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>>>> Are brothels legal anywhere in Idaho? IF so, where; and, how
>>>> does one go
>>>> about setting one up?

>>> A town along I-90 used to have illegal but officially tolerated brothels
>>> in old frontier hotels.  They closed and reopened several times in the
>>> '80s, according to reports I read in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
>>> and at last word were closed now.

>>XXX up there is referring to Wallace Idaho, the FBI came in and
>>closed that place down about 2 years ago, I am not aware of any
>>brothels in Idaho. I am pretty sure there aren't any up north.  If
>>you want a Ho go up to Spokane Wa.  Plenty of them there and they
>>aren't too far away from any place in northern Idaho if you are
>>going to south Idaho your best bet is Nevada.  but if you just want
>>to set up a whore house, you'll get shut down, because no it isn't

>Stateline, Idaho is know for its massage parlors which have long been
>fronts for cathouses.  The girls are usually good looking and many
>are students from North Idaho College.  Wallace was the best until
>the feds shut it down.  It was the most up front and most
>professionally run.  It may be surprising to people outside the
>northwest, but both the cathouse and gambling houses were supported
>by local people and police.  That is why it took the feds to shut it
>down.  I grew up in Spokane and would not suggest going there
>especially for street walkers.  Northern Idaho towns such as
>Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry are said to have cathouses of their own
>and I have heard good reviews of them, but nothing I have personally
>confirmed.  By the way, Stateline Id.  is about 20 miles east of
>Spokane on I-90.

Sorry, Stateline Idaho was busted totally about two years ago.  Nothing
left but vacant lots.

Subject: Boise, Idaho Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:54:08 PST Dear avid readers, I noticed no substantial discussion of where to get services in Boise so I thought I could help out. As far a I know there are almost no services available on the street, so if you know of any place let me know. Massage parlors there are three, and 2 of them have given adequete hand jobs but nothing more has ever been offered. The only action is the escort services, for $120-$140 you can get full service for an hour. Never asked for greek or anything. The services are listed in yelllow pages, One is owner operated, great head although she's a bit old. One is is strictly out-call the girls are 6-8's but very business like, Terry answers the phones The other place is usually outcall however if you play nice they'll give you a card and a nick-name, so you can come visit thm at their place. These girls are really nice, they'll talk laugh and really show you a good time. On average they're fairly good looking some are better then others and attitude can count for a lot. Hope this helps, There is one more place that rarely answers the phone now however, once upon a time I had the most incredible suck and fuck I could ever imagine.

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