in various positions for about 20 minutes and I had a non-reportable release ( an environmental term of art (grin)). Angie dressed a little to hurriedly for me to give her an A (or an additional tip which I am willing to provide for excellent service) but overall she was just what the doctor ordered (literally). I would probably not request her again only because I like variety but I would recommend her to a friend that was looking for no hassles and very enjoyable liaison. Oh yeah...Angie wore Red, the perfume, and my room, sheets etc. still smelled heavenly when I woke up the next morning. Last point..I will be back in Indy next week.....where do the streetwalkers congregate?? Any tips from any one else on Indy??? I travel quite a bit and this is the first exploit I have published. Anyone interested in future editions for other cities? Also please feel free to criticize writing style, level of detail, missing ingredients or the federal government. Waste....
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 04:20:18 UTC To check out the Indy streetwalker scene try East Washington Street or sometimes, East New York, both between downtown and Sherman Drive. Best times are after work or late evening. Watch for stings. Prices and available dates vary but expect to pay $20 for a blow $50 or more for a lay depending on the girl. Generally the pickings are slim and the traffic is high so expect to troll for 30 minutes or more. West 10th street and Delaware between I-70 and 16th street used to be good places to troll but I don't know about these anymore. Any additional information or verification would be appreciated.
Date: 3 Jan 1996 07:23:25 GMT >any info on the indianapolis scene? Forget about the escort services in the yellow pages (in Indianapolis). They are all rip-off services.
Subject: Indy update Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 15:24:58 UTC The Top to Bottom and Genesis II have been closed by the Hendricks county police. As of today I do not know of any full-service massage parlor in Indianapolis or its surrounding areas that are in business. The local trash paper SHOWTIME has advertisements that still show these places open... but they are not. Beware of Call services in Indy.. big rip off. word of mouth causes these places to change names frequently.
Date: 1996/10/12 Indianapolis Indy has a huge intcall network. If you are staying in a hotel, check the yellow pages under escort and entertainment. There must be an effective incall service association because all the prices are uniform. $85 to get a chick to your room and then you negotiate. Rates for general services are below national averages...IMHO. In every case, you can be certain of talking to the girl that will come to your room before she is sent so you can ask some specific questions on age, appearance, grooming, heritage, number of appendages or anything else that you deem important. The main thing is you can set some qualifiers to prevent later "If you are uglier than Mike Tyson, I will not let you into my room, let alone pay you." It has been reported that some Indy visitors have been very disappointed when the "full service" visitor to their hotel room is only a "full service model or dancer". You can try to cover this over the phone before your date is dispatched but you know how that goes with all the euphenisms, innuendos and ill defined buzz words that creep into that type of telephone call. It has also been reported that some Indy models/dancers use that as a ploy to extort high fees from their client. Let me spell it out for you folks in Iowa. She comes in, does a dance and then starts to get dressed. You protest. She maintains she is only a dancer. You pull out more money and she "does it" for the first time ever. What will her boyfriend/husband think? Tell me about it. The massage parlor business has dried up in Marion County. There are a few viable options within easy driving distance however. The Clermont is located on Crawfordsville Road about 10 miles west of Indy. Nothing wrong with the Clermont. There are also two parlors side by side on Route 40 (Washington Street) just over the county line west of Indy. They are about 20 minutes from the airport. Again..these two spots are OK. Street action is not unknown to Indy. Washington Avenue (Route 40) east of downtown is very reliable after dark and particularly late at night (After 11:00 PM). The section from the I-65 Bridge to Sherman Avenue is the most productive. The girls in this zone are pretty obvious about their intent and may even aggressively signal you. Lafayette Avenue from 16th Street to 38th Street is pretty good late in the month. There are several topless joints along this piece of road and chicks hang out side the joints, around the pay phones or in cars looking for "dates". If the street action is dragging, do not hesitate to enter some of the lower scale joints. As long as you are not dressed like a banker or Wally Cox no one will bother you. Jeans and casual shirt are the order of the day. Even if you do not hook up you will still enjoy the view inside the clubs. Finally, there is a large truck stop on I-70 just west of Indy. This is a haven for your hard working hookers. I do not like this place because I think 4-wheelers are treated like second class citizens but if you are into domination....maybe this is the place for you. There are usually a few girls working the place and most of them tend to be a little on the brawny side.
