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Houston, Texas

Date: 06-07-01

First, thanks for a wonderful website!

I recently had been to Houston, Texas. The last two days of my visit were for relaxing. On first night I went to a massage place (there are so many). It was not a great place. Drained my purse!

Next day I tried another place, this time around 2PM. I was greeted by a girl very young and cheerful but without a figure, standing behind a window in the lounge. The moment she saw me (I look like a nice man with a nice job) she called for another girl, Summer, and said to her you might "like" him. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a "10" looking at me. Summer was in her mid 20s, 5'7", 130lbs and a stunning figure. I could see her only waist up behind the window. She was very fair with shoulder length red hair. Beautiful smile, white teeth and wearing just a black lacy bra. When I went close to the window I saw her very short skirt on those long shapely legs. She explained me the rates $20 (special rate) for 1/2 hour+tips. I could not wait any longer.

After paying the entrance fee, I was allowed inside through a door. Summer shook hands with me and felt my nervousness (cold palms). She goes "oh you nervous little puppy" and put my palm on her bossom and pulled me close to give a friendly hug. Then she held me close as I was led to a room. The whole place looked empty. As we were walking through the hallway I had the naughty thought of acting out my fantasy. I put my hand on her beautiful buttocks under her skirt. She had nothing under the skirt! She looked at me very understandingly and said "now you are talking".

Once inside the room, she said she will give a nice massage for $40. I gave her 80 (already feeling very lucky). She asked me to get comfortable. When she came back I was lying on the massage table. Started massaging my back and reached for my ass letting her bare breasts rub on my back. Then she used baby oil on my legs and would gently brush my balls and dick whenever her hand would go near them. She asked me to turn over. She started massaging my hands while standing near my head. In the same action, she lifted both my hands and rested my palms on her breasts. Was I in heaven? I pulled her on to me and she gladly bent over to let her beautiful hair and breasts fall on me.

All along she was making some very pleasant conversation.

Eventually, she started rubbing my dick with some baby oil. I sat up on the table holding her between my legs as she stood at the end of the table. I held her face in my hands and kissed her on her cheek. While turning her face to kiss her other cheek, she held her face straight and plunged her red lips on mine.

I am not a white male and have never received such treatment from a white girl. I told her so. She started laughing in a very sweet giggle.

Now it was coming close to my time so she started give me and hand-job earnestly. Just when she thought I was reaching, she whispered in my ear, "may be I should F*** you". That was it. I off loaded all I had in my balls. She got a warm hand towel and wiped me clean. I will visit Summer again in my next trip. I hope other girls learn how to treat men from her.

Before leaving she gave me a crushing hug and kissed me deeply. I still wonder if she liked me so much? I didn't get a full service, but the satisfaction was more than that.


In Houston you can find anything... albeit at a more expensive price then in Juarez!!! Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Hookers cruise the parking lots of strip clubs and nightclubs .... Richmond avenue, for example, would have quite a few hookers working the parking lots trying to find guys who didn't score with anyone in a nightclub.... Sleazier is south main street, OST (old spanish trail), and Telephone road... Telephone road has about ten korean clubs, where some of the girls do tricks, but they'll try to cheat you out of everything you've got if you're not careful... For the latest in Houston, check with HPD to see where arrests for prostitution were made last month!

Date: 07-09-95

Here's some info about Houston (now "Twoston", home of the Rockets NBA repeat champs).

Supposedly, Houston has the highest per capita number of men's clubs in the country. In addition, there are a growing number of establishments providing massage, erotic dancing, etc. House fees average $40 and girls expect to get at least that much in tip. Expect to pay $120-$160 to have the girl jack you off with her tits. No sex though. Two girls can be had for about $50 more.

Date: 10-29-95 Subject: Houston Review

I just came back from a trip to Houston and offer the following summary of my experiences.

Tons of strip clubs, but they're expensive. A beer is over $5.00. Michael's was nice, but empty. Girls were 6 - 7/10. Table dances $20.00, and not particularly erotic.

Centerfolds was very nice. It's huge, and there's a lot of great looking women. Great couch dances, they'll let you play with their tits, and they'll stroke your crotch as you go.

Silhouette Lounge is an incredible dump. The women are butt ugly. Stay away.

I went to a place called the Adult Studio at 5806 SW Freeway. I was greeted by two women, one an older Asian, and a 30ish Mexican named Jamie. She's a little thick waisted, but fairly attractive. After the usual dancing around, we settled on $150 for a blow job and a fuck (in addition to the $60 admission charge). She's pretty enthusiastic. However, the place is seedy and not particularly clean.

On Greenridge, just north of Richmond (about two blocks from Centerfolds) is a place called the Polo Club. I went on a Friday night and was met by three women: Alessandra, a pretty young brunette; Monet (sp?, pronounced Muh-nay), a tall, thin, pretty young blonde with big tits; and an older Hispanic whose name escapes me. The initial fee was $30.00 for 30 minutes. I chose Monet and was led to a clean room. She told me to be straightforward about what I wanted. I told her I wanted head and a fuck, and we settled on $200. She has a pretty face and a phenomenal figure, but seemed a little strung out and just laid there.

I went back the next day, but Monet was not there yet, so I took Alessandra upstairs. What a huge disappointment. She would only jerk me off, and that required $170. I have no idea if this is a girl-to-girl decision, but I was pissed off.

Oh well, enough of my ramblings. Have fun out there.

Date: 01-27-96 Subject: Executive XTC, Houston

While cruising the Richmond Avenue/Westheimer Road area, where many of Houston's topless clubs are located, I happened upon several tanning salons and rubdown facilities. Being a neophyte when it comes to sexually oriented businesses, and being intensely curious about what's available in such places, I thought I'd stop in on some to see what they offered. I'd like to recount my experiences here for the benefit of your readers.

For the most part, I was disappointed in the quality of women who greeted me at the doors of these places. I'm sure that many of these ladies would be more than adequate for many of your readers, but most just did not have that hard-to-define something that I was looking for.

Review: Executive XTC

So it was with a great deal of surprise that I happened upon Executive XTC, 3121 Fountainview, just north of Richmond (phone 713-781-1497). I walked in and was met by two ladies, K.C. and Jennifer, who appeared to combine looks and personality in one great package. They explained that the door fee was $30 for a 30-minute session, with the ladies working on tips after that and a minimum tip of $40. Choosing one of these personable lovelies was quite a task, made more difficult by my nervousness, but I finally selected Jennifer, a strawberry blonde with girl-next-door good looks and an ample but not overwhelming bosom.

My anticipation grew by leaps and bounds as she led me to the room. Once inside, she explained that she doesn't have sex with her clients, that her sessions are limited to sensual massage with a manual release. My curiosity was piqued, however, when she said that some of the other ladies are less restrictive in their activities. She requested the tip up front. Again, being a novice and not quite sure what was being offered and what the scale for such services is, I proffered an $80 tip, and we got down to business, er, pleasure.

