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Date: 12-01-1999

To go to Mong Kok, take the MTR train to the station of the same name. It's on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, and signified by a red line on the map-directories in the trains and stations. Very easy to find!

When you reach the station (which will take you about ten minutes starting from Central station), go to the A exit. As soon as you are out in the streets, you are in the middle of the brothel district of Hong Kong, the real one, the one meant for Chinese clients (but foreigners are welcome), and without tourist prices.

The places do not advertise themselves by names but by anonymous green and red neon tubes, often arranged in rows so they form an arrow pointing to the entrance of the brothel, somewhat like this:


Take a walk, preferably using one of the free maps of downtown Hong Kong which are distributed for free by all hotels and many restaurants. Get acquainted with the neighbourhood - go through Portland Str, Shanghai Str, Argyle Str - and find the good lanes and alleys, the ones that are aglow with green and red neon.

Personally I chose to enter 415 A, Reclamation Street. It is not the most tightly packed brothel street, but so what, I had to chose some place to start. Most of them present large 'menus', handwritten with black ink on yellow cardboard. The script is in Chinese letters, the prices in roman ciphers, and not much help to a foreigner.

I walked up a few stories via whitewashed, neon-lit stairways. I was immediately addressed in English by one of the young guys in the entrance room, a sort of reception, behind the first open door on my way up: "Yes, come inside."

He pointed my way by a clear and unabashed gesture with his hand in the direction of one of the rooms in this apartment. The room was about 4,5 x 4,5 square meters, had a broad bed by a wall covered by a large mirror, low shelves, and a shower cabinet of clear glass. There was a tv showing an Asian porn video.

The young man went inside with me and explained the Chinese script on the yellow menu board. It read as follows:

Thai 260 HK$
Filipino 280 HK$
Mainl. Chinese 340 HK$
Hong Kong 340$
(unknown) 430 HK$
Singaporean 700 HK$
(unknown) 360 HK$

(I am not totally sure if these prices are absolutely correct. They were written in Chinese characters and I memorised the translation of the brothel keeper.)

For some reason or other, Thai girls are considered low class here. But I like Thai prostitutes better than any others, and since they are even the cheapest, I chose a Thai.

Now followed 15-20 minutes of waiting, which I spent writing down the menu from memory (which is why some of the words have slipped) and with watching the XXX video. It seems to me that Asian porn is more sophisticated than Western - more quiet and lingering in their treatment of the subject. This movie showed the gradual undressing of a 'shy' and beautiful girl.

At long last noises by the door. I was presented to a pretty, really attractive, Thai girl whom I estimate to circa 28. That is, she looked like circa 20 by Western standards.

The guy asked for 260 HK$ and I asked how long time that would cover. I thought he said 50 (fifty) minutes but in reality it came down to 15 (fifteen). This may have been due to language problems. Or it may have the one instance of cheat I met in this place.

I handed him 3 hundred HK dollar notes. He soon returned with exchange money without any no problem. I had actually not expected that.

The girl immediately proceeded to undress, and so did I. The atmosphere was good and friendly, without up-tight pretense.

She did not think of a mutual shower by herself, but she were good at making the water temperature pleasant and covering my body with soap when I showed her that I wanted her to. I could follow the porn movie, reflected in the mirror over the bed. The shy smiling girl was now completely naked and being touched by a male actor.

Down on the bed on my back, receiving kisses and caresses. This Thai whore was sweet, she had good hands, but she came close to breaking my balls when she got down there. I had to stop her from sucking my dick without a condom. Luckily I had brought my own Durex and put them beside the pillow. On the tv screen the girl was now being fucked hard.

Then: intercourse with her riding on top of me. The orgasm was a destroyed a little when she changed rhythm towards the finale. But first of all she was loyal and worked hard till the end. The tv girl had sperm sprayed all over her ecstatic face.

After my redemption she disappeared rather quickly into the shower niche to wash herself. I could feel that the show was about to end but I spent some moments caressing her body and kiss her breasts after her return. She permitted this with grace.

