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Hillsboro, North Carolina

Date: 2 Mar 1997 09:40:42 GMT

Driving through NC yesterday, so I thought I'd keep an eye out for the
Esquire Health Club mentioned in the above posting.  It didn't really sound
very appealing, but central North Carolina doesn't have an abundance of
full-service establishments, especially of the non-asian variety.

The place is right off the I-85, State Highway 86 exit - north side of the
interstate, about 2 miles east of where Interstates 40 & 85 merge near
Hillsboro.  The original report was just about on target.  Especially from
the outside, the place is pretty much a dump.  Sign on th door says
they're open from 9am-10pm, 1-10pm Sundays.

I was there early afternoon and there were two girls on duty.  A brunette
who was sitting on a sofa watching soaps with a blanket over her, so I
have no idea what she looked like and a blonde who was apparently "up" and
didn't look too bad, so I just followed her.

The room was not really filthy, but pretty dark.  Mirrors on walls and
ceiling, with a foam pad over a large massage table.  The girl explained
the house rates were for the girl to wear lingerie, topless, or nude at
$36/$48/$60 for a half hour session.  She had kind of a "redneck girl"
look, probably late 20's, with small breasts and a nice ass - not a bad
combination as far as I'm concerned, so I took the $60 session.

She came back, stripped and showed some nice erect nipples, and began a
fairly decent massage on my back.  When I reached over and started rubbing
her ass, she said "there's a $30 tip to touch me" - uh-oh!

I decided to get down to the real business and asked how much for a half &
half.  She said $120, I offered $80 and she jumped at it, so I suppose I
could have gotten her for less.

At this point I asked her name - Christy.  She leaned over and began
rubbing her breasts over my dick.  When I was good and hard, she asked if
I was ready for the blowjob, I said I was, and she rolled on the condom
and began what turned out to be a very good oral session.  She wasn't real
enthusiastic, but she certainly knew what she was doing and did it well.
After 10 minutes or so, she said "are you ready?"  I was and climbed on
top.  Again, not very enthusiastic, but a pretty good fuck.

In fact, the whole session, was quite acceptable, but not outstanding.  I
guess if you're tired of the jack joints in Raleigh or want a change from
the oriental places in Greensboro, this place will be okay.

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