Jennifer didn't waste any time with preliminaries. She began fondling me immediately, and, once I was hard, she began applying liberal amounts of skin lotion to provide lubrication for her efforts. Strangely, I thought, we talked about almost everything except what she was doing. Mostly, we talked about her, to accommodate my curiosity and growing fascination with women who perform this kind of work. She's in her early 20s, attending the college in Houston until she can collect enough money to move to Colorado and finish her education there. Like several other ladies I've met at this establishment, she said enjoys her work at least in part because of the people she meets.

For almost the full 30 minutes, Jennifer plied her soft, firm hands up and down, up and down my engorged shaft. I stopped her once or twice, explaining how much I was enjoying the session and how I wanted to make it last the allotted time. As the last song wound down, Jennifer placed me between her breasts and began massaging me with them. The sensation was incredible, like none I've ever experienced. That, I sighed, will do it. And sure enough, it did; within about two minutes, I was moaning and writhing as I shot my load in her cleavage.

That visit made such an impression on me that I went back the next time I was in town. I'd hoped to see K.C., the other lady who had greeted me that first night. But another client walked in just before I did. He was greeted by K.C. and asked for Jennifer; when he was told that she wasn't available, he decided that K.C. was an acceptable alternative. I was disappointed, but only briefly, for about that time another lady emerged from the area behind the counter to ask if I wanted a session.

I'm attracted to girl-next-door types, those natural lovelies who don't need or use much makeup, who look so sweet and innocent, and who look great in blue jeans and T-shirts. This girl was the living embodiment of my type. Her name is Deanna, and she's a slim, small-breasted brunette with olive skin. She's 24 and a nursing student. She's pretty, she's smart, she has an engaging personality and when she smiled, I was smitten instantly.

Once we were alone, Deanna laid out her ground rules, which were the same as Jennifer's: sensual massage, manual release, no sex. Unlike Jennifer, who had gone straight for my cock, Deanna had me lie face-down on the table as she began her work. Slowly, methodically, and sensually, Deanna massaged my shoulders, back, butt and legs. Then she had me turn over and began work on my chest, bypassed my groin and continued down the front of my legs. By the time she finally returned to my crotch, I was so ready that I jumped when she touched me. She alternated periods of stroking me with brief breaks to rub down other parts. When I told her that Jennifer had brought me off by massaging me with her breasts, she laughed and said that Jennifer's breasts were much larger than hers. I agreed and lay back to enjoy the build-up to release. Deanna then brought me up to her chest and, although she couldn't duplicate what Jennifer had done, she began rubbing me against her left breast as she stroked with her left hand. Again, in no time I was a goner ... really, a comer, I guess.

What made this session so enjoyable was not just Deanna's soft touch or what I think is her incredible beauty. No, the reason I enjoyed it so much was her personality. After we were through, she hopped up on the table and talked with me for a few minutes about a variety of topics, including what she'd like to do with her life. She told me that she had enjoyed the session and the conversation, too, and she sounded like she meant it. That meant a lot to me. Still trying to figure out what an appropriate tip for such services is, I handed Deanna $60 and asked her to tell me if that was inadequate. She said it was fine. I again thanked her for a truly enjoyable session and said goodbye.

On my next visit, I resolved to finally have a session with K.C., a blonde of medium height with small, green eyes and creamy white skin. Alone with K.C., I asked her what services she might provide. Did you bring a condom? she asked. I said no, and she said that anything other than a rubdown would be impossible. I don't give blowjobs, and I don't have sex for less than $200, and you have to bring the condom, she said. She also said that she provides full service only once each day she works, more or less on a first-come, first-served basis.

Like Jennifer, K.C. went immediately for my crotch. bringing me quickly to an erection. She had a delightful soft touch ( I've developed a really strong grip, she said with a smile, so I've got to be careful.), occasionally taking a break to massage my chest or legs and once or twice bending over to lick my balls. She continued her ministrations, encouraging me to tell her what felt good. I asked her to finish me off by massaging me with both hands. Not long after she began doing that, I came intensely and voluminously. K.C. continued to lightly stroke me after I came, producing that unbearably pleasurable tickling sensation that felt so good I almost had to ask her to quit. I'd gone in planning to tip $60, but I don't get my balls licked very often and figured that that was worth at least another $20, so I left K.C. with $80 and my thanks.

A few nights later, feeling the need for relief again, I thought I'd drop in for a session with Tiffany. She's 20, a 5-4 blonde junior college student with a just-perfect-for-her-frame pair of breasts. As I was undressing, I asked her whether she provided any services in addition to the standard rubdown. Rubdown? she replied. I do dances. I'll do a rubdown if that's what you want, but my shows usually are just dances. These dances, she explained, are a totally nude, one-on-one variation of the lap dances that have become quite the rage in many Texas topless clubs. While I'd hoped for the rubdown, and maybe a little more, the idea intrigued me. Okay, let's do it, I said.

I sat down on the couch in the room, and Tiffany didn't waste any time with a dance. She immediately plopped down on my lap and began nibbling on my ear and grinding her pussy against my quickly hardening cock. It's about as to fucking as you can get without actually putting it in. The feel of her pussy lips massaging me, the sensation of her tongue in my ear and the warmth of her breasts in my mouth quickly had me ready to burst, so I asked her to take it easy. After all, this was only 10 minutes into the session, and I was hoping to enjoy the full 30 minutes, as I'd done with the other three ladies. Tiffany appeared somewhat disappointed that I hadn't come yet; she moved off my lap and began lightly rubbing my shaft. Okay, I'll do this for you, she said, but you'll have to take over when you come. She poured some baby oil on me and continued. I didn't even do this for my ex-fiancee, she said with a smile. I asked whether she'd ever massaged a cock with her breasts, hoping to have the opportunity to place my throbbing member between those beautiful, just-right mounds of hers. She said no, and she failed to take the hint even when I told her how incredible the sensation was. She continued to stroke me, and within a couple of minutes, the sights and sensations of this perfectly built 20-year-old attending to my needs had that old familiar feeling welling up in the base of my balls. Here it comes, I announced, hoping that she'd continue. Instead, she withdrew her hand and began massaging herself, oohing and aahing. Grabbing myself and hearing her moans, I shot a load almost up to my chin, continuing to quiver for another 30 seconds or so.

Tiffany is indeed a beautiful young lady, and I enjoyed the brief time I spent with her (about 15 minutes), but I've had longer table dances in clubs. The session with her was relieving, but not erotic. Her haste, her unwillingness to make conversation and her insistence that I finish the job myself made this the least enjoyable session of the four I've had. My tip at the end of the session was $50.

