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i don't know why i'm bothering to do this... but everytime i see
references to prostitution in hong kong i realize that they are
written either by people who came here as tourists or some expat
who doesn't speak chinese and so never really tried exploring
what's available.  here, then, is my contribution:

indeed, wanchai is prohibitively expensive - designed to make
money off inexperienced tourists and the periodic boatload of
horny navy guys that pass through town.

and while one of your contributors reports success at a downtown
massage parlour - most of these (called health clubs or saunas)
are, in fact, legitimate. you pay for a massage, often in a room
along with other men. there's no telling from outside which sauna
or health club will be willing to bend the rules.

there is an outlet in hong kong, however. it is in a place called
mong kok, a short subway ride from the tourist center of tsim sha
tsui on kowloon - the mainland side of hong kong harbor.

mong kok is a maze of streets festooned with brightly lit signs
advertising karaoke clubs and the like - almost all in chinese.
forget the karaoke clubs, which are expensive and usually turn
foreigners away at the door anyway. look for signs that don't
say karaoke, but are clearly establishments of entertainment,
most often up one or two flights of dark, grimy stairs.

venturing up to find out what's inside takes some nerve, but not
much - particularly after the first time. nor does it require
speaking chinese. just steel your nerves and mount those stairs.

if the first place isn't what you expect, try again, and i
guarantee within one or two attempts you will stumble into a
brothel at which everything is understood and nothing need be

the price is usually HK$300 to HK$500 for either a mainland
chinese or filipina. you'll be left to wait in a cubicle or room,
sometimes as long as 20 minutes, until the girl arrives. when she
does it's down to business and no money changes hands. you don't
pay the girl - she won't even expect a tip - but pay at the door
as you leave. HK$300 is equal to about US$39, by the way.

the girls vary from quite attractive to plain. if you don't like
what they deliver you can ask for someone new. and if you don't
like the scene, take a HK$145, 45 minute ferry ride to neighbor-
ing macau where there are plenty of thai brothels. expect to
spend at least US$100 there, however.

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 19:10:04 UTC Subject: Hong Kong fun: one experience Sometimes the Internet really does come close to living up to Vice President Gore's world-changing vision, although certainly in ways that Tipper wouldn't approve of. Recently I pulled some info off the WWW page, re: "id" satisfaction opportunities in Hong Kong. It turned out to be right on the money -- or off the money, more accurately. It certainly wasn't the type of info easily available otherwise. For those who don't know, Hong Kong isn't normally thought of as a great Asian sex stop. Places are feeding off the outdated "Suzie Wong" image and fleecing male tourists and the occasional Navy guys big-time. HK, after all, is today a much wealthier, pricier place than it was 25 years ago. What clubs there are have beautiful women (mostly Chinese or Filipina) as hostesses, but charges for drinks and conversation shoot through the roof and people will walk out US$100 or $200 poorer and not very often with the girl. Places like that would get "stay away" warnings posted all over Usenet if they tried those drink-hustling tactics in the U.S. In HK, though, it's the norm. Mong Kok, just north of Tsim Tsa Tsui and Jordan Rd. in Kowloon, is the brothel center, though foreigners wouldn't know it. Places are allowed to have signage only in Chinese, and they're always on second floors. Mixed in are legit karaoke places (look for "KO" on the signs), convenience stores and all types of other normal places. You might see a girl in a short skirt rushing in or out, but it's otherwise not that different-looking a street scene from the rest of Kowloon. Being discreet seems to be a requirement: there weren't any touts or foreigners walking around or going in and out -- no obvious tip-offs. Everything on the street looked just like any other place in Kowloon. Brothels have names like "fun place," I'm told, but that helps only if you can read Chinese. As the post said, it takes a little nerve to mount the stairs and snoop around when all you have to go on is a lighted sign in Chinese, and you're walking up some dark staircase. Then again, they'll usually say something like "no girls" if you walk into a place that's not a brothel. Portland Street (one block west of the MTR station and Nathan Road) is a good place to look. Found a spot on the second try. They opened the door and said "you want girl?" (not much English is spoken). I asked what the price was: it was HK $400 (US $53), which was in the middle of the $300-500 range expected. You pay up front. It's a lot like a Nevada brothel: you're led to a room with a private bath, nice bed, TV showing XXX movies, etc. One big difference, though: you don't get a lineup from which to pick the girl. You wait in the room, they send one, and you can