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Hilton Head, South Carolina

Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 16:52:26 -0400

Feb-97 Visited Hilton Head, SC and I used to
arrange a full service outcall. I called 'A Dream Call' they will even
fax you pictures & descriptions! I chose Nikki a 21YO exotic 34C-24-34
petite 5'4". They list service for $200/hr but no tipping is required!

Nikki has a litte tatoo on her upper arm, and short brown/red hair.

Nikki showed up a little late, asked me for ID & to get n'ekked! Money
was left on the table, she called in (they always do...) then she
quickly showered and let me touch and rub her all over (no hurry).
She has nicly tanned and had full firm legs ( I don't really like 'em
skinny as a bone...).

The rules were no kissing & no greek no eating her, one cum. O.K. I
can live with that...

She gave great head (with condom) and then I found out (to late)
that she complains about any position other than missionary (bummer).

I finally talked her into the shower where we did it doggy style, that
running water can really make it hard to concentrate, which prolongs
the session.

Nikki seems happy to suck you off and then gives a great performance
missionary, she seems to want you to cum quickly. I just waited till I
was really, really ready. (man if you spend $100-$200 for a hour, use

She did stick around for awhile after we finished in the shower,
we had a soda and talked.

Over all a very good session... 8.5 (on a 1-10 )

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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