In general, the ladies I've met at Executive XTC are attractive, intelligent and personable, moreso than the ones I've found at several other similar Houston establishments. The place has three rooms available and two or three ladies per shift, generally three during the day and two at night. It is located in a nice part of town, just off an upscale restaurant row. The rooms are clean, the lobby simple but clean, too. I'm looking forward to Houston business trips from now on!

Other Houston information

As I indicated above, I have been generally unimpressed by the attractiveness of the women I've found working the tanning salon and rubdown scene in Houston. Through experience, I've learned what apparently are the basics in that city.

To help determine what a particular facility does or does not offer, visitors should inquire whether it has a city permit to operate as a sexually oriented business. A model at a licensed SOB can go totally nude in private with a customer; I expect that this nudity is much more explicit than can be found in most all-nude clubs. The model can touch you, but not your genitals, and you can touch her, but not her genitals or breasts. The models and receptionists at such places generally will tell you that you can get as comfortable as you wish, meaning you can jack yourself off, just don't expect any help from the model. SOBs found operating in violation of these provisions can have their license revoked, and their employees will tell you that because they are licensed and adhere to these rules, they are not susceptible to being raided. Raising the specter of the customer being hauled in by the HPD may be more of a marketing ploy than a probability, but the possibility, however small, does exist. Of course, what goes on in private between a model and a customer is just between them, but I'm certain that your chances of getting more than a private dance and a do-it-yourself handjob at a licensed SOB are not too great.

If my experiences at Executive XTC are any indication, there's no real way to determine the extent of the services offered at other establishments until you're alone with the model. The phrase to listen for before you say okay is, The bigger the tip, the more erotic the show, but even that is not any guarantee that you'll get what you're looking for.

Okay, I've done my part; any additional information about sex in Houston would be appreciated.

Date: 04-07-96 Subject: Houston- Review: Executive XTC

I very much enjoy reading your World reviews of experiences and establishments, and have found the information to be quite useful at times......however, the prices listed for entertainment at Executive XTC were not accurate as of three weeks ago.

My 'experience' with a very shapely, moderately endowed, 22 year old college student was quite pleasant and well 'handled'. After the previously anticipated initial door fee of $30, a very limited menu of services with standard pricing was announced (and stated as uniform thru out the Fountainview location) of which my 'honey helper' did personally provide a 'bush in my face' manuel release for an additional $40 'nude' fee and $60 for 'prepping and handling' ($130 total). A very, very nice experience indeed, but at a $$$ which was much different than previously advertised (1/27/96), and in line with earlier postings of Houston happenings...

By the way, my 'personal handler', when asked, was quite aware of the recent internet posting....two girls were said to have gotten in 'trouble' with husbands and boyfriends and may have been forced to 'come' clean....

Date: 05-05-96 Subject: Some info about Houston

I have had some luck as of late here in Houston with a free paper called Public News (and they've recently gone cyber at -

Check out the classifieds - there are ads for women, for men and for transsexuals. The one that caught me eye was where they sent you a preview picture by fax. I called and left my fax number and within a few minutes had a detail sheet and a picture (black and white only) of the three (3) available women. These three will do incall or outcall. A first time outcall to a motel is only by Stephanie, a 24 year old tiny blonde with nice boobs a pleasant personality and she loves it doggy style. Needless to say latex was used for all parts. She started the session with a blowjob, then we did doggy, then I ate her out, then a bit of 69, then I finished her doggy. The cost is $150 (plus a room at the local Motel 6, about $40 more - so we're a bit expensive here, sorry) and no tipping was expected. Stephanie stayed far longer than the hour and we talked a lot about what she does..

About a week later I called Linda (the boss so to speak) and arranged a session with her in her home. She met me at the door in a short silk robe with just a bra and garter/stockings underneath. She's a bit older than Stephanie, say mid 30's with bleached blonde hair and definite implants (they were a bit on the firm side, but she has nipples that stand out darn near a full inch).We retired to her bedroom, turned on the VCR (a tape of some women doing 250+ guys) and chatted a bit. Then off came the bra and down she went. This woman can really give head and she did it without latex. I couldn't get enough of the feeling of her tongue exploring all around my cock. She eventually sheathed me in latex and climbed aboard. She has one tight pussy! I thought she was going to milk me dry (not that I minded). I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and did her there for 20+ minutes. Finally rolled her over and finished from behind. Again the price is a firm $150 and no tipping is expected.

I'll try Debbie next week and let you know how she goes.

By the way, I talked to Linda about advertising on the Internet and she's looking into it.

Date: 05-17-96 Subject: Houston Modeling Facilities

Confering with another review, for the most freedom, visit non SOB facilities. Typically, when you call over the phone, they will only mention the door fee and tips are appreciated.

A good facility (two locations: North & South) is Erotic Xtasy (713-447-4488 & 713-629-4488). This facility offers more busty models than other places. The girls are scheduled at both locations, so call to see where they are working. Admission is $40 for lingerie, $50 for body scrub. Save the $10 for additional tips for your model by taking the lingerie show.

I have been several times, and seen 3 ladies. Devon is a tall, sexy brunette with REAL 48 DDDs. Devon likes her tip up front. The bigger the tip, the more intimate. For $100 she will get nude and aggressive massage your cock. For a little more and a condom, a blow job can be negotiated. No sex, but you can finger her wet pussy and fuck her tits.

Kendall is in her early 20s and is also well endowed. Kendall will provide the same services, but in less of a rush. Her deep brown eyes are hypnotizing. Once, she stradled by lap and rubbed her mound against my throbing cock.

Shelby is new at Erotic Xtasy. She too is busty, but a little shy. She is not interested in hurrying out the door. After an initial tip, I rubbed her all over until she came. She then pleasured me. Shelby is very into expressing her sexuality. She moaned with excitement as I shot a load accross her luscious rack.

The Texas Health Salons are rubdown facilities. They usually tend to be more cautious about what they will do, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Entry fees are high, so look in the classified section for coupons. The west location (713-496-5699) features shower facilities for washing off afterward. This location is very discreet and clean. Also, with another facility next door, it is one of the cheapest. Marty, a busty blonde usually works the day shift. After she gets to know you, she will go complete naked and lie on you in the sixty nine position. While fingering her hole, she will stroke your cock between her tits until you shoot a load all over her. As with all the girls at THS, this is the limit of intimacy. Cost $45-60 door /$100-140 tip.

Subject: Where to find fun in Houston. Date: 10 Sep 1996

You can find a few places that will give you what you want but they are pretty pricey. I recently visited Hollywood Modeling Studios and got VERY good service if you know what I mean!!! Midnight Studios is also another place you might try, but the girls are better at Hollywood.

