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Independence, Missouri

Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 12:07:52 UTC

I visited TLC Massage the other night.  Although it wasn't the worst
experience I've ever had, it was also far from the best.

Upon arriving at about 7:40 pm, I found that I was the only customer there.
I went around to the back and was greeted at the door by a man.  He told me
to come in and asked for identification.  After I passed, I was led into the
living room to meet my "masseuse".

Her name was Amber and she appeared to have a very nice body.  However, when
she smiled her teeth were very clearly going bad.  It didn't seem to me that
it was going to be too long before dentures would be necessary.  She led me
into the back bedroom and we exchanged money.

One moment:  I briefly considered not going through with it after surmising
the situation.  Amber (the name she gave me) was older than I preferred in
professional women, probably late thirties, and also possessed the
aforementioned dental problem.  However, when I was in close proximity to
her, she smelled clean and her body appeared to be pretty nice, so I set
aside my trepidations and bulled ahead.

After the financial transaction, I asked if I could use the bathroom (Man,
those 64 oz. Quik Trip sodas are killers).  She said sure and that it was
the first door on the right.  When I returned, Amber was in her birthday
suit, which is unusual since most working women require that the customer
become au naturel first.  Anyway, I noticed that Amber's clothing had hidden
a few things.  Her body was definitely not as nice as I had previously
thought, with extremely sagging breasts and butt with a good start on a gut
(although I should talk).  However, I had come this far.  She was not very
active regarding foreplay and made no move to initiate oral sex (maybe, a
blessing).  After an extending period of lying side by side with me
fingering her, she fitted a condom on me and mounted me.  She was fairly
tight, but didn't move very well.  If I was going to get off, I would have
to provide the motion.  I briefly considered changing positions, but decided
I would just get it over with.  I placed my hands on her hips and began
thrusting upward from my prone position.  On the few times that she did
initiate movement to help, it was uncoordinated and ineffective.  After a
few minutes of the old in-and-out, I blew goo into the love sock. Slowing
down my movement, I reached down and secured the condom (sounds almost
military, doesn't it) and disengaged.  She fetched me a hot towel and I
proceeded to police the area (man, I'm on a kick here I can't seem to get
off of).

With some different women, like the ones you spoke of, this might have been
a better experience.  Well, I've give it another try down on down the road.