send her back for another one if you don't like her (awkward to do, though). Mine was Ming, a late 20s-ish mainland Chinese with average looks and above-average height (5'7", maybe). Like most of the girls, she spoke very little English. She got right down to business, washing us both down, getting to the bed and starting to lick. She did some tonguing of my nipples to get me hard and in the mood, then moved down to my balls for a tongue swish or two (nice!). Then she started sucking. I could tell right away that she specialized in blowjobs. OK by me -- I've encountered the type before but only an extreme few can cause it to spew (at the start, at least). She didn't seem to mind that, though. After a few minutes, on went the condom for part #2 of the half n' half. I slid into her from on top, then she got on top, and then it was doggy style. Felt good, but she didn't seem quite tight enough. After just a minute or two she pulled out, laid me down and pulled off the condom. She then turned around to where she was almost sitting on my face and started sucking like mad, going down deeper and deeper. I had a hard time holding back, especially with her cheeks to grab onto for getting the bed going in a good rhythmic motion. I exploded in her mouth; she took every drop there and, only when I was well spent, went to the bathroom to get some toilet tissue to spit it out (Chinese, by the way, are great spitters). I just laid on the bed, thoroughly satisfied. She got dressed and said goodbye, not asking for any more money (girls aren't supposed to). I could take my time. They asked at the front if I liked it. I had to give it a real thumbs-up. So don't despair, ye who head to Hong Kong or stop over there on the way to a place like the Philippines or Thailand. The place isn't a wasteland after all. It just takes a good map and some effort.
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 00:11:49 UTC Subject: Re: Hong Kong fun: one experience >Thanks for the info ! It's rare these days that such informative >on-topic posts make it onto the net in this group. >How far are the brothels in this area from the HK Intl Airport ? I >have some time to kill between flights and if it isn't to far by taxi >I'll check it out... You're in luck...Mong Kok and the airport are both in Kowloon, with Mongkok only about 3 km due west of the airport. A taxi would run somewhere between $6 and $10 (or, if really frugal, take Airbus A1 to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR and connect to that northbound two stops to Mong Kok station, for a total of $3.50. Takes longer, though.). Nathan Rd. (the famous shopping drag) is the main street; if you ask to be dropped at the Mong Kok MTR station you'll be just one block east of Portland St. (which runs parallel to Nathan). I don't advise giving taxi drivers too much of a clue where you're going -- same deal as in Thailand. On Portland you'll see the KO places and other Chinese-only signs, including a bunch to the second floor establishments. The one described my post had a green sign & was on the stretch of Portland between Cheery St. & Mong Kok Rd. No dearth of choices, though.
Subject: Hongkong Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 13:52:32 UTC Last week in Hong Kong my feet brought me to WANCHAI, through the MTR station with the same name. There you can see many neon lights of night clubs like 'pussy cat' and many others. I went in a first one. Some ugly girls were dancing in what was supposed to be a sexy attitude. Two other girls came to me and wanted to be offered a drink. The poor creatures were trying their best but they had many flying hours. I paid my 45 HK$ beer (1 USD$ = 7,5 HK$) and went out quickly. Then I entered a second nigth club and found a similar surrounding. Another 45HK$ beer and bye bye. Almost decided to go back to my hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, I nevertheless tried a third one. Surprise. There were a square counter with 4 or 5 girls behind. I went to the counter and immediately 2 girls came on the opposite side. I asked for a beer (same price as every where) and looked a bit more to the 2 ladies. One was really not looking like a hooker. She was beautiful, but nothing vulgar could be found in her. I must say at this point of the story that I was not clearly looking for a prostitute, simply feeling alone that night. But her eyes and her style had something special. I proposed a drink to her (220 HK$ !!!) and she offered to me to go to a quiet and dark corner to drink. Here begins the interesting part of the story. The lady started a 'contact' job, very gently. She could hardly speak English. Still, there was this strange feeling of something unusual. Normally, I would have sipped my beer and gone out. But when the MamaSan came to propose that I took the girl out for 3500 HK$ (470 US$ !!!), after a little resistance, I couldn't avoid it and paid (VISA accepted !!!). I took the girl to my hotel and we started to talk. Her English was poor but she could explain me that she was 26, coming from Thailand. She said I was her first customer. She was working in a restaurant before, but had to send money to her mother in her country. I am not so naive, so I asked many questions to