Date: 10-23-96 Subject: Houston Texas Report: Midnight Tan

I visited Midnight Tan, on the Gulf Freeway in Houston on two occasions last week.

My first visit was on a Friday, about 11:30 a.m. I was met at the door by a reasonably attractive Hispanic girl (late 20's to mid 30's, height and weight proportional) who introduced herself as Sheila. She was wearing lingerie and had a reasonably nice figure. After taking the $40 door fee for thirty minutes, she took me back to a session room and told me to take my clothes off and she would be back shortly.

The room that I found myself in was clean, had a full size bed in one corner with mirrors around the sides, and an easy chair in another corner. A bottle of alcohol was on a bedside table. After I had disrobed, a local radio station began to play from a speaker on the wall. Sheila returned shortly. I asked how much was customary for a tip. Sheila was very evasive and simply stated that "the better the tip, the better the session." When I pushed for a bit more detail, she said in a polite but very firm tone of voice "we don't quote any prices." I said "How about $60," and she said "O.K." and took the money.

She began to dance in front of me while still wearing her lingerie. Shortly, she shed her top and began to rub the inside of my legs. Before long, she shed all her clothes and continued to dance provocatively in front of the chair. After I became erect, she gently fondled my dick and rubbed it against the inside of her legs. After a few minutes, she said she would be back. She quickly reappeared with a bottle of baby lotion and proceeded to give me as nice a hand job as you could ask for. She then gently cleaned me off and helped me dress.

As I got dressed, I gently pressed her for more detail on how much tip was necessary to get "a better session," but she steadfastly declined to give any information. I finally got a grudging affirmative response (something like "that's about right") when I asked if $100 was enough to get "the next level."

All in all a nice session and fairly reasonably priced. Sheila was a bit older than I prefer, and had moderately flabby breasts, but otherwise was reasonably attractive. Her attitude was very nice and she made me feel very at ease.

I returned about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. This time I was met at the door by a very attractive dark skinned Black girl who identified herself as Scott. She appeared to be in her early twenties, petite, but with nice firm, large breasts. After exchanging the $40 door fee, she couldn't get the metal bar door just inside the outside door to open. She then confessed that it was her first day to work here. While this left me somewhat apprehensive due to previous bad experiences with similar models elsewhere, I decided to go ahead. Shortly, another young Black girl with lighter skin appeared to help Scott with the door. She was even more attractive than Scott, very well endowed, and also in her early twenties.

Scott lead me back to a session room that was identically furnished to the one on Friday. I again pressed for a range to tips and came up empty. However, this time I tipped $100. Scott directly asked what I wanted I said "How about a blow job and a fuck." She said that she would be right back. She reappeared shortly and told me to take her clothes off. I undid her bra and there was a condom inside, which she indicated for me to put on. I complied and then she told me to take her bottom off, and I did. She then proceeded to give me a reasonably good blow job and said to let her know when I wanted to do something else. When I did, she got on top and rode me for a few minutes. We finished with me on top. A reasonable good lay.

Again, a reasonable good experience for the money. I don't know if all of the girls are Hispanic or Black, but the only ones I saw were. However, Sheila was reasonable attractive and the two Black girls were very attractive. Sheila's attitude was better, but Scott's was not objectionable. In short, midnight Tan seems to be a pretty good choice in Houston, especially if you do not find minority women unattractive. If you do, well, perhaps you should learn to change with the times! My only regret is that I didn't get to have a session with the other Black girl who was even more attractive than Scott.

Date: 10-23-96 Subject: Houston entry in your guide

I have been a visitor to a number of places in Houston. Recently you posted that Hollywood was a good place to visit. Sorry, not if you want to get laid it isn't. I have been there three times. All three times it was a dissappointment. The ladies there are UGLY. To get even close to having sex, they want $250 which is high for Houston. Most of the ladies will not give you FULL SERVICE there. Suggest that your subcribers try Studio 5806 or Acme. Both will accommodate you for about half the price and if you come at the right time, the selection is TERRIFIC! Just wanted to correct an innaccuracy in your guide. BTW ,is Hollywood sending you money? They'd have to be for a review like that.

Date: 12-31-96 Subject: Reviews for Houston, Texas establishments

Because the local constabulary will probably read anything that shows up on this site, no names of individual attendants will be given.

Studio 5806 5806 Southwest Freeway (713) 789-4008

Door fee is now $40 for 30 min. session. The ladies change frequently and the quality (looks, enthusiasm, etc.) of the service varies greatly from visit to visit. FS has always been available for a tip of $100 to $150, depending on the individual attendant. Usually session will include half & half.

Studio Royale 5519 Allen Street (713) 861-2666 Gallery 9560 IH-45 North (713) 999-2855

These two studios appear to be owned by the same owner as 5806 Studio. Same comments apply.

Midnight Studio 7645 Gulf Freeway (IH 45 South) (near Hobby Airport) (713) 644-1162

On a recent evening visit, a very nice looking black woman, greeted the visitor. A $40 door fee was paid for a 30 min. "bikini modelling" session. After getting in the room, and undressing, a $150 tip was agreed on for what was promised to be a very good time. The model had an incredible body with large natural breasts and silver-dollar sized nipples, which she used in a very sensual way. After giving a very erotic massage, she gave a very soft, sensuous 69, followed by fabulous FS. She later invited the visitor to give her an extra tip for the session, but did not protest when the request was declined, and asked that the visitor come back to see her. On a second visit, the lady who came to the door was not very attractive and the black model was not working that night. When the visitor asked to meet all of the ladies working, they reluctantly stuck their heads around the door and perfunctorily said "Hi," without letting the visitor get a good look at them. Apparently, the ladies work on a rotation and do not want the customer to have a choice in who he sees. Wild Orchid Network 416C Sam Houston Parkway (near Intercontinental Airport) (281) 405-8835

Door fee $40 for 30 min. session, $80 for one hour. Rooms are very nicely decorated and maintained. Weekdays, before 6:00 pm, there have been some very beautiful attendants on call. On two or three evening visits, the ladies working were not nearly as attractive as those working durikng the daytime. One of the daytime attendants is the most beautiful woman that the visitor has ever seen at a modeling studio, who could easily grace the pages of any of the finest men's magazines. The visitor has had two sessions with this gorgeous creature. The cost paid for her time was high--$250 in addition to the door fee, but the money was well spent. For her protection, no details of the session will be given, other than to say that the soft, sensual attention given was the same at both visits and was unequalled in the visitor's personal experience. It is unknown whether the other ladies who work there pamper their customers equally.

