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Hungary Transit Routes

HUNGARY: Street prostitution on E60 (M1) transit route

On August 24th the Austrian magazine Profil published an article about
street prostitution on the transit route E60, E5, M1 through Hungaria,
Rumania and Bulgaria. The first girls are found shortly after the
Austrian / Hungarian border (Nickelsdorf / Hegyeshalom). Prostitution
has been legal in Hungary for three years now and it is said that
there are about 2.000 girls working on hungarian streets, often
members of the gipsy minority. The more eastern, the cheaper the
prices are.

I visited Hungary several times between September and November 1995
and so I also did some research on street prostitution especially
between the Austrian / Hungarian border and Gyor (about 40 km after
the border). Be aware of heavy traffic at the border on summer
weekends, public holidays and the start of school holidays! From the
center of Vienna you can reach the border in less than one hour
(highway was recently opened), between the border and Gyor the highway
is not opened now (will propably open in the beginning of 1996 - but
for prostitution it's better without highway anyway), and the distance
between Gyor and Budapest (highway) is approx. 120 km.
Generally, you will find some girls already in the afternoon, but in
the evening (aprox. from 6 pm) the selection is much broader. About 14
km after the Austrian border, in Mosonmagyarovar you will find the
first girls. On the next 15 km or so, there are not many girls, but in
Otteveny 3 or 4 young girls are standing beside the street. Shortly
after Otteveny there is a motel on the left side of the street and a
bunch of sexy dressed girls are waiting for customers. Then, in Abda,
there are some more girls and also a nightclub. After leaving Abda you
shouldn't leave the E60 left to the M1 motorway but drive straight
ahead to Gyor. Then, at a crossing with traffic light, sometimes 5 to
10 girls are waiting. A bit further, when you just enter Gyor, there
are many girls standing beside the street. If you drive though Gyor
(direction: highway to Budapest), at the end of Gyor there is the
stadion at the right side and at least one girl waiting.

What about prices and services? Normally the girls are standing beside
the street, sometimes waving. If you stop, they will come to your car
and ask Sex?  They speak some German and often also some English. Of
course they offer service in the car and sometimes also in a motel. It
is best to negotiate exactly about what you want and what price you
have to pay - better than being asked for more money later on. Most
times they will suggest 300 ATS (3000 Forint) for a blow job and / or
intercourse in the car somewere beside the street. If you just want a
blow job, suggest 200 ATS. The girls will take Forint, Austrian
Schillings or German Marks. If you want to go to a motel with the girl
or if you have any special wishes - just ask. I am sure it's also no
problem to find a girl for the whole night. However, always use a

Many of the girls look very nice and sexy, and there are also some
quite young girls, which are defenitly not 18 yrs. But, as anywhere,
some girls won't look so nice anymore if you look closely or they will
try to get more money for less service. So select carefully - and you
will be satisfied.

Last, but not least, a personal recommandation: There are some young
and sexy girls in Otteveny. The prices are 200 ATS for a blow-job, 300
for intercourse and 400 ATS for both. I always got sensational blow
jobs from sympatic girls who didn't hurry.

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:47:50 -0500 If you drive in from Vienna and take the old two-lane highway, you can also find "highway girls" standing on the roadside. Here again, you are near Austria and will pay a lot more than for similar girls on the E5 highway leading to and from the eastern Hungarian City of Szeged. Try a few words in Hungarian, but the "key words" in English should be known by all the girls. Good hunting!

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