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Huntsville, Alabama

Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 09:12:44 GMT

>Any good Action in Huntsville, AL?

Probably so, but try Decatur.  After crossing the Keller bridge, keep
going south on 6th Ave.  Turn right onto Moulton St., go past the
*downtown area, cross the railroad tracks, travel a couple of blocks
till you come to a *Mom 'N' Pop* cinvenience store.  Around this area
you will see two girls, one a slender black girl with short reddish
hair (name unknown) or the other a white girl with auburn hair (goes
by the name of Yo-Yo).  Never tried 'em (or soliciting in general),
but have heard they're great.

Subject: [ASP] My report on Huntsville Alabama... (reply please!) Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 08:47:08 GMT Let me begin by saying, if you have ANY info on Huntsville or experiences, please let me know by repsonding here! Massage parlors- I ussually go to a place called Golden Spa (asian) in Madison. If you take the Wall Triana exit from I565, go to highway 20. At the intersection of Wall Triana and Highway 20 take a left go into the Kmart entrance on right. In the far back right corner you will see another little shopping center. In this shopping center ( with Subway resteraunt, pet store, etc.) is Golden Spa. I have had so-so results there. $60 an hour includes shower, sauna and massage. Everytime I have gone I got a good hand job, atleast. But I like to watch, and the woman I always seem to get ( last name is Lee, don't know her first name (never says)) has large natural tits, and lets me watch her play with her tits and pussy. I have hinted at going further, but she tells me to save mt money. I have hed two other girls there. Every girl there has perfect tits. Same thing, atleast a hand job. The only other massage parlor I have been too in Huntsville is called Royal Massage. When you get to Huntsville get a phone book and call for directions. Too hard to explain here. It is by appointment. I made my appointment and arrived on time. I was greeted by a tall black lady (never mentioned a name) who charged $65 for the massage (deep back massage and sesual frontal massage... until the frontal massage is complete!). This was a fantastic experience! It was the best massage I have ever received, plus she gave a better handjob than most women give head! I came so hard I shot nearly to my neck. When I asked about touching her, she said she didn't like to do that on the first visit, same for when I asked if I could see her tits while she jerked me. Today was my first time there, which inspired me to write this! I will definitely go back. There is no shower before the massage like in Asian spas, you get a sponge bath after you have came to clean upu your cum and the oils from the massage. And she gives it. You are really treated like a king there. Street action- Go look behind the post office on Governor's after midnight. This is where the white girls are. I have picked up two from there. Both gave rubberless blow jobs and spit your jizz for $20. That's hard to beat. They can also be found on Hall street behind the high school on Governor's. These are black women. Same price as the white women ($20) for a blow job with no rubber, shoot in her mouthe and her spit. Let me say the black woman I picked up gave a spin tingling blow. I shot more the she could catch in her mouth! Escort Services- Expensive but well worth it here in Huintsville! Nearly all services for escorts in the Phone book charge between $100 to $140 for an hour plus tips. For full service the tip ussually equals the agency charge. But they fucked me however I wanted them to. Doggy style, me on top, them on top, whatever. The women are rarely what they are descibed to be though by the agency! They aren't ugly though, and you should specify what qualities you are looking for in the girl physically! Hope this helps when you are in Huntsville! And please share you experiences with me in this group so I can get in on some action I may not no about. If you need more details, just reply to this group and I'll answer any questions you have! Enjoy.. GHOST
Subject: Re: [ASP] (report) REQ Huntsville, AL Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 03:33:10 GMT Escort service is fantastic. I have tried a few of the services there and got full service for less then $200 most of the time. Agency fees have gone up in the last year, and most girls still expect a tip before any action. Tipps ussually run from $50 to $100 for full service. Absolute Action Service (205-881-1611) is a good one to call. They sent me a tall blonde with huge tits. She was a little chunky, but still good looking. Massage parlors are good. I have been to two of them. Golden Spa (205-772-6404) is an orienta establishment. I have never tried for full service or blow job there, always a hand job. $60 an hour for them. The other I tried is Royal Massage. It is run by two black women, one tall and slim the other is medium hieght with big tits. Always call and make an appointment. There is no set time limit, when you cum, they give you a sponge bath and off you go. It is $65 or you can have them both (called a "dual") for $85. I always get a hand job there too, because I haven't been there enough to ask for anything else, and you don't have to ask for the hand job. They do not hurry and all told it is a fantastic experience and well worth the money. I haven't tried the dual, but will next time. As for street walkers, they are hard to find unless you want to go into the bad section of town (all black girls, and all give a fantastic blow job). I used to be able to find white girls on Governor's avenue just off Interstate 565 behind the post office, but haven't had much luck there lately. If you want the black girls, keep going down Governor's Avenue until you come to a school. There is a road that runs behind it where you will find the black chicks. It is a little scary because it is so dark and you are near the projects. When you get on that road you will have to go aways until you pass what looks like an abandoned store. Go past it a little ways and turn around to come back the same direction you came. This will let them know what you are there for and they will come out of the shadows. Blow jobs will run you about $20 and the condom is up to you. They will do it without, but that is up to you. This is true for the black girls and white girls. If anyone else has info on Hunstville or the surrounding area, please post it here so I can try something new!!!!!
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Huntsville, AL?? Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 21:22:59 GMT I have had good experiences in Huntsville. The escort services are all excellent, but expensive. $140 to 160 an hour plus the tip. The massage services are good aswell. Golden Spa in Madison is good. It is Oriental. Everytime I go I have no problem scoring with a petite little lady (don't know her name) who has no problem getting naked with a tip. The tip will vary on her mood I guess. Pleasers massage is also very good, never got full service there though. Never tried either though. I have only been one time and got an excellent hand job. Street action used to be real good, but haven't seen any white women out in a long time. They used to be on Governor's Drive behind the post office, but haven't seen any in a long time. You can always find black women behind the school also on governors. You have to travel down that road a bit and it is very dark (and also a bad side of town) they will be in front of what looks like an old store.
Subject: Re: ASP: Huntsville, Al Date: 1998/03/15 >> Any action in huntsville al? > >General area is from the main post office on the west side of downtown, >then back east for about 10 blocks and south for 5 or 6 blocks to the >park. Be very very careful Huntsville runs police decoys regularly and >they arrest johns. If it looks to good to be true then it probably is. >Never discuss "business" on the street. If they wont get in the car >first then play dumb real quick and start asking directions like your >lost. Most of what you do find in here will be pretty skanky to boot. > >It was rumored at one time (since I left the area a few years back) that >there is now an oriental massage place out in Madison. Your best bet is >to take a drive up to Nashville which is only 90 minutes away anyway. >Better selection, prettier girls, and less misguided police attention. The rumors far outnumber the decoys. Actually, decoys are very rare, because it's a tedious setup and very boring wait for the few arrests made. They're not allowed to leave the decoys alone, but have to sit in a parked car with their lights off. Before you pick up any girl, simply look around for a parked car with occupants. The few guys they arrest are usually drunk and easily diverted by the girl, therefore, they're never bother to look around for a backup. If you can't see them, they can't see her, if they can't see her, she's no decoy.

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