confirm that story. Today, after many episodes, I believe it was true. The lady went to the bathroom and came back in a dressing gown. I slowly opened it in the darkness and discovered a wonderful body. After some time with me, I understood she was relaxed and apreciated the relation. This is a condition for me to relax on my side. We have had a very hot night. Thinking of it the next day, I couldn't avoid to think it was like lovers. Either she was a great professional, or she really had a good time with me. I couldn't think she was a professional. Too many things were not in line with that. In the club, she seemed not to know the procedure when I decided to take her out. The MamaSan had to explain her. Other hints also. Believe it or not, but I fell in love with this girl. I went again to the nigth club the following nigth. Immediately, she came to me when she saw me, with a mixture of surprise and happiness on her face. I think she was really happy. I took her to a bar and talked. Then we went to my room and again we had a marvelous nigth. The girl really appreciated it. There are some ways for a man to know if a girl enjoys it or not. In the morning, I asked her phone number and adress and got it. Several days after, back in Hong Kong, I phoned her and we decided to meet. No money involved. She said she loves me. I believed it. I love her like never before. I dare believe that this things can happen because I am romantic. Now I am back in my country. I think of her all day. I phone to her many times and she says she loves me, that she is waiting for me and misses me. I will go there again as soon as I can to see her again. Crazy story, don't you think so ??? I will keep you informed of further developments. I think that such a wonderful story is worth while telling. The temporary conclusion : never forget that mud may hide gold.
Subject: [ASP] Hong Kong Date: 1997/06/13 I got a nice response to my posting on Macau, so here's some information on Hong Kong. I've lived in HK for over 2 years, not a long time by some folks' standards, but at least I can write this as a resident and not a tourist. ------------------------------------- Overview: Hong Kong is divided into three sections: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon (mainland) and New Territories (combination of approx. 230 islands plus another chunk of mainland). The official languages are English and Cantonese, but the level of English here has been getting progressively worse. There are three main "party areas" for Westerners here: Wan Chai, Lan Kwai Fong, and Tsim Sha Tsui (commonly referred to as TST). Many share the opinion that HK chinese women are among the snobbiest in the world. Whether or not you believe that most of them are only looking for rich guys, it seems a (sad) fact that only a few will consider dating a westerner, a gwei lo (literally, ghost man). However, there are 150,000 Filipino maids in HK, and for them, getting a western boyfriend is a status symbol. More on this later. ------------------------------------- Starting from the least first: TST is at the southern tip of Kowloon. There are numerous bars one can hit such as Rick's or Mad Dog's or Delaneys. There are a scattering of hostess bars. One, called Bottom's Up, was featured in a James Bond movie ages ago, for whatever that may be worth to you. I tend to stay away from TST because there are so many tourists there. When I do go over to Kowloon side, one place I like is the Catwalk disco, which can be found in the New World Hotel. Lots of Asian tourists come here, a few hookers work the bar, good music, nicely set up place. Also reputedly good in the area is Lost City, a maze of night clubs and karaoke rooms. The most famous is probably Bboss (not a typo). But nightclubs tend to be horrendously expensive, and are mostly for those who can have an evening's entertainment at their company's expense. Getting laid in one of these places will probably cost you at least US$1,000. ------------------------------------- Lan Kwai Fong: An area in Central, on HK island, that is packed with bars and restaurants. Especially on weekends, this area is packed. You can buy beer and drink on the street, checking out all of the people and listening to the music pouring out of the clubs. For most of its short life, Lan Kwai Fong was a gathering place for ex-pats, and those Chinese who were slumming. With the handover approaching, the balance has changed a bit, with a lot of Chuppies making the scene. I've never noticed any overt prostitution here, but if you're looking for a pick-up (and probably another westerner), this is the place to come. ------------------------------------- Wan Chai: Sin City. Despite all of the attempts to shed the "World of Suzie Wong" image, this is still the place to come for a gwei lo on the make. There are several types of places here, I'll try to discuss them all. Getting here: Just tell the taxi driver to take you to "Wan Chai, Joe Bananas." It's one spot all the taxi drivers know. If you get one who doesn't know that, then tell him "Lockhart Do, Luard Do." That'll put you in the center of the action. Upscale bars: Joe Bananas has been here the longest, and on Friday's and Saturday's after midnight, it's a definite