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 15:07:19 -0800 Subject: Indy Hey there I first want to tell you just how much I appreciate your guides and then I have a tasty tid-bit for you. I used to frequent some of the parlors outside of Indianapolis and the service was fairly inexpensive and very, uhhhh, let's just say 'fulfilling' for most of us. I do not want my name or e-mail address used if this letter is posted but you do have permission to post it or forward it to the guide. Recently I was heart broken to find out that the Aromatherapy boutique located in a prestigious office building had been shut down. This used to be the service located on Crawfordsville Road just inside of Marion Co. it was known then as Genesis II. All of those good old bordellos and massage parlors have been shut down in the last 6 months and the in call facilities have all become out call services. Let me fill you in on the services in the phone book.... There were a few good firms such as Pizzazz and Professional which have gone the way of the $.89 gallon of gas. The escort/massage/entertainment services listed in the phone books are about 98.9% RIP-OFFS and I and a friend went to Indy during the last week of January 1997 to make sure the last of the decent establishments have closed and the out call services have gone bad. The worst of all of the services was the Therapeutic Massage Clinic or Massage by professional Masseuse and Masseurs. The phone listings were EAST 377-3556 DOWNTOWN 972-1668 and WEST 247-7454. I am a celebrity of sorts so that is why I don't want my name or screen name or e-mail address used. This service has closed its facility and goes under a few false ads such as Lonely Blonds and Escorts International among others. Two Blonds were dispatched by the service at 12:15 am on a Saturday night and were promised to be on site within 30 or 45 minutes. 2 hours later two African American women showed up. Rating them would about a 7 and a 6 at best. The agency fee was $125 for two and the negotiated tips were supposedly beginning at $300 apiece. The gentleman and lady on subsequent phone call assured tips are around $100-$200 depending on the expected level of service. I chose the more attractive of the two and we had agreed already that those rates were out of the question and that we would negotiate. My friend and I acted like a couple of virgins and pretended to be first timers to the racy night life scene, if you get my drift. We retired to the bedroom of the suite and I agreed on $150 for full service. She undressed and did have a pretty nice body except the signs of child bearing were obvious and she was a bit over-weight. She had nice lips and beautiful large breasts, and I am not even a breast man. She began to do a dance at which point I was undressed and ready to go. She was rubbing lotion on herself and climbing aboard when a knock came at the door of my room. Her partner said she was ready to go. She said they had another call. My lady hurridly dressed and said to call them again. I stopped them short of leaving the room and forced the can of mace out of her hand just in time. They would have left with a total of $425+ and we would have been left looking like a couple of naive bumpkins. They were surprised when I suggested a refund or I would deal with their service. I phoned the service and let them know of the situation. When they found out who I was and the position I was now in with a couple of their girls, they apologized and asked if they could out some girls out 'on the house'. We refused and let them know that we would get the word out about this scam. Another gentleman called back from the service and again was ready to 'eat dirt' after the service we received. He agreed to send out a couple of girls minus the agency fee but again I mentioned that the damage was done. The girls admitted that this is a regular scam. Many times, Jade and Rene', obvious stage names, said that they have a member of the staff come to the door posing as 'five-O' and then they shake down the unhappy guy inside. In another incident the same service supposedly agreed to assist local law enforcement officials in a sting operation to avoid prosecution. These two became very talkative when they realized they were not going to get away with it. "Steer clear of the forms you sign when an escort arrives at your room too," they said, "many times our manager will threaten to go to your wife or boss or something if you call to bitch about the services." We seen enough arrests on Washington, LaFayette and 36th. Streets in one night to last us a lifetime so the street scene is a dangerous one too. So my friends please steer clear of the Indy scene in all forms as it is dangerous to your health. We were prepared and even then we almost got shafted. We might have been shot or stabbed instead of an attempted macing and ripoff. Go to Chicago, or Reno or Michigan City or off the Continental U.S. or anyplace else but Indianapolis for wht you need. I have a lot of respect for professional working women but this town gives them a bad name and is too dangerous for those just looking for a good time.