When we were dressing again she spend a long time recreating her face cosmetics. Then, just before our goodbye, she came down to it:

"No tipping for me?"

I gave her 100 HK$. She deserved it - also because she asked in a nice and unaggressive way. She received the note with a traditional Thai 'wai', with both hands before her face, the two palms touching each other.

I have regretted that I did not go straight to Mong Kok as soon as I arrived in Hong Kong. The style here is right-on and might be considered cheap by some people - but it is also honest and straight forward. The room I was in was not sleazy but surprisingly clean and friendly. The lamp could be turned up and down so the action took place in pleasantly subdued light. I was able to turn off the air con because I hate the cold when I have sex.

Mong Kok is an area dominated by Chinese. You see very few neon signs with Roman letters outside the shops. There is not one normal bar for a drink after the adventure. You will have to go to Hong Kong Island on the same MTR train by which you came here. But it is only four or five stations away.

All prostitution in Hong Kong was moved from the ground level to the upper floors, also any signs in English were outlawed. Your friend will have to discover the Chinese Characters for 'Dance Hall' or 'Fun Palace'...look for the highest signs on the building and climb a lot of stairs. Hong Kong is not user friendly for prostitutes. Where O where is Suzy Wong ?

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 16:50:32 UTC

Unless he is VERY rich, what he can afford in HK he won't like, and what he will like he can't afford.

He's better off going to ShenZhen or Guangzhou and scoping the disco's or hotel bars.

He may even be able to get freebie's at the discos, if he's not too butt ugly.

Date: 1 May 1995 04:30:11 -0400

Go to the Wanchai District (yep, the home of "suzie wong")..They have a number of topless clubs there with women who are available for a (high) price. By the way, "topless' in Wanchai means the barmaids and the hostesses are topless, not what you are used to stateside.

If your friend has never been to an Asian Hostess bar, tell him to take an old asian hand with him, otherwise he will run up a couple of hundred bar bill before he knows what's happening...It is not 'pay as you go', they give you a bill when you leave, and you can easily run up a 100 -200 bar tab before you even know what's happening. Trust me: Their is no arguing with the management when the bill is presented...

If your friend knows the ropes, it will run him about $500 to get a girl into bed. If he doesn't, he'll spend that amount and wind up back in his hotel alone, jacking off. Like someone who obviously knows what he's talking about already told you, in HKT what you want you probably can't afford, and what you can afford you probably don't want.

Suggestion: Tell your buddy to do what most expats in HKT do...take a Cathy Pacific flight to Manila to get laid..Believe it or not, you can fly roundtrip from HKT to MNL, get a 3-star hotel and a girl from the Firehouse (in Pasay City nowadays) for the night for LESS then what you will pay for a quickie in HKT.

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 18:57:10 UTC

And Mongkok is not ruled by Trial. It is ruled by Urban Council. I think you got the wrong meaning from Eastern Express, Augest 1995. I think there are some shops that are ruled by Trial, not the whole place.

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 22:05:13 UTC

May 1995 - Sept 1995 Hong Kong (Exchange rate= US$1 = HK$7.7)

My frequent trips to HK have allowed me to try different places. In HK, you will notice the price their society has to pay for affluence. Every one seems to be soooooo busy! This holds true to their flesh trade. Mind you, prostitution is illegal in HK! So, on we go! On my first night there, I decided to try out the Escort services. HK must have one of the most expensive escort prices in the world! Anyway, calling an escort service will only get you the agency rate, about HK$700-HK$1000 (US91-US130). This is "just for companionship." The agency will never quote you the price for the extras. This is the hard part, since you have no idea how much it will cost beforehand. However, the agency AND the girl will take credit cards. In my case, the girl (a Spaniard) asked for HK$4000, and when I balked, she lowered it to HK$3000. Finally, I gave her HK$2000 plus US$100. She was very hurried, and couldn't wait to finish me off. All in all, I rate it as average.