Safari Club corner of Richmond & Greenridge (Galleria area) (713) 953-7475

Door fee is $50 for a 30 min. session, but the local Adult News and Entertainment newspaper (distributed at most modeling studios) contains a coupon for 50% off the door fee. Three different sessions, with three different models have all required a $150 tip for the model. All models were very attentive, amiable and sensual, but full service has never been available. Sessions have all included erotic massage and manual or mammary release. One model suggested at one time that FS might be available after she got to know the visitor better, but this was never confirmed because she vanished.

Date: 01-13-97 Subject: Houston Services

I recently had a good experience here in Houston. I responded to a massage advertisement in a free and somewhat upscale Health/Fitness magazine widely available at bookstores and grocery stores. Most massage ads in this publication are probably legit, but one did catch my eye. The ad was for a "massage by a beautiful young women in her west Houston home". I called the number and got a recording indicating that the price was $100/hr. Intriqued, I called back later and made an appointment. The location was in a nice upscale neighborhood in a two-story house. The ad did not lie as I was greeted at the door by one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. Easily a 9 or a 10, she was about 5'4", maybe 110 lbs, with shoulder length dark hair and no more than 22 years old. She was wearing a loose T-Shirt and short shorts covering a white leotard. She led me upstairs to a nice clean room with a massage table, and instructed me to disrobe while she left. She then came back and began a pretty decent massage while I was on my stomach, during which time she occasionally would touch between my legs or rub her shorts along my arm while I laid there. Finally, she asked me to turn over. I couldn't resist and I finally reached out and began to caress her nicely rounded ass and legs. Pointing to my growing hard-on, she asked if I wanted her to take care of that for an extra $50. I immediately agreed. At this point she began a slow sensual massage occasionally stroking my cock or balls. I asked if she could take her clothes off and she agreed...for another $50. It was worth it though. She had the tightest best looking body I have ever seen with gorgeous natural breasts, a flat, firm stomach and long shapely legs. Her skin was extremely soft with no tatoos or other markings. I really wanted to fuck her or at least eat her out, but she made it clear that she didn't do those things. However, she did climb on the table with her ass near my face and allowed me to play with her pussy while she began a good hand job. She also turned around and rubbed her pussy on my dick and up and down my legs. After I came she asked if I wanted a shower to which I agreed. I figured she would let me shower alone while she got dressed, but I was wrong. She jumped in the shower with me and proceeded to wash me paying extra attention to certain areas and then invited me to do the same. While dressing, she indicated that she is going to college and studying to be a model. I didn't doubt it at all. I've seen her once since the first time and if anything she was more relaxed and talkitive. In addition to being gorgeous, she is also very intelligent and fun to talk to. At $200 she is expensive for less than full service, but in my opinion you get your money's worth.

Date: 02-27-97 Subject: Korean bars

I have to take exception to the statement that you have to watch out for your cash in the Korean bars on Telephone Road (Houston, TX). Quite the reverse, after 20 years experience i can say that you can leave it on the bar to take a piss and it will be there when you get back! Don't missunderstand me. Cash on the bar is certaintly at risk! You will be asked to spend it on the ladies one way or another, but the choice is yours.

Korean girls are far more honest than white or mexican girls. In twenty years i have only met a couple with sticky fingers!

PS, I think you could have done a better job of reporting on the bar sceen here, there are 14, not 10! Also, there are quite a few Korean bars in El Paso (Dyer street ~10), Killeen and Galveston. The girls are great and you won't go home disapointed! Wow, the prices in Nevada have really gone up. Twenty years ago, $35 would get you a "good time" in any house in Battle Mountain or Winnemuca. Elco was a bit higher (~$50). Also liike to here more about the border towns, some of the night club floor shows are really wild, the sort of thing you used to

Date: 03-30-97 Subject: Re: Houston, TX Recommendations

Sorry to say that most of my info is negative. I was at the Adam's Mark the begriming of March. I tried calling a number of girls who advertised in some of the local free papers. Most of them did not return my calls. I did talk to two girls but they both told me that they only did nude modeling and no sex, but one told me that I would have a very good time. The quoted price was $150 and $160 for an hr.

I decided to check some other options out. I went to the Safari Club, which had a $15 off coupon in one of the papers. I got there about 12 (they close at 1AM). The door fee was $50 for 1/2 hr. less the $15 off or $35. I had the choice of two girls and took Ilsa (sp), a tall blond with large, natural breasts. She was very good looking and friendly. After I got comfortable she told me that she usually got $120 - $500 as a tip. I told her that I was thinking more like $60 and we settled at $80 for manual release. We laded down on the mattress and I started kissing and toguning her body. She did not object to me fingering her very wet pussy so I kissed my way down and started to togune her. She told me just to lick around the outside. She seemed to get into it and I could taste her juices flowing. She then preceded to use both her hands and tits on me. She did a very good job and I had to slow her down so I didn't cume too soon. When we were talking she told me that she had graduated from college in Indiana and was going to law school. I saw one of her law books in an other room when I was wating for her so I bereave her.

She was a nice girl an very attractive but not worth $500 to fuck. IMHO (I don't think any woman is). You can probably do better but this was my experience. Hope this helps.

Date: 05-07-97 Subject: Houston report

My first time. Modeling studio on North Sam Houston Pkwy near IAH. Next door to Century Cabaret and Texas Health Spa. I was quoted 35 for half hour and 50 for an hour and given a choice of two very average white girls and a knockout Asian. I asked the Asian girl for a half hour session. Once in the room she was very frank about what was offered. She wanted 100 for manual release; we settled on 90. We stripped each other and she let me kiss/fondle anything I wanted as long as I didn't get her "too wet." After a few minutes of manual she went down on me (with a glove), and with a combination of wonderful head and my nerves I didn't last long. She cleaned me up and let me fondle her while we made small talk. Now that I know what to expect I'll be back.

The St. James topless bar on Rankin (near IAH) has Very Friendly girls who give really good table dances (20). I've also seen some action in the parking lot behind the place.

Wish's is a good pick-up bar but it's too far for me to go some nights. Anybody know of a place in the North Houston/Spring area?

Date: 06-02-97 Subject: Houston vice busts two Usenet escorts

I've received several reports that two Houston escorts who have advertised their services in this newsgroup were arrested last week Their computers were also reportedly confiscated.

Dick O'Stone

Date: 06-20-97 Subject: Houston Texas

Many of the modeling studios here offer full service. The models rotate so that you can't become a regular for one specific lady. The most reasonably priced are the Oriental studios. In May, the price went up to $120 for full service. There are several independants, but I would not describe them as young, and beautiful. They do get the job done. Since vice officers regularly read the WSG, I will tell you that the public news and the internet are good places to find the few independents there are. I'll not direct you to a specific website or to a specific ad. The authorities here are quite sharp. I know about 21 places to go here for full service. I'll not post my list in a public place. However, several of the places mentioned earlier in the guide do offer full service. Take care!

