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Indiana Northwest

Northwest Indiana

Route 20 is a sure bet day or night.  The stretch from I-65 east to
Route 249 in Portage is a top producer.  There is a motel right at I-65
with a parking lot teaming with activity.  You can hardly turn around in
the lot without running over a hooker.  Melton Road (also known as Route
20) usually has girls walking along the section by the Interlude Motel,
the Michigan Adult Theater , the trailer park and the run down 50's
vintage motel just east of the I-94 bridge.  There are a series of clean
motels (Super 8, Days Inn, Ramada) at Route 249 if you want to take her
someplace besides the back seat of the car.

In Gary, cruise 5th Avenue at Broadway (go around the block a few times)
and hit Broadway from 20th Avenue to 14th Avenue.  I do not suggest you
park anywhere in this neighborhood unless you are Superman, and even
then, some hombres in this hood may have kryptonite.  Gary did not get
the title of "Murder Capital" last year because of their civic pride.
If you pick someone up...and there are a few good prospects, head to a
hotel outside the Gary city proper.

Broadway in Glen Park from I-94 to 45th Avenue has some regulars.  The
few blocks north and south of Ridge Road are most productive.  Once
again, this is not the neighborhood where you want to spend a lot of
time.  Stay on Broadway and you will be OK though.

State Line Avenue from State Street to 165th Street between Calumet
City, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana has been producing hookers since
1940.  In fact I think some of the original matrons are still on the
job.  This is a run down but relatively safe area.  The bars along this
street used to be packed 24 hours a day.  Many of the best joints have
closed in the past few years and the "strip" is not what it used to be.
Like Fleet Street in Cleveland however, this area produces some chicks
that only turn one or two tricks in a month to make a rent payment or
meet some other financial obligation.  If that is your thing, than this
is your place.  Timing here is everything.  Some days (or nights) the
area is flooded with girls and other times you could not find a hooker
with a hundred dollar bill.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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