My second nite, I went to Wanchai, to a strip called Lockhart Road. Here, it is a whole strip of bars. It is quite deserted these days, as business is not too good. A beer costs HK$45 and the bars have mostly Filipino, Thai, and some of them, local Chinese and foreign girls (German and UK). Taking these girls out the normal way (paying bar fine and all) will cost you about HK$3000 (very expensive.) What you can do is have these girls talk to you by buying them a drink, and asking them out afterwards when the bar closes. Since business is bad, they will not have much income for the night anyway, so you can have them come to your hotel for about HK$1000, quite reasonable.

The last place you can go to is Mong Kok, on the Kowloon side. Here, a 20 minute full service (very rush) is about HK$350 (US$45). Just look for buildings with Chinese plastic lights with no English writings. Go to the second floor. Then they know what you are there for.

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996

HONK KONG 3 tips for Hong Kong:

First: now in Tsim Shat Sui I experienced some places like those described for Monk Kok. One is a massage place in Ashley Road (look for an external "Turkish Massage" sign located at 2nd floor level), another is located at the 7th floor in a building at the corner between Camarvon Road and Hart Ave (4 street cross here): you can see a "Massage" sign. They asked me 500HK$ for massage and bj. Then I had to give additional 250 as tip for the girl to convince her to proceed, after the massage. Both, massage and bj were a little less than fair. No value for money, but as a matter of fact up to now in those places I didn't experience anything better. The choice of girls here is limited: they will show one, if you don't like her you say this and wait for them bringing another one.

Second: if you are looking for some suggestions, or just for the enjoyment of your fantasy, take the Yellow Pages and check under 'ESCORT SERVICE' or 'MASSAGE': a very big selection of features are waiting for you. If you are a tycoon you can also pick up the phone and call for services (your wallet will shrink at least of US$300, no limits upward)

Third: my real suggestion for Hong Kong sex-hungers is to go to Macau. Now, some hints here on how to go to Macau, and then let's transfer to the Macau section of WSG.

If you are in HK and want to try almost the same experience you can read in Bangkok section of WSG about Thai massage parlours (an unforgettable experience, a must if you never had it), plan to do the following: minimum time needed: 4-5 hours for the whole experience (from your hotel room in HK back to your hotel room in HK); time window: from 1pm to 2am; best time: leave at 6pm; total cost: from 2000 to 2500 HK$ all included, equivalent to about 300-350 US$. Consider that -in my opinion- this is still the best value-for-money you can get in HK. I think that -if you can afford it- it is better to spend 300US for a good experience than to waste 100US$ for a bad one. So, take the MTR and get off at SHEUNG WAN, Central. The MTR stops just under the Macau Ferry Pier. Macau Ferry are super- turbo jetfoils by Boeing, running at 40mph, leaving HK about every 20 minutes and reaching Macau in 50 minutes. You need passport, no departure tax. Jetfoils to Macau (and from Macau) cost from HK$ 100 to 140 one way, depending on day and time. In Macau you can use your HK$, equivalent 1.05 to 1 to the local Macau currency (called Patacas). The reverse is not applicable. Now, please go to the Macau FAQ for details.

Subject: [ASP] Hong Kong Report Date: 6 Feb 1997

The Bountiful Sauna, near to the Excelsior Hotel, has become somewhat of a favorite. Clean facilities throughout. The massueses are young and, for the most part, good looking by HK standards. You can get a good massage and hand release while roaming with your hands all for HK$1100 or about US$150. Pretty expensive compared to the dumps in Mongkok but satisfying if money is not a problem. The extra services will only be offered if you accept a "double massage" which means two hours.

