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Did you know I was recently contacted by a prostitute in Iceland? She
was expensive 15,000.00 krona (divide by 64 to get USD $234) per HALF
HOUR! Then 20 thousand for an hour, but 30 thousand for 2 hours. There
is a minimum wage here of 50 thousand. I taped the whole conversation,
so I have proof.

I asked the local police if prostitution was illegal, and they said that
so long as it was not taken out on the street, people were free to
indulge in whatever activities they wanted within their houses... draw
your own conclusions. I did. Hehe..

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 14:42:15 -0500 Subject: Minimum Wage in Iceland I noticed in the WSG there's a mention by one contributor about the high prices of working gals in Iceland, and a mention that "the minimum wage is 50,000." 50,000 of what he didn't say. There is currently no minimum warge at all in Iceland; however, 76% of the work force belong to some sort of trade union or other bargaining unit, and they have gotten decent contracts for their members. There is a push by a council of most trade unions for a nationwide Monthly Minimum Wage amounting to $1,000/mo., or about $5.81 an hour. Whatever the girl was telling your contributor was not fact; she was simply trying to get a better deal for herself. (This information was gathered from an extensive Web search, including Todays News In Iceland, a free Internet page) The official currency in Iceland is the krone...67 to one US $. The dollars quoted were US dollars.
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:23:11 +0100 Subject: some information about iceland I was reading your pages and I think I could give you some more information, in iceland prostitution is only legal if no third party gets benefit from it, there are some strip joints in the capital, which is Reykjavik, one called Cafe Bohem, one Vegas, and one called Odal ( Mansion english trans.) My favorite is Cafe Bohem. Some of the girls are very open minded about earning some extra money. 10.000 IKR - 20.000, but if you happen to be a sailor, from the south like italy or spain, you can get the girls walking the streets for free! the girls fall at your feet if you wear a uniform. cheers from iceland.

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