meat market. Westerners, chuppies, and some filipinos. Note that for men, you must wear a shirt with a collar, even if it's a polo shirt, to get in here. The rule was instituted to keep the British military out, as they have a rep for getting blasted and causing trouble. BB's, on Lockhart, is the newest place and lately the most popular, with the crowd spilling out onto the street. Rick's is also a popular choice. The Wanch is not upscale, but with its policy of live music 7 nights a week with no cover charge, attracts a mostly western crowd. Amah discos: Like I said, there are 150,000 Filipino maids in HK. The younger ones that don't have curfews come out and dance all night long. A western boyfriend is a status symbol for them, so if you manage to pick one up (not too difficult) you'll need to take them to dinner at Cinta J so they can show off a bit before they sleep with you. The most popular in this category by far is Big Apple. Right across the street from Joe Bananas, it stays rockin' till about 9 or 10 in the morning! (There's a happy hour starting at around 3 AM.) This is where everyone heads when the other bars close, the good djs don't even come on till 2 or 3 AM. Check out the action on the dance floor and dance up to someone, that usually works. Slyly watch all the people making out in the booths in the back of the place. The women who hang out at the bar are mostly pro's, mostly Filipinos, but there are a handful of Thai transsexuals and transvestites there as well, so let the buyer beware. I've never "bought" because there's usually lots of "free stuff" dancing around. Other places in this category include Neptune 1, Nepture 2, New Makati, New Pussycat. One final tip: there's always a sign at the door about a cover charge, and someone sitting there to collect it. Don't pay! It's only for tourists! Just walk right in like you own the place, grab a beer and look for a woman to grab. Hostess bars: The hostess bars here are much cheaper than the Chinese ones, and sleazier to boot. Most of them line both sides of Lockhart Road, up and down from Jaffe Road. And they're all pretty much the same. You go in, and there are a few bored Filipino and Thai girls in bikinis and skin-colored body suits dancing on stage, while the bar girls come up and mob you. Your drink will cost about US$5, "hostess drinks" run US$13, $26 and $39 apiece. For this you get fondled, you get to fondle. Buy one of the larger size hostess drinks and you can visit "Jurassic Park", booths in the back camouflaged by plastic bushes. There, for the price of a couple of hostess drinks, you'll get blown, but not laid. If you want to take the girl out, the total price will be around US$400. That's HK$1500 for the bar fine, and HK$2000 for the girl. Sometimes, if the girl likes you, you can get her to give you her phone number, or vice versa, and have her meet you when she's off work -- at least you'll save the bar fine. You really have to be careful here, I've had them try to pull a lot of scams on me, such as doubling up the bill ("So sorry! Did not use calculator!") Come here with a friend and don't get so drunk that you lose all control. If you don't want to take the girl home or to your hotel, there are several "love hotels" in the area where you can get rooms by the hour, the girls know them all. Only one or two places are still licensed for topless here, which basically means the girls can legally flash their breasts at you when you walk in. For most of the places, you won't see any nudity. The most popular spot is Firehouse, which oddly enough does not have a Jurassic Park style area. Outside of that, they're all pretty much the same. Walk by, take a peek through the curtains and if you like what you see and you're willing to spend the money, enjoy. Sauna: Diamond Palace at the corner of Lockhart and Luard is the place where all the gwei lo go. It's open til 6 AM, and they pretty much assume you want a "special" - massage plus handjob. Some fucking does go on here as well. A massage and a handjob will run you about US$100. Problem is they think all gwei lo want women who speak English, and those are the older ones. They seem to reserve the younger, prettier girls for Chinese and steady customers. It's very frustrating to have some 50 year old pounding your ass while listening to people fucking in the cubicle next door. I've gone here three or four times but I won't go back any more. Street walkers: Yes, there are a few, they're Chinese, and for the most part they're pretty discreet. Okay, there is the one who comes up to me whenever I leave Big Apple at 4 in the morning and wants to take me in an alley and give me a blow job for US$65, and actually she's not too bad looking, but it's just too sleazy. There's an old Chinese lady who hangs out there too. Stand on the corner of Lockhart and Luard long enough and she'll come up to you and ask if you're looking for a girl -- I've never taken her up on it though. One time, a friend of mine who was visiting was standing there and two Chinese women came up to him and asked if he was looking to party. He took them both back to his hotel for US$75 apiece. So there are bargains to be had, you just have to shop around a bit! ------------------------------------- Wan