Subject: [ASP] A visit with Susan at TLC in Independence, MO Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 15:02:11 -0400 (EDT) Last Friday, I decided to see Susan at Hiawatha's Happy Hunting Lodge (TLC) because of some of the posts I'd read. I'd also seen her there before, but was unable to spend time with her because she had an incoming appointment. Instead I settled for someone else there that I shouldn't have (fat + bad attitude = yecch!). This time I called ahead and made an appointment to see Susan. When I arrived, I walked on in. Susan was sitting on the couch and she and the proprietor were watching the big screen TV. After we made some small talk, Susan and I went to the Northeast bedroom (Has anyone been in any of the others? I've visited TLC 6-10 times since they've taken residence in their current location and that's the only bedroom I've been in!). We handled the financials, (as usual, $150 per hour) she left the room for a minute and I began to undress. First thing, I accidentally knotted my shoestring! I went to work on undoing the knot and by the time I'd finished, Susan had returned. Susan was a bigger girl than I'd remembered, but still well-porportioned and shapely. Of course, anyone would look small compared to the two girls that were also there when I first saw Susan. While I completely disrobed, Susan kept a bodysuit on. I walked to the edge of the bed and she grabbed my left nipple in her fingertips. She gave it a squeeze and I bent to kiss her. A QUICK TEST! If she'd turned her head, like most professional women will do, that means that kissing will not be happening. However, Susan turned her face and opened her mouth to me and I silently accepted her invitation. While kissing, her hands roamed across my chest and back with a light, feathery touch. I cupped her left breast in my right hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I moved forward to put both of us on the bed. I negotiated it in such a way that Susan would have her back to me when I laid down. I love the feel of a woman's shapely ass against my dick! I nestled my rock hard member in the hollow made by her crack and began kissing her neck while my hand caressed her thigh. She turned her head back and began darting her tongue in and out of my mouth rapidly. I lowered the strap from her left shoulder to expose her breast. I kissed and sucked her nipple then gave it a gentle bite. She moaned appreciatively (an act, I'm sure). She moved her hips forward so that the tip of penis was pressed against the area just above her pussy. She threw her left leg over mine and got me in a wrestling hold (ooh la la!). I rolled her over and got on top of her, resting some of my weight on her nether region. She moved in such as manner for a second that I thought she was going to engulf my tool sans condom, but luckily that didn't happen. I removed her other strap and began ministering to the other breast. She squirmed and rubbed her still-clothed mons against my glans and I began to worry about climaxing too soon. As I found this position entirely too stimulating, I moved my lower body away from contact with hers and moved my lips down her arm. I continued moving downward until I had my face in her crotch. I pressed my top of my nose into the indentation of her slit and rubbed up and down the length of it. She moved and reached down to unsnap the crotch of her bodysuit and I began to lap at her swollen clitoris. She gave a more genuine sound of pleasure now as I moved my tongue up and down her clit and the surrounding fleshy folds. After a few minutes of this, Susan let out a low moan and lifted her legs off the bed and grabbed her ankles. She held them there for awhile, then rested her feet on my shoulders. Now she would move herself onto my tongue and I could hear her breathing quicken. When I strayed from direct contact with her clitoris she now moved to adjust and refocus my efforts. She now grabbed the back of my head to hold me steady and began to spasm as my oral ministrations continued. Each time I'd hit the underside of her clit, she'd moan out loud, shudder and draw in a deep breath through her teeth. I bore down and tried to maintain a light, quick tonguing action and she began to exhibit the early signs of orgasm. Her breathing quickened as I continued pressing the action. Shortly her legs locked tight and I heard a muffled groan. Spasms of release ran through her lower body and I locked on with my mouth on her love button and gently sucked it in between my lips. Within seconds, both of her thighs covered each side of my head. I released her clit and went back to tonguing. Within five more minutes she was spasming again, vocalizing even louder. This girl was either a great actress or she was HOT! After one more repeat performance, I emerged from her pussy, my beard soaked in her juices. I moved back up towards the head of the bed and upon arrival she deeply kissed me. She said something about how good that felt and that she was ready to do the same for me. I begged her to go easy on me, as I didn't want to come to early because of my hair trigger. Susan laughed and said that she'd just tease me a little then. She licked the underside of my glans and then quickly took me into her mouth and rolled me around in her saliva. I couldn't take to much of this and after about a minute, I told her that she'd better stop. She laid on my chest, kissed me and said she was ready to ride me. I replied that I was ready for that, too. She reached over into the nightstand and extracted a condom. Susan played with my balls while she rolled it on. She then bent forward and raised her right leg and aimed her snatch at my pole. After one brief miscue, she nestled down on me and began to rock back and forth. She closed her eyes and continued the motion as I placed my hands on her hips. I forced myself to keep my eyes open, as Susan was an erotic sight, sliding back and forth on my crotch. After a couple of minutes of this, I spewed my goo into the rubber. It's a good thing I was able to maintain my rigidity for awhile after climaxing, since Susan wasn't in any hurry to disengage. Instead she flopped forward onto my chest and talked dirty to me, alternating with deep kisses. While I was still imbedded in her, she squeezd and released my dick with her pussy muscles. Very stimulating, but after awhile, I began to feel my erection subside. I expressed this to Susan and we disengaged. She left the room and I removed the condom and threw it in the trash can next to the bed. After providing me with a hot wet towel to clean up, we made small talk while we each got dressed. I gave her a warm kiss and told her I'd be back to see her and left. I definitely want to have a returned engagement with Susan, but I think I'll try to see Dawn sometime soon and write about that one. Happy Hunting!

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