Date: 06-17-97 Subject: Houston area information

There has been no action black or white on south Main for a couple of years. When the Republican convention was here, they cleaned it up and have kept the streetwalking action to a minimum. I suggest you save your money and go to one of the modeling studios. RUMORS or JULIET'S PALACE will produce results, but the price is not a street price. I think the ladies realize that they make more money in a studio than on the street. That's just the way things are in this city. Good luck!

Date: 07-05-97 Subject: Houston area info

Here are some that you do not want ....

1. Playmates on Airport Boulevard - Chelsea is a joke. Don't waste your money.

2. Lauren who advertises in Public News. She is a rip off

If you like asian women, try Aloha on Bagby. Total cost is $120. If asked.... you HAVE been there before but you don't remember her name !

You might also try Stacey who has her info on the Travelersguide at (this may be escorts.htm ot html (Just try it a couple of ways and you'll find it. She is a very sensual and erotic woman who REALLY enjoys her work. I think she also advertises in this group occasionally. About $100 ..... a bargain ... and an experience you won't soon forget !

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997

Review for Houston, Texas. MODELING STUDIO: Aloha Studio.

I went to Aloha Studio a few weeks ago, and was very pleased with the service. I was met at the door by a polite and friendly Oriental gentleman, who led me to a very comfortable private room. IN a few minutes, a beautiful young woman named Lilly came in, smiling from ear to ear. She asked what I would like, and I told you I wanted full service. She seemed surprised by my candor, but told me it would cost $120, plus the $40 door fee. I said I only had $100 on me, would this do? She graciously accepted, took my money, and left the room.

When she returned, she again smiled broadly, locked the door, and asked me to get undressed, which I did. She got undressed, too, revealing as near a perfect body as I had ever seen. I kissed her on the neck and shoulders; to my pleasant surprise, she turned around, threw her arms around me, and kissed me -- with tongue!! -- on the mouth. She then gently pushed me to the bed, where she proceded to give me some great head without latex. When I asked if I could return the favor, she agreed, and seemed to enjoy it as I went down on her.

A few minutes of mutual groping and more kissing went by until we were both ready. At first she climbed on top of me, and seemed to enjoy setting the pace and the rhythym. After about ten minutes, I climbed on top, where we finished to a mutual climax -- at least, she sure seemed like it to me.

This was a wonderful, pleasurable experience, amde even better by the friendliness not only of Lilly, but the gentleman at the door. Iplan on making more trips to Aloha Studio in the future, and hope for similarly satisfying visits!

Date: 07-28-97 Subject: Houston, TX -- Spanish Clubs

There are several clubs along Chimney Rock, just south of 59: Noches Latinas and the Topaz Nightclub, and others. La Caban~a, on Gulfton west of Chimney Rock, is a level below these two places. The ability to communicate in Spanish is preferred, but some girls do speak English (mas o menos). They generally have a DJ playing Mexican music. Sometimes they have live music.

The quality of the girls may vary greatly. As I am a younger guy, I like girls under the age of 30. Some girls can be found that fall into the general category of "doable." It should not be too difficult to find girls under 30 in the 6-8 range. There are many older women there who don't interest me. Sandra, who may still be working at Topaz, is a 9, but the only 9 that I know of. She is in her mid 20s and has GREAT slender legs. She likes to wear short short short shorts and skirts. She's mexican but her hair is bleached almost white. She speaks English almost as well as a native speaker! Be forewarned -- she is in demand and very expensive (read on).

Here's the procedure: when you enter, an off-duty HPD officer pats you down to check for weapons. Noches Latinas does not have a cover charge. The establishments serve only beer. A beer for the guys is reasonable, $2-3. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Tuesday is $1 beer night at Topaz.) Beer for the girls is more expensive: $7-10. Of course, girls get a kickback from beer sales.

You are paying for the girls' company and little else. Spending a lot of money on the girl is no guarantee whatsoever of service of any kind. The girls may not even let you touch their tits. Whether or not you fuck or receive any other service is wholly dependent upon your ability to seduce the lady, and/or get her drunk, or otherwise negotiate a deal.

I have never enjoyed much success at these establishments. On more than one occasion I have paid a 1 AM visit to the ATM located inside the 24 hour Kroger at the corner of Chimney Rock and Gulfton. Sadly, on these occasions I left the club sans pussy (panocha).

Griselda, who may be at Topaz, will fuck with you. It will probably cost you $100-150. She is 20, and falls into the general category of "doable." If you're with a friend, you can probably split the cost between yourselves, and you both can fuck her. I've banged her several times. She fucks everyone. I did not meet her at the club, which is why I was able to fuck her. She will fuck w/out a condom and give blowjobs without a condom. You cannot fuck on the premises, you will have to take her back to your house or hotel.

SUMMARY: If you want to fuck, save your money and skip these places. If you want to go out with a friend to have a beer, these places are OK as long as you discipline yourself not to buy for the ladies. It may be interesting to see how many of the old women come up to you and ask them to buy you beer. Of course, if you're Hispanic and good at seducing women, go ahead and try. Let me know what happens.

Date: 12-07-97

Here is a contribution for the world sex guide:

Wild Orchid (281) 405-8835

I have had a session with both of the white ladies there, Cinnamon and Morgan, and they are babes. Cinnamon is my favorite. She is a better stripper, more positive, easy to talk to and sweet. The other lady, Morgan, looks more like a lady should look like. She has shapley titties and a nice looking pussy. The session didn't go as well with her. She said she wanted a big tip to do anything. But she is worth it if you can pay a high price. I have seen the Asian lady there and she is very nice looking. I haven't had a session with her. I thought she might be cheaper. I was sorry to hear that she wanted a $100 just for manual release. These ladies are the best in the business. The one called Cinnamon is especially sweet. I would recommend them very much.

Date: 12-22-97

Visited Houston during December. First, readers should get copies of "Nightmoves" (A glitzy color brochure with pictures and ads), and "Sundowner" a weekly newspaper with lotsa ads. Also there are ads in "Public News".

Ads from individuals in any of these newspapers will give you variable results. Some will give you everything, others only will do lingerie shows. As for some of the "gentlemen's clubs", it depends on the place and the girl. Ask first before committing.

Most of the women advertising in "Public News" don't return calls.

Place to avoid: Hong Kong on Caroline. You can get what you want but the girls suffer from an attitude problem.

Aloha on Bagby lived up to earlier posts.

In other words, it is all hit or miss and less open than the ads in all these news outlets suggest. However, with patience, you can have a great time.

Date: 02-08-98

About six weeks ago I finished a one-week business/pleasure trip to Houston. Based on my experiences during the pleasure portion of this trip, I wish to concur with previous posts to this NG which have said that the opportunities in Houston are almost limitless. If I had pursued all of the apparent opportunities, I would have been there for months. I must say that as my business travel has taken me from coast-to-coast and border-to-border, I have never seen a city where the opportunity for full service recreation is as abundant and so easily found. For those who have future travel plans to Houston, I have provided the following review of my recent trip.