Does anyone else have any other recommendations for Hong Kong? Regards,

Subject: [ASP] Report Hong Kong - King's Sauna Date: 22 May 1997

I followed up on a recommendation to check out the King's Sauna which is located in North Point, Hong Kong. It is just off King's Road across from the City Garden Hotel. After the usual shower, hot tub and steam bath I towel off and went into the lounge area for a smoke. Its amazing how these chinese sauna places are all laid out the same. First the locker room then the shower/wet area, then the towel off area, the lounge then the private massage rooms. Before long I was wisked off to a private room with the promise of being looked after by a very beautiful masseuse. The masseuse came in a few minutes later and spread the usual towels out on the massage table. Before lying face down I asked her if she wanted my shorts off. She indicated yes and off they went. I then knew that good things were in store. After a good massage including plenty of oil the young lady paid special attention to my scrotum and anal area. Still lying on my tummy she raised my butt and started a pretty good hand job. After a few minutes she turned me over and allowed me free roam on her breasts as she finished me off. Over all not a bad experience for Hong Kong. Price: about HK$700 all inclusive (US$90). The girl I had was about a 6-7 and I saw a few other equally attractive ones hanging around. I did not get more that a suck of a breast this time around but at other sauna/massage places in Hong Kong I have been able to fondle or suck a few pussies.

Are there any other suggestions for adventures in Hong Kong?

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 Subject: girls in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is best at Prince Edward area, take the underground station exit to Price Edward road, at the intersetion of Tung Choi Street, you will find yellow or pink signs,

Malaysian girls for HK$300 half hour, include shower, suck and fuck, if you pay girl tips of HK$100 to $200 you get another time. Mainland and HK girls are $360 and up, try them all.

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997

I arrive at Hong Kong Saturday night around 9:30pm. The night arrival at Kai Tak unfortunately makes the landing not quite the thrill I was anticipating. No hairpin turns in front of apartment buildings were apparent, but still a very low passage over Victoria Harbor and Kowloon with the bridges and streets well lit and the city in full view.

Immigration is smooth and quick, after which I exchange 3 US$100 traveler's cheques for Hong Kong dollars (the minimum sum the cashier suggests I'll need for a two day stay), and catch a taxi to the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon for a stay at the Imperial Hotel on Nathan Road right next door to the famous Chung King Mansions, a highrise backpacker guest house tenement complex.

It's HK$775 (about US$100) plus tax a night at the Imperial for their cheapest room which is not much larger than a closet in size. Although I'm in a fully equiped modern hotel in a very prime location, I still regret the amount I'm paying. I had opted against the Chung King, its reputation for grottyness a bit too much should I have an overnight guest. And given my ignorance of the neighborhood, I didn't want to chance staying too far from the night scene.

After check in, I spend the remainder of the evening scouting Tsim Sha Tsui on foot for available action. A few of of the local bars don't turn up anything and I don't bother venturing into the one or two topless karaoke places I pass, assuming they're way over my already exorbitant Hong Kong budget. I encounter one streep pimp who offers me short time for HK$600 which I decline.

I finally end up at the Sprite Sauna massage parlor on Hau Fook Street where HK$360 gets you a shower, sauna, and table massage in a darkened room. I'm served by a rather fat matronly Thai woman who proceeds to massage me while I feel her up as much as she will allow. Haggling soon follows, she offering 400 for a hand job, me wanting that also to include full access to her breasts and pussy with her completely removing her panties. We fail to agree on this so I withdraw my hand, tipping her nothing, and passively enjoy the remainder of the massage, my prior liberties taken gratis.

I call it a night, at this point on my last legs after some 20 hours in planes and airports, and return to my hotel to sleep somewhat restfully until 11am the next day.


After resting a couple of minutes in my hotel, I go out again (no time to waste in Hong Kong) and get on the MTR to Mong Kok to hunt for brothels.

I get lucky early and sniff one out on Shanghi near Argyle next to the Sang Po Bank. Nothing but an inconspicuous walkup with a Chinese sign in front. The only immediate clue is the single red flourescent bulb burning over the building's door.

I buzz the door with the Chinese emperor poster and incense burning by it and am greeted by an older woman in her late 30's or early 40's. She wants HK$300 short time and I immediately agree. She leads me to a closet sized room with a bed and TV which she turns on to an American hard core porno video. I undress her naked but only bother to unzip myself. And using a condom she provides, have a relatively quick screw. She seems to get off with me (I can't imagine why she'd bother to fake) and afterwards I zip up and return to my prowl confident in my abilities to get another cheap (by Hong Kong standards) lay.

