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Iguala, Mexico

Subject: Iguala Mex.

Recently I was on a business trip buying silver in Taxco Mex. There
are a couple of boring spots in Taxco "Cupa de champagne" and a
unnamed place next door.

Cupa is a small take out place with a couple of 8s and a few 5s. The
place next door is eat in but the menu was very lacking but got a bit
better on the weekend. (prices were 300 pesos $35 plus 20 pesos $2.30
for the room) Since taking them to the hotel was out of the question
and I got the feeling the 8s at Cupa were looking for Mexico City
prices (1000-1500 pesos $115-$170) I decided to hire a cab for a few

For 200 pesos ($23) a cab will take you round trip to the red lite
areas of Iguala and wait for you or acompany you into the bars. (if
you speak spanish some of the cabbies are cool) It's a bit of an
adventure getting to Iguala which is about 30-45 mins. strait down the
hill on a very windy road with lots of animals, tell the driver to be
tranquilo if he's pushing it. There are 2 places in Iguala, and I
found them to be quite representative of the duality that is now
occurring in the mexican bar girl scene.  The first one was a "strip
club" which always seem to have this Egyptian motif going on and are
sort of a poor man's version of a U.S. Gentleman club. (except for the
prices) Most of the girls were 5s at best with a continuous strip show
on stage. The waiters were hot to bring one of these "girls" to our
table so they could ply us for expensive drinks ($2-$5) with which I
politely but firmly told them ."No!"  After 20 mins. of looking, I
found the best one out of the lot, an 8 1/2 , (it seems that at all
these sort of places I noticed the girls, especially the finer ones,
are hanging out hustling their local regular suckers for drinks and
dances and hence it is difficult to even get a dance out of them) and
bought some private dance tickets off her (50 pesos $6 a song) . We
then proceeded into this dark and somewhat dirty booth where she did
some hot n sweaty and quite tasty dances (fully nude...eventually) But
for what in the end cost $24 it wasn't what I really was looking for!
I asked her what some dancing in the sheets cost and she gave me a
laughable price of 1400 pesos ($161! remember this was Iguala not
Acapulco) I decided that these girls were more interested in bleeding
the suckers than fuckin for a buck. (So seems to be the case I ran
into in all these new wanabe gringo (st)rip off joints, lets hope this
doesn't spread to far to fast in ol mexico!)

So off to the next place we went, this seemed to be a compound with
about 5or6 bars and definitely more of what I was looking for !  We
sniffed around a bit and settled on a large dance hall style cantina
with a fairly large choice of girls, sitting in a line of chairs, at
one end of the room. (in looking around the bars the doormen/waiters
were trying their best to hustle us to a table, probably since I was
the only gringo for miles, again I suggest you just politely but
firmly ignore them, like a pesky fly, and have a good look before you
make a commitment since, for me at least, the meter was running) After
we got our drinks I realized the girls were self service so I eyed one
curvatious 7 (most of the women at this compound were 4s-7s with maybe
a few 8s but most had good attitudes, probably because a gringo means
real money to them) and took her to our table for a drink (10-20 pesos
$1.15-$2.30) after a few drinks and dances I asked her how much (the
girls in these places rarely hustled you for sex and usually were
surprised that I was not put off by the price of 300 pesos $35, a lot
of money for a local I guess but to me a lot better than $161!)  she
said 300pesos + 50 pesos for the room. The room was at best somewhat
clean but the bed was alright and it had a fan. She was fun, though
professional, but did not seem to be in too much of a hurry, though
someone did knock on the door after about 45 mins. I went back a week
later and found myself one of those 8s she was also big fun at the
same price. Remember this was on a week night so quality may go up on
the weekend, Definitely recommended especially if you speak a little
spanish and/or are in a group. have fun & Viva Mexico!

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