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Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 13:37:51 UTC

First of all, the legal age of consent is 16 around here (ask congressman
Reynolds). Second, massage parlors are alive and well. I've never gotten
more than a hand job, but that's because I've never asked for more. My
current favorite is the Elite Spa in Fox Rover Grove (mainly due to one
employee). Take the train to Fox River Grove, get off and travel north
on Lincoln Avenue one block. It'll be on the right, across the street
from the library. Very convenient since it's only a block from the train
station! Once inside, you are confronted with a window (and bell) and a
single chair. Ring the bell, and tell them you want an hour ($60 and they
advertise in the Sun Times with a coupon that reduces that). If possible,
get [censored]. You'll be glad you did! She not
only is an excellent masseuse, but for $40 extra as a tip, she'll give
you a hand job that you won't beleive! The woman seems to actually enjoy
her work (she commented it was "an art") and does a massage/hand job that
truely goes above and beyond the call of duty. Starts with plenty of oil,
and works her way from your neck to groin keeping your cock trapped
between her arms. She's in no hurry for you to finish, and tells you to
"respond" as you get near. Truely an oustanding experience, and well
worth the tip (I gave her $60 because I thought she was worth it). She
even gave me a goodbye kiss after a second shower to wash off the oil.

Another good place is the "Far East Spa" in Schaumburg. I've never
been disapointed there, and in particular recommend [censored] and
[censored]. One has obviously been professionally trained as a
masseuse, and the other seems to have been taking lessons from
her. Most of the time at this place, you don't even have to ask for
anything extra, they just do it if you have an erection. Once again,
they aren't in a hurry to get you out the door, they've even gone back
to the massage after the hand job was done. No discussion of prices,
just a good hand job and then they wait for a tip
afterwards. [censored] (a korean, I think) even insists on dressing
you afterwards. [censored] would have as well, if I hadn't been so
quick to get my clothes on. The hot towel cleanup is nice.

Avoid "A Touch of Sun" in Palatine, never been offered anything other
than a mediocre massage (at best) there.

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 15:19:41 UTC South Bend, IN Street walker scene is Michigan Ave. ( US 31 ) Northbound from the South By-Pass. Most girls don't get out until late and they recently had a major bust netting 27 girls. Watch for scams and don't part with your money until you get to your room, not hers! If she won't go with you for a little extra, dump her and find someone else or you'll lose more than your money. Good luck and good hunting. Clarksville, IN Anyone know about the outcall service in Clarksville or Lousiville, KY ?
Subject: Michigan City IN Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 08:42:50 UTC Recent police crackdown has put all establishments (6 all total), including Osaka Health Spa out of business for the time being. Phone announcement is still active with directions & hours, but the shops are closed.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Central Illinois Date: 5 Feb 1997 20:13:52 GMT I used to live in CU. There were no massage parlors that I knew of and the street scene was pretty dismal. The last time I went to visit (about 2 years ago) I checked the phone book and found about four or five agencies. I tried two different ones (sorry, don't remember the names) and was reasonably satisfied both times but nothing exceptional. The price ran about $150-$160 ($40 agency fee + tip).

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