After a little wandering and hesitation, I begin picking out the brotels with ease. They seem invariably to be nondescript street walkups in drab older buildings with a few Chinese characters above the door and occasionally a red flourescent light. You know you've found one if you walk up one of these and find an apartment with a reflective glass, instead of wood, door with a pot of incense and small light on the floor by it.

I become quite good at finding these and hit perhaps a dozen that night. The door, though, becomes the stopping point, as almost all the time I am greeted by a man saying "no have girl" or "sorry, no service." Rather than discourage me, though, with so many I keep finding, I only become obsessed with finding one that will service me.

After a half dozen or more stops, I found one. This one was on Tung Choi Street near Argyle across from Ka Ying Fashion. Compared with the ease of my prior success, I was kept waiting in a room for more than 20 minutes before a girl was presented to me who seemed to only grudgingly accept the task.

She was quite a bit younger than the first, maybe early 20's, and had a decent enough body, nothing spectacular. She wasn't, as I might've guessed, from Hong Kong but rather Guangzhou, China.

For her I got naked and we had another short time screw with her coming or also acting through an orgasm. This one cost HK$500 which I couldn't get any lower. We had a nice shower together afterwards, before I head out again.

It's beginning to rain a little harder than when I began the evening and I have to factor in my somewhat drowned rat appearance, in addition to just being white, for my lack of luck.

A few more refusals later and I'm welcomed into a spot on Nelson Street near Sai Yee and across from S Square. At this point with the hour very late, me becoming increasingly wet, and with an 8am plane to catch tomorrow, and low on cash, I allow merely finding this one to be the reward itself and pass on my turn, quiting for the night and returning to my hotel.

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997

Hong Kong

I followed the World Sex Guide advice precisely, going to the Mong Kok area, walking around until I found the yellow or purple signs, and walking up the dark flight of stairs. As others have said, it is a bit scary at first, but it is really fine. The whole experience was exactly as described. By the way, don't expect your girl to speak a word of English.

Also, one Martha Stewart-ish word of advice. If you go during the day and have a bag or a briefcase, take along a change of socks and underwear. After a nice cool shower, I hated crawling back into clammy underclothes and going back outside into the Hong Kong heat and humidity.

Subject: Hong Kong Scene! Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997

Dear WSG,

Being a Hong Konger and seeing lil info on the scene here, I thought I'd add my 2 bits:

Hong Kong Island - Wanchai - Lockhart Road near the MTR exit are bars upon bars of Philippina and Thai dancers who will sit with you with buying them drinks HK$250 each and some of the bars have a "JUrassic Park" which is a open roundish cubicle with sofas and a large fern in front to give you a lil privacy. You can get a bj in these seating areas, but watch out for the drinks where the girls make their money which flow at about the rate of 1 drink every 15 mins. Expect a lot of hassle from these places of the mamasans and the girls bugging you for drinks. Try to stay away from the mamasans as they'll expect you to buy them drinks. Their drinks are $250 while your beer would be $45. A nice place is called Highway where if you are early enough you can find some cuties there. If you just want a drink and watch some girls dancing (no Jurassic) is Firehouse. Lots of nice looking babes there. If you want to take away from these bars, the bar fine including the cost of the full service is about $4,000(US500)Bloody expensive.The girls are mainly Thai or Philippino. Don't expect to find anything else here.

For later hours there's a place near Lockhart Road across from Joe Banana's called La Bamba. There are 2 sections top and bottom. Go to the bottom, there'll be a guy collecting cover from you. Try not to pay and act as if you are a regular. In here after midnight there are a lot of freelancers mainly Philippina & thais. Watch out for the few transvestites lurking around.

Or you could try your luck with some of the English bars in the area. There are some freelancers that work them too.