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 13:55:12 -0400 (EDT) Subject: The Indy scene Let me start off by telling you that I pretty much know the Indianapolis scene as well as anyone. First off, there are no more massage parlors in the Indy area. They were the best place for you to remain anonymous. Words of caution- do not call any outcall service from the yellow pages-BIG RIP OFF. East Washington St. from State St. to Sherman is one place to pick up whores, however, most are on crack and carry the HIV virus. Blow jobs are $ 20.00 and sex is $40.00. Be careful, if this your cup of tea, sting operations are frequent. Make sure she gets in the car with you, never talk money, ask to see her tits. If she does not want to, drop her off. The girls are not too good looking and I would be leary of a good looking ones. Prostitutes also hang out at the Investment Lounge on the city's southwest side. Large truck stop. Lot lizards also hang out outside, your better off being in a big rig. The best places to pick up prostitutes are the lower class strip joints. You can arrange to take them home or you can have a private dance in the back room, and either get a blow job or sex. Each girl is different and may want as much as $ 100.00 for sex. Hots and Twin Jay's on the city's short south side are good one's to attend. Twin Jays lack in beautiful women though. Hots has some decent ones. I was told some prostitutes hang on US 40 in Plainfield, checked it out, and didn't see anything. Local magazine Showtime could also be a good source for whores. However, go to only the individual ads, never an agency.
Subject: Re: [ASP]Can anyone give some advice on Indianapolis scene? Date: 30 Jun 1997 03:30:05 GMT I have visited Indianapolis for at least 7 years. And once a year, I try one of the escort services. Each time, NO FULL SERVICE. Just dancin' & modelin'. Never tried the street scene. Cops do run stings from time to time.
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 18:54:43 -0800 Subject: Indiana I don't know why you don't the age of consent in Indiana. It's 16. Indianapolis has a paper for hookers, call-girls, massage parlors, etc. I don't know it's reliability or it's name. I picked it up free in one of the tit bars advertised on your Indiana web site, Diamonds.
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 00:09:45 EST ok, this is about the street walker action in Indianapolis. From what I've seen $20 will get you oral, you can get half & half, or straight sex for $30, just depends on the girl. These are mostly in black neighborhoods. the places that have the most action from what I've seen are on College from 16th to 25th st. All black, highly variable in quality also, but there are decent ones, most in their 30's and crack smokers. Caution, however, Cops were starting to run saturation patrols in this area to get rid of the drug dealers back in October. On Alabama from I-65 to 16th st usually has action on weekends, racially mixed, some decent looking ones, but you may not get what your looking at, there is a gay club around the corner on 16th, so careful if thats not your cup of tea. I think the gays mostly hang out on Penn & 16th. MLK from fall creek to 30th st, has some hookers, all black. In that same vicinity try Clifton st. On the westside try west 10th st from tibbs to the white river, lots of foot traffic east of belmont to around pershing mixed black and white. On the Eastside try east 10th around oxford, mixed. then cruise E washington, willard park area, but beware here this has always been known to have prostitutes and there are cops every 6 blocks. Don't know much about the southside, but try e prospect, morris or belmont on the southwest side. The truckstops at s. harding at 465 have always been notorious for prostitute, all white. Hope this helps.
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 14:58:14 +0800 Subject: Indianapolis, Indiana -- AABASH ESCORTS AABASH ESCORTS -- a review I was recently in the Indianapolis area on business when a friend of mine and I decided to let our fingers do the walking to find an escort service that would provide massage and ??? Having read the information on your site already, I decided to not head the ominous warnings about there being a lot of rip-offs and go ahead and give it a try. There were several ads in the yellow pages so we called around. Come to find out, most of them belonged to the same company. They quoted us a price of $125 dollars for each girl. "After that, you can negotiate everything with the girls", she says. We tried another one called AABASH ESCORTS. The ad read "Welcome to Indy, 631-9888, Escorts or Massage". The lady sounded friendly enough. She quoted us a price of $125 for two girls. Fair enough. We told her to send over two girls, both brunettes. After they arived, we were pleasently suprised by how they looked. One was Korean-American and the other was a really hot one with long tanned legs and nice skin. We negotiated a massage and whatever else we could bargain for. We decided on the full-body massage for $150 that takes "As long as it takes". "And I mean FULL body", she says. They agreed to get naked. Fifteen minutes into the back rub, she still hadn't taken her clothes off. Then, for no apparent reason, they bolt out the door. What a bunch of crap. $420 between the two of us. We were led to believe that we were going to get a certain kind of service but then just plain got scammed. I was ticked off so I called the service back and told them what had happened. I said that a lot of people read the internet to get reliable information and that I was going to post it up to warn everybody about what a scam there operation was. "You just do that", she says. Maybe its better to keep your pecker in your pants in Indy?

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