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The Hong Kong FAQ

Abstract: I found four kinds of prostitution in Hong Kong:

Girli Bars, Topless Bars and Night Clubs.

Most Girli Bars, etc, you'll find in Wan Chai, Home of Suzie Wong, and Tsim Sha Tsui. Girls are dancing there, mostly clothed (except the topless bars), are mostly Philipinos, and for HK$100+ you can invite them for a drink. If you ask them to stay with you overnight (eg. at your place) then they charge HK$3500 (yes, this is no joke, I and my friends tried it a couple of times), if she's drunken enough and/or needs money, she gives you a discount (A friend once got her for HK$2500). It is said to be good, but who can afford this as often as a man needs sex???

Topless bar "Big Apple" on the main street in Kowloon near the southernmost subway station: no cover charge, beer HK$ 50, ugly woman and awful begging for a drink (which runs HK$ 110). One hour talking with the topless woman is HK$ 300. NOT recommended.


Massage parlour at Cleverly Street and Des Veux Road Central on Hong Kong Island: Full body massage, about one hour, HK$ 200, includes walking on your back. Handjob costs an additional HK$ 50. The woman was old, but good at massaging. After 40 mins, she asks whether a handjob is wanted (sign language, no English).

You'll find many "Massage" signs in Kowloon side, like Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok, catering mostly to tourists. Much less tourists on Hong Kong Island.

Mong Kok

Mong Kok on Kowloon side (has a MTR station) is ruled by the chinese mafia called Triads (Eastern Express, August 1995). It has anything that is illegal in HK: Hardcore movies (3 for 100HK$), drugs, prostitution, gambling.

You just go upstairs any house with a chinese only light advertisement. They have rooms with toilet/bath, TV and bed. You tell the guy/lady at the entrance what/what country/what style you prefer and after 20-30 minutes waiting and watching boring american hard core movies a girls shows up. Send her back if you do not like her at all. Shower (together, if you are able to arrange that), blowjob, fucking. It was very fast and she showed too much that she did not like it. My friend was very disappointed with his girl. HK$500 are paid when you leave.

Ding Ling

The Eastern Express wrote on Monday, 5th June 1995:

Prostitute racket run by island PSB unit

A unit of the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau (PSB) is running a large vice ring catering for HK clients, an Eastern Express investigation has found.

The border patrol division, through its Zhuhai-registered company, Beautiful Meetings Tourism Development Company, has established several illegal points of entry to the [chinese] mainland and is taking informal "visa fees" from visitors from the territory, as well as commissions from thousands of prostitutes servicing affluent HK clients.

On the island of Gwai Shan and Ding Ling, several kilometers off southern Lantau [island that belongs to HK], PSB officers man makeshift "immigration" huts charging visitors $25 for a one-day "permit".

Visitors do not require formal visas or even passports, instead registering their HK identity card numbers on arrival to ensure they depart the island that day.

The company also owns several upmarket villas which serve as brothels on Ling Ding.

A PSB officer on the island confirmed that the company was owned by the border patrol unit and said authorization for any new business must be sought from his superior officer in Gwai Shan.

Visitors from HK usually charter speedboats from the outlying islands of Cheung Chau and Lantau, or board bigger vessels making regular trips from Aberdeen, usually on Saturday evenings.

For $100 she will do anything - except tell you her real name.

She is a Ling Ding girl, one of hundreds of northern Chinese prostitutes servicing HK clients on an island south of Cheung Chau [which belongs to HK]. Like most of them she will tell you she is 20 years old, but her phusique gives the lie to the claim. She is 16 at best, 12 or 13 at worst.

If you want something younger, or older, tell one of the dozens of pimps milling around the streets or see the PSB officer at the pier. This is China's new frontier and anything can be arranged for a price.

Like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, the girls give themselves working names, There are more than a few Candys and dozens named after flowers.

There are no solo operators -- no street walkers. It is not allowed. Instead the girls work out of either karoke lounges or, more commonly, "barber shops".

Karaoke lounges have the usual bar, video screen and couches. A HK visitor is often on the microphone, drunkenly serenading his love of the hour.

Clients are invited to "talk with a girl" but with the prostitutes often speaking no Cantonese, and never English, the conversation swiftly degenerates into scribbling figures on a bar mat. The next stop is the room upstairs.

In barber shops the visitors are asked if they want a massage or a shampoo. They do not cut hair.

Karaoke Bars.

The South China Morning Post wrote on Sunday, September 3, on page 3:

Schoolgirls stay clear of summer vice

Police believe they have prevented the employment of underage girls in karaoke bars during the school holidays despite the shelving of plans for tougher regulations to control the vice establishments.

Social workers strongly opposed the shelving of the plan proposed 1993 as they said they still had young clients working part-time in karaoke bars, singing and providing sexual services to customers.

Hundreds of girls, some as young as 12, were arrested in karaoke bars in Mongkok and Yau Tsim districts during the summer holidays 1993 and 1994. But the number shrank to none this summer after 31 karaoke bars which could not cope with police raids and prosecutions closed one after the other.

A Security Branch spokesman said the Fight Crime Committee had recently "advised that the licensing option for the control of karaoke establishments should not be pursued for the time being".

It said it was because the number of underage girls working in dubious karaoke establishments decreased by almost 50 per cent in 1994 and there were indications that the karaoke craze was beginning to fade.

The committee also felt that a licensing scheme was expensive to administer and not cost-effective in controlling vice activities.

A Fight Crime Committee member and prospective legislator, James To Kun-sun, and Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service's outreach service division supervisor, Philip Can Shiu-kan, strongly opposed the shelving of the proposal.

Mr. Chan said his colleagues still had young clients working part-time in karaoke bars.

The legal loophole is still there. If it is not plugged, the problem can't be rooted out," Mr Chan said.

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