Kowloon - Tsim Sha Tsui - Nathan Road on the same block as the Hyatt Hotel and same side of the street, is a bar next to an older building with an entrance going below. There will be a sign outside. Go there after 9:00pm. You will find a bar with rooms separated by curtains with a roundish table with the girl sitting in the centre serving you drinks. Beer is roughly $50. In the bar there are about 1-2 dozen hostesses(if you can call them that). They are Russian, South American, Hong Kong Chinese, and some English girls there. If you like one you see and if she's free, buy her a drink, cost abt. $60 and take it from there. If you find you don't like her, then don't buy her another drink and look for the next one. If you do like her, the bar fine is $700, and the girl's fees should be $2,000 for short time, of course. Since these girls are in a way independent, you could always negotiate for her to have tea with you the next day, and skip the bar fine, and of course have an unhurried time. If you take them from the bar, there is a motel 3 minutes away, and they would want to finish off soon so they can get back to work once again.

Tsim Sha Tsui East - near the Royal Garden Hotel

There is an open area here with a large fountain and some sitting areas. I am told that in the evening, there are a lot of China freelancers there.

Also there is an entertainment place called "Lost City" which is a large place that has Karaoke rooms, open bars, lots of different things. Its like an entertainment complex with different themes in different areas of this place. I am told there are a lot of freelancers from China around here. Try to do your best negotiating. Roughly you can expect to pay between 1500-2000$.

Or else you can do what some of the locals do - Head off to China! Or to Macau.

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 Subject: Hong Kong

Your page piqued my interest. I had lived in HK for 2 years, but never knew of the Mongkok scene until I read it in your page. I just spent a week there in mid October ('97) and can confirm all is alive and well.

I took the MTR (subway train) to Mongkok and went out the Portland Street exit. I just walked around about 30 minutes until it seemed apparent that the yellow/orange signs with the green writing were the place to be. I did see a girl or two pop into these doorways, so felt pretty confident that I was at one of the right places.

The first stairwell I climbed was a home run. The guy just pointed me to one of the rooms. It was as described. About 8 X 8 with an attached toilet/shower. Small, somewhat dingy bed with TV mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed with an X-rated film going.

He immediately followed me into the room and we agreed on HKD$300 (USD$39). He told me to wait, which I did for about 15 minutes.

The girl arrived and we got down to business. We showered together, she washed me. Then we hit the bed where she gave me a nice blow job and a great "nut tickling" with her tongue, before the condom goes on. We went with 3 or so positions and it was kind of a "wham, bam, m'goi (Cantonese for "thanks") ma'am.

Kind of fun for the price, but personally I prefer the great massage followed up by hand job. Will write you later about experiences in Manila and Phuket, Thailand.

Subject: Hong Kong Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998

Jan 98

Here's some more info on Hong Kong....

Tsim Tsa Tsui has lots of "Nightclubs", Club Bboss, China Hong kong city, etc. I'd never been until recently fearing the cost would be enormous. The fact is they really are hideously expensive. But I might as well provide the info in case anyone gets the urge.

We went to China Hong Kong City Nightclub. The place was huge and quite pleasant. There was a stage show going on with lots of Western dancers. They were all half clothed and it was pleasant to watch.

After a beer a mamasan came over and asked us if we would like a room. We agreed and went to a private room outfitted with a big wraparound sofa and a karaoke machine. The mamasan bought in the first batch of girls who sat down and chatted. Lots of drinks and snacks arrived and we got to know the girls. After twenty minutes or so, the mamasan returned and asked all the girls to stand outside the room. The mamasan asked us if we were happy with our girls. Some guys opted for a replacement but I kept the girl I was chatting with. The mamasan will keep exchanging girls until you are happy.

We were in the place for a few hours and had lots of drinks. The bill for the room, drinks and snacks came to about HK$2000 per person. This is pretty much standard however long you stay, I've been told. You can take the girl home with you and they expect HK$2000. They also expect a HK$500 tip. Only pay this if the service was good. [mine was great]

I've been back a second time and I quite like the place. But I'm trying to keep away as it's killing my credit card.

They have lots of girls to choose from, both Asian and Western and it's quite professionally run. Au revior!

