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Hilversum, The Netherlands

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:25:19 UTC

There are better ways of getting rid of your excess money than
spending it in this brothel. The entrance fee is 75 guilders
which is settled with the 300 guilders for a fuck if you decide
to go upstairs with one of the girls; drinks are included in the
entrance fee.

For such an expensive brothel it is supprising that none of the
women is beautiful or even good-looking; a few are just plain
while others are downright ugly. They are rather obtrusive too
and it is a bit annoying to have four of five of them assailing
you while waiting for your drink (of course I would not mind it
so if they were not so damn ugly). Most of the women seem to be
from Latin America and they speak a kind of broken English that
is difficult to understand.

Well, because I had already spent 75 guilders to get in and
because I happened to be very horny that evening I chose one of
the women that was passable in the dim light, paid an additional
225 guilders and went upstairs with her.

It was not bad but not very good either; not what one would
expect for that amount of money. Halfway we were disturbed by
another woman who tried to persuade me to spend another 50
guilders for a second woman and she did not take "no" for an
answer easily.

There is little chance that they will ever see me there again;
I cannot recommend it.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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