Upon arrival at Bush Intercontinental Airport, I obtained a rental car and proceeded to the Wild Orchid located at 416C Sam Houston Parkway (281-405-8835). Upon entering, I was greeted from behind a glass partition by Morgan who was absolutely the most attractive woman I have ever met in a "modeling studio". Morgan has beautiful, large blue eyes and is extremely busty. She told me that the door fee was $40 for thirty minutes or $60 for an hour plus tips. Taken by her looks I agreed to an hour. We went back to the modestly decorated private room where I was given the routine "get as comfortable as you would like" instructions. After going through the normal process of confirming that I was a legitimate customer, we negotiated for a full service, half-and-half (including sixty-nine) session for $250. Given the time and Morgan's good looks, this was considered to be a very fair price. Morgan slowly disrobed and proceeded to begin an above average b.j. (with protection). After about ten minutes she shifted around so that I might try to reciprocate the pleasure she was providing. After about another ten minutes, Morgan climbed on top and began to slowly and sensually ride me up and down. We finished up "doggie-style". I would rate Morgan a nine on looks, 8 on friendliness, and 8.5 on service. She was well worth the price and I will return to see her again.

On my second day in Houston, I visited the Safari Club located at 6219 Richmond just west of Greenridge (713-953-7475). I was not certain what could be found at the Safari Club having previously read in this NG that full service was not available. Upon entering and walking to the upstairs lobby, I was met be an extremely attractive blonde named Danielle. Danielle is 31 years old, about 5'-5", probably weighs 120 lbs, and is very well built. She advised me that on Tuesdays (and this was Tuesday) that the $50 for a half-hour door fee was waived until 5:00 p.m. After asking me to wait in the lounge (where there is a TV and pool table) for a few minutes, Danielle showed me three individual rooms that were each very nice, each with a futon. After selecting one of these rooms, I complied with Danielle's request to get totally comfortable. Still, Danielle was extremely cautious about the potential for HPD entrapment. Given my uncertainty about the availability of full service, this made for a few awkward moments. Given the lack of a door fee and Danielle's attractive looks, I decided to take a chance so we agreed on $200 for thirty minutes. Unlike the ladies at the other studios I have visited in Houston, at no time would Danielle talk specifically about what would occur, rather asking consistently "what I wanted to spend on myself" prior to reaching agreement. Given her concerns, I will merely say that we had an extremely pleasant session and I did not leave disappointed. However, the high level of her concerns did detract from the atmosphere and the setting. Accordingly I would rate Danielle as an 8.0 on looks, a 9.0 on friendliness, but a 6.5 on service. I will try her again however in anticipation that the uncertainty that existed this first time will not create a similar distraction in future sessions. The next day I went to an old favorite, the Polo Club located at 2816 Greenridge between Westheimer and Richmond (713-952-0639). The Polo Club has a door fee of $20 for thirty minutes ($30 after 6:00 p.m.) or $50 for an hour. When I have chosen a session at the Polo Club, I have always been able to negotiate what I wanted at what I considered a fair price. However, due to the relatively few ladies working until very late at night, on many recent trips to Houston I have found the quality of the available ladies at the Polo Club to be unacceptable. On this visit, I found the Polo Club had been somewhat redecorated, but their rooms are still somewhat sparse. I have found the room to the left at the top of the stairs to be the best as it has a bed while the other rooms have only some type of couch. I had three ladies to choose from, all of which I considered to be of acceptable quality. I selected an attractive, well-built brunette named Devon for an hour session. Again, we went through the "make yourself as comfortable as possible" routine and then negotiated a price of $275 for half-and-half (including sixty-nine) plus anal. I also got Devon to agree to my taking pictures (at first she only wanted to pose by herself, but we negotiated the tip so that she allowed pictures to be taken during full service). I found Devon to be a 7.5 on looks, a 9 on friendliness and attitude, and a 9.8 on service (nothing is perfect!). I would see Devon again, but I was concerned about the presence of an HPD officer outside the club. It appeared he was only checking out a guy in a car parked outside the club, but with HPD you can't always be certain. Since I was in a rental car, I felt somewhat less nervous.

On the evening of day four of my visit, I went to Studio 5806 located at 5806 Southwest Freeway on the north feeder road between Chimney Rock and Fountainview (713-972-0619). Despite a hefty $60/half hour or $100/hour door fee, I have previously found excellent full service available at a reasonable total cost. For those that have not been to 5806, when you enter, a lineup of ladies (usually 8-10) appears in a small area behind a wrought iron door. On this occasion I selected Courtney, who I had seen on a previous visit but had not selected. Courtney is her early 20's, about 5'-4" tall, 115 lbs., with dishwater blonde, shoulder length hair. She has an extremely firm petite body but with full C-cup breasts. For $ 140 I was able to negotiate full service (as reported previously on this NG, full service is available from all the ladies at 5806) with half-and-half and sixty-nine. Anal was negotiable but I felt the price was too high. Courtney did not disappoint rating 9.0 on service and 8.0 on looks. She did seem somewhat down this particular day so I would only rate her friendliness 6.5 to 7.0. I will make an effort to see Courtney again when visiting Houston.

On my final evening in Houston, I decided to return to the Safari Club and try a session with Nicole who Danielle had recommended in the event she was not available. Nicole is approximately thirty-seven years old with blonde hair. She has an extremely firm body and nice size breasts. I found Nicole as cautious as Danielle had been on my first visit, but knowing I could find what I was looking for, this visit was far less awkward. We agreed on $200 for the session (in addition to the $50 door fee). My experience with Nicole was very satisfying. I would rate her 8.5 on looks, 9.0 on friendliness, and 8.5 on service. As with each of the others, I plan on seeing Nicole on some future visit to Houston.

While each of the above ladies was attractive and provided what I was searching for, the cost for these sessions in most of the cases was high for the time (30 minutes in some cases). In addition, the surroundings in these places is adequate but far from optimal. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used an attractive, high quality outcall escort ( or incall escort working out of her home or apartment). I am not interested in hearing from or about sessions with Lisa of Houston, BBW, or Texas Biggal.

Date: 02-12-98 Subject: Rubdowns and Modeling

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the reviews and wanted to contribute my part. First off, Dallas is a good place to find action. Some of it expensive, some of it cheap. It's been a year, but Mademoiselle will provide what you want. Door fee was 50 and the tip was 200. I don't remember the girls name but she was about 5'9", hispanic, 38D real and slim. She basically was not too responsive although we tried various positions. If your into numbers, if Diana of Dallas is an 8, she's atleast a 7 in looks and 6 in service. Be careful, she tried to charge me for everything like 50 more for oral. I was happy with what I had already spent. There was a black lady there too, she looked pretty wild but I wasn't sure she wasn't a man.