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 Subject: Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some elegant massage incall places at very affordable prices. Yuk Lung Court Sauna is located fifty feet from exit E1 of the Mong Kok subway station exit up on the second floor. This is a very well appointed full service massage place with wonderfull Hong Kong women who look like late twenty's office girls. If you leave the E1 Mog Kok exit there is a small stair case up with a small white english sign saying Yuk Ling Court Licensed Sauna. Post price is $HK 215 and $HK 168 for extra. Nice shower room with sauna and tastfully decorated waiting room with attentive staff with soft drinks. After relaxing you are show to a session room and a girl give you and excellent massage. If you go for the extra it will run $HK 700 include tip or about $US 90 for the full service two hour session. Girls don't speak english but someone on the staff should be able to negotiate what you want. Payment is made at the front desk on the way out. Wonderfull place all local Honk Kong Chinese clients but they seem to welcome foreigners.

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998

Re: Hong Kong

1)most important of all, never ever call escorts in hk. They are rip-offs that run you up to 3000 hk when you can get better in Mong kok for 350.

2)Don't go to any place like turkish bath or topless bars in wan chai or tsim sa tsui, no one can save you once you got in there.

3)places that are ok to go are: a.look in the yellow page for saunas that are in the basement of a up-scale hotel (hotel mirama has a sauna) or up scale saunas around Jordon and mong kok. Fees should be - 250 an hour for massage 300 extra for hand and may be 500-700 for BJ.

you can also go to cheap place around shanghai st between soy st and argyl st. they are usually upstaires and have florusent lights sign on the street. If it's a massage place it should cost 470 for 45min with everything included massage,BJ,sex. Tips is not required, but 50-100 will be a polite gesture. Once you got up there, the keeper would ask what kind of girl you want,mainland, local, malay, Thai, Philipino.(price are the same, but mainland girls usually have better services and better skin).

If the place does not do massage, they usually only offer young local girls and cost 350 only tips optional.

PS. Sanitary conditions in the above places varies. So chose a bigger and better looking street sign usually mean a better establishment.

hk local

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 Subject: Hong Kong update 3-98

3/17/98 I just got back from a weekend in Hong Kong and did some research for you guys. Mong Kok is still up and running. You can look for the 5 long florescent colored bulbs in front of the brothels. You can expect to pay 290 HKD($38US) for a Malay, or Thai girl, and 310HK for Filipino. Chinese girls will cost you a little more. The most expensive is HK Chinese, but it won't be more than 500HK($65US).

The rooms have a bed and a shower with a TV playing X-rated videos. You pay the front door guy on your way out. The condoms are in each room. No need to tip the girl, they don't expect it. The girls don't have many white customers and might be intrigued about your size if you are at least 7 inches or more. They will blow you with no condom on, but I don't think they will let you cum in their mouth. They wash you in the shower before and after. They will probably be dressed and out the door before you (they are on duty!). They are dispatched to these places all over mong kok, so that's why you have to wait about 20 minutes for a girl to show up. If you don't like what they bring you, just say no and wait another 20-30 minutes. I was in HK for three days and had four girls for about $200US. Had one of each -Thai, Chinese, Malay, Filipino. All were under 24 years old, good looking with nice bodies. Take the subway to Mong Kok and start walking down Portland street. There are side streets off of portland street too.

Have fun in HK

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998

HK Club Versailles in Wan Chai (next to pedestrian bridge from Lockhart Road to Immigration Tower) offers take-away. Mostly Chinese and Vietnam girls with little English ability. The staff will bring you a girl, you don't get to choose, just refuse until you find someone you are happy with. Minimum drink and bar fine around HK$800 with rate for the lady varying from HK$1,500 to HK$2,000 for 2 hours depending upon attractiveness I think. Villa Victoria, love hotel, is a short block away, HK$240 for 2 hours. The women are mostly 6s to 8s, so not highly recommended but if you don't have time for a trip to Macau or money for something pricier locally, it will plug a hole.

King's Sauna, between Fortress Hill and North Point Stations, 698 Shanghai St., offers respectable but still limited sauna/massage. Standard 1 hour is HK$800 with special service (depends upon the girl but always short of full service) for additional HK$300.

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