Chai North: Two hotel discos here worth noting. JJ's at the Grand Hyatt is a great multi-level party place, with a disco and live bands. Hookers work the dance floor and also the bar by the live stage. There are Chinese, Filipino, and I've even seen one that I think was Indian. The crowd here is a mix of western and chuppie. Head down the block to Manhattan at the New World Harbor View Hotel. Mostly Chinese come to this disco, a lot of mainland tourists, and my Chinese friends tell me there's lots of prostitutes working this place. I've been there a few times and never been approached, but maybe they don't like gwei lo. ------------------------------------- Causeway Bay: Both Wan Chai and Causeway Bay have their fair share of expensive nightclubs and also expensive karaoke bars with hostesses -- the type of place where you can spend hundreds for a room and girl to sing to you. If the girl takes a liking to you, you can take her out. Lots of places here where the "working girls" are Japanese or Korean. Bountiful Sauna in Elizabeth House is another good place to go for a "special." It costs a bit more here, about US$150 for massage and handjob, but it's a much nicer place than Diamond Palace. ------------------------------------- Mong Kok: In Kowloon, this is where the Chinese working man goes to get laid. There are saunas and karaoke bars and brothels galore. The brothels' signs are in Chinese, not English -- look for second floor neon signs in red and yellow. The price here runs US$40 to $65 to get laid by a mainland Chinese girl. Usually these girls come to the territory for 3 to 6 months and have to service 5 to 10 guys per night. Too depressing for my tastes. Some of my friends have done this, I've avoided it. If it sounds good to you, take the MTR to Mong Kok and walk along Portland Street. ------------------------------------- North Point: A couple of saunas here, check out King's Road for some popular spots. ------------------------------------- Shenzhen: Right across the border, HK's "sister city" is reputed to be a hothouse of prostitution. Women come here hoping to get into HK, get turned back at the border and end up working as hookers for awhile before going home. Get off the train and you won't be able to miss them. It's become famous as a place where HK Chinese businessmen keep their "second wives." You will need a visa to go here, takes a day to get one. Not much else about Shenzhen to recommend though. A couple of theme parks and, of all things, a K-Mart. ------------------------------------- Okay, my fingers are tired. So that'll do it for now. I think I've touched on most major areas. Perhaps I'll look to expand/revise this in the future.
Subject: [ASP] Hong Kong Report Date: 1998/01/30 This report will concentrate mostly on saunas, as during my recent trips I tried to visit the saunas recently recommended in posts to ASP and the WSG. I'll list them in preference order. One general recommendation - once you visit one of these shops, be sure to obtain one of their business cards. That makes it easier for cab drivers to find these places on return visits. It also makes posting easier. 1. KA LAI WAH SAUNA PALACE 3/F, 318-328 King's Road, North Point Out of the three HK saunas I recently visited, this shop seemed to offer the best value for the money. On my first visit, I was assigned a cute, shapely lady who provided a very good hard massage followed by excellent hand relief. Both of her hands were in constant, skillful motion during the latter portion of the session. She also removed her top and unbuttoned her bra to allow my hands, mouth and tongue to explore her breasts. She was so good, I returned the following night and requested the same woman (I forgot her number). The facilities are clean and the atmosphere is relaxed. In general, this is a good place. Cost was about HK$850. 2. BOUNTIFUL SAUNA 250 Gloucester Road, Elizabeth House, Shop No. G31, Causeway Bay This is also a good shop. It has the best facilities and decor of the three saunas that I visited. It's also closer to Central and therefore, more convenient. However, I experienced a small misunderstanding with the staff. As per other posts, I ordered a "single" massage. After 60 minutes of tremendous and beneficial hard massage provided by the woman assigned to me (probably the best I have received in the past 15 months), she informed me that time had expired for my session. I said that I wanted to extend my session and asked if such an extension was necessary to receive a "special" massage (hand relief). The woman replied that she provided only therapeutic massages and that if customers want other services, they have to stress the desire for a "special massage" with their receptionists. She also said management is worried about undercover police, which seemed silly in my case as I am of European ethnicity and HK has been returned to the PRC. The woman telephoned reception and another woman arrived in my room five minutes later to quickly provide the finishing hand relief. The two-girl combination cost me about HK$1350. 