There's plenty of Asian Rubdown facilities as mention in other Dallas reviews. All good as advertised. There is a lingerie shop "Lee's" I think off of the NW Highway. Basically no door fee and 100 for everything including good 69. It was the great. Don't remember her name either but she was around 40 and pretty thin. Cheaper than the massage parlors but you don't get the 10 minute rubdown. There was another younger girl there too but she was busy. Looks 5, services 9. Harry Hines is a cat and mouse game. Some nights it seems it is busier than all get out and the girls are honking and waving, while other nights it's dead. Safer bet going past midnight. Cops are planning stings every other month. So basically let don't talk cash until the girl has allowed you to see and touch.

Date: 02-12-98 Subject: Houston Rubdown and Models

Been lurking and wanted to contribute my part so here goes. Yellow Rose off of Telephone Rd. is a good place to go. In general, don't ever talk cash and services in the same sentence. Just pay the $40 door fee, tell them you have been there before, smile, get comfortable and give her 100-140 tip. I've been broke before and could only afford $40 tip for handling. I have only seen one lady working there. She was around 35, fake 38DD, slim like most asians. Using Diana of Dallas as reference, Diana being an 8, this lady was a 7. Service has been around 6-8. Don't haggle, just give her 40, 80 or 100. Expect to get the level you paid for and not mention additional service makes it safe for both of you. This is by far the safest bet from the law but there is a chance you get disappointed. My usual method has been to expect just handling and if she provides just that. You can ask her if she provide more as you explore her body. By then you are both safe.

5806 off hwy59 and Chimney Rock has like a 10-20 girl line-up through a large window. The door fee was $60 and I believe for $100-150 you can get what you want. Advertises with new management. It's much cleanier than posted in previous reviews. And it is almost a sure bet for what you want. Once again, offer the tip and get comfortable. If she ask, tell her the tip is because she is beautiful. Then ask her if she would like to have some fun. They are big into repeat customers. Playmates off W.Airport and hwy45 is owned by the same as 5806. Much fewer girls, like 5-10. Same applies except door fees are $40. Coming home tired from work, I wanted to try a rubdown facility. Chose the Gold Touch a few miles off hwy290. Door fee was $40 and minimum tip was $100. Wasn't sure what I was getting but the girl was unbelievably beautiful. I am into the curvy natural look. She was easily a 9. 5'4", 135lbs, short blondish hair, russian nose, 38D real and her hips and legs were firm for 135lbs. She had on this pink negligee on which had me drooling. Give her the $40 door fee, lay her tip on a table and don't mention what the tip is for. I get comfortable, she comes in after 5 minutes, starts the usual music, takes off her top and gives me a heck of a lotion/oil rubdown. Did I mention those real 38Ds? After a few minutes of making me feel totally at ease, she looses her bottoms and I flip over. Massages my chest and legs. It was erotic but being so nervous and not sure what I was getting, I wasn't too up and ready. She got hand lotion and really went at it. It didn't hurt but taking it a bit gentler and slower probably would have had me finishing faster. She pushes one hand on the family jewels while the other the hand breaks world speed records. Didn't want to stop her but the hand on the jewels were preventing me from getting my usual rock hard and finishing. She goes at it valiantly for 10 minutes smiling and letting me explore. I take over because I have mastered my tools and then get her back into it as I close to the finish. Warm towel clean up of important areas. She told me 200 tip for oral and 300 for half and half. Always a sceemer. I probably could have talked her down to 200 tip for the whole ball game and been a repeat customer. I'd rather try Playmates or 5806 at nearly half the cost. As mentioned, looks 9, service 6. I probably wouldn't try her again unless I was in the mood for just a massage and handling at $140. Never know, she maybe too gorgeous to resist. Hope I was remotely informative.

Date: 03-05-98 Subject: Houston experience

Recently on a trip to Houston I got bored and restless at the Radisson by the airport. Within walking distance (maybe 5 minutes) was Playmate Adult Studios.

What a great place.

After going to places with similar slogans this was by far the easiest time I've had getting extra service. I was greeted by one woman who was just repulsive, then saw walking in the back one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, then she was blocked by an older blonde that rated about a 6. They told me I had a choice of what girl I wanted for "privatte modeling" the blonde then called out Jasmine, a very attractive brunette. I chose her in a heartbeat. We went back after I paid the forty dollar door fee. We went back and she got to the basics, she wanted tips from 40$ to 120$ for everything. After paying 250$ at ripoff joints elsewhere that were still fun, I figuered hey a deal. I gave her the tip, she left and told me to get comfortable. I laid on their bed-couch and she took off her clothes, told me to relax, sat by me and said "I'll start with oral then we can have sex." She pulled out a condom and that was that. A great time. I went back the next night figuering if she's there it will be awhile before this oppurtunity comes again. That night they had about seven women all very attractive, Saturday's must be there busy nights. This time she seemed rushed but did the same ritual and that was that. No dancing around, no prodding, she asked for money and then would do anything. Good deal.She seemed willing to go lower but I figuered it would save time not to bother at that price.

Date: 03-10-98 Subject: HOUSTON REVIEW (Cinnamon)

Traveled to Houston and gave Wild Orchid studio a try. It is located at 316 C N. Sam Houston Parkway (281)-4058835, on south side eastbound feeder of Beltway 8 directly across from Hotel Sofitel in a strip center.

Went in the afternoon and picked Cinnamon, a slim red head with a pretty face. Cinnamon rates a "9" in my book for figure and attractiveness. The door fee was $40 for 30 minutes and I opted for $160 show. For that tip, I had a quite enjoyable time with her. Cinnamon rates a "9" for attitude and service. I would go back and would see her again.

Date: 04-06-98 Subject: Houston entertainment

ACME is a great place. The door fee was 50 bucks and I was told by a buxom 30/40ish blond I needed another 200 for best show. From what I read I only showed up with 180 total and I got the full show anyways. Similar experience at Wild Orchid. Regina was a nice hispanic buxom lady who I gave 40 for door fee and 160 for full show. She originally said 200 tip but since I was new. Grief, is it always like this? Haggle haggle haggle. I'd return to most places if they would just not try to squeeze every penny out of me. Doesn't repeat business matter?

Date: 06-18-98 Subject: Korean Bars in Houston, TX

I have gone to at least 5 Korean Bars in the Telephone Rd- 610 Area. All give jack-off's for around $20 Blow jobs for $60 to $80. All you have to do is convince them that you're not a cop. Once you become a regular-its easy-90% of them are Koreans. Half are fairly good looking-half are too old.

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