3. KING'S SAUNA 1/F, 285-291, King's Road, State Theatre Bldg., North Point. This shop was the hardest to find and not as good as the above-two listed shops. The decor and facilities seemed a bit beat-up, but the service was reasonably good. Cost was about HK$850. To be fair, I should probably visit this place again a few more times. The girls here seem reasonably attractive and friendly. This place and the other saunas provide nicer alternatives to the shops in Mong Kok. MONG KOK - After each of my most-recent visits to the shops on Portland Street or in that general neighborhood, I keep telling myself it was my last visit. I have had three or four reasonably good sessions with some relatively cute girls out of at least 10 attempts. On one occasion, I met a very sweet, cute Hong Kong girl. Since then, I keep returning in vain hopes of repeat performances. I had my greatest success at one building - walk south on Portland from Argyle Street, make a right at the first alley then walk up the stairway of the first building on the left side of the street (yellow sign). On my fourth visit to the same place, they said they had no lights (power was off) and few girls. I walked down one floor and entered another shop. There I had a fun session with the aforementioned sweet/cute girl. However, this building worries me because of its chaotic electrical wiring system: there are wires running all over the stair well. It looks like a fire trap. On my last visit to Mong Kok, I by-passed the "fire trap building" and continued south on Portland. I found another place about one-half block away on the right side of the street. I realize that Mong Kok shops are not luxurious, but this place was awful. I should have immediately exited. Mistake number two, I took the first girl they offered. She didn't look too bad with her clothes on, but once she stripped, she dropped from a "7" to a "4". Her technique was mediocre at best. When I finished, I left as quickly as possible. WANCHAI - I have not recently visited any of the bars there but I used to have fun at Crossroads. I think they charged about HK$2,800 for a two-hour take-out (full service). They have a pay-as-you-drink policy, so I never experienced any funny business with my bill. Cute girls with reasonably nice personalities. I might go back now that tourism in HK has been slumping. One might assume that the pricing environment would subsequently improve.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Hong Kong Report Date: 1998/01/30 >1. KA LAI WAH SAUNA PALACE >3/F, 318-328 KingOs Road, North Point > >Out of the three HK saunas I recently visited, this shop seemed >to offer the best value for the money. On my first visit, I was To add my 3 cents, my favorite place in HK at the moment, although it doesn't begin to compare to Tai Pan in Macau. I've been here about a dozen times now. The manicure girl recognizes me, even if no one else there does. >2. BOUNTIFUL SAUNA >250 Gloucester Road, Elizabeth House, Shop No. G31, Causeway Bay > Very nice place, but too expensive. You get the same service in Ka Lai Wah for HK$400 less. Surroundings are nicer here for whatever that's worth to you. >massage (hand relief). The woman replied that she provided only >therapeutic massages and that if customers want other services, >they have to stress the desire for a "special massage" with their Yes, these places have different girls to do different things. One extra tip -- arrive after midnight and the price is $200 less. >receptionists. She also said management is worried about undercover >police, which seemed silly in my case as I am of European ethnicity >and HK has been returned to the PRC. Well, there are still gweilo in the government here. >3. KINGOS SAUNA >1/F, 285-291, KingOs Road, State Theatre Bldg., North Point. > >This shop was the hardest to find and not as good as the above-two >listed shops. The decor and facilities seemed a bit beat-up, but the >service was reasonably good. Cost was about HK$850. Didn't like this place at all. Too run down and the girl I got was very average looking. Also they rushed us out of the lounge, something I always hate 'cause they only do that to gweilo. > >WANCHAI - I have not recently visited any of the bars there >but I used to have fun at Crossroads. I think they charged about >HK$2,800 for a two-hour take-out (full service). They have >a pay-as-you-drink policy, so I never experienced any funny >business with my bill. Cute girls with reasonably nice >personalities. I might go back now that tourism in HK has >been slumping. One might assume that the pricing >environment would subsequently improve. > Looking to get laid in Wan Chai? Forget the hostess bars! Too freaking expensive! Go to Big Apple, Neptune II (and possibly) New Pussycat. A large number of the women there are prostitutes, many in HK for just a month. You can get a Filipina or a Thai for HK$1,000. Did this just a couple weeks ago, went, met a great lady who was Thai/Chinese mix. We went to a nearby love hotel, Villa Victoria on Lockhart Road. The room is $350 for short stay (2 hours) -- you get a clean room, clean linens, tv, towels, condoms. This lady not only gave me great, ahem, service, but it turns out she knew how to do traditional thai-style massage. Total cost HK$1350, plus a few drinks in the bars. Much cheaper and more satisfying than the hostess bars!

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